Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal: Which One Are You?

LightworkerI’m a lightworker. I’m often asked about what that means. As well as being asked about Indigo and Crystal people. It can get confusing. So I want to set out what my Guides have helped me understand about these different energy vibrations.

I’ve written in previous blog posts about Indigo and Crystal children but not specifically about the Lightworker vibration. Before I start I want to acknowledge the work of Doreen Virtue, Meg Blackburn Losey, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. These were the people my Guides directed me to when I was trying to make sense of the little child it seemed I had agreed to bring into the world. Their books were really helpful in getting me started with the ideas of different energy vibrations across a global population. They also made me feel much less alone in my journey.

Especially in the 3 or 4 am waking hours that my daughter insisted in keeping. Learning to understand my place as a lightworker also eased the challenges of living with an energy sensitive child. In fact, as I moved deeper into mediumship I began to understand what a gift I had been given. And to recognise that I had to stand firm for the requirements of my daughter. Even if that took me outside of the mainstream opinions about child rearing. But it seems that I was given enough strength and tenacity to do that because her upbringing has definitely been very different than mine or most of her peers.

I am especially grateful to my Mum. She said to me one day that only I would really know my child and to trust my intuition.Back then I had no idea what I had got into.Thank goodness for my Lightworker vibration!

Her words have been my sort of defence against the dark arts whenever negative energy has flooded into our lives. Although there have been several times when I thought the task I had been given would end up being too much for me, today I realise that is how many parents of Crystal children feel. Reading as much as I could was a good way to start. But, being the sceptic I was, I wanted more evidence. Proof really. Because I could see that I might have to revise my idea of what our relationship might be. And how we would interact in the world. That’s when my Guides stepped in.

I got a great deal of help by tuning into my intuition. It made my relationship with my daughter much easier. Then I started to learn about energy vibrations and the ways in which my energy and hers could influence each other.

Added to the energy of the people around us I began to see how both of us could be strongly affected too. That’s why I started to ask a lot of questions about being a Lightworker. After the Second World War, and almost fifty years of conflict, economic challenges and hate filled rhetoric the energy on the planet was extremely ‘heavy’. In other words, the vibration of the Earth was very low and operating at the negative end of the spectrum. It was decided to help humanity return to a more positive vibration. Especially since it was almost time for our world to make a big vibrational shift with an evolutionary leap forward. From about 1950 onwards a new type of Spirit incarnated into human bodies. This Lightworker Spirtit energy produced people who were willing to serve others. Almost at the cost of their own selves.

The essence of the Lightworker is of the angels. There is a connection to Divine Healing and Unconditional Love that makes us prone to gather up all sorts of waifs and strays in order to serve them.

Lightworkers don’t rebel. Except against being here in the first place. Because a lightworker has been human very many times. And I know I was hoping for a bit longer off planet than I actually got. If you are like me you will have conformed in school and at home, in your community and in your work. You will have been anxious to follow all the rules in case of upsetting anyone. Like me you will have wanted people to like you a little bit more than is good for you. Lightworkers can’t resist a rescue so I know I spent a lot of my time putting the needs of other before my own. All so I could see them happy.

Of course Lightworkers have had to get used to a lot of disappointment. I know that it is really hard for people to raise their vibration and live a positive life. Especially when most of the energy around is feeding fears. But by 1970, or thereabouts, enough of us had done our work and a new vibration of Spirit began to come in. I’ve met many, many Indigo people. Unlike a lightworker beavering away behind the scenes Indigos know they are here to make changes. Big changes. Indigos struggle in any system that restricts their ability to be free. I love talking to Indigos. They are so focused on competing their mission. And they don’t mind who knows it. But they are hampered by a lack of direct orders.

Indigos are very energy sensitive. So much so that many of them have found it almost impossible to live on the planet. They want to go home. But they also want to carry out their mission.

If only they knew what it was supposed to be. I look for Indigo vibrations in all those people who change jobs quite a bit. Who are restless. They are the people pushing things forward, full of innovative ideas, and frustration that no one will take the ideas on board. Many Indigos work for themselves. They love the planet and feel more comfortable with animals than people. Ask any Indigo to complete a task and it’s done. So long as they feel that what you have asked is a worthy task. Because they don’t like wasting time. I love watching a group of Indigos dream up several ways of doing something. Then decide to shoot off in all directions to try each solution.

Yet I’ve also seen the loyalty that Indigos share with one another. They are aware how sensitive the world makes them feel. So they protect one another as much as possible. Think Marines, or a troop of peace loving, planet hugging soldiers ready to stand their ground for what they believe in. They reject aggression and violence. But suffer a lot sometimes when the world hasn’t changed. I know that giving an Indigo a purpose, some intuitive protection and peaceful surroundings is the best way to keep them strong. Being strong is important because I also know that their combined vibration is what has made it possible for the Crystal Spirits to come in.

There are at least three blogs about Crystal children where I explain about their loving vibration. Living with a crystal is both a challenge and a blessing. For that reason I’m very glad I am a Lightworker.

The Spirits who carry a Crystal vibration started coming in about 2000 and until about 2005 they found the vibration we live in very hard to deal with. If the Indigos are sensitive to energy the Crystals are over-sensitive. They struggle with low vibrational emotions including their own. They are a battery of positive, unconditional love. So I know they find it hard to live here. They often say they want to leave. They collect up other peoples negative emotions like it is water. Then they pour it out all over their parent(s). Many times I’ve had to help my daughter find a way to shield herself from the impact of other people. And show her how to release stuck energy.

Crystals are often classified when they get to school. There are a number of labels used to account for their sensory, mental and emotional differences. However, these children and teenagers are intelligent, spiritual and peaceful. Those born after 2005 can also handle the energy here much better than the earliest ones. They are also old souls. And have been off the planet for a long time, so may take quite a while to adjust to being back in a flesh and blood body. Crystals are fearless. mainly because death has no meaning for them. They tend not to tire because they can pull energy from the people around them. Their aim is to do well and share love. But struggle when their love is rejected.

People are finally waking up to their spiritual purpose. It’s time to embrace being a Lightworker, Indigo or Crystal. I feel that there is so much more we can all achieve when we understand our individual and family vibrations. Do you know your energy vibration yet?

Day 722 of my blogging challenge

Return To Sender? The Pain Of Love

Return to senderI had a couple of conversations today about love. Whether We get a return of love and why love is painful. All about the absence of love. And how much that can hurt a human heart.

If fact, how it’s said we might die for or of love. So love, that most inspiring and precious of feelings, is also toxic in some way. Later in the afternoon I was thinking about those conversations. I’m always one to bounce difficult questions to my Guides. So we have had many chats about the purpose and nature of love. I’ve written about some of them before. But this little thought train refused to go away. In fact I kept hearing the lyrics from an Elvis song. “ Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone. We had a quarrel, a lover’s spat, I write I’m sorry but my letter keeps coming back.” How many times  have I rejected love? Or had my love rejected?

Not only romantic love either. Family love. Friendship love. All sorts of situations I’ve found myself in when I’ve wanted to make a connection to another’s human being. And all sorts of situations where what I did was return the opposite of love to the person or people involved. Putting myself through pain. Ignoring that others might be feeling pain too. All my little acts that showed I actually didn’t love the person who was busy loving me. Like a constant trade. Loving someone who didn’t love me. Demanding from but not loving the people who loved me. A swirling circle of energy spiralling lower and lower. Until I was in a place where there seemed to be no love left at all. Least of all for myself.

Today I asked my Guides why it was so easy to discover the absence of love and to sink into the pain of love not returned. Why was that a part of my life?

As always they approached this in a very loving way. They have told me many times that this experience of human life is so that the Spirit can learn about the absence of love. In the Afterlife unconditional love is the guiding force holding the whole of the community together. To experience anything else the Spirit has to take a trip to a place where love is conditional. That’s our human reality right now. Being here actually helps my Spirit to keep choosing unconditional love in the Spirit World. But here the choice is different. I can experience love or it’s absence. It’s up to my free will to decide what I have. And to sort out how much or how little pain I feel.

That’s because I can look at love as something to give and receive in equal measure amongst all the people I connect to. Or I can view love as something that is in limited supply so it has to be earned, collected, hoarded and returned. If others don’t return the love I can shut down giving or getting love. I can stop loving myself. And that can become painful. But my Guides are keen to point out the fatal flaw I sometimes trip up over. I can’t give love to anyone unless I know how to give it to myself. Because, they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And I have to consider all those times I’ve thrown the opportunity for love away. Fearing to get hurt. Thinking I’m stopping myself from feeling pain.

They keep reminding me to learn to love myself. All that I am. Not to return to the pain of the past. But to keep an open heart so any love energy passing through will fill me up too.

That can feel difficult. I know that this tricky energy called love takes many forms. So I have to love the child and teenager still within me as much as the adult me tryping these words. I have to love the irritating me who always likes to be right. And the me who gets in a flap when a deadline is looming. Or the me who wants to shout at the TV when men are telling me how it feels to be a woman or to experience life as a woman. The ignorant, intolerant, angry, judgemental me who shouts out from a corner of my mind that she hasn’t really gone away. Until I can embrace all of myself, surround myself in unconditional love then I’m not ready for the bigger challenge.

The greatest test of love. Loving all those people who don’t return my love. And all the people who want me to be something I’m not. Plus those who want me to give endlessly as a sign of my love for them but who resist giving anything back to me. All the people who returned to sender and let a quarrel end the relationship. Those who judged me and decided not to find any love for me. And those who knew I loved them but decided not to love back. They may all have had their reasons. I have to look carefully at any pain I might feel from the lack of their love. The pain I feel is showing me the gap in my loving of me. The bit of me I’m not embracing and loving enough.

A return of love is a boost. I also see that the absence of love is a gift to show me where I have to love me more. Because that will help me to send loving, positive energy to those who don’t love themselves enough to share the love we can all have. My Guides tell me that when we have all learned how to return love to ourselves and others in any circumstances we will have made a heaven here on Earth.

Day 706 of my blogging challenge 

Perfect Timing: Engaging Transpersonal Chakras

perfect optionI alway enjoy running workshops. They happen at the perfect time for the people involved. And today, working with Transpersonal chakras, seemed the ideal response to the energy shifts of the last couple of weeks.

I really appreciate the people who come along to the workshops. They bring questions that I love to find the answers for. And they bring their Guide Teams to blend with mine so that we all get the best out of the day. That’s perfect. Because it’s the Guide Teams who are trying to reach us. I know that when I open the door to my Guides they fill me with fresh energy, information and support. So I also know that the workshop will do the same for the people who attend. Guides like to make things as clear as possible. Because they want me and everyone else to make the best choices for our next steps on the spiritual path. And that’s exactly what the energy has been all about since the end of July.

It’s time for me to stop limiting my choices. I have to embrace all that I am and can do so that I can manifest as many options as possible. In fact, working to boost my energy centres around my Transpersonal chakras. Those power stations that can energise more bands of aura vibration. Because my aura vibrating at a higher level enables me to communicate more clearly with all of the Light and Energy Beings who are waiting to help me complete my mission. Even when I have no idea what my mission is supposed to be. That is true of the energy at the moment too. I’m being asked to dedicate myself to serving my purpose. Without any idea what my purpose is!

That’s perfect too. Being willing to serve in any way I am able is the key. Removing my doubts, fears and judgements about what I can achieve. These only block my progress.

It’s perfect timing right now to face them head on and push myself past the restrictions. Using my knowledge of my Transpersonal chakras I can make that connection to a much bigger picture. I can understand that whatever I do now will bring me wisdom. Recognising that every step of my journey is what counts. Not really the destination. Because my plan is fluid and flexible enough to reshape itself as I chose this or that option. It’s the seeing of the opportunities that really matters. And that is what the bigger picture gives me. I know I am heading into an Ascension process. I will need as much energy as I can take on board to make the shift into serving myself and others with unconditional love.

That’s the kind of perfect I am aiming for. Not the perfect of being well thought of, or praised or applauded. But the recognition that I have been good enough in each moment of my current existence. Creating karma that brings a positive flow of energy into my life. And the lives of others. I know we have such untapped intuitive resources. The information about Transpersonal chakras has taken a long time to emerge into mainstream comment. And there is so much more to discover when we all start working with the higher energies. But first I know we have to clear the clutter of our old wisdom and beliefs out of the way. That’s perfect too.

I am constantly evolving. What I knew fifteen years ago about the higher chakras has been expanded over time. And expanded once again in my workshop today. Each level of knowledge has been a perfect fit for where I was at that time. I love the fluid way that wisdom wraps itself around my life. Now I can’t wait for the next workshop!

Day 628 of my blogging challenge

Big choice, Big Change. Are you getting ready?

There is so much to talk about today. All my conversations with others have had lightbulb moments for me. And it’s all about choice.

However, I really want to say something about the process we are all in at the moment. I’ve written about it a bit in other posts but as the energy gets clearer so does the overall message. I know that at the moment we are all undergoing a purification. The Spirit that is inside us is reaching out to wake us up to our upcoming change. That change is to live life with a new purpose. To become the Spirit acting more powerfully through our human body. Because it will soon be time for every one of us to make a choice. In fact all of the energy surrounding me and you is pushing us towards a decision.

Decide what? That’s the next step. When I step away from the illusions of life – the products of my ego – then I can see that I have a spiritual mission. I have unique abilities that can assist all of us to change the way the world is. However I have to exercise my choice and use those abilities. It is me saying that I am dedicated to serving the world the best way I can that moves me on. But my ego mind will certainly try to distract me. Or pull me back into an illusion. Back into a comfort zone that may appear to keep me safe. But really ends up stopping me from doing all I am capable of.

As I step through into my ‘initiation’ in September I will be joined by many other Lightworkers. All of us will be making a choice. A pledge, if you like.

That choice will be to live a spiritual life. No matter what challenges or issues. I know that we will agree to do whatever is asked of us. Willingly and for the greater good of our fellow Spirits. Stepping away from the ego mind. Letting go of anything that has no place in our journey forward. It’s going to be a simple choice really. But one with big consequences. Because I know we will have to give voice to a different set of values.

And then live to those values. This is the change many of us wish for. But perhaps don’t know how to bring about. In turning my mind to an Ascension Consciousness I am placing love at the centre of everything I do. As much unconditional love as I can muster. I have been on the journey of learning to love myself for a long time. But to love others I have to embrace myself first. And keep in my mind and heart the hope of unconditional forgiveness, gratitude and service that flows along with unconditional love.

I also know that some people will make a choice to follow the other path. The one laid out by the ego mind. The mind that says change is too hard.

This will be another choice I have to make. I know that the people around me may prefer to stick with being unloving towards themselves. To reject the love and compassion that is being offered. Maybe even to continue to struggle. Keeping a ‘life is hard’ attitude. I have to accept that there is nothing I can do. It’s a choice they have made. However, since I also know about the process we are in I can engage in open, honest and clear conversations with my loved ones down here.

There is still no guarantee that we will make the same choice. I’m going to make the effort though. Because I also know that the decision we make will keep us on our chosen path for the next nine years. If I end up on the service (Spirit) path some the people I care about may be on the illusion (ego) path. That will bring me more decisions. Perhaps to much to think about at the moment when I am still in the process of choosing. And working to love me enough to let everything of the ego mind go.

The best I can do is be aware. Notice myself. Recognise the energy shifts that are bringing about this choice. And talking to everyone I can to share my observations. Are you getting ready?

Day 593 of my blogging challenge

Sing A Powerful Song

Yesterday I was thinking about some great memories of times when the flow of love seemed so powerful in my life. Times with my family and friends. Laughter, music, love, sharing. An old song by The Sawdoctors brought these precious moments to mind.

Our feelings are so powerful. Perhaps we don’t acknowledge that enough. I know when I’m busy with doing, when being is a distant memory, I can be distracted from what I feel in my heart. There is a general sort of politeness that I was brought up with. Feelings had to be suppressed mostly. Tonight I found myself encouraging my daughter to suppress hers. Yet why hold back on that wonderful feeling of being overwhelemed by love? Like when she was born. I can’t properly describe that rush of feeling that flooded over me. But it swept me away with it. I was immersed in love.

Sometimes I’ve felt I was drowning in love. When the powerful obsession that can be a sort of love gripped me. In those times I would give my all to the other. Loose my identity in an ocean of feelings. And only realise with my last gasp how insubstantial that feeling was in reality. Either on my side or theirs. Yet I would rush into the next moment of love ready to drown all over again. I guess I was also prepared to be powerless in love too. How strange. That we move from one state of love to the next. Powerful to powerless to powerful once again. It was only with the passing of time that I could identify this aspect of love. The cycle that I entered into when I chose to become a human being.

The song I heard is called Sing A Powerful Song. It’s a simple sentiment. Stand in your own power. Love yourself enough not to become powerless. Express your love for yourself and others by being a strong voice for the power of unconditional love.

Day 438 of my blogging challenge. 

Restless, Inspired, Creating, Tired

Where did the restless feeling come from? I was tired enough last night to sleep for a week. Yet I couldn’t stop creating in my mind. The incoming energy inspired more and more ideas.

I do get those nights. When the tide of energy flowing around and into the world energises me. It’s as if tiredness is swallowed up by impatience instead. My brain starts throwing out big ideas when my body wants some downtime. Sleep disappears. Instead I have to get up and do something. It was one of those nights last night. In fact I ended up writing a list of all the new possibilities. When I get some refreshing sleep I know I’ll be able to put many of the ideas into practice. Yet there was, underneath it all, a restless feeling.

That ‘itchy feet’ kind of feeling emerged in the middle of the ideas. Is it time to move on to something else I wondered. My mind fidgeted around the edges of the inspirations coming in. Am I feeling like it’s too much of the same old same old I thought. What exactly was I being restless about? My personal life? My working life? Life, the Universe and everything? I also wondered if this was part of why I couldn’t get to sleep. I found myself having a side conversation with myself about my tendency to be impatient. Often I want ‘it’ and I want ‘it’ now.

It, of course, can be anything. It’s all very well reading the leading edge of the energy coming in but it can make you restless for everything to happen all at once.

Now we are clearing the Mercury retrograde energy of course everything will resume going forward. It’s just that I’d like it to go from 0-60 in about 3 seconds, please. And I also know it won’t happen like that. As I sipped a cup of herbal tea I realised that this time the fidgety feeling was about new challenges. It connects to the way I find it hard to let go and move on. If I’m not careful I dress my old ideas up in new clothes and pretend that they are new inspirations. I tell myself I’m seeing them for the first time from this point of view so they must be fresh. I checked the list I’d written down.

Then I crossed off some of the ideas. They were old inspirations trying to pretend they were new. The ego at work wanting to keep me in my comfort zone. Ah! I thought. I’ve been on this spot before. About this time of year too. When I was planning for last year’s new adventures. What I needed to do was sort out the new opportunities from the same old same old. No wonder I was restless. Creating a new future takes positive energy. Theses old ideas would hold me back if I wasn’t careful. Perhaps the tiredness was fighting a battle with the manifesting energy.

That realisation sent me off to bed again. To get some rest by putting away my thoughts for the future.

Using one of my favourite mantras I snuggled down under the covers. Time to let the tiredness in again and release the restless feelings. They had done their job. I was alert to the realisation that I might encourage myself to manifest safety instead of risk. What I create with my intentions might not be the new future. Instead I could possibly make for myself more limitations. As I repeated my mantra I became aware of a very old part of me becoming visible. The part that connects to lack of love.

I know we all experience conditional love whilst we are human. But that old part of me was grieving for the unconditional love I experienced as a Spirit. When we incarnate as a human being we have to leave the pink perfect behind. It’s our experiences here, in the absence of unconditional love, that makes us yearn for that other world. That brings us closer to an understanding of the Divine nature of exsistence. No wonder I am restless. I want to be wrapped in and immersed in that warm energy sea of love. To float in pure, unconditional love along with everyone else. I drifted off to sleep creating a human world where that would be my reality. I hope it manifests here soon ?

Day 420 of my blogging challenge.

Stepping Away from the Shadows

img_2203Today I’ve had a trip out to Middlesbrough to a lovely spiritual shop where the people try to help others find a route through the shadows. Stepping away from low vibrational energy is never easy. Getting support is important.

I know that I have a shadow side. I also know that so does every one else. It’s part of our human challenge. I can choose to follow a positive path as much as I can. Yet sometimes I get stuck in the negative flow. Owning my own thoughts and feelings is the best way to let my spiritual side make progress. But first I have to be able to see what they are. And acknowledge that some of my feelings and thoughts are my shadow side. Stepping back from myself is one of the key ways to do that.

When I sit down to write my blog I gather my thoughts about the day. I look for what I have experienced and how it made me feel. Then I choose what to write about. That process often brings to my notice the influences that have run through my day. As I consider these I’m looking for the stuck, challenging or negative energy. Where am I still holding judgements and opinions that might be unfair? What will I be stepping away from as I make better choices? Because that is the end result of thinking about my day. I give myself a chance to bring in a more positive flow of energy.

However, there are also times when I get stuck in a maze of thinking, feeling, debating my actions. Sometimes I need help to explore all the implications of my shadow side.

That’s when I find another person to help me work it all out. Someone who also recognises that we all have a shadow side. A person who can be honest with me whilst I work it all out. Living a spiritual life brings many challenges. What sort of spirituality for a start? One based in religious views might seem the best choice but I’ve always felt that religions were man made frameworks only. Open to wide interpretations. So not necessarily going to guide me at times when my definition of ‘spiritual’ is being challenged. With the help of someone who is also finding their way along the path too I have the space to explore my values, beliefs and options. To define my own personal understanding of what spirituality means to me.

There is also another way of stepping away from the shadows. In several conversations today I talked about asking my Guides and the Energy Beings around me for help or inspiration. They are always ready to listen, drop in comments and challenge me when I’m refusing to consider all the other sides to every story in my life. Over many years, long before I began my public work as a medium, these trusted advisors were available to support me. The fact that I didn’t use them half as much as they could have helped is down to my choices. And my stubbornness in wanting to live my life blind to the reality of shadows. Over the years they have consistently shown me what I was reluctant to look at. Not just my own low vibrations but those of others.

That is important right now. My Guides have been reminding me for a long time that we are being given a choice. The energy flow is all about stepping forward now. Choosing to become the best we can possibly be.

That can’t happen until each one of us faces and embraces our nasty, hurtful, angry, fearful bits. All that low level energy that we dish out into the world. All those times and occasions when we blame others for our own thoughts and feelings. Every time we act less lovingly towards each other. Especially those times when we make love conditional on our needs. Whether you believe in a Jesus Christ or not there is a lesson for all of us in turning the other cheek. Can I rise above the negative energy within me and around me? Can I offer myself up to another ‘blow’ and still hold myself in positive esteem?

Unconditional love applies inward first. Loving my humanity, my duality, my Spirit. Then staying in that flow of energy no matter what else is going on. The most wonderful thing I keep being told is that I don’t have to do it all by myself. There is so much support on hand to remind me that, warts and all, I am a being of love. So whether you write, talk or get guidance please seek out your shadow side. Learn to love it. Then be prepared to step away from it so that you can be the positive person you intended to be all along.

Day 324 of my blogging challenge.

A Sharp Shift in the Weather

imageI’ve been back home for two days and I already have a head cold. Today there has been a sharp shift in the weather. The season is changing and so am I. There has been an energy upgrade again.

Along with having to put my central heating on again I’ve felt colder too. Of course I’ve been somewhere that was a lot warmer so I expected to have to adjust. I guess that I also forgot that when I get away I often have an energy upgrade. My teachers take the opportunity to shift my personal vibration level up another notch. So long as I am prepared to do the energy clearing work necessary for it to happen. Sometimes it takes me a little while to notice that it’s happened. But when it’s a significant shift there are things that clue me in.

One of them is a cold. It seems a bit mad to get an ‘illness’ when you have moved to a clearer vibration. Yet that sudden shift knocks the aura and immune system out of balance for a little while. I have to adjust, energetically and physically, to the increased flow of energy. Once I am back in balance, usually after about 24-48 hours, everything will settle down. Another thing is my ability to connect. After an energy upgrade I can connect better and more strongly. Yet it’s as if the shift has switched my usual ways of connecting. It feels different. Almost like I don’t know what I’m doing. Or how I’m doing it.

I’ve done two church services and they went well. However, I felt a bit disorientated. I was working but not in my usual format. My directional compass was off in some way. Like the wind had changed suddenly.

It’s a really strange feeling to give messages but also notice that I’ve been set to deliver things in a different way. I know it will settle down in a few days. While it lasts it’s almost like trying to feel a tooth that’s not there anymore. Odd. Something is missing but I don’t know what. Of course, since I’ve had a lot of upgrades over the years I know what is missing. Some of the vibrational energy that was holding me down has been released. Stuck and blocked stuff has been poked and prodded until the shift happened. New, more positive energy has taken it’s place.

An upgrade also brings a clearer sense of purpose. Eventually. I’ve had a couple of nights waking up repeatedly as if I’ve forgotten to do things. Then today my mind has been almost blank. All the overthinking has suddenly stopped. I feel more able to go with the flow. Also more trusting that underneath it all everything is right for me in my world. An upgrade usually brings with it a sense of peace. Something new is happening. It will unfold, like me, in it’s own good time. I’m ready to notice what I’ve been thinking, reading, hearing and seeing from a more detached point than ever before.

The weather shifts and reminds us of the ebb and flow of our lives. New conditions need new responses. Nothing stays still forever.

Neither do I. I love that we evolve and change. Finding the wisdom in every stage of life. Enjoying the journey. Being ready for all circumstances. Each upgrade brings so much more of life’s experiences into alignment. Because each upgrade opens me up to loving myself and others more unconditionally than before. That’s the gift that this shift brings. A new way of loving all that is around, within, above, below. I wish you enjoyment of your upgrades too.

Day 316 of my blogging challenge.

An Unconditional Heart

EAAHeart5Do we ever love unconditionally? As I write this blog the track that’s playing in the background is I Want to Break Free by Queen. I’m sure my Guides are making a very loving, but very pointed point! Is my heart really unconditional? I’ve been doing an Earth’s ArchAngel workshop today working with the energy of ArchAngel Tiphoniel who brings us lessons about Divine Love and Self Love. Being unconditional almost seems easier towards others than it does towards ourselves. The discussion in part of the day centred around compassion for others. We are expected to show kindness to others as a matter of course. Yet we find it hard to show ourselves the same level of kindness. And if we do apply compassion to ourselves first there are plenty of people who are only too willing to tell us that we are being selfish, self-centred and mean. It is all to easy to become trapped by a sense of obligation to others in such a way that it leads to discontent, resentment and bitterness. It may even turn into full blown martyrdom – some sort of perception of persecution by others from which we want to break free.

Love is most often conditional. We love ourselves – but only the good bits. We love others – but only if they do what we expect of them. So I’ve asked my Guides many times how do I move from conditional love to unconditional love. They are kind to me & keep answering even though I’m sure they must be bored to death of this question by now. My Guides remind me that when I came into this world I had no judgements about the life I dropped into. As a Spirit I choose the patterns of my physical, mental and emotional human life. These choices were designed to help me experience all sort of opportunities to hold onto my love for myself. If I could find and love the murky bits I wished I didn’t have – the actions, words, thoughts & feelings that were of a lower vibration – it would be easier for me to love the murky bits in the people I was sharing my life with. This is the barrier to unconditional love that we all have to overcome. What we see in ourselves is also within others. If I could only understand that each & every human on the planet is a being of unconditional love, to be loved unconditionally, then I would achieve a spiritual breakthrough.

I still feel that I am a long way from this wonderful state of being. It’s very hard not to judge when I feel wronged, ignored, sidelined or abused. Yet those are my feelings and my responsibility. I can feed them more energy and let them build up more. Or I can understand the situation, actions or words that have exposed another ‘unlovable’ thing about being human and let all the energy go. My response will decide whether I continue to be conditional in my love or not. It’s not hard to understand what being unconditional represents but it’s much harder to put into practice. Today has been a day for dealing with what I had come to feel was an injustice towards me. With the Divine Love inside me, the support and unconditional love of my Guides and the Earth’s ArchAngels I have been releasing the energy of hate I have been holding on to. Of course there is still a part of me that wants to say or do hateful things connected with the situation I perceive as unjust. I have been loving that part of me today. It will not be able to express itself in any way and, in a sense, is dying. The energy of the feeling created by my perception of that situation is fading away. Doing this is a route to an unconditional heart and I have decided that I want that more than I want the hate.

As I draw to the close of my blog I’m listening to The Miracle by Queen. The line ‘peace on earth and end to war today,
That time will come, one day you’ll see when we can all be friends’ repeats over and over. How soon that happens is based on how soon we wear away all of the conditions we place on our loving heart. How soon can we give ourselves & others the unconditional love that we intuitively know we contain?  If you haven’t started yet perhaps it’s time to try?

Day 114 of my blogging challenge.

Love is the only energy

IMG_1095Over the next few days the hype about Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) will be even more frantic. Suggestions in advertising, the media & from others will be about buying, sending, giving & receiving love tokens from each other. If you don’t get them it must mean you are unloved. If you do get them you must be the most blessed with love. Yet how many people make an effort, spend a lot of money, do a lot of ‘romantic’ gestures without feeling love for themselves. Or feel this is the only way to convince someone that they love them. Yet Love is the eternal energy that we most misunderstand, muddle up & feel is lacking in our lives.

I am frequently asked to predict about someone’s love life. When will they get the perfect person to share their life with? When will the person they love end up loving them back? Who should they choose? Why are the alone? These questions come from that part of ourself that seeks for a connection to another. A connection so strong & powerful that it’s like a constant energy flowing through & uplifting our life. When we have it we sometimes fail to recognise it; when we have lost it we sometimes despair that we will ever find it again; and, when we don’t want to look at ourselves we often obsess about the love we feel for another.

So this energy we call Love is often hard for us to understand, feel or be joyful about. Yet as the connective energy between all Spirits it’s not something we can ignore. All the questions I am asked seem to come down to an intuitive acknowledgement within each of us that our Spirit lives in love but our human personality limits the amount of Love we will give or receive. That is why there are so many channelled messages & teachings concerning the nature of Love as expressed through being a human being. We call it unconditional Love to identify that so often we place restrictions on the amount of Love that is available. How many times have you thought “I really love you but … if only … could you just …”? How many times have you said it? Said it to yourself or another?

Even more so the Love for an intimate partner becomes ‘conditional’ as every minor flaw, quirk or habit becomes an irritant if it isn’t altered at our suggestion. Or if that partner grows & changes in a way we are uncomfortable with. Or we grow apart & not together. I hear so many people asking when their partner will change or stop something they are doing. Behind the questions there is a dissatisfaction with the person they have picked to share their life with. This eats away at trust, love, togetherness. Yet there is no reason for this to happen.

What we don’t seem to have grasped is that the energy of Love flows through every person. Every one of us is Love. It’s that simple. We are all Love. And to find & experience that Love we have to start by recognising that we Love ourself first. How often do you tell yourself ‘I love you’? How often do you remind yourself that you are a unique, wonderful being full of Love? Because it is true – to love anyone else you have to love yourself first. Let the Love energy shine in your aura & you will find yourself surrounded by other people who know they are Love. As you see your own Love energy you will start to see it in other people too. That way you can find the person who is the right Love for you.

Don’t look at the potential of a person – if, from your point of view,they have to change to be suitable partners you are heading for disappointment as they are very unlikely to change themselves & neither are you. People change hardly if at all for anyone else. Since we all have some level of healing energy it’s tempting to imagine it’s Love when we are really rescuing, healing, giving an energy hand out or an energy hand up. So be brave enough to acknowledge that compassionate Love is unlikely to be returned as lover Love. Love means seeing your needs, hopes, desires for yourself (self-love) flowing out towards others who see & Love themselves clearly. When that Love energy connects with a person who has the same needs, hopes, desires for themselves you will have found ‘True’ Love with each other.

Celebrate true Love. If you have found it, it is extremely precious and to be remembered every day. Out of Love flows more Love so share it with everyone you connect with. This Valentine’s Day the greatest gift you can give is not measured in time, money or effort but in how much you can Love yourself.