Animal Guides, Symbols and Messages

animalI’ve been surrounded by birdsong all day. Watching the rabbits scamper from thicket to thicket. My own cats fascinated by the flight of the birds. It reminded me that we share our planet with a whole host of other lives. Each animal makes a contribution too. As guides, symbols and messages.

I love working with my animal guides. Although it took me a little time to realise that’s what they were. When I began tuning into the energy of non-physical beings I was expecting to connect with guides who were people. And I suspect I was also expecting that I would know who they were. When I began to sense energy that didn’t feel human I was a bit thrown. It took me a while to open my mind enough to angels and elementals. Let alone any animal that chose to contact me. Until my wolves stepped in. I could see them clearly in my mind’s eye. I could smell them. And I could communicate with them.

That contact opened up another aspect of my mediumship. I found I could communicate with animals here on the Earth. As well as those animals that had passed to the Spirit world. They are all energy and have consciousness. So I often woke up with my deceased cats cuddled in on my bed. And my dogs sitting by my side when I needed loyalty. Because that was another aspect of an animal stepping in. They brought messages. They were symbolic of things I needed to pay attention to. And their presence, here on Earth or from the Spirit, also helped to guide me.

Now I pause when an animal makes itself clear to me. Or passes on information.

In the last couple of days my wolves have been around to protect the trance circle I sat in. They work as my guards when I am off wandering in an altered state of consciousness. Returning from a trip out I found a pheasant walking across the moor road I was on. It walked to the side, paused and let me take a good look at it. It was reminding me to get ready for new experiences taking me far and wide. I thanked it for it’s reminder that my gifts can bring me anything that I require or desire. On another drive I saw a deer deep in the trees beside the road. Another reminder that I can move through life’s obstacles with gentleness and grace.

Each animal had something to share about the experiences I have been having this week. Messages to me to deal with things from a position of my own personal power. Even my cats are a constant reminder that I should embrace the mystery of life as well as my independence. And I honour their message to me by remaining curious about why I am here. Or what life holds for us. Once I started to notice the animals I was delighted that so many of them chose to help me. That delight continues even now. Today it was the blackbird singing me a message from her tree. She is part of my Totem family and always draws me into the void of creation.

It’s time for me to create again. Setting aside what I have done before so that may mind can be clear. Making a journey into the source of all energy so that I can draw on new inspirations. The animal guides have encouraged me to get ready for new beginnings. And I honour their place in my life.

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