Understanding Crystal Children

imageI’m a Lightworker with a Crystal daughter. The differences between the energy vibrations people on the planet carry are very distinct. Understanding these energy signals and the personality types they lead to is an important part of accepting each other. We have all arrived here to make changes to the world. Those changes are based on bringing in more harmony between all of our energies, boosting the love and finding peace.

First of all, from about 1950 to 1970 the energy vibration focused on healing, care giving and spreading the love. People in this band of energy are usually called Light Workers. They have conformed with the existing systems of human conditions but know that they need to change the world in some way. Light Workers are more likely to follow the rules, work behind the scenes and encourage people to follow their spiritual development. Most of the cutrrent spiritual teachers are in this vibration. Understanding the need to help but also to be seen as the same as everyone else explains why many Lightworkers have spent most of their lives as frustrated healers. They have mostly been unable to challenge the status quo.

Next, from about 1970 to 2000, the babies coming to the Earth have been in the Indigo vibration. Indigo people find it hard to conform. They question the status quo. They find school and education a challenge because it is so rigid. Indigos are the warriors of the Light. They know they have to change the structures of humanity but can become frustrated that change happens so slowly. A lot of Indigos struggle to discover their mission. Occasionally this causes such great pain that they choose to go back to the Higher Dimensions without completing their purpose. The Indios give all of us the ‘get up and go’ energy to make changes in out lives. They are spiritually aware and ready to shout about treating one another better.

The Crystals started to come in from 2000 so as the numbers increase their unconditional love vibration grows stronger in the general energy of the Earth. Crystals are the spiritual vibration being made manifest down here. They struggle with the heavy energy we create and hold onto. Very loving, extremely intelligent, ancient souls they can amaze with their simple expressions of profound spiritual knowledge. Often they are late developers in speech & social interaction with non-Crystal children but fast developers in physical activity & curiosity. There way of interacting in the world is through their psychic senses. They know who is open hearted and who is closed. Their mission is to help us release our fears and start to live in love with one another. Therefore their life journeys seem to be full of challenges.

Not all people fit into these vibrational bands. And the dates do blur. Early Indigos & Crystals exist as do late Light Workers & Indigos. Deciding which group fits you or your child best is a matter of considering all of the characteristics of each vibration. Understanding and working in harmony with your child’s energy vibration may take you on a journey outside the usual routes we expect of childhood.  You will be amazed at how rewarding it can be. Best of all, the world will change because of the abilities of your child. This is why she/he came here so you can help by encouraging  their connection to their intuitive abilities.

So find out as much as you can about your own intuitive abilities because this will help you explain things to your child. Seek out the clear, sensible information as there is a lot of  incomplete or wrong stuff out there. Finally, listen to your Crystal child as she/he gives you the benefit of deep wisdom. Encourage your child to be patient with the growing up process. Most of all, share the love their energy is bringing you.

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Psychic Pain

imageThere are times when my body aches. Or I get stray random pain. My teethe ache. My shoulder feels sore from the inside. My feet feel tight and uncomfortable. There are times when these aches and pains seem unconnected to anything I might have been doing. Or to any illness. At these times I always consider if I’m having psychic pains.

There is a type of pain defined as psychosomatic. In other words the mind is making the body feel physical pains. Often there are strong emotional causes for the thoughts which in turn create the pain. In some conditions the emotional trauma of certain events can be displaced into physical discomfort. Treating that also requires identifying and working with the underlying cause. Often the solution is to release the emotion or thoughts creating the sensitivity. The psychical aches go away when the person feeling them stops reacting to the thoughts and emotions causing the soreness.

In any situation where there are aches, soreness, discomfort it’s important to listen to the message your physical body is sending you. Ignoring pain may actually end up making the symptoms much worse. But what if the physical issue has no apparent cause? What if your body is fit and well but there is still an ache somewhere? Is it always a psychosomatic reaction to emotions and thoughts in you? I am suggesting another way that we experience painful physical symptoms. That is the acknowledgement that we can also pick up psychically through our intuition on the aches of other people.

One of our psychic senses is that of clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’ – where it is possible to ‘feel’ the emotions and physical conditions of others. It’s most often talked about as a form of mediumship where the aim is to connect with an Energy Being – usually a Spirit who has been human. However, what is less discussed is that our intuitive psychic senses also process the energy from the people physically around us as well as the Spirits who are no longer physical presences. As we start to recognise the energy of other people by paying attention to the info our psychic senses bring in we might also become aware of their pain.

I feel we are all more comfortable recognising emotional info that we pick up from others. Sometimes we feel that a friend is sad, or a colleague is angry or a family member is in a low mood. We are often prompted by that to ask how someone is feeling. Or to do something spontaneous to help them feel better. At the same time it is also important to check out if you have connected to their physical aches too. When I do Reiki healing I often find I am healing not only the person in front of me but also the person whose pain they are carrying in their aura too.

When we care about someone the energy link is strong so it is perfectly sensible that we get a bigger ‘hit’ of anything that might be affecting them. With this in mind, whenever I get an unexpected soreness or ache I always check if it might belong to someone else. Of course if I have been rock climbing (lol, not an activity I can do nowadays) and stubbed my toes I can expect the discomfort. If nothing else can explain what I am feeling I consider who I know that is in pain at the moment. Or when I might have been around someone in physical pain. Then I can send out a healing thought to that person and clean my aura by releasing the energy.

There is also another thing that I like to consider. If the soreness is reluctant to depart I also think about my past lives. The past life info in eighth chakra does filter into the aura. Especially if we are working to clear past life karmic consequences. It can recreate the injuries and illnesses we had in that past life. These physical symptoms are a reminder of something important that we discovered in that life. They appear to help us understand the wisdom. Clearing the really old stuck energy will end the karma they are helping us to pay attention to.

Becoming more aware of the source of the painful physical symptoms we experience has a positive effect. Knowing the underlying cause means we can take steps to deal with the experiencing of pain in a different way. Honouring our body’s mechanism for alerting us to dis-ease is a big step in removing that dis-ease.

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Family Fortunes

imageDoing readings today I spoke to a Mum and daughter on behalf of their family in Spirit. Later this evening I was with my friends celebrating two birthdays. Surrounded by family the birthday couple represented two generations of a family who have been through tough times. In the late evening sun the third generation of that family were the topic of some of our conversation. Although these children will never meet the family members who are now in the Spirit World the love from that side of life will still surround them.

Tomorrow in the UK we will be celebrating Fathers Day. We also celebrate Mothers Day in March. I know that for some people the family fortunes have been such that the bond between parents and children has been stretched or broken. Sometimes so early in life that we have no idea who our family actually is. The loss of an anchor point, a sense of belonging, can make it a challenge to have a sense of self or identity. It’s as if a particular chunk of love that should have been ours has disappeared. I believe that the gap this can create is one of the reasons that our loved ones in Spirit try their best to communicate with us.

That gap also appears when our loved ones die. I remember the strange feeling when my Dad died. Suddenly I was an orphan. Well into my adult life I no longer had the rock of a mother and father to support me. I felt like I was cast adrift on an open sea. My family was incomplete. I was sad that my daughter would miss out on knowing her grandad when she had only just begun to connect with him as a child instead of a baby or toddler.   Tough times indeed. However, I did have something to help me. I had the love from my family in Spirit. My Mum, Grandad and Nanna came through in messages and took time to let me know that they were around me.

In another message this afternoon the lady I was speaking to refused to have a message given by her grandmothers. She only wanted certain members of her family to step in. She hadn’t met her grandmothers so found it hard to understand why they would want to bring her messages anyway. I don’t know what her family fortunes were but I felt sad that no one had kept the memory of these two ladies alive for her. They were very strong women who wanted to offer her support now that she needs it in her family fortunes.

As I sat in the sunshine this evening and we talked about people now in the afterlife I felt the joy from the Spirits around us. They were delighted to be there celebrating too. Being mentioned brought smiles to their faces because they were ‘gone but not forgotten’. The next generation of this family will hear the stories again and again. The Spirit family will live on in the family still alive here. Families fall in, fall out and fall in again. Time changes many things but the connections we have with our loved ones in Spirit endure outside of our earthly time.

No matter what your family circumstances the love of your Spirit family is always with you. Enjoy the family connections you have here on Earth too. No matter how challenging the relationships or circumstances. You chose to surround yourself with these lovely Spirits to help you grow, evolve and understand what unconditional love is all about.

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ArchAngel Healing

Earth's ArchAngel Parashiel

Earth’s ArchAngel Parashiel

For the last two years I have been working with a strong, determined ArchAngel called Parashiel. She or he, depending on which energy I’ve needed, has been at my side every time I passed on healing energy to people, the animal kingdom and the planet. S/he is also the driving force behind my own self-healing. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher. I understand the way we can call on Universal energy  to refresh and repair our own aura energy. The energy we receive kick starts our own self-healing process making it easier to release any stuck energy. Moving back into balance we feel better. We are less bothered by the past. We have energy to look forward to the future. Parashiel increases the healing energy that I have available. I can be a more effective energy worker for myself and others.

Parashiel is one of twelve ArchAngels who work closely with our planet. They are the Guardian Angels of this bit of the Universe. Looking after our solar system is their mission. Meeting these Energy Beings took some time. They approached very cautiously because their energy vibration is much stronger than we have been used to. I was introduced to them through smell, sound, colour and emotion so that I could take on the energy they transferred as comfortably as possible. It was still a challenge. Becoming accustomed to higher vibrational energy when you are used to being at human energy speed took me through some big ups and downs. They were patient with the process. It’s important for me to be able to channel their energy so they can have a voice. Being in their energy is the only way for a strong connection to work well.

Today I held my regular Friday Reiki Refresh group. As usual Parashiel stood by my side to boost the ener each person was receiving. We often chat while I’m doing this. Our conversation was all about releasing the fear of dying, of loss, of survival and the deep need we sometimes feel of wanting to hang on grimly to what has been. If we get stuck in the emotions and fears of grief we stop being open to the energy of change. Instead of being flexible and adaptable we resist everything that represents change. Parashiel is especially good at removing fear, at promoting change and supporting the transition from old to new. He reminded me that it was time to do what I agreed a long time ago (before I even got here). I am starting the training of others who will work closely with Parashiel. It’s exciting to offer Parashiel’s wonderful healing energy to others as well as to help people be the channels for this powerful work. It feels like exactly the right time in my life’s journey to be sharing this teaching on behalf of an ArchAngel who wants to shift the low vibrational energy from every single one of us.

Tonight I’m sending out the energy of peace to all on behalf of Parashiel. Please take your share ?

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Crossed Wires

imageWhat a strange energy day! I felt like the lines of energy kept getting blurred and crossed. Powerful blasts of positive energy kept hitting me whilst at the same time some very low vibrational stuff has been happening. In the end I found I was getting cross or at least impatient with one or two things. Not only bad behaviour but underlying assumptions being made by others. At the same time I was watching reports come in from Birstall in Leeds of the murder of Jo Cox, a woman who  represented people and tried to help them. Her death seems so senseless when she was trying to achieve good for others.

As I drove over to Blackpool to do a church service I wondered what was wrong with the energy today. Why was it so difficult to stay in the positive energy by doing positive actions. As usual my Guides were on hand to give a view. I’d been rambling on in my mind asking what these issues and events were mirroring for me. What aspects of myself was I finally noticing? They reminded me of the meditation I did for my group this afternoon. It was an opportunity to meet our Higher Spirit Selves. That’s the bit that makes this clay overcoat a person. Because we forget that part of ourselves for most of our lives. It is kept in the background by the Ego Mind. We don’t look at our magnificence as a vast Spirit being. Our focus is always on the smaller human mind and experience. That mind can be led into action by bravery, altruism, compassion. It can also be led by fear, envy and hate.

The Higher Spirit Self tries to influence us as much as possible. It is the small, nagging voice from the back of the mind that prompts us to do the right thing. It is the part of us that keeps hoping that we will choose actions that generate a positive flow of energy. If you like, it is the part of us that reminds us of right (Love) from wrong (Hate). Something happened today in the person who attacked Jo Cox. The choice made came out of low vibrational energy. We may never understand why he made that choice or how much his Higer Spirit Self tried to help him to see there were other choices. What the Guides encouraged me to do is to understand the example I have been set. Am I listening to the small voice of wisdom? Do I act out of fear? Even if I tell myself I am doing something because I fear for others it’s still a choice based on hate rather than love. Fear always is. They ask us to understand that we love ourselves so little that we take advantage of others, harm others or lie to others we are still wrapped up in the opposite of love – hate.

I’m looking forward to climbing in to bed tonight. I’m hoping that tomorrow the crossed energy, crossed wires, crossed communications and crossed actions will have ended. I’m going to have a good long chat with my Higher Self in my dreams to ensure I can make more choices in Love than Hate. And I’m sending healing energy to the whole of humanity with the intention that all we listen more closely to that small, nagging voice.

Day 213 of my blogging challenge.

Thoughtful Moments

imageSeveral times today I’ve spent a little time in my thoughts. Making time for a thoughtful moment really helps me to stay in the here and now because I get a chance to consider what I am experiencing. Talking with Jan about the healing energy we have been receiving from ArchAngel Parashiel for the last two years I noticed how much we had achieved together. Quietly reflecting on our work and the changes that had occurred in our lives I realised that I was less burdened by fear and worry. The shift in my outlook on life has been so gradual that I hadn’t actually noticed or really acknowledged it. We are ready to bring in much more Light energy. We are also ready to step forward on behalf of the ArchAngels so others can make connections with these wonderful Energy Beings. Quite a change from where we originally started.

I had another time to be thoughtful later in the afternoon. A lovely practitioner at the Centre has been training in AromaTouch and asked for volunteers to help her practice the technique. I was grateful for a treatment that reminded me to spend time on me I really enjoyed noticing how my aura colours responded to the different essential oils. Being in the moment I also noticed what feelings I needed to release, the thoughts that wouldn’t go away and the aches in my body. The opportunity to notice and reflect on what my whole being was ‘saying’ was very precious. Sometime we are so busy we forget to spend a little time on ourselves. Stuff piles up waiting to be noticed or released. Then when we have run our batteries down to the minimum we seek help in an exhausted state and it takes much longer for us to recharge. Spending an hour in this way gave me space to unhook myself from the world, time to release energy and the feeling of loving myself enough to deserve this time and space.

Finally, this evening I attended a vigil arranged by Happy Valley Pride in Hebden Bridge to honour the people killed and injured in the shooting in Orlando. We thought about them, their families and their communities. The speakers also talked about why it was important to stand together as one. Spending a thoughtful hour with others was a way of showing that violence and aggression need not be part of our daily lives. As I stood in the rain with my candle to shine a light for peace and love I thought how senseless killing is. How often we refuse to see the other person as a human being too. There was a lovely prayer. I closed my eyes and joined with others in sending out a wish for enlightenment across the whole world. Taking these moments as my chance to remind myself that we have a long way to go before we all behave and believe as one, I asked for every person to be reminded that we are all someone’s daughter or son. I asked the Universe to bring us all together as quickly as possible, to bring down the barriers that we imagine separate us and to help the children seven generations down the line to be unaware of any differences of creed, race, country, gender or sexuality that might keep people apart from one another.

As I write this blog I am hopeful. When we learn to have thoughtful moments of reflection in our daily lives we start to live more fully in the moment. We also start to think more clearly about what we say and do. We gain an opportunity to make different choices in our reactions to the events of our daily lives. Bringing this kind of focus to our mind is mindfulness in action. We have a chance to be better people. Please choose the path of love and peace ?

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Hebden Bridge Open Studios

imageOne of the things I really enjoy is my painting. It’s been lovely to have some of my artwork on display in various places as well as in my own Hidden Gem Art Galley at the Centre. For the last couple of years I’ve also been a participant in our Open Studios event here in Hebden Bridge. Today I’ve been sorting out my own studio so that on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July I will be able to demonstrate psychic art and talk about how it works. I’m also looking forward to people having a go in the mini workshops I’m offering.

Another exciting thing this year is that I have three other artists joining me by exhibiting in the gallery. Sharon Mackle, Brenda Hodgson and Peter Tiler are bringing their own art to the Centre too. We have a range of styles, are inspired in different ways and are passionate about getting our creativity onto canvas and paper. The common thread is our willingness to open up to that creativity and give art a go. I love that when we get into our creative side, when we open to the energy of emotion, we are also opening a spiritual door too. Having worked with Sharon and Brenda before I know that they feel very inspired by their connections to the Earth and Energy Beings. Peter also has a strong connection to the Earth energy which comes into his painting. Stepping out of our everyday view of life, using the energy connections we tap into, brings a powerful hidden message with each piece of work.

I believe art is for everyone to try. I also believe that the value of a piece of art is based on how it connects with the viewer. I believe that pieces which open up an emotional response are a powerful way of reminding us of our humanity. Also of our connection to each other as a community of spirit. As the creator of a picture, drawing, sculpture or any kind of artwork I feel the satisfaction of making something for my own pleasure. If it is also something that connects for another person I’m delighted. My work is mostly abstract because I love the freedom of it not having to look like anything in particular. Colour and shape blend into being anything the viewer wants to see. I find that there are always faces in the work I do. They emerge from the paint in unusual ways. I believe the Energy Beings peep through abstract forms of art to let us know they are there. Generally only people who are open to looking at the world in a different way see the faces.

So I paint because I can. I paint to open myself to creativity. I paint because I am able to express myself to myself. I paint because it releases emotions. I paint to encourage others. I paint to get messy. I paint to have fun. Is it time you started painting too?

Day 211 of my blogging challenge. 

The End of the Tunnel

imageSome days it’s hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Or even to realise that you are in the tunnel to start with. I’ve written before about the flooding that hit the Calder Valley on Boxing Day last year. It took the community quite a while to find our feet again even though lots of practical help was on offer. Being plunged into the darkness (literally for a lot of us as the electricity was out for three days) of devastation on a large scale was disorienting. Now as the Valley rebuilds we are finally noticing the light at the end of this particular tunnel. So much so that we are having an alternative Christmas Day on 25th of June to celebrate our recovery and thank all the people who helped in any way.

We are not the only place to have dealt with extreme weather over the last six months. I am sure that the extremes will continue until we adapt our ways of working in partnership with Mother Earth. There is a big challenge facing all of us. We have to find different ways to generate the power we need, to build the shelters we need and to feed ourselves. Yet a massive part of our energy is put into aggression towards one another – into war. Weapons that could be food or shelter instead. Money spent in bomb shelters and defensive fortifications when people live in slums and shanty towns. We are still in the darkness. We may have talked about the tunnel but not all of us recognise we are in it. And there is very little said or done to help us find the light at the end of it.

When I hear about the natural and man made disasters that flow through the evening news I look for the light. What are these events about? Where is the positive news? The reports focus on the pain not the courage. Why is that? It’s a debate I’ve had with my Guides over and over. We give our attention to our fears they reply. We focus on the low energy emotions and thoughts. We forget to look for the tunnel. We ignore the light. We stay stuck in the misery so the same things have to happen time and time again. Each one bigger, worse, more challenging. Until we decide to come out of the tunnel into the Light. When we recognise that we are all the same. We are all humans. When we take responsibility for ourselves. When we recognise that we share the Earth between us and that no one has any greater claim to it than anyone else. When we understand that we own nothing. When we learn that we can take nothing with us from this world into the next. When we reject all man made religion and replace it with love and compassion.

It’s a big ask. It means we have to grow up and stand up for love and compassion. Not by  more violence and aggression but by behaving the way we would wish to be treated. We have to help each other notice the darkness, realise the tunnel that we are trapped in and turn towards the light at the end of it. I am sending out healing thoughts to all affected by violence and aggression today. I’m also asking the Universe to bring an end to the conditions that create in people the urge for violence towards others. I know it’s going to be a big ask but I trust that if enough of us are sending out that request the Light of a peaceful world will eventually dawn on all of us. Please join me ??? so that one day we may all celebrate as one.

Day 210 of my blogging challenge. 

Groundhog Lessons


imageThere is a great movie called Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. The storyline has Bill Murray as a rather unpleasant reporter caught up in a bubble of time where he has to live the same day over and over again. He can’t get time to move forward again until he lives a day full of taking the right, compassionate and loving actions. Ever so slowly he learns to listen to people, to be kind and helpful and, finally to value them. He also learns that change is possible as is love. I love the plot idea behind the movie. It’s a story about karma, love, perseverance and that even the most stuck person can change.

One of the ideas within Spiritualism is that of ‘compensation and retribution for all the good and evil deeds done’. Groundhog Day reminds me of that idea. When someone takes action there will always be consequences flowing from that action. The consequences affect the person who took the action as well as the people who were involved in whatever action happened. Sometimes those consequences appear to have passed by the person who took the action. Yet the Universal law is always clear – there is cause and effect from any energy we give out whether by thought, word or deed. In a way this means that we will all face living a Groundhog Day. We will end up repeating the same energy or action again and again until we work out a better way to do things. I believe that is why we keep coming back to yet another life. We are like Bill Murray. Replaying variations of the same scenario until we find the loving way to act towards ourselves and others.

What does that mean for this current life? Firstly, that even if it appears that someone is getting away with their unloving, uncaring actions they really aren’t. Human justice is a man-made thing. Karma has a much wider scope. The energy you have created will find you and deliver back to you all that you sent out. That thought is enough for me to think carefully before I get angry, upset or fearful and act on those feelings. Secondly, that before I do anything I ask myself if it is being done out of love (whatever the current understanding of unconditional love that I have). If I act out of as much love for myself and others as possible then even if there are unexpected consequences they are likely to be more positive than not. Finally, every night I ask myself if I would want to live this day over again. Some days are definitely not. Some days are absolutely yes. I hope that if I check into each day I will find more yeses than nots.

I’m eternally grateful that I can say that for the last ten years I have not woken up stuck in a time bubble going through the same day over and over again. Before then I’m not so sure. There were times when the days easily blurred into the same old same old. I suspect I lived a lot of groundhog days before I notice that my life was not as fulfilling as I expected it to be. When I eventually went off in search of the missing bit I found my intuitive abilities and a search for spirituality. How fortunate I was. You are in charge of your own energy and actions. Don’t let yourself get stuck on Groundhog Day either!

Day 209 of my blogging challenge. 

Four Hours Sleep

IMG_1569Its amazing what you can do when you need to! Last night I struggled to get to sleep. There had been so much energy coming in throughout the day that I was still on a high at 3.30am. By four am I’d had enough and insisted to myself that I needed to go to sleep because of all I was going to be doing today. I drifted off around 4.15am still quite floaty but at least relaxed enough to sleep. As I sank deeper and deeper into dreamtime I could hear my Guides laughing gently. I got so charged up because over the last three days the energy of the Earth’s ArchAngels has been all around me. They are getting ready to launch a new transfer of wisdom for us and it all begins with the Summer Solstice on 21st June. One of the last things I did before leaving work last night was a little video (not something I’m used to doing really) to publicise the event. It came together so quickly because I had an ArchAngel sitting with me putting it all together. No wonder I was flying!

Today I had a session of mediumship mentoring with a lovely student, the drop in at the Centre and a Psychic Club. Immediately after that I had a church service to do at Gt Harwood Spiritualist Church. So all in all a very full day. My student is at the point where stuck energy is being released, some of it past life stuff, so we enjoyed a lovely Violet Flame meditation sitting in a crystal circle to represent the four points of energy we were using. Later in the Psychic Club we had four pairs, each of us practicing our intuitive abilities to receive information, discovering how doubt can affect our belief in the info we had collected. Then off to a lovely church for plenty of messages. I noticed that the level of evidence I was given was much stronger and more detailed. Four people left the service floating too because of the support and love passed through to them by their loved ones. Lots of fours everywhere I looked. And lots of little hints for me to keep accepting the energy & wisdom that the Earth’s ArchAngels are offering.

I always say that four is the number of the angels. Eight is the number of the ArchAngels. So many four and eight combinations today grabbed my attention. In the service I felt surrounded by our 12 ArchAngels, my Mum gave me her usual signal that she was there, some of the hymns chosen reminded me of angel power and to continue to be a beautiful dreamer. I love to find the signs and signals that fill my life. I know that our Guides, loved ones and other Energy Beings are sending us these signals all the time. Sadly we tend to ignore them, doubt them or dismiss them as coincidence. On four hours sleep I have done amazingly well. I am certainly having a lie in tomorrow (lol, I hope but who knows!). Please be open to the connection to your loved ones in Spirit World. They are waiting to let you know that they are ok, well and beaming their love to you 24/7 365 days a year (plus the extra on a Leap Year, of course).

Day 208 of my blogging challenge.