An Unconditional Heart

EAAHeart5Do we ever love unconditionally? As I write this blog the track that’s playing in the background is I Want to Break Free by Queen. I’m sure my Guides are making a very loving, but very pointed point! Is my heart really unconditional? I’ve been doing an Earth’s ArchAngel workshop today working with the energy of ArchAngel Tiphoniel who brings us lessons about Divine Love and Self Love. Being unconditional almost seems easier towards others than it does towards ourselves. The discussion in part of the day centred around compassion for others. We are expected to show kindness to others as a matter of course. Yet we find it hard to show ourselves the same level of kindness. And if we do apply compassion to ourselves first there are plenty of people who are only too willing to tell us that we are being selfish, self-centred and mean. It is all to easy to become trapped by a sense of obligation to others in such a way that it leads to discontent, resentment and bitterness. It may even turn into full blown martyrdom – some sort of perception of persecution by others from which we want to break free.

Love is most often conditional. We love ourselves – but only the good bits. We love others – but only if they do what we expect of them. So I’ve asked my Guides many times how do I move from conditional love to unconditional love. They are kind to me & keep answering even though I’m sure they must be bored to death of this question by now. My Guides remind me that when I came into this world I had no judgements about the life I dropped into. As a Spirit I choose the patterns of my physical, mental and emotional human life. These choices were designed to help me experience all sort of opportunities to hold onto my love for myself. If I could find and love the murky bits I wished I didn’t have – the actions, words, thoughts & feelings that were of a lower vibration – it would be easier for me to love the murky bits in the people I was sharing my life with. This is the barrier to unconditional love that we all have to overcome. What we see in ourselves is also within others. If I could only understand that each & every human on the planet is a being of unconditional love, to be loved unconditionally, then I would achieve a spiritual breakthrough.

I still feel that I am a long way from this wonderful state of being. It’s very hard not to judge when I feel wronged, ignored, sidelined or abused. Yet those are my feelings and my responsibility. I can feed them more energy and let them build up more. Or I can understand the situation, actions or words that have exposed another ‘unlovable’ thing about being human and let all the energy go. My response will decide whether I continue to be conditional in my love or not. It’s not hard to understand what being unconditional represents but it’s much harder to put into practice. Today has been a day for dealing with what I had come to feel was an injustice towards me. With the Divine Love inside me, the support and unconditional love of my Guides and the Earth’s ArchAngels I have been releasing the energy of hate I have been holding on to. Of course there is still a part of me that wants to say or do hateful things connected with the situation I perceive as unjust. I have been loving that part of me today. It will not be able to express itself in any way and, in a sense, is dying. The energy of the feeling created by my perception of that situation is fading away. Doing this is a route to an unconditional heart and I have decided that I want that more than I want the hate.

As I draw to the close of my blog I’m listening to The Miracle by Queen. The line ‘peace on earth and end to war today,
That time will come, one day you’ll see when we can all be friends’ repeats over and over. How soon that happens is based on how soon we wear away all of the conditions we place on our loving heart. How soon can we give ourselves & others the unconditional love that we intuitively know we contain? ┬áIf you haven’t started yet perhaps it’s time to try?

Day 114 of my blogging challenge.

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