Short, Sweet, Spirit Treat

It’s been another short working day. Mainly because I had a demonstration of mediumship to do this evening. So I’ve been taking it steady. And also making allowances for my energy cold that is still clearing away.

Travelling to Hull, about two hours drive away, I enjoyed reviewing my week. Although I’ve been ill I also realise that a lot of stuck energy has been shifting. In short blasts perhaps. But shifting all the same. Every now and again I need to take the time to pay attention to my personal energy. If I don’t I’ll become weighed down again. That will affect my ability to connect with Energy Beings. Which, of course, will affect the quality of message and evidence that I am able to pass on. The whole point of my work is the connection I can make. I want it to be the best possible that I can do. So I’ve taken the ups and downs of energy this week hoping to have improved somewhere along the line.

Tonight as I stood up to take the service I wondered if I would notice any difference. I was delighted to find that the Spirit communicators came in loud and clear. They moved me quickly from message to message. It was like a specially sweet treat for me. I love being able to give the right message to the right person. I enjoy when the energy connection is so strong I feel the deeper blend with whoever is connecting. That’s when their presence becomes real. Not just to me. But to their loved one too. It’s wonderful to process the energy they give me so that it comes as an easy and complete flow of words. Sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes detailed and expansive. Always loving. And always to bring healing, laughter and upliftment.

All the energy clearing has been worth it. The short time of releasing has brought me a stronger connection. I feel I can do my spiritual work for others in a stronger, better way. A cold and cough? Nothing compared to the flow of healing energy I worked in tonight.

Day 453 of my blogging challenge. 

Rising to the Surface

I’ve had a sort of grumpy week. A rising temperature, tricky shifts in energy, fever and a cough. Plus the push to speak out instead of stay quiet. With some stark contrasts between what I will accept and what I won’t.

Of course, having to step away from my work, getting rest and having my brain free to process stuff has been really useful. I don’t normally get political but observing from a distance it seems as if there is a tide of fear rising to the surface across in America. I can’t decide if the new President is a clever manipulator or an easily led fool. But what I see in his behaviour is a definite shift to a negative view of the American Dream. As for his spoken word, I find myself saddened that his angry voice is the one that a lot of people seem to want to follow. The fear is also visible across many countries right now. Like a dis-ease that is eating at the heart of what it means to be human.

Surfing the Internet I’ve come across some very strident voices today. People wanting to give their views by rubbishing the views of others. It’s as if everyone has forgotten to listen before replying. I’ve noticed very fixed attitudes creeping in and resulting in insulting and damaging comments. I don’t want to make a point of right or wrong but I do think we need a massive talking stick. A way of giving everyone a turn to say what they want whilst everyone else listens. Because I feel it’s the energy of not being listened to that is driving the fear. Which means that people are open to being exploited. And as I mused about this I could feel my inner Goddess rising.

I know we are in a time where the Divine Feminine energy is resurfacing. Until there is a much more positive balance between our masculine and feminine energies we will stay dis-eased. I also know that each of us has to balance both energies within ourselves. For and by ourselves.

As I read some of the comments on a Facebook feed about the President of the USA I found that I wanted to comment too. My voice started rising within me. Because some of the ‘facts’ being bandied about didn’t make sense. Or connect with factual information that is available. There is a great debate going on about fake news and who can be trusted. But when we don’t listen to one another carefully and with respect whether it’s fact or fiction becomes secondary. What takes it’s place is an entrenched I am right and you are wrong view. If that view is held passionately enough then verbal aggression quickly seems to follow. Not quite the world I would like to belong to.

And that is an issue for me. I have a temptation to say oh well, it’s all over there so what does it matter to me. Except that it does matter. The fear energy is rising up everywhere. Of course I can hope that I avoid it all. I can live in my spiritual bubble floating somewhere up in the air. Or react by wanting to leave the planet and let humanity get on with destroying itself once again. And I come full circle to the Goddess energy once more. I have a family. We have children and grandchildren. I can’t opt out. Because what will that leave for them. Thinking seven generations forward I have to deal with this rising tide. Opting out is not an option.

So what do I do to combat the rising tide of hatred? Even though I am feeling low in personal energy I have to speak somehow. I have to express the positive flow of love. Not fluffy love. The tough love only a true Crone Goddess represents.

You certainly don’t have to agree with what I say. You can always stop listening. Walk away. Or you can listen to me so I can listen to you in return. We can agree to speak with respect and open heartedness. It may be that we realise a lack of common ground. That’s ok. Or we might actually find that our concerns are shared. In all of the issues the world now faces progress will only happen when we talk our solutions out. When we try to come from a shared love of being human. And a recognition that our children’s children’s children have as much invested in what we do as we have.

Thinking about all of this I decided to make two comments on that Facebook feed. I’m glad I spoke my thoughts. I know that I wanted to speak without fear. To address things as I see them. To make the point that different viewpoints are what makes us face the fear and deal with it. I’ve put the snippets below. I hope you will find your voice too. Speak for yourself. Because when everyone finally does so we will understand, out in the open and fully, what people are frightened of. Then we can deal with it and move on.

My little bits of speaking out for today. Aside from this blog of course!

The comment: I’m glad Trump is having a go at the media. People like Rupert Murdoch have been influencing UK politics for decades to suit his own agenda. Well done Trump…Its time someone with some courage took them on!

My response: Yet the one news station Trump does praise, Fox, is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Is he hoping to make Murdoch the only mouthpiece for Trumpism? Perhaps we should be told!

The comment: Name a racist or sexist remark. Don’t say “grab them by the pussy” because that’s not even sexist. Just because your told over and over that someone is an “ist” (racist, sexist etc) doesn’t mean they are. He’s come up with lots of ideas to fix problems, building a wall, temporary immigration bans etc.

My response: If you don’t have a pussy you can’t say whether the remark is sexist or not. It’s outside your area of experience and expertise ?


Day 452 of my blogging challenge.

Rediscovering Selfhood

I’ve been thinking about selfhood today. When I work with Parashiel’s Balm healing energy I notice how often people make great shifts in their emotional energy. It’s as if the presence of this ‘hug from the inside’ trips a little power switch that cause a surge of I Am energy.

That I Am realisation seems to be all about selfhood – the quality that constitutes one’s individuality; the state of having an individual identity. So often I am defined by partial aspects of myself. Daughter, sister, mother, teacher, customer and so on almost endlessly. I could add painter, writer, therapist, Reiki healer. Each one is only a part of the whole me. And each one is a shortcut to knowing me. That’s what we do. We use the aspect that be come into contact with to assume we know everything, or almost everything, about another person. I know the same could be said for a country, a team, the opposite sex even.

But selfhood is much more than a list of attributes. Or roles I play. I am much more than the assumptions that go with the labels. Somewhere in the middle of all these different views of me is a more authentic person trying to get out. Because I want to be acknowledged for all that I contribute to my life. And to see myself as a whole person. I feel that’s where the difficulty with selfhood arises. Many of us have a very shaky grasp of individual identity. Family, school, friends, work colleagues, bosses, landlords, sales people. All of these, and many more, expect me to conform to a generally accepted range of behaviours and reactions. I can be myself but strictly on their terms.

It’s clear my desire to embrace, explore and expand my selfhood can be blocked. I can make myself feel all sorts of judgements and guilt. Feelings that deny me any sense of individuality.

I know that the way to move from being blocked is to recognise the judgements. Then to remove their influence. I may be a carer or a mother. It might be a responsibility I’ve chosen to take on. Especially if I wish to express my love for someone. However, that doesn’t mean that the person I am caring for or being a mother to has no role to play. The effect of the Parashiel’s Balm energy is to remind me that I Am. So is the other person in the relationship. We both have to act from our selfhood when collaborating together. Honouring and respecting the nature of what each of us contributes to the other. Because together We Are.

For me that is the end conclusion of selfhood. If I live as I really am, if others experience me as I really am, then I can experience them as they really are. Together we can recognise our similarities. The full meaning of I Am Annie can be blended with the I Am-ness of all those other people. When each of us contributes exactly what that I Am represents we have a way of co-creating a very exciting world. A world of collective selfhood. Where each unique quality I and you possess is available to be used in the best possible way for all. I’m delighted that working in ArchAngel Parashiel’s energy brings to this world the understanding of service for the greater good. Each person who discovers their I Am is ready to work from an Ascension consciousness. Which means lots more hugs on the inside to go round.

Day 451 of my blogging challenge. 

Spiritual Spam – Blocking Messages

One of the things I’ve got used to with my websites is spam. Like my email feeds the comments option on my blog sometimes brings me a lot of potential posts that are rubbish. Or negative. Or trying to promote stuff.

I have a spam filter on my emails, my web pages and some of my social media. I’m also very aware of phishing, ‘like’ farming and all the circular posts that are designed to block up my Facebook newsfeed. Perhaps what is less well known is that I also get Spirit spam. We all do. It can’t really be helped. It’s a big ocean of energy so sometimes there are low vibrational messages trying to get through. It’s why I and most mediums ask to work with ‘the highest and brightest’ Energy Beings.

So what is the purpose of spam? On your computer it’s unsolicited junk mail. In your letter box it’s all those flyers and ads that you haven’t asked for. And I know it’s the same from the Spirit side. There are people who have passed over still keep their human personality. So they like to play tricks, bring upsetting information or mislead. My Guides tell me that these Spirits are being encouraged to move into higher vibrations. But you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks. Mediums train themselves to move above the vibrational levels of the more unevolved Spirits so they can give positive, uplifting evidence that our loved ones live on.

It’s not about ignoring the lower vibrational Spirits. It’s about helping them to be able to communicate more effectively. Without being unwanted down here.

I also want to mention another kind of spam. It’s the unsolicited energy from the people around us. Sometimes the pull of someone else’s energy can get in the way of a strong connection. After all I’m swimming in the same energy ocean as billions of other people. That’s mind blowing enough. But their energy is sending me unwanted messages all the time. The sort of ‘spam’ about how they are feeling, what they are doing and all their anxieties. Plus I’m getting any needs they have. Especially if they are trying to pull in positive energy when they are feeling negative. Or desperate to get a message from only one Spirit or Energy Being.

That’s why, once again, I and many other mediums practice keeping our aura, our energy field, free from stray random energy. Like junk mail my space can become overfull of all sorts of requests. And information. Or sort of begging letters. Wanting me to do things or give things. Requests, not always positive, for my time and energy. Sorting out what is spam and what is useful is also a learning curve. Most days the delete button has a big part in sorting out what I read or pay attention to. Although I always look for the genuine, the ones I can help, or the connections that will be good communications.

In the end, I know I can always block the ‘spam’ around my energy field if I really want to. That’s the ultimate choice I have. So try as they might, unhelpful Spirit messages don’t have much chance to make it through.

Day 450 of my blogging challenge.

Know When To Hold Them

There are some lines running through my head. ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” It’s from a song called The Gambler.

I love this song. It always makes me feel that I’ve got a lot to learn about life yet. Reminding me that life is a gamble. Nothing is certain. There is always a risk. And my job is to work out if the odds are in my favour. I’m back in the waning moon energy. All sorts of things have been coming to the surface for me in the last couple of days. I have to make choices but I want to be in clear and balanced energy to do so. Because I know that sometimes even the best gamblers loose. The odds are sometimes stacked too heavily. So it may be a case of me walking away. Or even running as fast as I can!

It may seem odd to be suggesting that I am running away. Yet occasionally that’s what we all have to do. Or at least walk away with a very fast pace. Some situations are too negative to stay in. I have certainly learned that the hard way. In the end I feel that really toxic energy can zap my will to change at all. It can be tempting to be swallowed up so I’m drowned by the negative vibes. If I know this, or recognise the warning signs then I have to weigh up the risks I’m taking in walking away. And deal with the natural fears that making a change brings to the surface. That’s why I try to find a peaceful space to make decisions. So the risks of staying become very clear indeed.

As in the song, I also know that whilst I’m working the odds out I have to keep a poker face. Some of the people, places or experiences might be what I want to keep. Because they could be for my eventual best interest.

Like the card I was given that said ‘you have to demonstrate your mediumship in public’. Not one I wanted to draw at all. One I know I could have easily left behind on the table as I was racing away. However, even in my fear I knew I had to stick with that card. Gamble that the odds were ok. Hope that I would come out on the winning team. Or at least with a winning hand somewhere along the line. The chorus of the song actually carries on to say “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, there’ll be time for countin’ when the dealings done.” It always reminds me that I can’t know the outcome to every choice I make. So if I do manage to come out ahead in life that’s great.

So if you notice me walking away, if my poker face fails and I have a wry little smile, please give me a little wave or a nod. Share with me that you might be walking very fast away from something too. That the odds weren’t quite right. Knowing that it’s ok to stop doing something any time you wish. That if I fold it only means I’m saving my resources for another gamble at another time. Because something else needs my time and energy. And that life will always offer me another chance to join the game. After all, who needs a card game for the excitement of beating all the odds? Life is always enough.

Day 449 of my blogging challenge. 

Routines That Reassure

One of the things I like about my work is the apparent lack of any routines. What I put in my Passion Planner can change from day to day, even moment to moment. As I respond to what other people require from the Spirit World my life is never dull.

That’s one of the things I notice about routines. They can be reassuring. But they can also become boring. Something I enjoy doing regularly can suddenly flip into a task I’d rather not be doing. Even necessary routines like showers or cleaning my teeth can loose their meaning when I’m in one of my rebel moods. Of course, I realise I must wash sometimes so it’s about turning it from dull to fun. That’s why I think we have all those different shower gels. To entice the dullness out of taking a shower. When I think about it I feel it’s much the same for all sorts of stuff.

Today I had a few CDs to burn from my weekend work. It’s something I feel is a necessary part of doing a reading. I like being able to send out a recording because often the Spirit people say so much their relative can’t take it all in. I know I can’t when I have a reading. But some days it feels distinctly like a dull routine. That’s when my Guides like to mix things up a bit. First the recordings wouldn’t transfer over. Then my software closed down unexpectedly three times. After which I switched the computer off. But it wouldn’t shut down because another piece of software was staying open. Finally I unplugged the whole thing.

Routines! I thought. Even the computer is fed up of burning CDs. Taking a deep breath, talking nicely to my pc and asking my Guides what was going on I switched on again.

How lovely! The files transferred in a flash. The software stayed alert and the CDs got burned perfectly. I couldn’t help chuckling to myself. What an interesting way to free me from the possible boredom of producing CDs. And to remind me that the CDs mattered. The people who had readings would get a chance to listen again to what their loved ones had to say. That contact from the Spirit World is never routine. I guess that’s really why I love being a connector and communicator. I have no idea who will come through. Or what they are going to say. Except that they will be trying their best, through me, to show that their love for us continues. To reassure that all will be well.

Life will continue, much as it always has, with the daily, weekly, monthly and life long routines that we all set ourselves. It’s up to me how dull or adventurous I make them. Because, in the end, it’s up to me to choose how I see it.

Day 448 of my blogging challenge. 

Ascension Consciousness: Back to Basics

Sitting at my desk, watching the random flakes of snow fall, my mind has been processing new information. However, a part of that has meant going back to basics. What do I already know? And what have my Guides shared with me?

For a very long time I’ve been receiving their teachings. They have been showing me the basics of how energy connections and communications work. For a lot of that time I’ve been the only one I’ve shared that information with. Firstly because I was testing myself. Or them. Second I’ve been distracted by life. Finally, I guess I wasn’t ready to share. It was only when I found my feet as a medium that I gave myself permission to have a voice. I’m in that group of people who don’t want to talk about what they know in case we are judged, have got it ‘wrong’ or feel that people will dismiss or ignore our voice. So it’s taken me a lot to push my blog out into the world. Now I’m being asked to do even more.

Hence the requirement to go back to basics. Thinking about how my connections evolved. The ways in which my Guides made themselves know to me. The struggles and joys of each step. How important it is to start from where I am. Giving myself time to learn and understand. Being motivated to push myself forward through the doubt, disbelief and fear. Because there is a new set of basics emerging. It’s time to get myself into my Ascension Consciousness. It feels like I have always known about the ‘secret Messiah‘ inside of me. That spark of Divine Love hidden within my Spirit self. And that I am meant to be a part of the global community of Spirit.

For such a long time I’ve known the basics of connecting to that community. That my connections to Energy Beings will bring it about. But not all of the details.

The how, what, where, when or even why have been only revealed bit by bit.  Now it’s time to move beyond the basics. I’m off on a journey to help people connect themselves to a conscious network of physical and non-physical beings with one sole purpose. That purpose is to share the Love energy to every single being on this planet. And beyond. Because Mother Earth is a nurturing and healing force within this part of the Universe. Our energy vibration is a gift to our corner of existence. And I know that it is required and desired by so many others. It’s time for me, for all of us, to move away from aggression, hate and fear. The power of our combined consciousness shift will move our energy vibrations into unconditional love. Then I can be a part of manifesting a whole new reality.

It’s certainly an exciting shift of perspective. And it is all about every one of us going back to the basics of how to use out intuitive nature. I’m opening up to new ways of teaching this. Ready to help people find and make their own connections to intuitive information. And to sense or experience their own Guides. The Energy Beings are waiting for the brave souls who are ready to learn the basics and then build strong, enduring connections. There is so much wisdom for all of us to access. So much sharing. And so much love. I’m really looking forward to embracing more of my Ascension Consciousness today.

Day 447 of my blogging challenge.

The Story

For a long time many of the old masters, and here I do not mean masters of art, rather those that have mastered life, have said this is a story

“How do you master life?” I hear you ask.

Simply by understanding on an experiential level that this life is a story. It is our own attachment to the characters and events in the story that cause us to be on the endless hamster-wheel of suffering, Maya as it is often called

My 14 year old daughter said to me as I was filling up a water bottle from a water filter that the running of water must be “the most boring part of the day” My reply was “Perhaps if you didn’t label it as ‘boring’ then it would not be seen to be boring” “Oh”, was the reply, “it’s still boring”

This is a demonstration of being caught up in the story and for many teenagers I think it is particularly true that as you evolve you can become more caught up in the story of your own evolution. It is only through an understanding of this that you can overcome it and for me it took many decades to understand that this is all just a story. My own suffering and pain increases the more I am involved in the story and the less I am involved in the Spiritual Nature of life, there is a distinct and tangible relation between the two and even as I write this with pain arising in my right-shoulder I realise that the pain is simply a distraction from writing this down for you to read.

The message of this post is to be not too involved in the story and more involved with BEing. In that way you can find a way to experience life with far less pain and suffering.

If you wish to know more about me and what I do please visit Robert A Williams

This is a guest blog by Robert Williams who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Robert.

Evidence Arrives In Many Ways

I’m back home after an evening searching for evidence. Sitting in the total dark in my double layer of clothes, gloves and socks with my hat on my head I’ve was waiting for Spirit activity. Along with a team of paranormal investigators.

I love going to paranormal investigations. Especially with a team as professional as Whitehouse Investigations. I believe that Energy Beings are ready to let us know that they are present with us in lots of different ways. Making the journey from sceptic to believer was an interesting challenge to me. Especially since I wasn’t expecting to end up at the other end speaking for Spirit people. During that journey I’ve visited lots of ‘haunted’ places trying to connect with whoever is supposed to be there. I’ve also been to quite a few investigations, some extremely well run and some not, to see if different settings allow different evidence to emerge. Because what matters to me is our interaction. The efforts to communicate. Not the idea that something is or isn’t.

Perhaps that’s where I encountered my first hurdle with paranormal teams. I had a few experiences of teams trying to make things happen and then rubbishing the mediums when it didn’t. Or the Spirits. Or the other participants. Even the location. There is such a thing as trying too hard. There was also the issue of the people who went overboard with denying everything. I feel rational explanations must always be considered but not at the expense of what could be great evidence. And on a couple of occasions there have been the teams who were so desperate to create an impact that they faked what was supposed to have happened. Not very useful when you have a medium present who can tell the difference.

I guess it all turns on the interesting question of what counts as evidence. And if what you really want is proof or a good scare.

I work with my Guides when I’m doing trance mediumship to produce physical phenomena so that I can give evidence to others that Energy Beings exsist. Not to convert anyone. But to see how they can interact with us. That may include glass divination, table tipping, noises, direct voice and ectoplasm. All of these things, and many more, are ways to show that there is a connection. However, there are also other ways. Images captured on camera. Movement and sound picked up by detectors. Energy and temperature changes registered on meters. I’m sure the list is endless. Some of these things are seen as part of the scientific method. Others aren’t.

I’ve tried to understand why this or that item is (or isn’t) acceptable to paranormal teams but in reality each group seems to have a different methodology. And some are so clear that nothing is going to convince them that Energy Beings exsist that I have asked myself why they are bothering to look for evidence in the first place. That brings me to the thorny issue of what is being looked for. Some people seem to relish a good scare. Others want and don’t want evidence. Usually because they are conflicted or confused about the whole idea of ghost and Spirits. The best paranormal teams are those who work with open minds. Prepared to explore but not judge. Keen to keep looking.

I feel that what is required is a body of evidence. Lots and lots of similar experiences being reported time after time. Consistency in a word.

Yet I also know how hard it is to get that consistency. There are energy rules that we don’t fully understand yet. And our own states of mind concerning our beliefs about any kind of Afterlife. One day I’m sure there will be more than enough evidence. The work of physical mediums and paranormal teams will blend into a better understanding of the unseen worlds all around us. So long as the good teams keep on exploring under rigourous conditions. And I and my colleagues continue developing our connections under the same rigourous conditions that we impose on ourselves. Thank you to tonight’s team. It was the perfect blend of everything that is good in investigations.

Day 446 of my blogging challenge. 

Need or Require Abundance?

The peak of full Moon energy is here. Today I have been making a list of what I require from the Universe. Chatting with visitors to the Centre about manifesting abundance I noticed once again how much our words matter.

Of course I’ve been practicing manifesting what I need for a long time. Being clear about my dreams and what I want. I’ve also been working to improve my manifesting ability by working in positive and passionate energy when I ask for anything. Lots of things I’ve asked for have come my way. But I sometimes feel like it takes quite a long time and sometimes doesn’t work at all. Of course I’ve taken that as a signal that what I require isn’t actually for me. Or that the timing is not quite right. Yet listening to the discussion today I noticed how much we were talking about need and want.

I know that manifesting my dreams is about making my language really clear. Because what I ask for I get. But I also started to recognise how often the word need cropped up. It’s a difficult word. I do need certain things to survive and thrive. Yet need can also move into needy. A much more negative word. In fact need suggests to me an anxious request for something that I’m scared I won’t get. It might even tip me into being needy more often than not. Especially if I buy into the fear. So I thought about how else I could ask for my dreams. That’s when the word require dropped into my head. It makes much more sense. I require all sorts of things so that I can enjoy my life. Require is detached from fear or worry. It’s more like a list.

It’s interesting how different I feel saying require instead of need. Because I am clear that these things can arrive at the pace that the Universe sends them in. Removing need has taken away a sense of urgency too.

That means my requirements will probably turn up much sooner because I’m not stressing about them. As I let that drift through my mind I also noticed how often I use the word want. When I’m sending out my manifesting wishes I’ve often said I want. But once again there is a flip side to the word want. It can fall into a negative energy if it sounds like I want, I want, I want. Demanding and inflexible perhaps. Even drifiting into being interpreted as a selfish request. Which I might try to gloss over by asking for happiness to manifest for others too. Or wrap around with the catch all of only if it’s for my highest good. Once again confusing the Universal energy of abundance by implying I want something but only within limits.

Yet again my mind received a different word. I can ask for what I require and what I desire. If I desire something then I’m passionate about making it happen. It’s something special. Whatever it is I know it will delight me. Help me feel joy and happiness when I get it. Desire is a strong word. It tells the Universe I believe in myself enough to ask for the very best things. Knowing that they will be delivered without hesitation. To require and desire sends out a powerful energy that is unmistakable. Because it also suggests that I am ready to receive all of my abundance and so much more. I found it really interesting to try these new words this afternoon. With the full moon energy, the last blast for now of manifesting energy, I wrote out what I required and listed what I desired. Now I’m ready to receive it all.

Day 445 of my blogging challenge.