Teeth, Laughter, Wisdom: A Year Of Change

TeethI feel like I’ve got through this year by the skin of my teeth. And I’m glad I’ve been able to laught about it all. Because learning wisdom can be hard work.

I was reminded about my year this afternoon when I lost one of my front teeth. It fell out. Easily and unexpectedly, it was no longer in place. I admit that it had been a bit wobbly. However, I wasn’t planning to part company with it just yet. That also made it the third tooth that came out all by itself this year. Two wisdom teeth also jumped ship. Leaving me to wonder if I was gaining or losing wisdom as the year unfolded. Yet I also thought about all of the clearing I’ve been doing. Especially about learning to laugh at the ups and downs I create in my life. And understanding when and where I’ve held myself back. Perhaps even gritted my teeth to hold on to things that should be well back in my past.

I know that the year is almost over. I’m heading into the reflective part of the cycle. A time to slow down and plan for my future until the energy of Spring gets me off and moving again. Time to think about the bits of me I’ve lost easily. To think about my wobbles. And to notice when letting go was very easy. I laughed at the way I’ve sunk my teeth into some of the challenges. Grinned about the way I’ve wobbled all over the place. And seen the wisdom of taking action, any action, instead of dithering and worrying. I know I have learned to step lightly through my life. It’s not as serious as I sometimes believe it to be. In the end it comes down to being happy with life the way it is. And making sure that I live it to the full.

I’ve had several conversations this week about being 90. What do I want to be saying to myself then? That my life was safe, restricted and full of regret? Or that I lived and experienced as much as I could? Will I have been happy? Teeth really don’t matter. Living a laughter filled life does.

Day 703 of my blogging challenge 

Conversations Sharing Compassion And Wisdom

The stand out feature of today has been my conversations. Wonderfully full of compassion and wisdom. I love sharing this way.

One of the gifts of being human is that I can have conversations with other people. All sorts of vibrant discussions, debates and exchanges of ideas. My blogs often feature inspiration for the chats I’ve had with all sorts of people. What is also a feature of these chats is the sharing of compassion and understanding. When we discuss things it gives me and you the chance to explore each other’s point of view. Not to persuade one another to change our views. But to help me and you to find common ground. Ways in which both of us can live comfortably side by side.

I feel that we have to focus more on our conversations. On actively listening to each other as we share our own views about the world. If I come to a conversation with a compassionate intent I can enjoy both the differences and similarities that arise. In a sense I can live and let live. I am also opening myself up to the possibility that our conversation may contain wisdom that will help me live my life better. Because a conversation stretches my mind to open to another perspective. It allows me to consider what I take for granted from a different place. It may even help me to understand myself, my world and other people better.

That’s why I love conversations. Held in an atmosphere of compassion these chats have the power to unite us in our humanity.

In the same way my conversations with Spirits and Energy Beings feature compassion and wisdom. They talk to me about my life, answer my questions and help me to navigate a spiritual path. Never seeking to change my mind but asking me to think about things in a deeper way. And if I am the medium through which a conversation can take place between loved ones then the loving kindness overflows. Ever helpful but very aware of our right to free will the Spirit and Energy people hold to that rule. In the discussions there is never a do this or do that. Just gentle encouragement to decide from the heart.

What matters to them is our choices work out better when we follow our heart intuition. Not the head logic. And my Guides and loved ones in Spirit certainly understand how the heart and head can get muddled up. That’s why they have so many conversations with me. Getting me to listen to my intuition instead of my fears. To acknowledge my feelings and not my anxieties. Having compassionate conversations with me until I have sorted myself out and can choose wisely. In whatever way the speak to me I can benefit from listening.

I feel it’s time to put compassion at the heart of all we say. No matter who we talk to we all want to have a positive way forward in our lives. Is it time to find the wisdom contained in all of your conversations?

Day 584 of my blogging challenge

Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Energy, Sharing Love

Sometimes I’m amazed by how much sharing happens in my days. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. But at a time when so much feels uncertain, when there are difficulties about the idea of sharing, it’s inspiring to find out how much people do share.

I’ve been running another one of my workshops. It’s very special to me to be able to speak on behalf of the Energy Beings. They have taught me so much that passing on their knowledge is a real privilege. As is sharing my experiences. Because out of what has happened to me I have learned a great deal of life wisdom. Plus a whole lot more spiritual wisdom. I’ve never been happy with the idea the knowledge is only for the privileged few. Or those who pass all sorts of tests to belong to the ruling clique. Or that knowledge is used as the power to prop up ego. I believe that we all have a right to know.

Questions are important. Without them I feel we have missed an opportunity to understand. That’s what acquiring knowledge should be about. Expanding my understanding. So it’s not something for me to hoard or store away. I feel I have a responsibility to share it when I can. Of course sharing knowledge only works when someone else wants to find it out. Though they may not want to understand. That’s the difference between sharing to promote better outcomes and sharing because of an ego need. Yet I would prefer to share every time that someone asks a question than hold back in case that knowledge is abused.

I think about knowledge as energy too. I know we are all energy beings and what we give out we get back. Sharing knowledge is putting energy into the world for it to be used in a positive and purposeful way.

That’s also another reason to find things out or to explore what we know. The knowledge I had as a child was restricted. I made assumptions about the way the world worked. But some of those turned out to be incorrect. As I learned more about my world I revised what I knew. Even today as I ran my workshop I was learning more with and about the energy of the people who attended. As they were about me. We were sharing and pooling our knowledge so that we could advance to a shared understanding.

Not a right or wrong understanding. It is an understanding based on our current knowledge and energy. The next time we meet we may change that understanding because we have learned something new. Or changed our energy to something different than it was today. Striving for a shared understanding helps me to put more positive energy in place. Disagreements and divisions, entrenched attitudes and resistance to change, mean that I will carry on doing things the same way. The old way. The way that won’t include the idea that some things have changed. If I’m hoping for better I have to bring new information into my mind.

I have to be ready to accept that things have moved on. It’s like personal growth. It doesn’t happen from remaining above what is happening. I have to be engaged in the energy of my life.

Sharing in the ups and downs of living, of being connected to others, brings me more understanding of what gets me through it all. Of how to listen and respond. Or how to process and integrate new knowledge. I can notice what I feel and understand why I feel that way. It’s possible to observe my thoughts and see where I might be restricting myself. And I can also deal much better with the changes that sweep across my life. In fact I can find, through my love of knowledge, the love that is all around me in my life. If I find the flow of loving energy then surely I can also pass that knowledge on to others.

That’s what I love most about sharing knowledge. It’s because it becomes a way to share the love we have for each other. Just as my Guides and Inspirers entrusted me with their knowledge, out of a love for me to have a better life, I am sharing their teachings with others. Even better I am encouraging people to find their own direct connection to Guides so that the knowledge comes from source. From the hearts of those Energy Beings who care that we improve our lives and have better outcomes. There is a loud call going out right now from our Inspirers. The urge for us to start discussing and understanding what we know so that better decisions are taken

That’s the point of knowledge and why it should be shared. I believe we can do so much better as a global community of Spirit if we get into sharing what we know, sharing our energies to make things better and holding close to us a shared love for one another.

Day 565 of my blogging challenge

Recognising Past Life Wisdom

Today’s topic seems to be recognising past life wisdom. It’s come up in several discussions. It even popped up in my Letter From The Light Side this evening.

I’ve been working with past lives for forty years so it’s one of my favourite topics to talk about. Whether I’m figuring out my own lives, doing past life readings or teaching how to access them the subject still fascinates me. Because I believe our past life patterns present us with the wisdom of those experiences. As well as creating the blocks in this life. It’s not necessarily about good or bad karma. It’s about how many of my previous life threads need to recognising now. What vows, consequences and lessons are still running in this life?

Often it’s about the threads that twine together to make a chord. How I have anchored this life in the energy of my past lives. And what I can do to cut that chord. Balance the energy I have created. Deal with the consequences. But recognising the patterns can be a bit of a challenge. Because the threads often act as limiting factors in my life it can be hard to see the pattern. After all, the first step is to understand that I am limiting myself at all. Perhaps I’m not quite as confident of my skills as I could be. Or I feel that my purpose is only about helping others. Even that the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for me. All of these things can be the effect of past life choices.

Making an effort to recognise patterns and habits is a good first step. I have to ask myself what keeps repeating in my life.

Is it that I always seem to pick the same type of partner? Do I always get scared when someone says it’s my turn to lead the team? Am I living in a place that doesn’t seem to fit me? Or have an occupation that I’m not at all passionate about? Most of these things can be viewed as the normal things that happen in my lifetime. Yet perhaps the same sort of issues about these things keep cropping up. No matter how much I’m trying to change my patterns. It’s at that point that I reach for my past lives eyes. Can I see the events of my current life as if it was a story of another life?

Recognising that there might be another sub plot going on underneath the surface of the way I live is helpful. I can let myself imagine what that other life might be. What could have happened to make me live my life in certain ways? Did I take vows of poverty in some religious order? Or on more than one occasion? Do I have a belief in this life that I shouldn’t have too much? In this way I might be able to see that my other life vows are preventing me from accepting the abundance that is all around me. I might never be comfortably off until I release myself from that promise. Then I might see the threads of this life that began in a little terraced house with parents struggling to make ends meet.

Recognising what has also happened to me in this life I can start to see another pattern. That I shaped my choices about this life so I could use my past life wisdom.

Every life teaches me something. All lives are about evolution of my Spirit. Growing in my understanding of Unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. Struggles in past lives need not be struggles in this life. If I recognise the threads of karmic energy I also start to be aware that I’ve met these experiences before. Perhaps I didn’t make the best choices then and that’s why the situations have come in with me again. But I can consider those past life stories and my limitations. I can help myself to understand that to get abundance I have to be open to receive it. If I make a vow not to then quite plainly I won’t. So instead of saying I never have enough I can choose to say I am open to receive everything I require.

A different choice brings a different outcome. When recognising that I also need to trust in a different outcome. So many times I have released vows but forgotten to trust that it can be different. My choice gets cancelled out because I don’t believe it will happen for me anyway. That’s why I love the puzzle of past lives. Wisdom is only effective when I choose to use it fully and trust myself to know what is best. Not easy to do if a karmic thread is throwing up doubt for my abilities. Or the life I have led has made it hard to let the Universe take control. Yet I still want to embrace the wisdom of my past lives. No matter what consequences I have to balance out my life can only get better.

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