Beyond Words. Light On a Sad Day

imageThere are some days that you wish would end. Days when life seems to have battered everyone down. Where is the positive? Where is the Light?

I know from my work with Spirit people that there is an Afterlife. It is a place of new beginnings, fresh choices and unconditional love. We meet up once more with all of our family and friends who have gone before us. There are opportunities to recognise all the good we have done in our lives. How much we have been loved. And how much love we have given. We have gone beyond this world and are on a new adventure.

From what my Guides have told me I know it’s hard to adjust to the Afterlife for some of those who go. They wanted to stay here. They wanted to achieve more in their lives. Then there are those who are ready to go. They are tired or in pain. Someone who crosses over ready for the Afterlife still has to adjust to that transition. It doesn’t matter what state of mind we are in when we go, I know we are met by familiar faces, wrapped in their love and taken to be healed of all of our Earthy pain.

It’s not so simple for those of us left behind. We feel the pain too. The loss of a loved one, especially if we feel it is before their time, is a pain that seems unbearable. Yet we have to continue living somehow.

On the darkest of days I always ask my Guides to help me. Where can I find a ray of Light, of hope, to offer some kind of comfort. Words are never quite enough because deep loss leaves us speechless. There are events that are beyond words. My Guides always make sure that I feel their love around me. They get me ready to send out the healing energy they want to give to all of those who are grieving. I can send the healing from a distance. It is something I can to to offer support. It is a way of shining a ray of Light.

I also know that at some point the Spirit person will step forward and be around their loved ones. They will want their family and friends to know that the Afterlife is a safe and loving place. They will want to say ‘I’m ok. I love you. I’m still with you’. If I let people know what happened in the Afterlife, that we are beyond all pain, if I share what I know, I can hope that it will be another way to offer comfort, hope, Light. It’s the best I can hope for today ?

Day 270 of my blogging challenge. 

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