Perfect Timing: Engaging Transpersonal Chakras

perfect optionI alway enjoy running workshops. They happen at the perfect time for the people involved. And today, working with Transpersonal chakras, seemed the ideal response to the energy shifts of the last couple of weeks.

I really appreciate the people who come along to the workshops. They bring questions that I love to find the answers for. And they bring their Guide Teams to blend with mine so that we all get the best out of the day. That’s perfect. Because it’s the Guide Teams who are trying to reach us. I know that when I open the door to my Guides they fill me with fresh energy, information and support. So I also know that the workshop will do the same for the people who attend. Guides like to make things as clear as possible. Because they want me and everyone else to make the best choices for our next steps on the spiritual path. And that’s exactly what the energy has been all about since the end of July.

It’s time for me to stop limiting my choices. I have to embrace all that I am and can do so that I can manifest as many options as possible. In fact, working to boost my energy centres around my Transpersonal chakras. Those power stations that can energise more bands of aura vibration. Because my aura vibrating at a higher level enables me to communicate more clearly with all of the Light and Energy Beings who are waiting to help me complete my mission. Even when I have no idea what my mission is supposed to be. That is true of the energy at the moment too. I’m being asked to dedicate myself to serving my purpose. Without any idea what my purpose is!

That’s perfect too. Being willing to serve in any way I am able is the key. Removing my doubts, fears and judgements about what I can achieve. These only block my progress.

It’s perfect timing right now to face them head on and push myself past the restrictions. Using my knowledge of my Transpersonal chakras I can make that connection to a much bigger picture. I can understand that whatever I do now will bring me wisdom. Recognising that every step of my journey is what counts. Not really the destination. Because my plan is fluid and flexible enough to reshape itself as I chose this or that option. It’s the seeing of the opportunities that really matters. And that is what the bigger picture gives me. I know I am heading into an Ascension process. I will need as much energy as I can take on board to make the shift into serving myself and others with unconditional love.

That’s the kind of perfect I am aiming for. Not the perfect of being well thought of, or praised or applauded. But the recognition that I have been good enough in each moment of my current existence. Creating karma that brings a positive flow of energy into my life. And the lives of others. I know we have such untapped intuitive resources. The information about Transpersonal chakras has taken a long time to emerge into mainstream comment. And there is so much more to discover when we all start working with the higher energies. But first I know we have to clear the clutter of our old wisdom and beliefs out of the way. That’s perfect too.

I am constantly evolving. What I knew fifteen years ago about the higher chakras has been expanded over time. And expanded once again in my workshop today. Each level of knowledge has been a perfect fit for where I was at that time. I love the fluid way that wisdom wraps itself around my life. Now I can’t wait for the next workshop!

Day 628 of my blogging challenge

Scent from the Angels

In December I had concussion that resulted in loosing my sense of smell. My scent bottles were cast aside, my favourite scented candles useless and the strongest pongs went unnoticed. Even my lovely ArchAngel sprays, designed by the Angels and channelled through me, sat forlorn in their box. I still used the scents and sprays, lit the candles  and imagined the smell of my perfume. Not a hint of a scent broke through.

I had some exciting moments when I thought I could smell the wild lemon grass candle, or a hint of coffee and even rejoiced at a musty smell from my damp boots. The smells were very fleeting. In fact I wondered if I was fooling myself. Loosing the sense of smell really woke me up to how much I love to smell the world. I remember a long time ago asking my Guides to take away my clairalliance – clear smelling – as that particular psychic sense opened me up to smells I didn’t really want to experience. It is possible to smell when the physical body is dying (something many nurses know & experience without perhaps acknowledging it) so I was picking up on illness in the people around me. But it’s useless information really as I had no idea of timescale and no way of finding a use for that kind of info. So better not to have.

I still got smells when I was doing messages to provide evidence for the people I spoke to. Having a specific use for scents is far better than a general mish mash of all sorts of smells. Then a few years ago I became the channel for a group of ArchAngels. I didn’t know it at the time but found myself putting together the fragrances for two ranges of products. There is a third range that needed to be completed. It’s been on the back burner for a couple of years. At the start of this year it became clear that now was the time to work on these last five scents. How? What could I do if I couldn’t smell anything? Today I went off to my lovely friend Jan at her business, Ostrich Angels, so that we could design the fragrances for five transpersonal chakras.

Jan has just about every essential oil or perfume you could imagine. Container after container appeared in front of me. I tried smelling some of them. Nothing. There was a tiny hit of a smell from the ginger but nothing else. How to do it? I had been the ‘nose’ in the previous sessions. I heard the word ‘Trust’. I felt the energy building around me. Suddenly I grabbed a bottle, shuffled it to pair it with another, moved for a third bottle to pair it with a fourth. Within 5 minutes I had paired six combinations to represent six chakras. I had no idea what the scent would be like. Jan picked up the first pair, smiled, said she liked it & moved on. Amazingly she liked all of the pairings with the last one getting a special vote. We both ended up laughing that I couldn’t smell any of them but appeared to have hit the right combinations to suit each chakra.

We had an especially big grin for the sixth combination. We had only planned for 5 but it was clear the Angels wanted a sixth. Jan reckons it is the best of all the fragrances and represents a very special chakra in the etheric body. So now that my own personal preferences for fragrances couldn’t get in the way of today’s work I’m hoping that I will get my normal sense of smell back. I’ve also learned a valuable lesson about trust. I could have said to Jan that I’d be unable to put the fragrances together. I had the choice to opt out with the excuse that my nose would be useless. Yet I knew I had to complete this piece of the jigsaw puzzle. And that it had to be today. I knew my Guides and Inspirers would make it work if I trusted them enough to give it a try. As always they did exactly what they always do – they made it work beautifully.

I’m looking forward to seeing the chakra products. The Earth’s ArchAngels are keen to get their energy vibration out into the world & what better way than glorious fragrances to represent their unconditional love for us. I’m excited about what other puzzles are heading my way. Each day is a new experience of their vibrant connection with me. There is so much fun, passion and laughter to look forward to. Perhaps loosing my sense  of smell for a while is a fair exchange for so much joy.

Day 93 of my blogging challenge.