Secret Messiah

Stack of religious books

Sometimes I wonder about all of the sacred books that are said to tell us how to live the life a Divine being wants from us. We have had prophets, messiahs, avatars & saviours. Each has been written about. Occasionally in their time but most often after the events of their life and by people who are three, four or more times removed from the action that took place. Although I’m not a literalist, I do believe that the books that were written down were designed to help people remember how to evolve spiritually. And to remember the person who had the strong connection to communication with a Divine Being. However, the times that these holy books, scriptures and testaments refer to are long past. So I don’t necessarily believe everything that is written in those books. I belive that what’s more important is for us to understand that they were written to support and to guide humanity at that time through whatever the experience of life was like.

Do we have to live today in such a way that our lives are restricted by the values, beliefs and morals that applied thousands of years ago? In yet another set of discussions with my Guides I wanted to know which spiritual rules we should be aiming to live by. I was always puzzled that the only answer I could get was one word – Love. Why only one word? These sacred books were full of rules, requirements and restrictions. I read many of these sacred texts over the course of my life. When I got the answer from my Guides I went back to source. Reading them again with a fresh pair of eyes. I was intrigued to find at the core of every document was the idea, the flavour, the aspiration that we all give and receive love to each other. The other rules were the window dressing – the formal ways in which giving love to one another could be demonstrated. As if we couldn’t work out for ourselves how to respect, share and live peaceably with one another. To do that takes love. A special kind of love – unconditional love.

More questions! In all the messages coming through today about ways to live a happy, better, contented life (think of the vast number of books on self-help, healing and spirituality for a start, never mind any reworked interpretations of religious texts) love is often pushed to the side or in the background. You can read about resolving your karma, manifesting your destiny, healing your negative energy or cutting the ties that hold you down. The subtext is really all about needing to restablish self-love and a healthy balance of giving love to others. Is it really that simple? My Guides prefer not to say, lol. They have helped me to understand that first I have to find unconditional love for myself through releasing any self-judgement or self-doubt so that I can forgive myself unconditionally. Next I have to find it within myself to be unconditionally grateful for all that I am. Embracing your shadow side is never easy but they ask me to persevere as in the end I will be ready to offer unconditional service to myself. When I can do all of these things for myself I will be ready to do the same for everyone else around me. At that point I’ll be well on the way to joining the Secret Messiahs.

One day when I was trying to understand how I had managed to limit myself in my spiritual development my Guides asked me Why are you waiting for the messiah; one person who you believe can cure all the evils of the world? Has it worked before? Has humanity been saved throughout the ages by one prophet? They wanted me to think about whether it is easier for us to externalise a God/Goddess so we can push responsibility outside of ourselves. And why do we bless this god with all of the flaws of humanity whilst at the same time suggesting this being is omnipotent and omnipresent. Would an all seeing, all knowing, ever present Divine act & react as a human would? It doesn’t seem likely if the instruction from the Divine is Love. So do we push the experience of the Divine energy outside of ourselves because it’s then easier to say we aren’t responsible for the world or the way it is? If it’s not me who is co-creating then I can step aside from any responsibility for myself, my energy and my actions. I can choose to ignore anything I wish by putting the responsibility onto someone or something else.

Perhaps writing the words of the prophets down was a mistake. They became the focus of what we understood rather than a living reminder to love ourselves & others. We have drifted away from their core meaning by arguing over what is meant by each word, line, paragraph. And now we expect a rescuer to come along and save us. After all, that is what is written in these books. When we get so far along our human journey the Divine will send us another saviour to wipe the slate clean once again. To give us fresh instructions on how to love. At this point I stepped away from what is written. One ‘voice in the wilderness’ hasn’t worked so far. It’s a worn out plan. That’s why I love to reason this out with my Guides. They were the ones who explained about the secret messiahs. It’s time for a new way of helping everyone to move forward on their spiritual journey. So this time around there are lots & lots & lots of people bring out the message that all you need is love. It’s the in all of the books I mentioned earlier. It’s going to be moving to the front soon. People will be talking, writing, painting & making the music of love to awaken everyone. Enlightenment can’t fail when inside everyone we recognise their Divine spark, their Divine love, their mission as a secret messiah.

If you have been wondering what your spiritual mission is, why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing start to think about a world full of secret messiahs. People who inspire one other person through the love they give them. Or can inspire more by living a life full of loving example. Each person inspired can go on to inspire one or more too. How quickly we could save ourselves if that wave of loving inspiration sped across the world. Start your wave of love right now. See the Divine Love within yourself, help yourself to grow that love and send it outward to the people around you. What a wonderful gift you can give to humanity ?

Day 95 of my blogging challenge. 



Friends: Fair-weather or Forever

imageOne of the topics I’m often asked about is friends, friendships and spirituality. People frequently find that as they discover their spiritual side or are on their spiritual journey the people they mix with change. Some friends drift away, new friends arrive and there is a significant change in how we feel about the people we call friends. This process can be upsetting, refreshing, challenging or exciting. It can be confusing that a long held friendship suddenly fades. Or that someone who is an aquaintance feels more of a familiar friend than a once well known friend.

It can be hard to know what these changes are about. It can be harder to accept that the friendship is on the wane or even over completely. We want certainty in our lives. Most of us prefer predictable patterns than outright spontaneity. Our friendships form a part of our comfort zone. Like a warm security blanket knowing that the same people are going to be in our lives can somehow protect us from feeling alone or abandoned. As humans we have a great need for community. So we tend to hold onto our friends though all sorts of situations & experiences. Only if something major happens do we give up on the friendship.

So when I started to tell people I was developing my mediumship it soon became clear that some of my friends couldn’t handle that part of my life. Whether through fear, religious beliefs, disbelief or reluctance to be open minded those people drifted away. One or two even left very abruptly. I asked my Guides why this should be so. What had I done for them to want to unfriend me? With much loving kindness my Guides explained  that I had started on a journey that not everyone would be able to share or understand. We each have to choose the connections we keep in this life. But the choice goes both ways. It isn’t possible to keep someone who doesn’t want to be your friend. And no matter how much time, energy and commitment you give to the friendship if it turns out to be one sided then it’s not in your best interest.

I was sad to see some of the most unexpected people move out of my life over a few years. It seemed my journey was too far outside of their expectations – that we had to part. In my sad moments I asked my Guides how I could deal with my loss. Once again they offered me an option. They asked me to think about all of the love we had shared as friends, all of the happy memories and good times. They asked me to see that my life would have been poorer if that friend hadn’t been sharing with me. And they asked me to send my friends loving wishes for their new journeys for we all need as much positive energy as we can get. Then they asked me to let go of the friendship.

The letting go wasn’t easy. Especially when friends left in an unpleasant or upsetting way. We often call them fair weather friends. The ones who take from the relationship but give back very little. Or the ones who were unhappy that their life will be affected by our changing priorities. I remember being criticised for being unhelpful, unsupportive and refusing to give whatever it was they felt they wanted. I wondered if I had dreamed up all the times I had given into the relationship. I tried to count all of the times I had received nothing back – not even a thank you. It was draining, harsh and emotional. Keeping me going was the gentle presence of my Guides and the friendship of the people who stayed with me as I journeyed.

Then there were the times when new friendships formed. I asked my Guides time after time would this or that person be a forever friend. Could this be a relationship that lasted & lasted even if we didn’t see or connect with each other very often? My Guides were very clear. They asked me to wait & see. They encouraged me to put aside any worry or fear based on the progress of past friendships. They helped me to learn that the friends to keep are the ones who not only say what they will do but who also do what they say they will do. They helped me to sense the energy flow in the friendship. If I was doing a lot of giving almost all the time with not much energy being returned they encouraged me to be brave and accept it wasn’t a forever kind of relationship. They helped me to understand that some people can’t share the intimacy of a friendship because they are still carrying past disappointments. They discussed with me where the line lay between friendship, business and family. I am very blessed to have some amazing forever friends. They are there for me even if we don’t see or speak to each other every day, week, month or year. I’m also blessed to have had the fair-weather friends who have helped me to develop my own strength, boundaries and perseverance. Without the fair-weather people I wouldn’t have been able to value the forever people.

It’s also interesting that we make choices about our friendships based on only half, or even less, of the full info. When couples or families separate or split up some people follow one side & some the other. Not many friends stay friends with both sides. There is a guilty little feeling that somehow if we do we are being disloyal to the side we have stayed connected to. So how do we choose? Often we designate one person as the victim, the one in need of support, or the one who we most identify with. Yet that can be equally the same for the other person. But we choose not to see it. When this type of friendship breakdown happened to me guess what I asked the Guides! Why didn’t I get picked to be the friend? What did I do wrong? Why couldn’t they see my pain too? As ever they stepped in to encourage me to see that friendship isn’t some kind of competition. There are no winners and looser in the way I was asking about it.  There is always free will choice. We judge situations and make a choice based on what we want to do for ourselves. These friendships stopped because, for their own reasons, the other person didn’t want them to continue. It suited them. My Guides asked me to notice who was trying their best to stay connected with me (& the other person), how I helped them to stay connected to me & whether I was the one doing the pushing away.

My spiritual journey has brought me into contact with so many people now that I have learned another valuable thing. There are the one meeting friendships too. These rich exchanges are there for myself & the other person to share a warmth of connection, exchange experiences and shine a positive light into both of our lives. Even if it’s only for  five minutes, half an hour, three hours. What matters is the loving connection that can be made, enjoyed and remembered. I have had a wonderful amount of one meeting friendships so far in my journey. I am fascinated that the Universe brings me one of these at exactly the right moment for me. These friendships enrich my daily life. They are forever friendships- little bubbles of time where the authentic me & you can shine through. And that is another wonderful thing to know. My forever friendships are with people who are happy to be their authentic selves, moment to moment, mood to mood. I would not have understood that if I had not had the fair-weather friends too. Isn’t friendship a wonderful gift!

 Day 94 of my blogging challenge.

Scent from the Angels

In December I had concussion that resulted in loosing my sense of smell. My scent bottles were cast aside, my favourite scented candles useless and the strongest pongs went unnoticed. Even my lovely ArchAngel sprays, designed by the Angels and channelled through me, sat forlorn in their box. I still used the scents and sprays, lit the candles  and imagined the smell of my perfume. Not a hint of a scent broke through.

I had some exciting moments when I thought I could smell the wild lemon grass candle, or a hint of coffee and even rejoiced at a musty smell from my damp boots. The smells were very fleeting. In fact I wondered if I was fooling myself. Loosing the sense of smell really woke me up to how much I love to smell the world. I remember a long time ago asking my Guides to take away my clairalliance – clear smelling – as that particular psychic sense opened me up to smells I didn’t really want to experience. It is possible to smell when the physical body is dying (something many nurses know & experience without perhaps acknowledging it) so I was picking up on illness in the people around me. But it’s useless information really as I had no idea of timescale and no way of finding a use for that kind of info. So better not to have.

I still got smells when I was doing messages to provide evidence for the people I spoke to. Having a specific use for scents is far better than a general mish mash of all sorts of smells. Then a few years ago I became the channel for a group of ArchAngels. I didn’t know it at the time but found myself putting together the fragrances for two ranges of products. There is a third range that needed to be completed. It’s been on the back burner for a couple of years. At the start of this year it became clear that now was the time to work on these last five scents. How? What could I do if I couldn’t smell anything? Today I went off to my lovely friend Jan at her business, Ostrich Angels, so that we could design the fragrances for five transpersonal chakras.

Jan has just about every essential oil or perfume you could imagine. Container after container appeared in front of me. I tried smelling some of them. Nothing. There was a tiny hit of a smell from the ginger but nothing else. How to do it? I had been the ‘nose’ in the previous sessions. I heard the word ‘Trust’. I felt the energy building around me. Suddenly I grabbed a bottle, shuffled it to pair it with another, moved for a third bottle to pair it with a fourth. Within 5 minutes I had paired six combinations to represent six chakras. I had no idea what the scent would be like. Jan picked up the first pair, smiled, said she liked it & moved on. Amazingly she liked all of the pairings with the last one getting a special vote. We both ended up laughing that I couldn’t smell any of them but appeared to have hit the right combinations to suit each chakra.

We had an especially big grin for the sixth combination. We had only planned for 5 but it was clear the Angels wanted a sixth. Jan reckons it is the best of all the fragrances and represents a very special chakra in the etheric body. So now that my own personal preferences for fragrances couldn’t get in the way of today’s work I’m hoping that I will get my normal sense of smell back. I’ve also learned a valuable lesson about trust. I could have said to Jan that I’d be unable to put the fragrances together. I had the choice to opt out with the excuse that my nose would be useless. Yet I knew I had to complete this piece of the jigsaw puzzle. And that it had to be today. I knew my Guides and Inspirers would make it work if I trusted them enough to give it a try. As always they did exactly what they always do – they made it work beautifully.

I’m looking forward to seeing the chakra products. The Earth’s ArchAngels are keen to get their energy vibration out into the world & what better way than glorious fragrances to represent their unconditional love for us. I’m excited about what other puzzles are heading my way. Each day is a new experience of their vibrant connection with me. There is so much fun, passion and laughter to look forward to. Perhaps loosing my sense  of smell for a while is a fair exchange for so much joy.

Day 93 of my blogging challenge.

Inspirational Words

SeascapeD1I wrote my blog yesterday about being creative. I’d spent some time working on a video for my You Tube channel because my Guides love giving me inspirational words. And I love adding them to the photos & pictures I’ve done. I share them on my Facebook page so that people can stumble on them & get a pick me up of positive energy. For some time now my Guides have been chasing me to get more involved in my video & podcast efforts so the positive energy they blast into me can go out to a wider audience. So today I’m sharing my video as my agreement with them to step up to the job they want me to do.


If you have been reading my blogs you will know I believe in a world where energy matters. Where we can influence the energy flow by how we are in our own energy. I would like to contribute positive energy as much as humanly (lol) possible so that I grown the amount of Spirit Light that is going around the energy ocean. If I can do that it might not make a big difference today. But in time what I give out will circulate around to people who need a blast of positive. They may then become positive energy transmitters themselves. If enough of us transmit the positive whilst loving our shadow energy then I believe we can change the world we live in. Peace, love, compassion is possible. We can do it for ourselves and our community who share the planet with us.

It’s time to be inspired. To create the positive even in the challenges. It is a new world we are building together. So share the positive energy! Have a look at what inspires you. Comment on the video as I’d love to know if it has helped.

Day 92 of my blogging challenge.

Creative chaos

imageI been enjoying a creative day. I love altering photos of my artwork or applying effects to photos I’ve taken whilst out and about. There is a handy little application on my PC that lets me make slideshows and videos. It’s really fun to see what emerges if I don’t think about what I’m doing. Often I feel the presence of Guides when I’m working and somehow their energy seeps into the creative stuff I’m doing. That is what I love so much. People often see the end result and are drawn to it because there is some kind of energy pull.

I have a picture painted in oils by Jose Medrado in 6mins 20 seconds. It is his channellings of Cezanne. I saw him do that work in an apparently chaotic hour or so of painting where his Guides stepped in. There were about 11 works in different styles. Most fascinating of all was that the gloves he wore to protect his hands were a muddy mess. That muddy mess didn’t end up on any of the canvases. Seeing the way he worked with his Inspirers helped me take my creative efforts further outside my comfort zone so that I too experienced painting in a mediumistic trance. I love that whatever I create emerges from the muddle of paint or effects, from words dropping into my head, from the random impulse to take a photo.

In July my work will once again be on show in the Hebden Bridge Open Studios event as I open my own studio (chaotic as it is) for people to visit. I’m looking forward showing people how the Guides bring about wonderful pictures from mess. Whether I work with a canvas or a photo on a pc I’m facinated to see what will emerge as the final product. I’ve always loved colour, texture, abstract. I like to be able to let my imagination find the pictures within abstract pictures. There is always a new way to interpret an abstract – a freedom to see & experience something new every time of looking. I like my art to be fresh, to surprise me, to challenge me.

Its also special to be able to offer people space to play with art. I run workshops to encourage people to let their own Guides join in the creative process with them. It may take them a little time to unleash their creativity. There is a very firm conditioning in all of us that says pictures should look like something recognizable. Yet, with encouragement, it is possible to paint, draw, colour and stick to your hearts content whilst forgetting what it might represent. The results might at first look like chaos but it really is a delightful surprise to realise that you have captured something priceless. Each picture represents feelings, engagement, focus and the freedom to be expressive for no other reason than it was fun. Messages shout out from each effort of creativity. Messages from your sub or unconscious mind to you. Messages from your loved ones in the Spirit World. If you are being creative the message is from your Guides to let you know you have escaped the straight jacket of conditioning for a few precious moments so they can connect with you.

Creativity is a sign of an open mind. What do you do to create? Have you tried the organised chaos of painting or photshopping yet? Are you ready to make a connection with your inner self and play? How far into the chaos can you step today? I hope you too can have some creative fun.

Day 91 of my blogging challenge.

Retreat: listen with love

imageThe word retreat has two main meanings. It can be used in wars about battles and can imply that an army is running away from stronger opposition, there is a tactical withdrawal or it’s a chance for the attacking force to fall back and regroup. There is another meaning to the word retreat with quite a different emphasis. The second definition is to withdraw to a place of peace or calm, to give some time to quiet contemplation or to have some kind of treatments or therapies to assist the body and mind to relax. I’ve been thinking about the way in which these meanings give one word two really opposite definitions. And two very distinct ways of understanding what we mean.

If we stop and consider for a moment we migh agree that life has become much more busy. We pack lots of events into our day as well as giving a lot of time & attention to technology. I confess I miss my iPhone, iPad and computer. I also miss TV (or at least the programmes I record to watch later), my car and my CD player. All the time I am running from one task to the next my technology is running alongside of me apparently keeping me in touch with the big events in life I can’t afford to miss. I get alarm calls so I don’t oversleep, alerts when I have a diary appointment, text messages to remind me I’m due at the doctors and my Facebook events reminders. So as well as seeing people, collecting the shopping, running the Centre and catching up on the admin I’m also juggling the onslaught of additional info from my technology. The day of the humble paper diary is long gone.

You could say that I attack my day. I rush into it full of determination spontaneously charging ahead to where and what needs doing. Or I take a more tactical and planned approach to getting through all I feel I ought to be doing. Like any general I check out the lie of the land, send out scouts and focus on what I feel has to be done first. At night I fall into my bed exhausted with attacking but feeling like I’ve won the medal because I’ve got through all I planned. Often though I end up feeling like I haven’t done enough. I have had to walk away from tasks unfinished, mountains unscalled and situations unconquered. I fret that there is too much left to be done tomorrow. I worry that I have been defeated by my busy life. I stress about not having enough energy to get up and do it all over again on the next day. Does this sound like you too?

Perhaps we are guilty of seeing a retreat as a ‘bad’ thing. The word retreat can be strongly connected with failure, with giving in and giving up. Yet what about the other side of the definition? Do we give ourselves space and time to withdraw from the world? I set up my Centre after observing that there were no longer places where it was possible to go and sit quietly to think. These places often used to be in our churches, parks and countryside. I remember long walks to high points in the area where I could sit, be still, passing time looking at the view. I could clear my head. As my life has been overtaken by  tasks, outcomes, demands for my time thre has been less chance to retreat. I also notice that churches are less able to open as once they might and some of our quiet spaces have become ‘busy’ too. We have lost our time and space to retreat. We might even be out of the habit of retreating. So why is this second definition so important.

My Guides usually have to wait until I’m ready to listen. Even if they are sending in requests for me to communicate they know it might be hard to grab my attention. They are very patient so they hang on in there. So when I do stop, sit down and say I’m here I can get message after message, a tidal wave of inspirations or a to do list as long as my arm. They don’t mean to send it all in at once but if I don’t choose to set aside time (they tell me) then what can I expect. It’s all done with loving laughter on both sides. They are especially keen to help me find the answers I need that are often inside of me buried under a lot of other distractions. And that is why they encourage me to retreat from life as regularly as possible. If I turn my thoughts inward I have more of a chance of recognising what my heart, my intuition, has to offer about the situations I face. I also have more chance of hearing their suggestions, options and explanations for what I am experiencing. Human beings have spent thousands of years practicing the art of contemplation. We have been healthy when we have recognised the need deep within us to withdraw and reflect. We have also understood the value of prayer – not necessarily to any particular Divine Being – as a way of sending out our requests to the Universe. Putting our wishes into words, saying a prayer for someone or something, is us asking. By asking we may find we receive both inwardly and outwardly.

There is indeed an art to retreating. It’s about making a time in all the busy schedule, switching off all (& I mean all) technology and sitting quietly by yourself. Keeping an open mind. Letting your thoughts drift into silence. Creating a space where intuitive feelings and ideas can emerge. Letting your brain idle, observing not interrupting the flow, being still. I find that starting my retreat with gratitudes (the people, places, experiences, things that I recognise I am blessed to have in my life) or a peace mantra helps me have a positive inner journey. Practice will always improve the quality of your retreat time. Keeping a set time will also alert your Guides that you are ready and listening. Having a retreat experience also shows you that you love yourself enough to value spending time on & with you. That is the best benefit.

Today is Valantines Day – the day to say I love you to someone we love. Did you love yourself enough to spend time with yourself? Or where you so busy that you forgot to retreat and treat yourself to you?

Day 90 of my blogging challenge.

Inspiration & Inspirers

12657402_10153959258422959_5010162208183173721_oInspiration? What inspires me and who? I always talk about my Guides and Inspirers when I’m doing services, messages and teaching. And sometimes people say I inspire them. How lovely to be able to help someone work something out; to draw from them the answers they always held; or, to create a flow of positive energy from  myself to others. I’m fortunate to be working with Inspirers from the Spirit World who are recognised as positive, high vibrational beings. They help me to stay grounded as well as to work through my own knotty issues and challenges. Their encouragement, in the face of my own stubbornness, is awesome. They have been patient, creative and super special at motivating me, moving me forward and nudging me along a path I might otherwise never have taken.

When I sat down tonight to write my blog I so much wanted to be on track with my challenge. I needed inspiration. Tomorrow will be 90 days of blogging – something I couldn’t imagine at the beginning because I’ve had writers block for a long time. What do I write about my day? Will I be repeating myself? Is it getting boring for anyone who reads this regularly? At once my Inspirers sent back a whole chorus of no’s. Apparently I’m not repeating myself – the different Guides have been stepping in to make sure my blog has new content & different points of view. That makes sense. Some of my blogs have been written in a near trance state – so much so that I can’t even remember what I’ve posted. They are happy to have been given a voice. It means they have been able to inspire the people who needed the words that were typed on those days. I’ve also had a chance to find my own voice & use it to pass on my views. It’s a process going on for me to be my authentic self – bit by bit letting more of me show to the world. feeling ok that I can share my reality with people and agree to disagree if my world isn’t their world.

Who else inspires me? Inspiration came in one word – Music! They suggested that I write about one of my great loves. Not reading this time. One of the other great inspirations throughout my life has been music. A piece of music can uplift me, take me into a new world or take me out of the world for a while. I’ve been blessed with a musical family. There has been music around me all of my life. It’s been my escape from teenage angst, my refuge in times of change and my strength to be creative when something new is needed. Music makes me laugh, cry, dance. Music helps me mediate or relax. Music lulls me to sleep. Music keeps me focused when I exercise. Music is in my head when I wake up. Music appears in the messages I give. I’m actually listening to Lisa Tarbuck on BBC Radio 2 at the moment. There is a wonderful mix of music flowing through my ears, making me tap my feet and sing along at the top of my voice.

So I wondered if it would be possible to list my personal top 10. Possibly the most impossible task I’ve undertaken! Yet I’d love to inspire you to work out your inspirational top ten too. How wonderful to have a CD that you can put on any time you needed encouragement. Or, for those of you able to cope with downloading to things like iPods, having your inspirational playlist at the ready. So here is my list (perhaps I should have gone for my top 50!).

Annie’s Top 10 Inspirational Music Choices

  1. Robbie Williams                              Angels
  2. David Bowie                                     Heroes
  3. Russell Watson                               Where My Heart Will Take Me
  4. Abba                                                  Super Trooper
  5. Simon & Garfunkel                        The Sound of Silence
  6. Bette Midler                                    The Rose
  7. Queen                                               We Are The Champions
  8. Alfie Boe & Matt Lucas                 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
  9. Monty Python                                Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  10. Frankie Goes to Hollywood        The Power of Love

Whew! It’s taken me ages to finish this blog. Of course I’ve had to listen to all of my selections plus the ones that didn’t make it into the top ten. I’ve had a wonderful hour, feel inspired and am ending on a high with the Power of Love flowing through my aura. Who could want more? So, what would your list be?

Day 89 of my blogging challenge.

Giving too much?

imageThe question of how much to give, what is too much and when has there been too little giving crops up time & time again in my work. There is a general expectation that because I am working with the Spirit World then it’s ok to contact me at 10pm for a message. Or to ring me during the day saying that there is a question or a decision to be made & can I give the answer. An hour later the phone goes down and I can finally get on with my stuff.  Or can I fill in for free because someone else hasn’t turned up. I turn very few requests for my time away because I recognise that I’m here to be a resource for people. Though I do feel strongly that giving should be part of a bargain – giving should be returned.

Many Lightworkers have found themselves giving and giving endlessly. They feel obligated in some way; perhaps pressured to deliver healing, comfort, support whenever it is requested.  Again there is a general expectation that anyone who needs help can get it from those who offer help without any balancing of the energies involved. So I often find myself sitting with exhausted colleagues discussing how to give to ourself first. That’s the real issue. You cannot give if you are drained. So to be able to give to others it should go without saying that in the first place you give to yourself. When you are full to overflowing you can share the excess with others. But we often turn that on its head, giving to everybody and forgetting to receive for ourselves.

If you receive then you should be prepared to give back. I’m a great believer in what you give out you get back. But we receive only if we open ourselves and others up to the reality of energy. That it flows, it circulates and if it gets stuck anywhere in that process it will make you feel out of balance. It’s not always necessary to give back to the person you received from but it is important to turn what you received back into a gift for someone else. If you do that you are circulating the energy and will get more receiving of your own. This is actually fundamental to cosmic ordering or law of attraction stuff. Asking for the Universe to give you something will only work if you are completely open to receiving it. How many times do you say to people who are offering help & support ‘I’m ok’, ‘I can manage’? Or refuse what is offered because it doesn’t come packaged the way you expected it to?  Lightworkers are some of the worst at receiving because they think they should give all the time and only accept back in certain ways.

Recently I took a big step in receiving. In letting people give to me. I joined a crowd funding project along with 102 other businesses. People gave so much in time, energy, ideas and support that we hit our target of £150,000 with days to spare. My Centre will benefit from the decision I made to open myself up to receiving in that way. As it benefits so do I. I will have the resources to do more giving to the people who need to receive. Eventually they will pass that giving on to other people and some of it will find it’s way back to me. I will, once again, receive it gracefully to top up my resources so I can keep giving. It’s magic. It’s energy. It’s the universal community of Spirit functioning as it should through our human experience.

Do you need to give to yourself? Are you open to receiving? Remove the resistance to the flow of giving and receive back all that you have given out ?

Day 88 of my blogging challenge.

Lite Spirit: Candles, people, Light

34093-2-550x550Candles feature very much in my life. I’ve been a buyer of candles, candle holders, wax melts & burners for many, many years. Yesterday I went along to a meeting based all around candles as I’m also a part time independent PartyLite consultant with a team. So now, like Ronnie Corbett,  I’m selling candles too. But those candles do occasionally turn into handles. Cue Ronnie Barker. As well enjoying using candles I get an opportunity to meet people who also love candles and, with my team, called Lite Spirits, to spread a lot of light.

Sometimes when I think about my journey into Spiritualism, communicating with Spirits and then passing on messages from the Spirit World I have to wonder what it’s all about. In fact I’ve spent most of my life wondering what Life is all about. Just when I think I understand why I’m here something else gets thrown into the mix and I’m back figuring it all out again. Was that four candles or fork handles? And what about the pump? If you have never seen the classic sketch from Ronnie’s Corbett and Barker please take a few minutes to have a laugh at the misunderstandings.

I’m aware that I can get so caught up in the meaning of life that I forget to have any life. Passing on accurate messages is a big responsibility. It matter so much to the people who need guidance, to hear from their loved ones, or to have some hope in their lives that taking my mediumship seriously is a key part of what I do. That doesn’t mean that there is no laughter, fun or cheerfulness in the connection with Spirit. It does mean that I try my very best to pass on the whole of the communication as clearly as possible. The Spirit people bring in their laughter and fun too so that is a lighter part of the connection. But like most people, when I’m working I know that underneath there is a responsibility to get the job done. Being able to take myself off to another occupation where fun is most definitely at the heart of what I do is a great benefit. And the laughter I share with people when I visit their homes with my candles is a wonderful gift.

It’s interesting that both of the things I love doing are about light. Creating, spreading and sharing the light. I chose to call my team Lite Spirits because the energy vibration from laughter is uplifting. It makes us feel lighter. For a few moments all of our concerns and cares drop away. We can’t feel worried for anxious when we are chuckling, giggling & belly laughing our way through the moments. That’s why we say laughter is the best medicine. The ability to laugh at ourselves, to take life lightly, can see us through bleak or challenging times. Now and again I’m lucky enough to have a chance to talk about my mediumship or the Spirit World when I’m selling candles. My Guides put me in front of someone who needs the information I can give them. At those moments I really do feel a lightness of spirit. I’m here doing what I was meant to be doing to be of service to the people who are supposed to cross my path.

One of the things I hear constantly when we talk about spirituality is that it involves spreading or shining the Light. What Light does that mean? Not the demand of the ego to be the one in the spotlight getting adoration & worship. We also use the Light to mean spreading knowledge, beliefs and values. Or when we are talking about setting an example. The Light can also be the Divine (if you have that as a belief system). Generally we want to be in the community of Light and sharing our Light. Yet, like the fork handles, understanding how to be the Light is harder. There is room for misunderstanding. Not all people who say they are spiritual are shining their Light. Sometimes they are a reflection; they have ‘borrowed’ another person’s Light and are passing it off as their own. Standing in your own true Light isn’t quite as easy as we wish. To do so you have to have a desire to serve yourself & others, an ability to laugh at yourself so you don’t take yourself too seriously and a willingness to be mindful of what you are doing.

So what about the handles? Being able to work with people across many situations gives me an opportunity to let them see that I’m an ordinary, down to earth human being. I can talk about what I do in a straightforward way. I can laugh about all the jokes about psychics who should have known better. I don’t mind being called Septic Peg. Because they have been in contact with me people have some knowledge about what and who a medium or psychic is. If they do decide they want to find out more they have a contact they can use. Or if they want to explore their own abilities there is a way, through me, to get suggestions or support. There is a way they can open doors they perhaps hadn’t though to explore. It’s worth being a handle, selling candles and bringing the Spirit Light into peoples lives.

Day 87 of my blogging challenge.

Serenity – peacefully writing

imageHeading for three months of daily blogs & being so close I’ve been thinking today about the writing process. Have I got to a state of serenity with my writing? I use that word deliberately. Some times I’ve sat down to write with the piece already flowing through my mind, writing hurriedly to catch it all on the computer screen, excited to see where the words were taking me. Other times my mind has been blank, completely empty and seemingly determined to remain so. In between have been the days when it seemed ideas dropped in every second but never made it to posts. I have a long list of them which can fill the blank minded days. Or where a good idea was expressed in sluggish, erratic dribs and drabs.

Serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled – only applies to my writing sporadically. I hope that as I continue my blogging & the other articles I write the familiarity of the activity will bring a sense of peaceful, purposeful effort. And as I continue to explore the ideas my mind throws up I will be calm about putting my opinions and experiences to a wider audience. There may even be a time when my writing is in such a great balance that every piece I write will be created in a serene way. Especially as I have a muse on hand should I ever get stuck.

I was walking back from my office tonight wondering where to start with my blog and the word serenity popped into my head. It has been a rather less than calm day in some respects so I wondered what had inspired that word. Then came the familiar tingles at the back of my head. My philosophy Guide had decided to get involved in my writing today. She only puts in appearance when there is a spiritual point to be made about something and she can be a bit of a hard taskmaster. She likes to encourage debate so often plays devils advocate. She actually followed up the word serenity with the question why do we try so hard to find it outside when it can only be experienced inside? Then she pointed me to my writing so I would think about my own creative process.

Is it useful to create something in a calm and peaceful way? Many great writers, musicians and artists were tortured souls; visionaries who struggled to share their inner world with other people. We experience the struggle they had with their work through the bliss or perfection they have managed to include in their pieces. Yet there are also great works from those who crafted with an untroubled energy to produce masterpieces. So do we need to be emotionally stirred by our creations or can great works be inspired by an atmosphere of calm? It seems to me my Guide has got me in a bind again. I acknowledge that whatever words emerge I am passionate about writing. In the struggle to say what I mean and mean what I say I have to find a balance where I can step back from judging my work. Endlessly editing, reworking and reviewing what I’ve written would probably result in nothing appearing in the blog at all. So there has to be serenity with what I write. The calmness to send it off into cyberspace to travel where it will. Ah ha! Light  bulb moment. Whilst I have been talking about writing my Guide wants me to understand that creation (of anything) involves two opposites. The inclusion of  emotion sets passion against calm. Creation, an inner journey, and production, the outer journey. It is the merging of these two streams of emotional energy that, if properly balanced, bring out the best possible piece of work.

There is always an underlying message with this Guide. Instead of discussing my writing I could have been discussing my mediumship, my cooking, my anything. Life can be serene if we use our efforts to bring forth the passion and inspiration from within, shaped in whatever way may appeal to us, to honour our creative abilities. For that is the  inner journey – to understand the way in which we use our inner world to shape the outer world. Serenity is available to all of us. We can have a peaceful, calm, untroubled life so long as we embrace our passion for creating and get on with doing it.

At the end of this blog I have no idea if what I’ve written will make sense to anyone else.  I have spend a peaceful, thoughtful hour considering the word serenity and what it means to me. I understand more than I did when I started to write. I have changed slightly through the process of writing. Is it time for you to start creating the inner dialogue with your Guides? Will you find a peaceful discussion or a passionate debate?

Day 86 of my blogging challenge.