Ask, Believe, Receive, Heal

One of the most interesting things about the Law of Attraction is that when we ask we get. It’s all about the Secret to Cosmic Ordering. Sending out a request for what we wish to have manifested in our lives.

I know that it sounds simple. Ask for anything. Any dream or wish can come true. Yet I also know that putting it into practice goes through several stages. First I had to find the right way to ask for what I wanted. It took me some time to think big and to remove any limiting language from my requests. I think there is an ‘I don’t deserve this, or this much, or so much’ part of all of us. It means that I had to work hard to dream big. Plus work hard at removing that edge of ‘do I deserve this’ that also crept in.

The I hit the next hurdle. The doubt. Again, I’m sure in all of us there is that little niggle of ‘it won’t happen, it can’t be this easy, people like me don’t get what they want’. Even when I started to ask for small things – feeling like big things were too far out of reach – the doubt nagged at me. Of course I was then disappointed that I ended up not getting what I asked for. So it took quite a while for the Universe to finally get the chance to deliver what I had been requesting. But slowly little wishes got granted. I began to feel more adventurous. And slightly bigger wishes happened.

However, in came the next issue. The Universe happily sent me what I asked for. I could ask very well by now. But could I receive?

Lucky break. Synchronicity. Coincidence. I called these fulfilled wishes all those things. It was amazing. Yet there was another hitch. I still had one more restriction to remove. I couldn’t receive. It seemed that we are all more comfortable with giving to others. I bounced a lot of my abundance on to other people. Somehow I felt I had no right to ‘have it all’ so it had to be given away. I kept myself in the restrictive comfort zone I’d got used to. Financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, creatively I put myself second. Funnily enough second to anyone I could find.

Second to people who already had much more than me on all those levels. Or so I thought. But my giving was an excuse for not receiving. If I received everything I asked for it might feel to frightening. Or too easy. Or selfish in some way. I’m grateful that my Guides kept sending in the message that I had to open up to receiving. It came in all sorts of ways. Through songs, books, people who spoke to me, inspirations and gifts. As well as them bouncing up and down on my head every time I gave away what was meant for me. They must get so fed up of me. It did take me a little while to learn to receive. There was quite a bit of resistance to clear. They let me ask some really silly questions. And kept beaming in the love.

Today has been a day for me to notice that I do receive now. Without giving it to others.

I have been getting the most marvellous blasts of healing energy all day. That’s because last night I asked for it. I’m still working on removing my restrictions and had identified another. Discussing it with my Guides I knew that the attitude I needed to shift would respond if I took advantage of the healing energy they and other Energy Beings were offering. So I said bring it on. Well, you get what you ask for. So I have been plugged into the healing energy all day. Even in the Spiritualist church tonight. No wonder I’m feeling full up of positive energy.

I think back to when I started to ask for what I wanted. Things came through in a trickle. Now it’s almost instant. I love that this is available to everyone. The abundance of energy that we can all tap into is phenomenal. My life has become so much better since I started to ask, believe, receive and heal. I hope that you can switch on this way of being too. Test it out. Keep challenging yourself to receive more and more. This isn’t a magic wand. It takes a focused effort to work. But once I started the flow of abundance I’ve never looked back. Let yourself receive ❤️

Day 394 of my blogging challenge. 

4 thoughts on “Ask, Believe, Receive, Heal

  1. Hello Annie,
    I’ve been reading through some of your posts, and I must say I find them fascinating and somewhat resembling my own path into 2017. It has been rocky as well for me.
    Sometimes, I rocked the boat. At other times, different people rocked it for me.
    Now, what do I make out of all of this that has happened to me in the past five-year cycle?
    Like you, I want to be prepared for 2017 with new actions, attitudes and ideas. I don’t want to be stuck in my old ways which ends up with the same old results.
    I too, have started focusing more on myself. My husband has always told me that; “Take better care of yourself.”
    I never listened. I wasn’t ready to listen or to receive. I was just giving like crazy.
    Crazy and sometimes stupid.
    I can’t shake all my fears. I am afraid that some of the situations will repeat themselves.
    I am trying to get myself ready so the stupid crazy stuff does not repeat.

  2. Hi Emma, you have done some really important work this year in knowing that you want to change. A lot of people haven’t got to that conclusion yet. But we must change or our new chances pass us by. It’s ok to still feel fearful. Owning the fear is actually very liberating. Because, as Susan Jeffers so famously said, you can ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Staying aware of your feelings and pushing through the fear will bring you to the new options you want in your life. So keep,going. Keep faith with yourself and load yourself up with hope. 2017 will be your most positive year yet ?

  3. Hello Annie, I too have had a most bizarre & challenging year. I have been connecting with my spiritual side since i was a little girl but over the last 4 or 5 years it has been more apparent. I have learned to recognise & listen,I feel that Spirit is there for me. I have not had the best of health this year & I have had to make some serious decisions. Even though it has been extremely hard ( mentally & physically ) here I am at the end of the year a different person. I am in a ” good ” place but it has taken most of the year for me to get here! I know that I have something waiting for me, it feels exciting & I cant wait for it to happen. Another door is opening for me. I am thankful for all the help that i have been given & say it to spirit too. I havent met my guide yet but i feel there is someone there for me. I loved reading your blogs & can relate to quite a bit.
    Have an amazing Christmas & New Year.

  4. Hi Victoria, yes this has been a very challenging year for all sensitive people who are aware of their intuitive spiritual nature. 2017 will be much, much better and I hope your Guides step forward to confirm this for you. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year ?

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