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imageI often start my day with a tarot or card reading. Or if I’m stuck with something I go and get a card or three to help me get unstuck. I love using cards as a way of opening my mind to another viewpoint. Even a pack of playing cards can help me pick up on a different interpretation of what is happening in my life. I love the cards so much that I have about 40 packs. They have found their way to me over the last 24 years and have become treasured friends.

Although my Guides work through a more direct connection sometimes they go quiet. Getting a clearer sense of what I need to pay attention to is left up to my free will rather than their suggestion. It’s the rules really. I have to make my own choices. If I can’t make up my mind they can’t do it for me so out come the cards to give me clarity. I use the Tarot or Oracle cards both to distract my conscious mind (so that other information from the background can arise) and as a way of letting my intuitive (psychic) senses send me info about what is happening in the energy around me. I prefer to seek a positive interpretation of cards. Life is full of downs so a focus on the ups will help me ride out the downs. Taking time to understand what the cards mean allows me to focus on what is ‘getting under my skin’ at that moment. Each card can give me a way of turning the stuckness of a situation into a new choice of action.

So to write this blog I got out my card packs. I asked as I shuffled 3 sets, one by one, what I needed to pay attention to at the moment. By the way, I usually pick 3 cards. If I am using more than one pack I pick one from each. Tonight I was doing that when 2 fell out of the middle pack. When a random card falls out I always keep it to look at even if I go on to pick more cards. I treat it like an extra message from my Guides. Here are the cards that came out:

imageFrequency Shift (from the set ‘Return of Spirit’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The opening explanation for this card reads “You are about to experience a shift in your frequency and this card comes to help prepare you for the upcoming event.” I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning about some of the things that I had been experiencing over the last few days. That included restless sleep, emotionally unsettling dreams and feeling emotionally flat. This makes sense with the interpretation of the card. The colours also fit in with the picture I’d put with my post. It reminded me that although I seem to be in a pause with my spiritual work it is only so that I can be fine tuned a bit more. It’s certainly true that my self healing and healing work is very much filling my days at the moment.


imageMy next card is 2 -Encoded (from the set ‘Path of the Soul Destiny Cards’ also by Cheryl Lee Harnish). The explanation begins “Where others see nothing, you see the deeper meaning or message hidden within. Your guides are working to communicate with you as your intuition and inner knowing expands.” I am aware that I have several new Guides around me at the moment. We are learning to work as a new team for whatever I will be doing in the future. As my energy has shifted it makes sense to be part of a new team. A guide team is there to balance the energy you have, to combine energies and to help you expand your abilities. It’s like moving from one set of coaches to another as you move to a new football or rugby club. You will be working with your existing talents but they will be asking you to do more, or do it in a different way.


imageThe third card fell out of the second pack (the one above). It’s card 3 – Awakening. The notes for this card start “This card expresses creative energy and self empowerment. It signifies a deeper inner awakening to previously unseen inner abilities, powers and gifts.” It made me laugh again when I read the interpretation. I mentioned I’d posted a photo on Facebook this morning. It was one I had created from a painting I did some time ago. But it needed a photoshop makeover. I also added one of my ‘Spirituality is …’ phrases to the photo (I channel the words from my Guides). Photo art is certainly one of my new skills I’m busy practicing. It seems there might be many more new skills to develop.


imageFrom the final pack I picked card 13 – Opening (from the set ‘Divine Guidance’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The description begins “Your intuition and psychic connection is open and flowing, allowing you to access higher realms of knowledge and understanding.” I’ve taken this as a confirmation that my ability to connect is getting stronger. I hope that I will be able to bring in the information that other people need as simply & clearly as possible. I’ve also begun revisiting books I studied a long time ago. I do like to reread books as there are different things to notice second, fifth or fiftieth time around. So I can also understand that I’m being asked to reconsider what I know or understand about the Spirit or Energy world. I’m happy to keep an open mind about what I will find or whether my understanding will shift in some way.

I’m happy to notice what the Tarot and Oracle cards represent. Many people believe that using them can lead someone into a web of negativity. In my experience using these psychic tools has never been a cause for concern. However, if you approach using cards with a closed mind you are only going to find your prejudices reinforced. If you do want to try to use Tarot or Oracle cards then pick a pack you like the look of. Check the guide book that comes with them (some packs don’t have any notes at all – not useful if you are a beginner) to make sure the written interpretations are straightforward. Beware the packs where you also have to buy another book to interpret the guide book that comes with the pack. That might mean that’s the cards are really best for people who have a bit of experience of working with cards.

So I know what to focus on for a while. How about you?

Day 70 of my blogging challenge. 

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