Wibbly Wobbly Energy Day

There was another energy upgrade on Monday. So ever since the energy has been wobbly. And wibbly. Trying to balance it out I’ve got cold symptoms!

It happens every time the energy around me changes significantly. The wobble begins and I go into ‘clearing’ mode. Because that’s what the symptoms really represent. I’m releasing stuck energy. Some of it years and years old. That’s why I appreciate the line from Dr Who about ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’ so much. Because the energy that has got stuck has no relevance to today. Or whatever I’m doing in my life now. And the cause has been lost. Or the effects blurred.

So I’ve been resting as much as possible. Trying to be at ease with the releasing. I’m not worried what I’m releasing. I just want it to hurry up and go. I’ve also spent some time meditating to pull in the loving energy. In that way I will be able to replace the low vibrational energy with a top up of positivity. I’m also very aware that whilst I’m out of balance I will be wobbly. My world view might be less positive than normal. Or I might be tempted to focus on my worries or fears. So I’m keeping away from anything that might prompt me to get into a negative cycle of thoughts and feelings.

Of course sometimes disappearing into my tent or retreating from the world doesn’t happen. I might still have to be around and about. Yet when a wobble hits it’s interesting that my diary tends to clear as if by magic.

Those things that stay active are the ones I really have to do to regain my balance. I know that those activities will bring me back into myself. Perhaps by bringing me more insight into what has to be let go. Or to offer me a new perspective on past events. Even to give me a clear way forward. So no matter how runny my nose, how much coughing I do or the strength of my headaches what will come out of all this is a better way of living as myself. My whole self. The non-wobbly self deep inside. Knowing that I can love myself even at my most miserable. Getting myself back in balance because I’m worth it.

My head is too woolly to discuss ‘timey wimey’ today. Except to say it really isn’t a straight line. Or even a ‘real’ experience. My Spirit knows everything happens for a reason. It’s only my Ego Mind that resists. It’s at the heart of my wobbly moments. I’m off to talk to my Spirit self again until I get back to ‘normal’.

Day 472 of my blogging challenge.

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