Anticipating Who Will Come Through In Readings

anticipatingI was anticipating a lovely day and I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been to Gallery 339 again to do mini readings. It seems it may be turning into a once a month event.

Of course I know that anticipating something can sometimes lead to a feeling of let down when what I wanted doesn’t happen. That’s why I’m always clear with my Guides and the Spirit people that the connection must be good enough. I have to be able to get the information very clearly. If it’s not I will stop the reading. Because I feel it’s only fair that what I would expect from a reading is what I give in my readings. And I want evidence. Evidence that the Spirit person really does know the person getting the reading. And that the person getting the reading can relate to what is being said. If the evidence is missing in the first few minutes then I know the link is weak. And so the message will be weak too.

One of the reasons the link can be weak is that the person wants a message but, at the same time, doesn’t. There are lots of articles, books, programmes and films that portray having a reading. People sometimes end up anticipating all sorts of unusual or scary things. Most of which never happen. But because the reading doesn’t start like what they imagined, or the fear is too strong, they can shut down their end of the link. Spirit people will stay in the background rather than connect with someone they know is scared. Or if the Spirit person is unsure who is on the receiving end of the message. Working in those circumstance generally leads to a wooly, vague message that frustrates everyone.

Anticipating what will happen is best avoided. Especially as every medium works in their own unique way. So to is anticipating who will come through.

I can always ask for particular people to come through. However, it’s not my choice who actually connects. I know I used to expect that my immediate family would be first in the queue. Imagine my surprise one night to get a message from the lady who had trained me when I was seventeen. That helped me realise that if I was patient and listened to what was said, eventually the evidence would confirm that the message was for me. I also learned not to expect anyone specific. It was enough for me to get a message from one of my extended family members, especially if those closer to me couldn’t connect for any reason.

And there are many reasons. I know that Spirit people work at what they choose. They can become Guides Or they may still need some healing themselves. They may be around another family member because that’s where they are needed most. Relaxing and letting the connection happen meant that I got great messages. Although there was one more learning occasion. Anticipating a good message I was disappointed that the medium couldn’t connect at all. There was no link. When I asked my Guides what had happened they explained that I had too much going on that involved my free will choices. I was at an important point where big changes were about to happen. And it was better for them to say nothing at all rather than influence me in any way.

Now I know when I’m giving my own readings that anticipating a great connection every time is wonderful. But I’m realistic enough to understand that it might not happen in 100% of my readings. If you are going for a reading remember to relax and let the connection happen in the way it’s meant to be. And to make room for any or all of your family, friends and work colleagues to pop in.

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