Another Inspired Challenge

Another day, another adventure. When I set off with the Inspired 2 Write 28 day challenge I decided that I should also write in the group every day.

As well as encouraging every one to write something I wanted to challenge myself. It would be like writing another blog really. Then I also decided that I knew quite a bit about blogging (I’ve been doing it for more than a year, lol) so perhaps I could share some hints and tips. That would mean three lots of writing every day for twenty eight days. Interesting. I know I want to write more. I’very found I love writing. So stepping up the challenge this way would test how much I really do want to spend my time writing.

That was the other issue. Another one or two pieces, no matter how short, would stretch the amount of ideas and words I needed to deliver. More thought, more typing, more editing equalling much more time. Where would I fit things in. After all I’ve started back at work and my diary is looking very busy up ahead. Yet the challenge to write more is an opportunity for me. As usual, I decided to step off the cliff. Jump right in. Give it a go. I told myself that I could always restrict the hints and tips posts. Or not do them at all. But I felt it was right to share the demand of a piece of writing every day. That way I would be treading the same path as everyone else in the group.

Another thing also emerged for me. If this challenge worked for some of the participants perhaps there would need to be a way to carry it on.

A sort of Insipred 2 Write Version 2. Another opportunity for new writers and those involved in the first challenge to get or keep the momentum going. That’s what I’ve found I needed. Enough blog posts so that the pattern of writing has become firmly fixed for me. I’m not sure I could stop now even if I tried. Because what I’m seeing people write about is fascinating. I love reading their work. We have different backgrounds, experiences and voices. It’s another chance to connect with people who are expressing themselves from the heart. I find it energising.

Perhaps that’s something I hadn’t expected from my writing. I hadn’t planned to be leading a challenge. Or even encouraging others to write in the first place. It sort of happened. When I thought about that I realised that I fell into writing in the same way I seem to have fallen into lots of things in my life. Love, depression, corporate life, counselling, mediumship, motherhood. Usually just as I thought my life was finally getting somewhere. Each bolt of lightening threw me in another direction. Not necessarily one I expected to go in. But I’ve learned to keep myself on my toes ready for the next big shake up.

My experiences keep taking me on unexpected journeys. Off to another point that I couldn’t see when I set off.

I am proud of my flexibility with all the change that comes along. Now I want to brush up on my decisiveness. I pendulum from jumping in where angels fear to tread to agonising over every insignificant detail. To some people that definitely makes me Marmite. You either love me or hate me, often at the same time. I believe in shaking the tree. Because I believe we all have the potential to be so much more than we believe we are. I also feel that we have been encouraged to fear far too much.

When I write I am doing it for me. It’s a way of listening to myself. Of pushing myself to strive to be better. Not perfect. I don’t feel that perfect exists. I feel we have to be good enough for the moment we are in. Hindsight is wonderful. But it’s always an exercise in looking back and seeing what we can do differently going forward. I wish people wouldn’t use it as a way of blaming themselves. Or others. I do what I do in any moment. There is no other way to live and take action in the world.

Of course I hope that the things I do are helpful, kind and loving to myself and others. Yet I can’t know for sure the full consequences of my actions.

I can’t stop being active in the world for fear of doing something that will upset me or others. Life is here to be lived in the best way I can do it. I would like to think that my optimism comes through in my writing. And my honesty. I’m willing to look at myself and try to be the best me I can be. Sometimes that will work. Sometimes it won’t. Life is about the interesting interplay of light and shadow. I contain both of these within me. I wish to shine much more of my light rather than be in the shadows. However, I’m human so skip past my writing on the days where the shadows are around. Unless you too are evolving through the shadows. In that case read on and maybe we can evolve alongside of one another.

Day 419 of my blogging challenge.

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