Neolithic Highway: Moving On Down The Road?

Today I’ve been blown along the Neolithic Highway. A road between two lochs that seems to be full of standing stones and Neolithic villages. What was the draw for our ancestors?

All along this highway it seems they were encouraged to settle, build large monuments and then, after about a thousand years, to move on. The road winds from a settlement that is now on the edge of the sea, but was once well inland, down past two stones circles and two more settlements. I’m sure there are many more buildings still to be discovered. Was it the promise of fresh water? Or that seals come to shelter their young in the safety of an inland lake? Was it the warmer climate giving good ground to grow crops?

There are a lot of questions that I would love to have answers to. As I looked at the precise building of the settlement of Skara Brae, mirrored further down the road but in much bigger style at the Ness of Brodgar, understanding these lives seemed far out of reach. Because they left no recognisable records. May be the stone circles were all they felt would be needed? I sat for a while on a fallen stone in the Ring of Brodgar. I wanted to tune in. But today wasn’t the day. Too many people. Too much activity. Lots of layers of energy from all the people who have visited in the past. Now the highway is not so much a thin place as a well travelled road.

I love travelling to thin places. Where the highway seems to take me back to another time. Or sideways into a different dimension.

But I also feel that our thin places become less so when we enter them as unaware spectators. Not being mindful about the impact of our energy. I would like to sit in the Ring of Brognar under a full moon. Then I’m sure the energy would be more as it once was several thousand years ago. And I can journey to life as it once was on this highway. To be a ghost in their world. Looking in from the edges of their perception. I wonder what they would make of me? Or my time? And all of the traffic that now zooms up and down this Neolithic road.

As the wind tried to blow me off my feet I enjoyed the sudden fall of rain. It freshened the energy of the road. I felt that I was in two places at once. Here on the edge of the loch two lifetimes finally met in one moment. Another woman once walked this highway between her settlement and the standing stones. Whatever her purpose she felt the wind at her back and the rain in her face. One day, in her turn, there will be another woman who experiences these same feelings. In her future I hope she will wonder about all of the women who have walked the Neolithic highway. And remember that all of us are connected.

I am here because my mother was here. She was here because her mother had her.  In a line unbroken back to the settlements along this road. Orkney reminds us to keep on moving down the road.

Day 601 of my blogging challenge 

Armageddon- An Ending? Or Beginning?

I love when I can have a discussion that makes me think. Today it’s about Armageddon. Not one of my usual topics because I prefer to see human  behaviour as a continuum rather than good or evil. Yet Thin Places call for us to consider what we believe about this reality.

And whether some kind of Armageddon is about to happen. The biblical suggestions of this interesting word centre around the idea of a God who will rescue his believers from the oppression of their enemies. This God will arrange to smite all the baddies at some kind of major gathering of armies and kings. Only the true believers will be saved. Certain battles have already been claimed in ancient texts as Armageddon-like events. But there is one book of the New Testement in Christian bibles that goes into much greater detail about a battle to end all battles. And apparently that is still to come. The book of Reveleations is quite a revelation.

My wonderful friend Maura, a talented medium and guide to sacred places, reminded me of another prophecy. Within the works of Nostradamus there is said to be a suggestion of a third great Anti-Christ, possibly connected with the sound of trumpets, who brings about the war to end all wars. I know that reading the Nostradamus predictions can be hard work. And making sense of them even harder. Because we are looking back when he was looking forward. Much the same as John was doing when he recorded his vision or Revelation. So does this connection to trumpets predict that the current President of the United States will be responsible for a war that wipes out the world?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of Armageddon. Of an apocalyptic event that causes all of life as we currently know it to cease. That’s also been a strong thread within science fiction writing for the last 150 years.

But are we destined for destruction? Certainly all things end at some point. But usually because something new has taken it’s place. Where once there were at least three or more species of humanity we are now all one type. Are we the most efficient version of the human race? Possibly for now. Will we always be? Probably not. So change has to happen. Something has to tip the balance. I believe that what we are dealing with right now is that shift. Just as the Thin Places encourage us to rethink our understanding of time and space because they challenge our definitions of what is real I feel that the emotional energy now being expressed is a revelation too. There is a choice fast approaching.

How we respond to the reality of our inner human emotions will determine what we share as an outer experience. Armageddon may not be a time of aggressive destruction for power over and control of others. It may instead be the willing destruction of old, worn out ways of unequal living. A clearing of the ground so that we can build anew. Not a time to fear but an experience to welcome. Can we rise above the fear and approach these challenges with love and positivity? I know that letting go of old patterns is hard. So the time to start doing so is right now. I’m aware that I still have the capacity to be angry, frightened or overwhelemed. Made powerless by thinking that human nature can’t be changed.

Perhaps that will prove to be the case. But I’m going to work very hard to rise above these emotions. To do the best I can to hold a positive view of the possible outcomes. And to trust in a new world where destruction is gentle, powerful and leads to reconstruction.

Day 455 of my blogging challenge.

Sensing the Veil Between the Worlds

I’ve been chatting today about the veil between the worlds. Understanding the energy that divides us from each other and from other realities helps us to learn to cross backwards and forwards through that veil.

Because when I consider myself as an energy being I can understand more about the way I experience both the ebb and flow of all the other energies around me. So it starts with recognising my own energy. Then recognising the energy of other physical beings. Finally I can sense and understand the energy of the non-physical beings and places too. I can learn to cross the veil in some way so that I can communicate and experience other realms. Part of this sensing is also learning to pay attention to the Earth’s energy flows too. In a conversation with my good friend Mindie Burgoyne this evening we discussed the Thin Places. Areas on the planet where the veil is easier to cross.

There are lots of locations where energy recordings have been captured. Sometimes called the stone tapes theory it’s as if the events of a place are accessible every time I press the play button on the recorder. This is definitely one way to see beyond the veil that speparates us. Yet the recordings are just that. Repeatable certainly. But providing the same information over and over. There is no opportunity for me to interact. To move the information forward. It is what it is. And it can’t ever be anything more. What I do find interesting about these recordings is that they are often laid down by extremes of emotional energy. And sometimes because the place containing the recording is a high energy point.

That’s also what interests me about the veil places. To move between energy realities requires a lot of additional energy. I have to shift my rather slow human vibration up a level or two just to be able to sense a thin place. To engage with it takes even more of a shift.

It’s much easier to have this experience if I happen to be at a place where there are plenty of ley line connections. These energy lines grid the Earth. Some are extremely powerful. Especially if they are an energy node (a collection of powerful energy streams). Quite a few are damaged. And some have stopped transferring energy altogether. In such a place where the energy is strong it’s possible for most people to sense the veil. That sizzle of energy keeping one reality apart from another. And it’s also possible, if you wish to do so, to cross through the veil in some way. Many people have experiences where they feel they have stepped from one time into another. I know they have been able to sense an alternate reality.

In that other reality our Ego mind feels out of step. Perhaps even a bit threatened. The connection with our usual energy flow has altered. Yet the intuitive mind is, for once, able to process the energy of that place in interesting ways. I know that I have travelled back in time to interact with the Energy Beings of places where our ‘times’ overlap. I’ve also stepped into completely otherworld places to talk to Energy Beings from other planets. Or the Spirit World. Often I’m given guidance. Or knowledge. Even energy to bring back to my personal reality.

These Thin Places can expand our understanding of what human and Spirit life is about by encouraging us to access altered states of consciousness. To explore beyond the surface of life.

When I make energy connections on this side of the veil, or beyond it, I am open to being much more than a human being. I am exploring the Spirit within me from different realities. I’m not religious. I feel religion is something we have manufactured to keep ourselves small. But I do believe in Spirit. And that the Spirit within each of us is a spark of some Divine existence. Connecting all of these sparks on this and every other side of the veil, in every reality, is important to me. That way we become a cosmic oneness once more. Not the illusion of individuality that I currently sense in my physical body.

Have you tried stepping into your energy? Have you visited a Thin Place and travelled beyond the veil? I know that if you do you will understand the beauty of the energy you are. And the beauty of the energy ocean we all share. Once you connect to the vast possibilities of alternate realities I know you will take to heart the idea behind “what you give is what you get”. There is more you and I than we can know in this life unless we use our energy to approach the veil and find out. I know that we can change the world for the better with our combined positive energies. Let’s look at ourselves differently, approach the veil and allow our beautiful energy to flow.

Day 454 of my blogging challenge.