Sing A Powerful Song

Yesterday I was thinking about some great memories of times when the flow of love seemed so powerful in my life. Times with my family and friends. Laughter, music, love, sharing. An old song by The Sawdoctors brought these precious moments to mind.

Our feelings are so powerful. Perhaps we don’t acknowledge that enough. I know when I’m busy with doing, when being is a distant memory, I can be distracted from what I feel in my heart. There is a general sort of politeness that I was brought up with. Feelings had to be suppressed mostly. Tonight I found myself encouraging my daughter to suppress hers. Yet why hold back on that wonderful feeling of being overwhelemed by love? Like when she was born. I can’t properly describe that rush of feeling that flooded over me. But it swept me away with it. I was immersed in love.

Sometimes I’ve felt I was drowning in love. When the powerful obsession that can be a sort of love gripped me. In those times I would give my all to the other. Loose my identity in an ocean of feelings. And only realise with my last gasp how insubstantial that feeling was in reality. Either on my side or theirs. Yet I would rush into the next moment of love ready to drown all over again. I guess I was also prepared to be powerless in love too. How strange. That we move from one state of love to the next. Powerful to powerless to powerful once again. It was only with the passing of time that I could identify this aspect of love. The cycle that I entered into when I chose to become a human being.

The song I heard is called Sing A Powerful Song. It’s a simple sentiment. Stand in your own power. Love yourself enough not to become powerless. Express your love for yourself and others by being a strong voice for the power of unconditional love.

Day 438 of my blogging challenge.