Washing Away Stuck Energy: Time For A Shower

washingI really felt like I had started my holiday break today. Washing the dishes this evening I thought about the energy I was also washing away. Releasing everything stuck or left over from this year.

My day started with another trip into York. A long train ride with time to get out my Passion Planner and continue reviewing my year. With the Winter sunshine washing over me I felt like I was clearing away the energy from this year. That’s a big part of letting go. Recognising the feelings and allowing them to be released. I thought about unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. I know that holding on to low vibrational feelings gets in the way of me being more unconditional. So I had time to apply myself to checking where I was up to with the more painful or hurtful experiences of this year. I wanted to check that I could understand these experiences from a different viewpoint and finally let them drain away.

Then I had lunch with a wonderful friend. I felt her calm and healing vibrations washing over me. Sitting with her I could feel energy draining away. Energy that could possibly get in the way of me doing what I want to next year. It was really refreshing. I love when my friends help me to clear my energy field. Some of them don’t even know they are doing it. But I am very lucky to have around me people who generously give their laughter and love. Those waves of energy are like a refreshing shower. It’s my habit, every time I am in the shower, to clean my aura too. So it’s also an extra bonus to be with people who surround me with positive emotions. I’m getting my energy extra sparkly clean. Of course that means that I can also pass on that positive energy to other people who might need to ‘wash’ their auras.

I love the way what goes around comes around. Washing away the wear and tear of an energy world that can be challenging and heavy at times. Sometimes a simple shower isn’t enough. That’s when I find my friends close around me. Sharing and caring. Is it time for you to release the energy of this year? I’m sending you a blast of positive friendship to help!

Day 756 of my blogging challenge

Old Energy Dies Hard: Until You Let It Go

old habitsI’ve had an interesting day observing how old habits really do die hard. It can take a lot of energy and effort to change the way I do things. And the expectations I have.

Of course, as I now try to look at my life and world from an energy point of view perhaps it’s easier to restate this proverb as ‘Old energy dies hard’. Because that is what gives us habits and patterns in the first place. I know that the situations and experiences I have encountered have left their energy mark in me. My thoughts and feelings are connected to the energy and can end up being driven by them. That’s why I can find myself responding in the same way to energy that is perceived to be the same or similar to those old situations. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. Especially if the energy I am responding to is low vibrational. Like fear, hate, envy or anger. All that does is trap memory firmly into a patterned energy response.

But breaking the habits of what might be my lifetime can also feel like an effort that it’s too difficult to make. Even if my responses keep drawing that old energy to me. Yet I know I want to do things differently. And what I’ve understood, by looking at energy rather than the actions or behaviours of habits, is that I can learn to release the energy. If I let the thoughts and feeling go I can replace them with more positive responses. I can change my energy and thus change the way in which my pattern operates. Today I noticed that I was driving rather anxiously because of the bad weather. I noticed that it tied in with the little crash I had back in September. And had echoes of another crash from an earlier part of my life.

The anxiety was likely to make my driving worse. Even cause an accident. So when I stopped I had a chat with myself about the old energy. I reminded myself that I could drive in theses conditions and that I had done so for many years. I sent my anxious self some love. And on my return trip focused on how easily I was driving. I will continue to watch that this anxious energy doesn’t return. Or that I don’t collect more of it. Have you got old energy you need to change? Is it time to love yourself enough to let it go?

Day 745 of my blogging challenge

Recycle, Release, Rubbish: Zooming Through Clearing

RecycleThe upgrade continues. Today I found myself emptying boxes and containers looking for possessions to recycle, release or throw in the rubbish. Fortunately I wasn’t doing it all on my own.

I’m a bit of a hanger-on. I keep all sorts of things in the hopes that I can use them again. Or because they are still nearly new. Or have sentimental value. Even the replacement buttons for cardigans that I’ve sent to the charity shop years ago. I have a sort of ‘just in case’ mentality that I’m sure came from my Mum and Nanna. When money was tight they saved and reused everything they could. It was their way to recycle. So I acknowledge I’ve learned to be a hoarder from an early age. But not any longer. Because I know that stuck ‘stuff’ in my physical space also blocks the flow of abundance.

However I also recognise that even with the best of intentions I struggle to recycle my stuff. That’s when it’s wise to acknowledge  the barrier. So I asked someone to help me. My lovely friend Rosie enjoys decluttering. She also, obviously, enjoys a challenge! For three hours today we unpacked, uncovered and dived into boxes, bags, drawers. In an orderly way I designated things to be sold on Amazon, items for the charity shop, bits for the recycling bin and unusable or broken objects for the bin bag. Inspired by this clearing I also identified 3 items of furniture that can be offered to new homes. And we moved my room around a little so that it felt light and airy.

Tonight I feel like it’s a recycle job well done. I hardly noticed the items leaving me as Rosie and I chatted. She valiantly put all sorts of ‘hard to let go of’ objects in front of me (books and CDs especially) and encouraged me to let go. As the clearing of energy goes on why not find a friend to help you let go too? It really can be so easy!

Day 625 of my blogging challenge 

Pointer, Stylus, Dobber. What do you use?

I’m siting here using my pointer. Or is it a dobber? Even a stylus? It’s a sort of pen thingy so I can push the buttons on my iPad. With a soft bit so it is kind to my screen.

I came across my pointer because I had hurt my index finger. Tapping away at the keyboard on my screen was painful. But how to write my blog? Of course I could have tried speech recognition. Talking it into the iPad. But would Siri make any sense of my muddled up Lancastrian/Yorkshire accent? I’m a bit too hazy how good he is at getting all the words down. What if it didn’t make any sense at all and I had forgotten what I said? So I have a dobber. What my auntie calls the big pen she uses for bingo.

Of course I know it’s sold as a stylus. Another writing implement. And that is what it’s helping me do. It’s like an extension of my finger. Happily hitting all of the right buttons as I do my best, fastest two finger typing. You might by now be wondering why I’m talking about a pointer. Rambling in fact. But that’s the point. I often forget the devices that make life simpler for me. The little things that are the perfect solution to my problem. Because I’m often looking for big answers. Solving things completely not just for a bit.

I get a pointer from my Guides most days. They bring in the little pieces of information or support that will help me with the problem directly in front of me. It’s me who can’t see it.

I’m still looking for the wave of a wand that will solve the whole issue. It’s like not trusting the voice software. It could solve one of my writing issues. The time it takes me to type. I can speak much faster. Yet I’m stubbornly refusing to use it. The pointer is there. The stylus is jabbing me in the back. The dobber has gone off in a sulk. I could make things easy for myself but I don’t. I sometimes have to laugh at myself. I’m still following the ‘if it is too easy it’s not going to be good’ idea.

This is an old bit of stuck energy about the value of something is increased if it’s hard work. I wonder how many of us fall into judging ourselves by that standard. Instead of being glad or excited that something has turned out to be really easy. So I get on with things still waiting for the pointer to the fast but hard work solution. I realise I need to value myself in a different way. And value the dobber and stylus as ways to get me into doing things in a slightly easier way.

Small steps. Leading eventually to doing whatever will be easiest. And praising myself for a job well and easily done.

Day 595 of my blogging challenge

Bad Back? There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Over the last few days I’ve been getting messages asking for healing for back problems. It seems that bad backs are popular right now. Painfully popular!

I started thinking about that today. My healing Guides had been around to help me send out positive energy to all who needed it. We fell into a discussion of why there was so much bad back trouble right now. Of course I know that we have been through, and are only just coming out of, a big energy blast. It was designed to bring the truth to light. To get me to notice where I was putting my principles into practise and where not. I guess you could say it was highlighting my inner hypocrisy. Those times when I say one things and do another. Also how vulnerable that leaves me to judging myself harshly.

The enegy was designed to show me my true nature as it is right now so that I would be encouraged to change. The situations put in front of me meant taking a chance and putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. I hope I’ve managed to do that in a positive way. Although others might not agree or may consider I have done something in a bad way. It’s all about me living my spirituality. That’s where the back issues come in. I know that I carry my stress in my physical body. As soon as I start to feel an ache or pain in my right side I stop to check what it means. Because it will disappear if I pay attention to it’s message.

Sometimes I ache because I’m clearing stuff. Often I ache because I’m picking up too much negative energy. Occasionally I ache because it’s a past life. And every now and then it’s because my burden has become too heavy.

Bad backs usually involve the spine and sometimes the muscles around it. Occasionally it can be kidney or other organs like the gall bladder. It’s not surprising really as our spine keeps us upright. Our kidneys and other organs keep our body free of waste products and toxic materials. When these areas flare up I believe it’s a sign that we have taken on too much of the wrong kind of energy. And that we are struggling to get rid of it. It’s no surprise that people with heavy responsibilities often suffer from bad backs. Or that someone who has been knocked down a lot in life (not always physically) has to deal with pack pain. Those with heavy emotional burdens suffer too.

There are also bad back issues when someone feels held back, trapped or hedged in. These strong emotional states stick in the spine and create physical pain. It can also be a sign of wanting to escape notice. Some people hunch with bad backs as if avoiding being seen. If this energy stays around long enough I believe we develop physical symptoms that make us stop and take notice. Unfortunately when the unexpressed energy becomes a physical symptom or actual damage to the spine there may be difficulties getting the spine back into order. Even after releasing any stuck energies.

Hopefully at the first twinge which suggests a bad back someone will get help identifying the energy source. I know from my Guides that the sooner it’s sorted the better.

But that’s the bigger problem. I’m not one to rush to the doctor. Nor do I always notice my bad back. Sometimes I just hope it will go away. I feel we all do that for as long as we possibly can. Especially as the back pain often comes from a strong sense of responsibility for others, for a job, for a way of life. So this is also about being ready to give myself enough care. As much care as I would offer to others. And for me to know that getting myself back into wellness is the best way to be more giving to others too. Is it time for you to notice that twinge of pain? That regular ache that doesn’t seem to have any physical cause? That nagging soreness that starts and then goes depending on where you are, what you are doing or who you are with?

Your body knows what you might not want to notice. If you have a bad back it’s time to look below the surface a little bit more.

Day 567 of my blogging challenge 

Grounded! When Life Curves Around

I’m grounded! Yesterday my grumpy old man car quit. He had been moaning and groaning for some time. And he knew I’d sent a request to the Universe for a new car in April. He wasn’t happy.

So when I tried to drive the car yesterday morning he wouldn’t get into first gear. Actually much like me really. I’ve had difficulty getting going all week. The energy shifts. My cold. A foggy brain. The feeling of waiting for something to happen. I have felt like I’ve been drifting along. But not knowing where I’m actually going. Worrying that I’m doing too much thinking and not enough action. As an air sign it’s no wonder I’d lost touch with the ground I’m standing on. It can happen very easily. Because I did need to be grounded I came down with a bump.

Practical matters came to a head. I was too ill to work but still thinking I should. I ended up cancelling a couple of events at short notice. That was a real challenge to my strong sense of duty. But it was the right thing to do. One of them involved an hour long drive there and back. So my car put it’s foot down too. Instead I finally retired to my bed and got the deep rest my body needed. When I woke up this morning I felt much more myself. A blessing really as I’d also had a spell during the night of powerful Full Moon energy. Another reason to be grounded right now.

I also feel that my Guides have grounded me too. Perhaps I was racing ahead without taking full account of the way my life has curved around. That after endings there are always beginnings.

I’m really good at looking for new stuff to do. And not so good with tying off the loose ends from what I’ve decided is finished. So I can find myself dragging old energy into new dreams. Is it any wonder then that the new dreams often end up looking like the old ones? This time my Guides want me to focus on everything fresh and new. They want me with a new inner energy. Because there is a big shift coming for all of us. The next nine years represent our choice to step into Ascension Consciousness. I have a chance to deliver on my Spiritual mission. But only if I recognise the new energy in me.

Shifting the ‘old’ me energy is my priority right now. Then I can move on. So I do understand that like an impulsive teenager I have rushed ahead without thought. Being grounded has made me look again at what I’m carrying with me. And I’m going to use the waning moon energy to let go of all the old stuff. Including my grumpy old man car. Because he is also a physical representation of some energy I’ve carried for a long time now. I really admire my Guides. When I refuse to see things one way they make sure I get the message anyway. It’s time for me to be really smart. I want to take the challenge of being in new energy. To be grounded but flying ahead at the same time. What about you?

Day 475 of my blogging challenge.

Short, Sweet, Spirit Treat

It’s been another short working day. Mainly because I had a demonstration of mediumship to do this evening. So I’ve been taking it steady. And also making allowances for my energy cold that is still clearing away.

Travelling to Hull, about two hours drive away, I enjoyed reviewing my week. Although I’ve been ill I also realise that a lot of stuck energy has been shifting. In short blasts perhaps. But shifting all the same. Every now and again I need to take the time to pay attention to my personal energy. If I don’t I’ll become weighed down again. That will affect my ability to connect with Energy Beings. Which, of course, will affect the quality of message and evidence that I am able to pass on. The whole point of my work is the connection I can make. I want it to be the best possible that I can do. So I’ve taken the ups and downs of energy this week hoping to have improved somewhere along the line.

Tonight as I stood up to take the service I wondered if I would notice any difference. I was delighted to find that the Spirit communicators came in loud and clear. They moved me quickly from message to message. It was like a specially sweet treat for me. I love being able to give the right message to the right person. I enjoy when the energy connection is so strong I feel the deeper blend with whoever is connecting. That’s when their presence becomes real. Not just to me. But to their loved one too. It’s wonderful to process the energy they give me so that it comes as an easy and complete flow of words. Sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes detailed and expansive. Always loving. And always to bring healing, laughter and upliftment.

All the energy clearing has been worth it. The short time of releasing has brought me a stronger connection. I feel I can do my spiritual work for others in a stronger, better way. A cold and cough? Nothing compared to the flow of healing energy I worked in tonight.

Day 453 of my blogging challenge. 

Recharging My Batteries

img_2362Have you ever noticed feeling a bit run down. As if recharging your batteries is overdue? Today I needed a long lie in before heading to the office.

I know that there have been energy upgrades happening thick and fast. Sometimes too many all at once. Each time another one comes along I have to take a day or two just to resettle back into my skin. Recharging is a natural consequence of adjusting to running at a new energy vibration. So the extra energy bump I got yesterday has been evened out today. That’s why I took some extra time to rest. In fact, I have learned my lesson and don’t try to push myself too hard after a boost.

By the afternoon though I was back ready to work with Energy shifting again. Sometimes the place you live or work gets too big a build up of old energies. The Centre tends to gather the energy of the people who visit in exchange for giving out positive blasts. So I regularly clean the aura of the Centre. Sometimes I move the crystals and plants around. Other times, like today, I move the furniture around. Resetting the rooms creates new energy flows. I’m really recharging the space. And naturally, anyone, including me, who visits or uses it.

2017 has been a resetting and recharging year. However, it might have been easy to miss that in all of the fear energy that is coming to the surface to be released.

Part of the recharging is also about being able to let go of old energy. I know it’s easy to keep going round in circles. To keep thinking about the past or old feelings. It’s as if, sometimes, I can’t resist repeating the same patterns over and over. When I reset my energy by releasing old fears, worries and anxieties I make space for new, positive energy to flow to me. But old patterns often take a long time to shift. Especially if they have been there since childhood. Facing my habits with the knowledge that I can change is the best way to do it.

Getting myself on a new track is all about taking that leap off the cliff. I have to trust that what is new in my intuitive life has arrived for the right reasons. Not always easy, I know. But something that I’m doing to make sure I have the best start I can to the new year. I hope that you have found a little time to recharge your energy today. It’s worth a few minutes or event hours if you can. Then you will be ready for all of the positive, new and exciting things that will be happening very soon ?

Day 377 of my blogging challenge. 

Shifting Childhood Fears

img_2342One of the things I’ve learned as a counsellor and healer is that our childhood experiences often stay deeply buried. Sometimes those experiences have created fears that end up driving our adult lives.

When I look at the world as an energy environment one of the strongest energies is our emotions. Every day what we feel is radiated out into the communal ocean of energy. So what I feel in any given moment also washes over anyone who happens to be around me. That’s lovely if the energy is love or joy. Not so nice if I’m angry or upset. And if I am afraid then the fear washes out to join all the other emotions around me. Learning about my intuition through my psychic senses opened my mind to the impact of a childhood spent in the energy of others.

That’s a point I try to make in all of my healing when it becomes necessary to clear deeply stuck energy. The energy may manifest as phobias, panic attacks, irrational bouts of fear where the cause is unknown or self-beliefs that don’t fit the reality of the person in front of me. Where do children learn that they are lazy, stupid, annoying, powerless or insignificant? It may not be because they are told that every day. But sometimes there is that kind of energy around them. They sense it and start to believe it. Because small children don’t have a rational thought process. They can’t check if what they sense is correct or the truth. Early childhood is a place not held in cognitive memory. I remember snippets from smells, sounds, senstaions.These are the prompts that make me react in all sorts of ways without quite knowing why.

Childhood reminders are everywhere. But I know that they are not open to rational exploration. The stuck energy has to be re-experienced in some way for the release to take place.

When I’m working with the difficult childhood times that others are stuck with it’s important to find a balance. Too much re-experiencing can be as traumatic as too little. Creating a safe way for the energy to be cleared may involve me in calling a halt to the healing work of a session if necessary. I may also have to highlight the precious, positive childhood times too so that there is an appreciation of that same balance. Nothing is black and white. Especially where feelings are concerned. And helping someone to recognise that the stuck energy may not even be theirs is also a positive.

We all swim in that shared ocean of feelings. Sometimes the energy we get stuck with is actually from the emotions of someone else. When we are small we don’t know the difference between our emotions and the emotions of others. We haven’t learned that skill yet as it comes along when we are able to think. Childhood, as I’ve said, isn’t about thinking it’s about feeling. Working through issues as an adult by checking out who the feelings actually belong to often clears stuck energy almost miraculously. Once I know it’s not my feelings I can choose not to be swayed by them. Whatever the feelings are. And whenever they originated.

So although I am influenced by my childhood I can release the fears through understanding how that energy got stuck there. And whose energy it really was to start with. Then I can try to radiate positive energy to all of the children I come in contact with. That is one way to change their future.

Day 367 of my blogging challenge.