Awakening Flu: Holding The Energy Is Demanding

awakeningI’ve known for a long time that 2018 was going to be a big year. All sorts of signs were there after the shift in 2012. Then we began the process of awakening. And I know that this year is the one where we get into alignment with our spiritual mission.

So when I felt the Divine Feminine energy building up at the first New Moon of the year I was really excited. I was looking forward to many people sharing the awakening of this powerful creative force. But wow! That energy has been a real shaker. I’ve been hit with waves of intense energy, felt Mother Earth realign her position and struggled with the flu like symptoms that usually accompany an energy upgrade. And I’m very used to the upgrades. I’ve been getting software updates about every four to six weeks for the past two years. Each upgrade bouncing me into higher energy. And, of course, into expansions of my spiritual work.

Yet for the past two and a half weeks I’ve been asking, demanding and raging for the upgrades to end. I’m exhausted. And I know so many other intuitively sensitive people, Lightworkers, channellers, healers, shamans etc who are also suffering from energy flu. Like me they are struggling to process all of the energy changes to their aura. So our physical bodies are taking a big hit too. It starts like any cold with a nose like a dripping tap. Then a sore throat, chesty cough and ends up with gastric upsets. I know we are actually clearing third eye – our ability to see what is real as opposed to what we think is real. Then throat chakra – so we can speak our truth. It moves on to heart chakra – so that we open our hearts to unconditional love. And ends with sacral chakra – to help us know our authentic self.

But this awakening flu doesn’t change our aura just the once. No. It goes back to the beginning and starts all over again. I’m on my third go round with it.

And I’m heartily sick of feeling exhausted, off line, disconnected and wiped. Is it too much really? To big a shift and too abrupt an awakening? There have been moments when I would have said yes. Yet I also know I have been asleep for most of my life. It’s a long time since my intuitive psychic senses really tuned in to the energy of our world. And I shut them down fast when I eventually realised how murky the energy was. So now I have to open them up again. And I understand that this will be hard. That’s why I’m getting help. The downloads of energy and software are the help I need.

But like any stroppy computer going from XP to Windows 10 there are bugs to be fixed. My operating system is a bit cranky. Sometimes I slow it all down by not letting it happen. To integrate these downloads it’s important for me to get as much rest as possible. And let my physical body sleep whilst the new software is installed. No wonder I’ve spent several days in bed just recently. And only got out of bed very reluctantly. My Spirit is awakening but the rest of me wants to shut down. What a paradox. However, I have committed to doing whatever I am required to so that my mission will be completed in this lifetime. No more reincarnations for a while.

So if I seem a little distracted, absent or muddled it’s because I am still waking up. Of course, you might also be in the same boat. The whole of humanity is being dragged out of bed by that awakening alarm. You just might not know exactly why you are having these flu like bouts but perhaps it’s time to think about your reaction to the upgrades. And make sure you rest enough to get them installed.

Day 832 of my blogging challenge

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