Afterlife Dreams

imageIt was a long night. I couldn’t settle to sleep. I had too much energy zooming through me. So I started to re read the Celestine Prophesy. In the sequel, The Tenth Insight, ¬†James Redfield talks about the Afterlife. About how we are being asked to bring Heaven down to the Earth. Or more accurately, how we access Heaven from this plane of existence.

The usual door into the Afterlife is when we loose our physical overcoat by dying. Our clay bodies are of too low a vibration to cross over with our aura and Spirit energy. Yet there are other ways. Many thousands of people have reported near death experiences. Although they have visited a different place it was not their time to stay there. Details of these experiences are surprisingly similar. Glimpses of the Afterlife have also been experienced in meditation, through visions or in dreams.

The idea behind the Tenth Insight is that we will evolve until we can cross from this life into the Afterlife conciously. Without having to leave our physical body behind. It’s based on an understanding of this reality as energy vibrating at a certain rate. By raising the vibrational rate of our energy we can become more like the world of the Afterlife so the way from here to there will be easier to travel. When I first read these book, many years ago, I was still very sceptical. I was only just beginning my journey with no real understanding about energy. I had to experience more to understand more.

I went around doing all sorts of things that might come under the heading of spiritual development. Yet it wasn’t until I had my own visit to the Afterlife that I went back to the books on my shelf to seek more understanding.

I know I had a life changing experience of the Afterlife. I also know that in the bliss I felt I also resisted coming back here. I didn’t want to fall back to Earth. The certainty that there was such a place/space settled in me once I returned. Although it was hard to accept that I had to be back here I got on with getting on. But I also asked myself why I had had that glimpse of heaven. And why we were living in a place/space so far removed from bliss. I daydreamed often of this world being full of the bliss I knew could exist.

Eventually I realised that my personal beliefs had shifted a long way. I wanted to improve myself, my energy, so that I was closer to the energy of the Afterlife. I started to live my spirituality as best I could rather than merely talk about it. Tackling things from an energy point of view I made every effort to ‘clean up my energy act’. It was a roller coaster ride. So many things to work on, understand and practice. Yet bringing that Afterlife vibration to this reality could only happen if I worked at shifting the energy vibration higher.

I still dream of the Afterlife. I catch random snippets occasionally when I’m daydreaming too. Or when I’m speaking to someone who needs to learn that it really is there. That we are always evolving and life goes on.

I often ask myself how it would be to live my life in that blissful, loving, connected feeling all of the time. Certain pieces of music or words bring that feeling of bliss back to me. My¬†connection to my Guides also brings the energy of the Afterlife. It’s where they live and work. The development work I’ve done on my psychic senses has been another door to the Afterlife energy too. All the messages I give remind me of that place/space because I’m communicating with the people who are there. I can get a boost from the energy by doing something I’m passionate about.

There is also another way to bring the dream of heaven here on Earth into being. I can help others on the journey to understanding energy vibrations. With my support they can step across the divide for a moment or two, make connections with Spirit beings and experience that there is a life after physical death. I know that when you have experienced the higher energy vibrations in this way you see your life here differently. The way to help others opens up for you. By helping myself to seek out the Afterlife here I can join with others who are doing the same.

As we jointly raise our vibrations we begin to manifest a different world. It may take time. I’m not certain it will happen before I have to go to the Afterlife by leaving my physical body behind. But I am certain that it will evolve and be a reality one day.

Day 243 of my blogging challenge.

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