Wandering, Watching, Wondering: Feeling Alive

WanderingI took the chance to get out in the sunshine today. After so much rain the air was fresh and the sky clear. Wandering along I enjoyed watching the birds dart here and there. Their song was a pleasant backdrop to my boots crunching along the road. My mind was free. I had space for wondering.

I do love my active meditations. Especially when it involves wandering along taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Often I get a kind of clarity that brings a deeper feeling of peace. Because the world slides away and my issues seem very small. I am reminded that the world keeps turning. The sea still washes the shore. And the clouds continue to drift across the sky. And I know that it’s up to me how much stress I put on myself. In my wandering moments I wonder why we feel so disconnected from the Earth that is our home. I guess there are lots of reasons we become so. Yet I also know that once I opened up my intuition the Earth connection became insistent.

Stopping to listen to the stream, or the waves, I felt as if I was in the flow of that water. That’s how powerful the Earth connection becomes. A flow that carries me where it will. A flow that I float on. Because where I am going is not the issue. Feeling alive is. Wandering through a stressful life is absolutely no fun. It doesn’t make me feel alive at all. The expectations, demands and conditioning are a heavy burden that can easily weigh me down. So the opportunity to be connected is like a life line. It means I can jump in and go with the flow. I wonder why it took me so long to recognise this. It seems obvious now, at this stage of my life. Allowing me a new way of being.

More wandering is on the cards of course. I have much more to wonder about. And there is a lot more of the world to see, hear and experience. Even if I never stray very far from home in my walking I will be watching.

Day 865 of my blogging challenge

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