Abundance Energy Rising With the Full Moon

Abundance full moonI can feel the lift in the energy. It’s nearly time for the Full Moon and all the abundance that the magical Moon energy can bring. The clouds are finally lifting!

It’s been a long hard slog through most of 2017. Each wave of energy has acted like a jet wash on my aura. I’ve never felt so energetically ‘clean’. Grit, grubbiness, caked on low vibrational energy has been shifted bit by bit. All the layers of stuckness that got in the way of my ability to use my intuition. And to trust those intuitive messages I kept receiving, yet never quite fully understood. All those layers also got in the way of my own abundance. I had to learn to recieve what was best for me, rather than what I thought I wanted. The swap from asking for things from a thinking point of view to asking for what I felt I needed has taken some time. But the waves of energy got me focused on working from my heart rather than my head.

So it’s become much easier to let abundance flow into my life. Instead of deciding that I wanted a new car, then setting off on a plan to find one, I waited patiently for the one the Universe decided would best suit me. And it arrived in good time. Unlike the car I had before it which had been a panic buy. That one resisted me driving it and eventually stopped being driven by developing a fault. This time I gratefully accepted what the Universe provided and I have a car I love to drive. More importantly she loves me to drive her. Lesson learned. When I shifted my focus I found that what I required came easily to me. In fact I began to notice my resistance. The sticking points where I was still trying to control what was manifesting for me.

There are always sticking points to hold up the flow of abundance. Identifying mine has been a work in progress for much of the year. Not that I’ve got a lot.

But I’d like to remove them all to see what the Universe is waiting to bring me if I allow myself to have it. As I felt the energy lighten up today I reflected on what I really desire in my life. I want to use the booster power of the Full Moon. I want to send out my wish list charged with a positive intention that I’m open to recieve everything the Universe has to offer me. No doubts or hesitations. Free from judgements about whether I deserve all the abundance of not. And happy to share that wonderful list of wishes with everyone around me. My heart always tells me to wish for abundance to flow to all the people I connect to. That they get everything they desire too.

That’s the wonderful thing about the Universal energy. I know we can all have as much as we wish for. So long as we trust it will be delivered. And so long as we are asking for enough. Asking without reservation. Requesting that everyone benefits. I know that’s so true. My car has needed work doing to it. Somehow the funds have always arrived. I’ve been able to make sure someone else had an income or energy exchange from working on my car. The energy has come in to me then been passed on to others. It will be on it’s way back to me somehow. If we all ask, recieve, share and ask again we are using the energy in the best possible way. Getting to that point required the jet wash. And I’m determined not to let myself get stuck again.

Is it time for you to ask for your own flow of abundance? Now is a great time to do so. As you gaze at the Full Moon tomorrow night send out your dreams and wishes. Ask for more than you usually would. Include everyone you know in the good fortune you are wishing for. And get ready to recieve more than you ever thought possible.

Day 681 of my blogging challenge 

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