Ascension Consciousness: Back to Basics

Sitting at my desk, watching the random flakes of snow fall, my mind has been processing new information. However, a part of that has meant going back to basics. What do I already know? And what have my Guides shared with me?

For a very long time I’ve been receiving their teachings. They have been showing me the basics of how energy connections and communications work. For a lot of that time I’ve been the only one I’ve shared that information with. Firstly because I was testing myself. Or them. Second I’ve been distracted by life. Finally, I guess I wasn’t ready to share. It was only when I found my feet as a medium that I gave myself permission to have a voice. I’m in that group of people who don’t want to talk about what they know in case we are judged, have got it ‘wrong’ or feel that people will dismiss or ignore our voice. So it’s taken me a lot to push my blog out into the world. Now I’m being asked to do even more.

Hence the requirement to go back to basics. Thinking about how my connections evolved. The ways in which my Guides made themselves know to me. The struggles and joys of each step. How important it is to start from where I am. Giving myself time to learn and understand. Being motivated to push myself forward through the doubt, disbelief and fear. Because there is a new set of basics emerging. It’s time to get myself into my Ascension Consciousness. It feels like I have always known about the ‘secret Messiah‘ inside of me. That spark of Divine Love hidden within my Spirit self. And that I am meant to be a part of the global community of Spirit.

For such a long time I’ve known the basics of connecting to that community. That my connections to Energy Beings will bring it about. But not all of the details.

The how, what, where, when or even why have been only revealed bit by bit.  Now it’s time to move beyond the basics. I’m off on a journey to help people connect themselves to a conscious network of physical and non-physical beings with one sole purpose. That purpose is to share the Love energy to every single being on this planet. And beyond. Because Mother Earth is a nurturing and healing force within this part of the Universe. Our energy vibration is a gift to our corner of existence. And I know that it is required and desired by so many others. It’s time for me, for all of us, to move away from aggression, hate and fear. The power of our combined consciousness shift will move our energy vibrations into unconditional love. Then I can be a part of manifesting a whole new reality.

It’s certainly an exciting shift of perspective. And it is all about every one of us going back to the basics of how to use out intuitive nature. I’m opening up to new ways of teaching this. Ready to help people find and make their own connections to intuitive information. And to sense or experience their own Guides. The Energy Beings are waiting for the brave souls who are ready to learn the basics and then build strong, enduring connections. There is so much wisdom for all of us to access. So much sharing. And so much love. I’m really looking forward to embracing more of my Ascension Consciousness today.

Day 447 of my blogging challenge.

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