Betty Shine – Never Ending Inspiration

imageAfter all of the clearing yesterday today has been a day of rest and healing. I love the fact that we can all self-heal. We just have to ask for it and it will flow in. Though sometimes we have to be inspired to ask.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading a book by a wonderful healer and medium,¬†Betty Shine. It’s called My Life as a Medium and it was clear when I first started to read it how much she wanted to help and heal people. I also appreciate the journey she describes from healer to reluctant medium and channel. Betty Shine worked her own path through the connections with the Spirit World. I find that really encouraging as I have found my Guides tend to prefer me to figure things out for myself. So reading about another medium who did much the same is an inspiration.

That is the special legacy that other mediums have left. There are many biographies to help me consider anything that I am experiencing. ¬†Understanding all the different ways that communication can happen makes me feel much more secure. I know from experience it is hard to work out what is my thought and what might be a thought from an Energy Being. So being able to read about how other mediums have worked through the doubt is really good. I also take a lot of encouragement from the fact that they are many ways to develop my abilities. That it’s ok to do it my way.

I’ve reached the part of the story where Betty Shine starts to write her first book. She wants to encourage people to seek the help and healing they need. She also wants to encourage an understanding of the Afterlife so people find hope.

I’ve taken a lot of support from this today. My book is well under way but it does take discipline to stick at it. And a desire to put into words some of the wonder that life becomes when you open up to the possibility that life continues after the body is gone. It is possible to heal my life if I wish. I can hope for better things in my future if I embrace my life full on. If you have never had a chance to read Betty Shine’s books why not try one now. Or let yourself be drawn to some of the other writers who are busy sharing their experiences of Spirit connections. No one person has the definitive voice. That’s why I find that inspiration is never ending. There is so much to listen to and learn.

Day 309 of my blogging challenge.

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