Swapping Over: Is It Time To Do Something Else?

swapping and changingYesterday in my blog I mentioned that I’m used to my Guide Team organising the work I do for them. Often without notice but always because they can see the bigger picture. I was thinking today about how much swapping and changing I have to do. And how that has been a constant thread in my life.

I’ve noticed that every eighteen months or two years I start to feel restless. I want to start new things. Sometimes without finishing old stuff. Because swapping my focus seems to energise me all over again. Of course I didn’t always notice that pattern. It was only afterwards that I would think about how quickly things had changed. As I developed my mediumship I started to realise that my Guide Team seemed to be happy swapping my work on a fairly regular basis. New tasks and experiences seemed to flow in every time I thought I had got to a competent level. In fact, just as my confidence in what I was doing started to rise.

When I pointed out that new work was coming in just as I was finally feeling ok with something they encouraged me to keep an open mind. And to learn to recognise when I was really ready for that change of focus. I know they brought things to me so that I wouldn’t get complacent. Or get comfortable with something so much that I would be unable to move to the next area I needed to develop. It seems they wanted me on a rapid learning curve. Because, actually, that type of learning suited my personality. I like to grab the essentials, understand the detail and then get practicing. I know I learn best when I’m practicing my abilities. My Guide Team were chopping and changing because it suited me.

I take their point. I have spent a lot of my life hanging on in there. Doing things that I should have stopped long before. This way I get the push to move on exactly when I need it. Are you ready to try something new? Is it the right point in your personal development to try something fresh? I’m sure your Guide Team will be letting you know if it is. So get swapping. It will be worth it!

Day 890 of my blogging challenge

Hitting The Wall: Finding The Will To Continue

hitting wallIt was wild and windy outside so today I decided to stay inside. I read for a while. Then got out my artwork. A little while later I took out my notebook. But I couldn’t settle. So I got out my blog ideas to pick one. And that’s when I realised I was hitting the wall. My will to get things done had gone away.

Vanished overnight. Nowhere to be found. I was struggling to apply my focus to anything. Perhaps a little of it is because my holiday is almost over. Certainly some of it is about the routine stuff I need to do. But I also realised that hitting the wall is part of my letting go process. I’m on the eight hundred and sixty sixth day of my blog challenge. Like a marathon runner I’m experiencing fatigue and loss of energy. Yet the end is really close. Far more is behind me than in front of me. And that is the issue. I love new beginnings. But I’m a bit rubbish at endings.

Letting go means stopping doing something. Putting it in the past. Completely in the past. I recognise that is the point that is hitting a nerve. When something is good I want it to continue endlessly. Even when it’s getting less good it can still be hard for me to stop. I feel that I’m not alone in this pattern. Most of us are reluctant to change. So I know that lots of us will be hitting walls all the time. Trying to find the energy to complete one thing before we move onto the next. But ending up carrying everything forward instead. Instead of sitting excitedly at my computer finishing another blog I dragged my feet today.

Other things got left too. But I know that I will have to push forward once again instead of hanging on. Hitting the ground still running. Making sure I complete the outstanding work so new things have a space to get my focus. It’s ok to take time to recognise the fatigue feeling. I know understanding that feeling will motivate me to keep going. Here’s to another 135 blogs!

Day 866 of my blogging challenge