When There Is No Answer

I love doing readings. I get to answer a lot of questions for people. Questions about how their loved ones are. About what happens in the Afterlife. Plus letting people see that loved ones still take an interest in us.

They love us as much as we love them. The love stays even if they have to go. For a short while we are separated from each other. So loved ones also come back to tell us that they are going to be there when we eventually join them. There are other questions people bring to the reading. I know that they want an answer to all sorts of things besides the loss of their relatives. Such as why is life so hard? Why do these things keep happening to me? Will the people I’m with down here be happy, be healthy, be safe? Is the person who has hurt me going to be punished? Lots and lots of very important questions.

It’s difficult when I have no answer for them. I am able to pass on what the Spirit people tell me. If they don’t answer there is nothing more I can say. I can pass on the love. Or I can bring evidence of survival after physical death. And I can support and encourage. But if I am not told the information the question has to stay unanswered. That’s hard for me. As hard as I’m sure it is for the person wanting an answer. It’s always tempting to try to give some sensible advice. To fill the gap, so to speak. Because I really want to help people make the best of their lives.

I have to keep in my mind that I am the voice for Spirit. They are the only ones who can really offer answers. That’s because they are the ones who can more easily see the bigger picture.

I know that unanswered questions are a disappointment. It’s about our need to know. Even about whether we are right or wrong. The Spirit World have clear rules. They cannot tell me anything that would interfere in the choice someone has to make. We have been given free will for exactly that reason. It’s all about having to work it out for ourselves. One lady left today without an answer to her question. All the love and comfort that had been given in the reading was set on one side because she didn’t hear what she thought she needed. I hope that soon she can remember the love that her family were trying to share with her. Sometimes the answer ends up being unimportant because love is what we need to receive.

Day 467 of my blogging challenge.

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