A day for Me

Animals_Dogs_Sleeping_puppies_014322_I’ve spent a very pleasant day as we start 2016. Walking around the town for a breath of fresh air there was a sense of calm after all of the frantic activity of the last week. Checking in with the local ducks it was obvious that they were missing the regular feeds they normally get from all the visitors to the town. Although our local shops have been badly affected by the flooding I was still able to get some bread from a couple of places so that the birds could have something to eat. It’s not ideal but they were very grateful.

And that’s about the most active I’ve been. Rest is a vital part of our needs but it’s only today that I’ve felt I could step back by taking it easy. Sometimes when life has gone a bit pear-shaped remembering to take a rest day can be hard. We push ourselves forward wanting to cope or do as much as possible to set the world back in the order we want it to be. Yet a pause will allow time to process feeling & thoughts, let the body rest and have batteries recharge. So I’m taking a lovely pause, including doing only a short blog, so that I’m ready for all that tomorrow might bring.

Take a pause, have a rest and allow yourself to be refreshed!

Day 46 of my blogging challenge.

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