Blah, Offline, Downtime: There Are Days Like This

blahIt’s been a blah day. I’ve been feeling slightly out of sorts. My intuition has been offline too. And my head is certainly ready for some downtime. I have been able to do what I’ve needed too. However, my head has felt like it was somewhere else. And my body has wanted to curl up and rest.

Feeling blah can be a bit of an issue when I have appointments booked. Do I cancel the catch up with friends? Or my Reiki treatment? Should I turn away the distressed lady who has questions about her loved ones that need answers? And what about getting the car MOT’d. It happened to be the last day of the previous MOT so not a lot of choice with that. As always, what I did was carry on with my commitments. My Guides have a way of organising things if I’m really not meant to be working. They also have a wonderful way of stepping in and making sure I have a lovely flow of positive healing energy with me all the time.

Because blah days always crop up. It’s no different for mediums or psychics than for anyone else. Although I might get a warning that I’m going offline or that it’s going to be a downtime day. I still have to take the time out when it happens. Or I have to do the things that are necessary. And that is where my Guides will help me out. But I also know all our Guides will help anyone out. All that is required is permission. I have to ask for the helpful energy because it’s a matter of free will. My Guides can’t act if I don’t want them to. Today I asked. As I do every blah day. In my head I call for help. Or shout if necessary. Then I step back and let them send me what I need. I also use my Reiki to self-heal too. That way I am taking positive action and so are my Guides. Together we work to get me through my day.

So now I’m writing my blog. The last action of my blah day. I hope to wake up a whole lot more connected, grounded and well tomorrow. Because one blah day is enough for me at the moment!

Day 880 of my blogging challenge

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