Visions of the Future: For What Use?

I’m still on down time. So I’ve been rereading a book about visions. A fictional tale of a seer and oracle. It’s about her life and the ‘gift’ of foretelling.

It’s about a Greek seer, the oracle Cassandra. I read this book long before I became a medium. And certainly long before I understood how it might be possible to read waves of energy that were moving towards me. What fascinates me at the time was the way I was often told that I’d predicted something right. That what I hade said was the way things worked out. Since some of what I had ‘predicted’ wasn’t good news I often tried to say very little when asked for my opinion. The information didn’t come in visions either. It just seemed that in certain circumstances whatever I said came true.

When I started to understand psychic senses, intuition and mediumship I realised that it was possible to predict. But also that understanding what I was predicting was a challenge. As was knowing when what I said might happen – tomorrow or in ten years. There were dreams that seemed like visions. And daydreams too. Vivid scenes connected with strong feelings of events that I somehow knew were meant to happen. But all so confusing. There was never enough information. Having a vision isn’t enough. You have to be able to understand it. And that means interpreting what you get.

That is the problem with visions. Because they are open to interpretation it’s difficult to trust that you have got it right.

I had some long involved discussions with my Guides to try to understand why I had predictive sight. I kept asking what was the point. Especially if the information wasn’t clear enough. I guess like the seer in the book I also felt that reading the leading edge of energy was more of a curse than a gift. It took me ages to work out that I was working with future probables. Some events apparently can’t be changed. They are too distant or remote from my sphere of influence. All I can do is be ready to send healing and positive energy. From one human being to another.

Other events were up close and personal. I could improve the outcome if I was careful to respond from my spiritual side. My intuition would help me to anticipate the events. I could offer the best possible energy to help those situations be resolved in a better way. When I put this into practice I learned something very important. I have free will. So the future isn’t set in concrete. My intuitive psychic senses were there to help me make the best of any and all situations. Even those predicted to be the most challenging. When I finally took this on board I started to embrace my visions.

I wonder now how our world would be if we all embraced our psychic visions. If we applied that foretelling to our lives. And chose to do things a little bit differently. Because we knew it was the way to bring forward a more positive future. It certainly makes me think!

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