Brain Fog on a Clear Day

imageEvery now and again I have a day when my brain seems to go cloudy. Yet everything still seems very clear. I know that Autumn is a time of fog, early morning mist and late evening haze. Somehow, in between these patches, the day can be incredibly clear.

So my brain has been floating in fog today. The cold symptoms haven’t quite disappeared. My head feels very much like it’s stuffed with cotton wool. Yet when I was doing my demonstration of mediumship this afternoon the connections were crystal clear. So was the drive over and back to Cleveleys to the Spiritualist church. I love how the focus can come in when I need it. Even when I can’t string two thoughts together.

I know my head isn’t overactive today. I’ve had to rely on a shopping list. Also on a To Do list to make sure nothing was missed. Yet I still ended up missing a couple of things I wanted to do. So I guess they weren’t important or necessary either. In a corner of my mind I was wondering if this was a way for me to take things easy. If I get woolly headed so that my subconscious can get me to pay attention to what matters. A useful pause, at least, to consider what to focus on every time the fog lifted.

I love bringing the Spirit people into connection with their loved ones. If I can make it feel like a conversation around the kitchen table has been resumed I feel I’ve done what I set out to.

I guess that’s the clarity kicking in. Picking up a conversation for two people that got abandoned in the middle. Reconnecting the flow of words. More importantly lifting the fog, the haze, the mist between the two worlds for a short time. Loosing someone makes us woolly headed. Finding that they are still there brings a fresh new view in front of us. I believe we can enjoy the journey of life so much more when we realise that it’s end is when we are reunited with those we have loved. During the journey the fog will clear now and again. Loved ones will come to call. To speak and encourage us.

I have some more opportunities tomorrow to peer through the mist for a short while into a clear place. Whoever steps forward I shall enjoy being the connector.

Day 318 of my blogging challenge.