Valueless? How Should I Charge For My Experience?

valuelessI’m back home and working through my emails and messages. It’s an interesting experience responding to requests for readings, healing energy and other work. Yesterday in my Letter From The Light Side I found myself talking about how I value myself. How we all value ourselves. And sometimes feel that we are valueless.

Another word for valueless is worthless. Cubic Zirconia gems are often considered valueless because they are man made. Whilst Diamonds can be priceless because they are Earth made. Synthetic versus naturally occurring if you like. That made me think about my experiences. I arrived on the planet so I am Earth made. A naturally occurring human being. But my life has shaped me in so many ways that I could be classed as ‘man made’. Is my life experience worthless then? Or is it a very valuable part of me? Sometimes it’s really hard to get a balanced view of that. Especially when I have to tell people what I charge for my services. This is not a new discovery for me. Or for the many, many people who work int he holistic and alternative therapies or practices.

Even setting up a business can attract a great deal of comment about ‘God give abilities’ being meant to be used for free. That’s what the Inspirers wanted me to recognise yesterday. My experience isn’t valueless. In fact I need to be very sure to include it in my calculations about my own worth. Instead of dismissing the many years of searching, questioning, trying and testing I need to own those things. I have arrived at this energy level because I have done a lot of things. And studied many more. I have also worked to refine my abilities so that they are active at the best level I can presently achieve. So it’s important not to believe that I am valueless. I have a value.

And I know that I add value to the lives of the people I help and support. Therefore I have to make a charge for my work. In order to honour what I can offer to others. This is true for everyone on the planet. We need a wider debate about the distortions money makes to our ideas of self value. In the meantime, until there is a better balance, I will continue to charge what my study and experience is worth. Is it time you did the same?

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Weekend Approaching. Time To Relax?

weekendWhen I worked for an organisation I used to love getting to Friday night. The weekend was next. I knew I would get two days to myself when I could choose exactly what I wanted to do. Now I run my own spiritual business. And things have changed.

Of course anyone running their own business soon learns that you have to work when your customers are free to visit you. But I guess I didn’t really think about that when I moved into my mediumship. I think I had an idea that my work would be mainly in churches and centres. Those were the places I expected people to go for messages. So mostly nights of work, I thought. Until I started to be asked to do private readings. Then I found that most people were only really available at the weekend. If I wanted to do their readings for them I would have to shift my expectations of my own weekend.

Actually it was something that seemed to fit quite naturally for a lot of reasons. Especially since the weekend was the time I had the most childcare available to me. At the least cost because my family could do it. Getting any kind of business venture off the ground costs quite a bit in the early stages so not paying childcare was a big consideration. I also had to adjust my week. It was rather easy to find I had worked straight through seven or ten days because I wasn’t used to taking time off during the week. Eventually I started to carve out a space in the week that was a regular weekend. But I had to fight hard to keep the time free too.

Eventually I settled into a more fluid pattern. I work some weekends and not others. And I work Monday to Friday some weeks and not others. I identify enough days to be filled with work. And I look forward to the weekend I have built in for myself. Finally, on my days off I make sure I relax. Doing all of the stuff I normally would on my weekends. After all, I know a life-work balance is important for my wellbeing. And my work!

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Taking a Forward Look into 2017

img_2229There is a lot of full moon energy about today. I always enjoy the boost it gives me. Especially when it’s time to look forward at the new year.

I know that we still have a couple of months before 2017 starts but I took the opportunity today to have a discussion about my forward plans at the Down 2 Earth Centre. I find that when I explain things to others the sound of what I’m saying always pings when it feels right. It’s part of my way of living an intuitive life. I’ve spent so much time being steered by my head, following what I thought was best, but ending up not engaged in something I’m passionate about. To step out of that way of planning things was scary. After all it’s conditioning I’ve had since I was at school.

I have found it hard to follow my feelings. Especially because in school and throughout a lot of my adult life I was guided by what I thought. There is an expectation that we will do practical things. Work at what brings in money. Be driven by the need to survive rather than by the need to be happy. So when I planned anything it had to be structured around earning money, paying my way and making a useful contribution. Anything else got me thinking fearful or unconfident things. Even when I started working for myself nearly 20 years ago I approached what I was doing in a rational way. Strange that my plans didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

That’s the realisation I came to after years of forward planning that never quite took me where I wanted to go. So I looked around for a new way of looking to the future.

It helped a lot that by this time I was also learning about tuning in to energy. I was paying a lot more attention to what I felt. My Guides were making themselves known. I practiced being aware of my feelings before I made decisions. In time I realised that what made me feel happy didn’t always feature in my plans. There was a gap. What I wanted to do seemed to come second to what I thought I had to do. It was time to approach my forward planning in a different way. That’s when I started talking to people about my ideas and noticing what I felt as I spoke.

With this method I decided to put in place the ideas or options that made me feel good. I stopped judging what I do from a money, survival or ‘because I ought’ point of view. Now I look at the next year from the position of ‘will this make me feel happy’. I do more of what I like and a lot less of what I ought to do. My aim is to get to the point where I really only do what I love doing. So my admin tasks will definitely be shifting next year, lol. Instead there will be a lot more teaching. And healing. And Earth’s ArchAngels.

After all, who said my business had to be serious, routine or dull? That is what it would become if I stuck to the same old same old. Or felt I should, must or ought to offer only those things that would make me a profit.

Finding someone who could be my sounding board gives me a chance to check that what I’m planning is going to be fun, interesting and stretching for me. If I’m loving what I do then those who want to join in will get a blast of that energy too. The wave of positive can spread. Which is why I also like to be the sounding board for others. It’s great to hear their out loud forward planning. Between us we can share the excitement of identifying plans that come from the heart. We can offer each other support when stepping out of a comfort zone is required. Together, I feel that we can make our next business year an emotional success.

It may seem a bit odd to talk about business as an emotional success. However, I know that I put much more effort into things I’m passionate about. I also know that successful business people do the same. How much passion you have can turn a stressful treadmill of effort into an exciting adventure. I also feel that an emotional success links directly with spirituality. When I know that I am doing the happiest thing for me I am flowing with the evolution of my life. Being here is, I believe, all about learning to be in alignment with my higher purpose. Finding contentment, commitment and happiness in the work I do brings me into that alignment. Because my heart will always love doing what I, as Spirit, planned to do.

So my plans are emerging. 2017 is going to be a great year and I’m going to do what I love doing? What about your plans?

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Passion to Create

imageFinding my passion to create is one of the really special aspects of the journey I started ten years ago. I began to acknowledge that there was something more to this life than what could be experienced in a material way. Stepping fully into an exploration of my intuitive abilities opened so many new doors for me. It also gave me lots of experiences where I could be creative. And I gave myself permission to create and to enjoy doing so. Today was a day of more creativity.

My good friend Jan and I are getting ready to launch something new in June this year. It is the end of a strand of work that has kept up us creating for four years at least. We have regular catch ups to keep us on track so sitting together today we talked about the end of one phase being the beginning of another. That is what happens when you get creative. When you find your passion in an inspired activity you end up with lots of interesting projects, prototypes and seemingly endless work. As one step fades into another you move forward to the next challenge. The excitement of creating keeps you bouncing new ideas around. Out if this process you can end up with some wonderful products or services.

The passion to create returned again later in the day when I was doing some business mentoring. I tend to work without a structure. I don’t make formal plans as such. What I keep in mind for my business is all about my passion. I have always wanted to help people. Then I learned that it was important to wait until they had identified what help they needed for themselves. By creating the right circumstances I was able to help people work it out for themselves creatively. Then I could get on with providing some of what they decided they needed. In the same way when you decide to work for yourself you have to be prepared to follow your passion. Successful businesses are built by the owner who loves what they are doing, can ignore the ups and downs and can hold the vision of the eventual outcomes. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, in any walk of life, then your activity is without joy.

Joy is an important ingredient. We all recognise brilliant customer service when we get it because the person giving it does so with joy. We can recognise the absence of joy in anything when it really isn’t there. The energy vibration of loving the work you do is very strong. In a world that understood energy vibrations we would certainly want to have only those things that were filled with joy. Passion, the feeling of joy, in being creative can be about finding a solution to an issue, making a new product, writing a blog or painting your own pictures. My passion for creating has included all of those activities. So I’ve had a lot of joy from my business over the years.

If you decide that you want to run a spiritual business you have an even greater responsibility to follow your passion. The whole of my business life is about spirituality in action. I want to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Otherwise I will struggle to find joy because I’m not being my authentic self. Deciding what to create for my business vision, putting that into action and dealing with unexpected outcomes will be draining if there is no joy in what I do. Before you step into your own business it’s wise to make sure you understand what it is you want to create. What is the passion that drives you forward? Is it enough to keep you going through the challenging times? Write it down. Write it down again. Write it down for a third time. Are you still clear about what you want to create? Is there enough passion and power for you to launch your new project?

We are all creative beings – really good at finding new ways & ideas – with a passion for producing all sorts of ‘things’. Some of those things are concrete and some are more insubstantial. Recognising our creativity, making sure that we use it and doing what brings us joy, because we can, is the perfect ‘working life’ we deserve. How much joy does your work give you?

Day 163 of my blogging challenge. 

Job Title Dilemma

imageDo we have a dilemma in the spiritual side of life about what we call ourselves? Our job title? I certainly find it hard to answer when people ask me what I do. And depending on who is asking and where I am I find I give different answers. Sometimes it’s because to say what I actually do requires a long list of things (any of which can be true at any time), or some of my job titles attract misunderstandings, or when I use certain words or phrases people fit me into a stereotype.

My dilemma began when I was deciding to provide a public service. I started off calling myself a medium & psychic. But was I a spiritualist medium? A trance medium? A clairvoyant? There are lots of ways to describe being the connector for the Spirit World and in the end I settled on being an Intuitive Medium & Psychic because I used my intuition as my means of connecting. I still get asked if I’m a clairvoyant because people don’t understand that this is one kind of mediumship using a particular sense (the third eye to see Spirit). Sometimes they aren’t clear about what intuition is either.

The bit about being psychic is also confusing. A psychic is a person who uses their intuitive senses to connect with living people’s energy. If someone connects with Spirit energy then they have moved into being a medium. Yet people approached me as a psychic asking if I could speak to their loved ones in Spirit. Using your psychic connection you can also use psychic tools like a pendulum, tarot cards, dowsing rods, oracle cards, crystals & much more. You don’t use any of them if you are connecting to Spirit people. We are all psychic to a greater or lesser extent depending very much on if we choose to develop those senses we were born with. So calling myself a psychic is also to say that everyone on the planet could use the word psychic in their job description.

As things moved on for me it seemed I was destined to be a teacher. One way or another my Guides wangled it that I wound up teaching the teachers. I had a lot of resistance to adding teacher to my job description as it conjured up more stereotypes & the faint feeling that I’m not an ‘expert’ enough in anything to be teaching. So I plodded on with being a spiritual counsellor, a pastoral counsellor, a facilitator and a spiritual coach. I was avoiding job titles like guru, master, sage, oracle. It seemed to me that these titles often resulted in more stereotypical misunderstandings or the distinct secondary question of ‘who says you are’.

Then it was time for me to improve my ability to channel healing energy. Off I went to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. More headaches about job title. I had the certification to say the I was both a master and a teacher. However, not a lot of people understood what Reiki was. Sometimes it still fits into the category of slightly strange & a little bit out there for quite a number of people. I felt as if my dilemma was getting more challenging. For the past couple of days some very lovely people have been helping me, knowingly or not, find a job title that is clear about what I do but, more importantly, says who I am. So I have to thank Dawn, Nixi and Alan for prompting me to think about how Annie Conboy describes herself to the world.

I’ve occasionally said about my work that ‘I’m a jack of all trades and master of none’ when I’ve been trying to name what I do. There are so many things that fall into my remit as an Intuitive Something that a list would go on for a really long time. Somehow that fact that I do lots of things (and can do them well) gets lost when put beside someone who has specialised in getting good at their one job. So it was really wonderful to be reminded that the follow on to that first line is ‘though often times better than master of one’. I am an ace integrater. I can take bits & pieces from everywhere and weave them into something that works, makes sense or has a creative outcome. Staying in one discipline would only have shown me one point of view. My dilemma is eased by knowing that my job title is valuable because it represents a willingness to learn, specialise for a bit & then go back to learning something different.

To reflect what is at the heart of everything I do a much truer title would be Master Energy Shaper. People still wouldn’t get what it means though. It doesn’t say what it is on the tin. So perhaps in the pursuit of spirituality there is an implied, comfortable, recognition that one job title isn’t enough. So today I was very much doing the Centre Director job, this evening I was doing the Intuitive Medium job and tomorrow, who knows what job title I’ll use.

Day 80 of my blogging challenge.

Business Head On!

imageToday has been all about running a business – though perhaps not in the way that other people expect. First thing in the morning meetings really aren’t my style. I’m enough of a night owl to want a slower start to my day, especially if I’ve had a restless night’s sleep, so kick starting my mind for 8am was my first challenge of the day. I attended a Federation of Small Businesses Breakfast meeting at that time. We were discussing how to support each other and the wider business community so that the recovery for the local economy can happen as quickly as possible.

In the Calder Valley many businesses (one man bands all the way up to larger employers) haven’t had to face the nightmare of flood water in their premises but they do have to deal with the impact of a loss of trade. Householders & businesses putting their houses in order won’t be spending as much as they used to. Visitors might believe that the town is still closed. Some of these businesses will need help to find new customers (if they can) or ways to keep things going until things return to normal. That could take a long time. So it was useful to look at creative ways that we could support each other and to find out that some of our key events are still going to be happening.

We even have a new one! The townspeople have decided to have another go at Christmas. So on 25th June we will be getting out the tinsel, Santa will be calling & the Christmas tree will be looking amazing. Ok, so it may turn out to be the hottest day of the year but that will make a nice change. And on 26th it will be our fab Handmade Parade. Music, dancing, creative craftwork on display will make for a very different ‘Boxing Day’. There is always something happening here.

Tonight I went to one of the local pubs that has managed to reopen again – the Dusty Miller in Mytholmroyd. Another business meeting but for the crowd funding challenge 103 of us are part of. We are trying to raise £150,000 by 12th February so that our businesses can continue to offer our services to our community. We shared our stories, shared our strategies for making people aware of the funding bid and broke the remaining £34,000 we need into manageable chunks to raise. So raffles, press coverage, selling special or unique items are all on the list.

Many people suggest that mediums & psychics should offer their services for free. I don’t support that viewpoint. So that I can work full time in the service of Spirit I have to pay normal bills just like everyone else. Two years ago I made a commitment to my Guides & the Energy Beings that I would offer support & healing to as many people as I could. The way to do that turned out to be the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre. Setting up a sanctuary where people could come for a while to step out of the world. Where we could offer holistic therapies, counselling, healing and Spirit messages. Where people felt they could relax, de-stress and find a listening ear. The Centre isn’t run to give me an income – I subsidise the Centre with my mediumship.  It is a collaboration of like minded people who believe that support & healing should be available to all.

I still have to have a business plan, cash flow and an eye on the bottom line. I am still accountable to the bank & the business has to pay its bills. The admin still needs to be done. The difference for me is that I believe that the abundance needed to keep the Centre open will flow in. All I have to do is make sure that I am taking action in line with my intentions so that the Universe can make sure that everything happens in the way it should. Running a spiritual business has many things in common with any other business so it’s ok to have my business head on from time to time.

Day 71 of my blogging challenge.

Step into the unknown

imageI’m often asked how I make decisions in my business. Or sometimes whether I should be running a business at all if I’m spiritual and want to help people. These are two really interesting questions for me. I’ve considered them over & over since I started to give messages and channellings in public.

I’ve actually been self-employed since 1998. At that time I made a career change and started to work as a counsellor whilst I was studying hard to get my qualifications. Most of what I did in the first two years was on a voluntary basis. I felt I needed to be experienced before I could charge for my services. I was also recovering from an illness that had worn me out completely. A small amount of voluntary work let me gain confidence in my skills until I could begin building up a full time business. By 2000 I had developed my work into a source of full time income with some voluntary counselling in projects that I felt were important to me.

By 2006 my connections with the Spirit World were developing fast. I was still counselling but there were elements of the sessions where it seemed I had more than intuition guiding me. As I learned more about my natural skills, especially with my clairesentience, I found that the information I was getting was stronger, more detailed, more clear. I felt that introducing Spirit people into the counselling sessions was inappropriate. So I took a step in another direction. I stepped off a cliff into fresh air. I began to give people Spirit messages. Soon after that I found I was standing up in Spiritualist churches and Centres giving those messages in public.

At that time I had to revisit what I felt about giving my communications. It was clear that putting people in contact with their loved ones in the Spirit World was a wonderful priveledge. The people who got the messages seemed to be helped so much by the connection still being a ‘live’ link. I spent a lot of time giving the messages for free. I felt that once again I was learning so perhaps a charge wouldn’t be right somehow. I was going here, there and everywhere. I was in demand in one way, but also meeting people who wouldn’t have a message unless they gave me some money. My donations tin came out – exactly like it had when I was a counselling student.

One day a good friend of mine asked me to have a coffee with her. She asked me if I was enjoying my mediumship. I said yes. The leap of faith I’d taken was very rewarding. Then she asked me who was paying for my travel & the costs of the car. I was a bit puzzled & said it was me of course. She said to me that if Spirit wanted me to do their work wouldn’t they provide an energy exchange. I hadn’t thought about it like that so I said I guessed they would. So where are you getting the ‘energy’ of money from to pay for your travel she asked. Of course I wasn’t getting anything like what I was spending by taking only donations.

That conversation prompted a conversation with my Guides. They had been trying to get my attention for weeks to discuss this with me. Giving is wonderful. To be able to share something and choose to make it a gift is positive energy. What my Guides needed me to understand was that I had to give to myself as well as others. All the voluntary work has to be balanced by accepting what is given to me in return. And sometimes I have to ask up front for an exchange of energy. I have to let people give to me in the form of money as a return for the ‘energy’ I give to them.

Anyone who begins a spiritual business (one that is aimed at helping people evolve & grow) faces that set of questions no matter how big or small the business actually is. Becoming a full time medium brought me to that set of questions from my friend. When I started the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre I came back again to the same set of questions. I faced a step into the unknown where I had to trust that there would be firm ground beneath my feet throughout. I’ve become better at accepting payment for my services – it’s an exchange of energy. Having a Centre means doing it in a bigger way.

One of the key things about the Centre is that I have supported it from my income so that we can keep offering free sessions for people to come in and find a warm welcome. The lovely practitioners who work in the Drop In do so with no expectation of being paid by anyone. They offer their time to be a listening ear, a comforting presence and a source of support. A number of practitioners of all sorts have volunteered to be around for the Drop In sessions. Quite a few of them haven’t quite understood my ethos. They have expected that the sessions will be run in order to get them customers. They have worked from the standard business model where competition for clients is a built in requirement. The Centre’s energy is entirely different. We work as a collaborative team with no expectation of the people who come through the door. We all have other sources of income having learned that the best way to build a business is to focus the energy on relationships not on money.

Those practitioners who stepped into the unknown with me two years ago and have remained have learned a new way of being in a spiritual business. They understand the value of relationships in building a community. That is what we have grown – a community of support, compassion and acceptance. I’m delighted that our success is measured by those people who came into the Centre when lost in their lives & selves and who are now so very different. The money I have put into the Centre has been my gift to them. I’m certainly ready to ask for and accept the return of that money energy.

So how do I make my decisions? I make my choices by listening to my heart, to my Guides and to the people who use the Centre. Soon we will be starting in on our third year of offering ‘something for nothing’ in the Drop Ins. Although it isn’t really something for nothing. I am happy to keep giving to people. What they give me back is their own personal growth. And if they can afford it at any time some money energy. It’s been a new idea for our visitors too. The donation tin has had to be out there on the table in case someone is not yet ready to accept unless there is an immediate return. There is a whole other blog required to discuss obligation & our tangled up way of holding onto barriers that prevent us from receiving, lol.

There is one final aspect to this blog this evening. We want to offer more to our visitors. I have actually joined a crowdfunding collaboration to improve the equipment of the Centre. A big step into the unknown again! You see, I am determined to offer as much as I can to the people who want to use our services but at the moment I’m working flat out & still can’t raise enough money for the extras I’d like. It’s time to send out a message to the Universe, my Guides and everyone who will listen. The Centre will happily benefit from the positive flow of abundance your donations represent. If you can donate money energy please email me for more details as the crowdfunding link isn’t  live at the moment. Thank you for reading to the end of this piece & thank you also if you decide to give ?

Day 59 of my blogging challenge.

Mentoring in a spiritual business

mentorToday I wanted to blog about being a mentor for a therapist setting up her new business. So many businesses have been affected by the flooding in the UK that owners may need a boost in energy to get them moving again.

A mentor is someone independent of the business who can offer support, suggestions and a fresh pair of eyes to help keep the business owner moving on the right track. Mentoring is an important way to pass on skills, empowerment and to provide a sounding board for new ideas. These positive benefits encourage a sharing of knowledge & support for someone who wants to develop their work or business skills further. Mentoring can be used at all levels of an organisation or business to develop the skills and experience of future leaders, managers and business owners. Success in mentoring brings economic and personal growth for all the participants.

A key part of becoming a mentor for me has been to offer guidance, support and advice to my mentee. There is a difference between mentoring and coaching that it is worth pointing out as it is easy to become confused at times with these two roles. Whilst coaching is focused on performance and improving it, often over a relatively short timescale, mentoring targets the development of an individual’s capability over a longer term or a career, as well at various stages in the development of a business. I see my remit as a mentor being to act as an adviser, supporter, researcher, champion and evaluator depending on the needs of my mentee over time. These will be delivered through our developing relationship.

So I have a key responsibility to conduct the relationship is a positive & empowering way so that my mentee feels able to use my support and build her business with confidence in her own abilities. I also have a responsibility to ensure that we work to an agreed contract. This will help to set & manage our expectations of what the relationship will provide for both of us. At our first meeting we discussed how to conduct our sessions, what we would each be responsible for and how often we would meet until she had completed her business case to secure funding.

It’s also important to note that there may be others who are involved in the mentoring process. Acknowledging the expectations, roles & responsibilities of other parties helps us, as mentor & mentee, to be clear about who else needs to be considered in our discussions e.g. the government funding institution supporting my mentee will expect certain things relating to her business plan proposal.

Mentoring always involves a wide range of skills, including coaching, consulting, counselling & teaching. I feel that I can be most useful in using this tool kit of approaches as flexibly as possible. However, a tool kit is only useful if skills can be communicated to and transferred to the mentee. So a priority for any mentor has to be effective communication. It is possible to build the mentee’s self belief and confidence only if there is a positive way of communicating encouragement, ideas and expectations.

Sometimes it’s necessary to present ideas or suggestions that will challenge the mentee’s thinking or plans so that the mentee can be sure that she has made the best business decision for her circumstances. Being able to communicate at these times is essential. Building a rapport with my mentee will help to do this. I feel that it is important that I can speak my thoughts clearly, with an understanding & empathy for my mentee’s views; that I can actively listen to her views and reflect them back positively; and, that my attitude & behaviour reflect positive values towards my mentee. Finally, I feel it is also my responsibility to offer praise and encouragement. Finding things that have worked can often boost a mentee who might be finding making progress difficult at times. Recognising progress, however small it might be against a business plan, or my mentee’s expectations, can help both of us to set managable goals to get through a more challenging period.

The mentor contract is a useful way of managing our expectations of each other when working to grow the mentee’s business. It gives us a framework within which to manage the time we can have together. Since it is a key way of setting up the purpose of the mentoring timescales, responsibilities and how we will keep in contact can be clearly understood. It’s also important to work ethically together as we will be setting business & mentoring goals that may cover commercial or confidential information. The elements of the contract also need to acknowledge what we can’t provide to each other – especially if I don’t have the required knowledge or skills e.g. about reflexology or massage.

Sometimes when setting up an holistic business finding a good mentor feels like a challenge. However, there are many people with some or all of the necessary skills who would be happy to help. Ask around. Look outside your particular profession (the freshest pair of eyes might actually be from another specialism altogether). Don’t be afraid to ask people if the would mentor you. If you are asked to be a mentor consider saying yes. Together we can all grow each other as people and businesses.

Day 47 of my blogging challenge.

My psychic life: Day 28

ParashielThis evening I’ve been out to a spiritualist centre to do a demonstration of mediumship. I love the way the energy flows during the day, getting me ready for my work, gently moving me up to a higher vibration so accurate connections can be made. It’s really important to shift from a normal, 3rd dimensional, ‘resting’ energy to a faster speed energy (so to speak) as the Spirits live in a 5th dimensional world. That world overlaps ours and we can connect across the dimensional barrier but only if we speed up and they slow down.

From early afternoon I was much more aware of the Spirit people all around though I choose not to talk to them until I’m working. Getting changed they do offer comments about what I should wear especially the colours. Their energy is going to channeled through me in the demonstration and the colour can enhance the vibration, or be a reminder of a colour a particular loved one used to wear, or help me to find the right person for a message. I love it when I wear a colour and find that three or four people at the demo are also wearing that colour. That means I have my message recipients all lined up.

In the car I usually have lots of company as I drive. Tonight we went to Sale via a side trip to Warrington. I missed my turn off the motorway & had to drive for 6 miles before I could get off at the next turn off & head back. It took me an extra 10 minutes but I decided I needed to do it for some reason. Perhaps I was also slightly distracted by the lady in the front seat telling me to keep on going, dear, we need to go this way. And the 4 people in the back having a sing song to pass the time on the journey. The reason for the detour turned up in a message I gave someone to explain something that they were experiencing. It’s not the first time I’ve gone the indirect route to a service on behalf of a Spirit and it probably won’t be the last!

The service tonight was also a healing service. Afterwards people would be able to get energy healing. I didn’t know this on my way to the centre although I did feel rather like I was going to drift off into a healing trance. As we opened the service I felt the presence of one of the Earth’s Guardian ArchAngels boosting my healing energy. Parashiel is a wonderful angel with responsibility for all healers. S/He likes to bring in plenty of vibrant orange, for upliftment, and green for heart healing. It was lovely after the service to have a couple of people describe him to me. They saw him step in close to work with me and got a fab blast of his energy too.

When I’m finished I always like a cup of tea. It helps me to start the process of drifting sown out of the energy. I’m also really hungry. Most of the day of a service I have very little appetite. That is the normal impact of shifting to a higher energy vibration. I have to remind myself to eat something to keep me going. Afterwards I can usually eat lots. As it’s often later at night I have to pace myself to eat enough but not too much. A week full of services is a great way to diet!

The drive home is my unwind time. The company in the car is usually only my Guides & we chat about how the demonstration has gone. I like to think about it there and then as the messages come into my mind & are passed on so quickly in a service that I recall very little of the actual content. When I get in I have another cuppa, some food and watch a bit of TV. Getting back to my usual vibration can take as much time as it took to build up the energy in the first place so sleep can often take a while. A blog challenge is a good way to spend some time whilst I’m waiting to feel sleepy.

So, another day done, messages delivered, healing energy sent out and another community of spiritually minded people encouraged to live a connected life!

My psychic life: Day 24

images-32Day 23 went by in a blur. I’m sitting in the Centre at the moment reflecting on how fab it is to be able to work for myself. Of course, it’s also got a tougher side. Running your own business places the responsibility fair & square on your shoulders as to how successful you are. The interesting thing is how to measure that success.

I guess most people would start by considering the amount of money they earned was a measure of their success in business. We do tend to look at what people possess on a material level anyway. Is it when you buy your own Porche or mansion or private jet that you are a success? The business role models that get all the press coverage tend to have large incomes (from building their business up and up and up). After a time, if you have the right products and customer service business, growth is inevitable. Then you have become an entrepreneur. You are a business person who has graduated to another level. But do you want to be measured by that yardstick alone? Money can certainly bring comfort but we tend to hoard it, saving it up as ours, rather than accepting that it needs to be spread around if we want to enjoy more of it.

Is success the amount you can give of your time, energy & money to charity. Certainly large businesses like to gift a small portion of their income to good causes. In a way that counts as spreading the money around. The donations help to fund the supply of services thus creating more opportunities for big businesses to generate income. There is also the ‘feel -good’ factor of charitable giving. Does that feeling make us more likely to say the business is successful? After all, even a tiny business can give a £1 or two in a charity box or to a charity shop. I make charitable donations too thought they are not a measure of my business success. I have always donated, throughout my life, to causes that I felt needed my support.

Is the measure of success how many people you think reach via social media? Or the amount of posting, tweeting & blogging you do? Or to be on the first page of Google? I use social media quite a bit (at the last count I had 15 accounts across various platforms and I administer 5 web sites) and I’m busy doing this 30 day blog challenge. I’m certainly doing my bit as I am on the front page of Google for all kinds of search parameters. Yet I still get lots of emails and calls from people who want to maximise my SEO (it took me ages to work out that meant Search Engine Optimisation. Doh!). They tell me I will be extremely successful if I pay them as they can get me a top ranking on search engines. Of course they haven’t had time to check where I already am but flow happily onto the next business to pitch for money again.

Is the measure of success how pretty my business card looks? Or how many network meetings I’ve attended this year? Or how many times I’ve appeared in print or on TV? Is it that I only tell people what they want to hear? Or doing the hard sell, up-selling and marketing? Have I become a brand (lol, not Russell)? Do I need a public image? As the thoughts flow through my mind it’s interesting how much I find myself saying ‘no’ to all of the above. I’m aware that I operate my business in a different way. My work is intuitive so my business is too.

How-to-create-a-mind-map-mindmapIf you ask me for a business plan I can show you a mind map. In it are all the aspects that make up my daily work. Also all the prompts I receive from my Guides. There are no dates, goals or targets. Perhaps their isn’t even a clear vision. I have used all of the standard business techniques to present plans to banks, source finance and secure grants. Yet explaining exactly what will happen in my business & when has to remain extremely fluid. I am influenced by the energy needs of others rathe more than the needs of a regular cashflow. I always know that I will have more than enough funding for anything I am inspired to do so long as I trust in the benevolence of the Universe. And that brings me back to measuring success in a spiritually inspired business.

I still have to be a business woman. I do take notice of the income and expenditure. I do market my services. My success is based on an understanding of these things. However, the measure of my success is in how many people feel better in their lives from contact with me. If someone says that I have explained something, or listened to them or have connected them with themselves or their loved ones in Spirit then I have been successful. If someone has been able to go out and speak with their authentic voice as a result of a workshop or class I’ve done then I have been successful. If someone has gone away from a reading or event wondering ‘how did she know that? …do that?’ then I have been successful. When someone comes to my Centre if they find a peaceful space to be, to ask questions or to offload then I have been successful.

By my measures I am enormously successful. I treasure the opportunity to do work that I am passionate about – work that is successful. To all of the other small business people out there – please think carefully about how you are measuring your success. Perhaps you are already far more successful that you imagine.