Calling On Friendship: Help At Hand

Calling for helpI’ve been doing a bit more work to finalise my book today. It needs a cover. In a muddle I started calling on my friends for assistance. Thank goodness for their support.

I know I have a tendency to get in a dither. Especially when I know what I have to decide can make a big difference to me. Bringing my first book into being has had me calling on all sorts of abilities I wasn’t sure I even possessed. My writing for a start. Believing I could do it. And sticking with it through all the tedious bits. Now I have to finalise all those little details that make it as professional as possible. Checking the spellings, comma placements and grammar. Looking at what I’ve written with a fresh pair of eyes to make sure it’s relevant to the story. Making sure that there is a flow between each section. And trying to make sure it isn’t boring or long winded.

Having got through those things I’m left with how it will look when published. What should I put on the cover? That’s where I decided calling on my friends was a good idea. And they responded to my shout out. Not so that they would make the choice. But so that I could stop my ideas going round and round. I find that is a wonderful part of friendship. My friends knew that I needed to step back from the stuck spot. So they helped me do it. And they know that I will help them to step back whenever necessary. Get some space and look at things with fresh eyes.

Calling on friends wouldn’t have occurred to me a while back. I really thought I had to manage everything all by myself.

That meant I wasn’t valuing my friends in the best way. Because they wanted to help. It was me who was stuck on not asking. Or even when I did, on not receiving the help. Nor was I valuing myself. My friends wanted to help because I had helped them. We were in relationships based on giving and receiving. Except that I was unwilling to receive. It took me a long time to recognise that I was suffering from a serious shortage of self-worth and self-belief. Fortunately my friends kept calling, sticking with me until I had figured it out, making sure I had the chance to learn to accept.

Today I thought about how much better I am at receiving help. About asking for it in the first place. And I’m writing about it because I know that many other people are also stuck about asking for help. It’s part of the difficulty that hinders that community feeling we all hope for. When everyone is focused on giving and no one is receiving we have a one sided ¬†society. And the energy of compassion is stuck. To make it flow I have to become open to receiving and passing in all the goodness that is offered to me. Fortunately my friends have helped me get into a better balance with this. Now I can help others to notice and experience the balance of giving and receiving.

I owe my friends a lot. They have improved my life by calling on me to receive as well as give. Today I showed I could ask for help. And they very generously gave it. I’m delighted to receive their inspiration once again.

Day 622 of my blogging challenge 

Writing a Book, Book and More Book!

images-69I’ve been muttering about writing a book for quite a number of years now. However, I’ve also been fighting quite a big writer’s block. Some of you will know that I started to write a diary blog so that I could find a way to overcome the barriers to my writing. Well, it certainly seems to have worked!

A big chunk of the last couple of weeks, especially over the last four or five days, have been taken up with getting my manuscript ready to go off to my editor. I’m delighted and relieved to find that the book is almost ready to be born. I guess you could say I’m currently in labour, lol. I’m determined not to drag it out endlessly so I’ve been revising my written pieces a lot. Though there is a real danger the forrest of paper will swamp me if I’m not careful. That’s one of the best reasons why I decided to have an editor help me at an early stage. I don’t want my authentic voice, the one that comes through in my writing, to be silenced. After all, it’s taken me a long time to find it, trust it and use it.

I hope you will understand why this is going to be quite a short blog today. I need to keep the momentum going. The urge to write is very strong now. I can finally sense the flow and shape of the finished book. That rather random pile of blogs, notes, scribbles, post it notes and scraps of paper has turned into something that makes sense. At least to me. And I’ve taken a big step outside my comfort zone once again. I’ve posted an excerpt from the beginning of the book onto my Facebook wall to find out if people will find what I write interesting. Whatever people say it won’t stop me writing the book. But I do value people’s opinions as I would like to write something that they find meaningful, entertaining or useful. That’s what I would hope to find in any books I read.

So it’s goodbye from the blog and hello from the book. Goodnight!

Day 266 of my blogging challenge.