Wild Water: At Peace With The Wild Energy

wild walkThe weather has been blustery today. Down at the beach the water was wild. Waves tumbled over each other to crash against the rocks. The sea mirrored the energy flowing around me. Mercury wildness at it’s most tricky.

I love to walk in wild weather. Letting the wind and the rain blast away anything that I have collected but really don’t need. So I felt drawn to the water, to the waves, this afternoon. To help me dump all the emotions that this pass of Mercury retrograde had dredged up. Dealing with unexpected memories, old feelings and tangled knots of my past. Things I know I can’t change now. Choices that are long gone. Reminding myself that I am a different person now. Hopefully having learned from my mistakes. And willing to live my life in a different way.

One of the challenges this time has been to find compassion for myself. To recognise that we all act based on partial information. The bigger picture only becomes clear at a later date. On the beach the tide flows in and out in an endless cycle. Some days the waves are calm. Then there are the days when the waves are full of restless power. Washing and tumbling along the beach. Stirring up the shells and seaweed. Making changes to the landscape. Yet the beach and the waves remain much the same as they have always been. I know that turbulent feelings rise in me in waves. Though underneath I am the same Spirit. The being who knows and radiates unconditional love.

However wild my emotions, whatever actions I take, there is an eternal cycle behind all of this. I know that wild energy will help me to resolve the ups and downs of that cycle. That though brings me a great deal of peace. Whoever and whatever I am in the future the wildness will always remind me that change is inevitable.

Day 995 of my blogging challenge

Bucket List For My Spirit: What To Discover Before I Die

bucketThe New Moon energy is starting to build. So today I have been thinking about my bucket list. All of the things I would like to do before I die. As I sat with my pen and paper I suddenly thought about the Spirit Within. What has my Spirit been asking for?

Every New Moon I write down my wish list. All of the positive energy that I want to flow my way. The things I still want to see, do or achieve. Then I send out a request to the Universe so that all of these things can manifest. My usual list is quite practical. A newer car. The chance to travel to other countries. A night out with friends. More book sales. New people to mentor. As I composed my list today I thought about my ultimate bucket list. What do I still want in my life? And I heard a small voice inside. Not a Guide this time. Because the voice trying to come through was of my Spirit self. After all my Spirit remembers the blueprint. The reasons I made all theses choices and conditions about this particular time of existing.

It made me stop and think. What did I put on my bucket list when I was making my plan to come down to Earth? I can’t say I’ve ever thought about it that way before. I have relied on my Guides to lead, push, pull or drag me to the experiences I require to fulfil my blueprint. Though inside of me my Spirit has always wanted to do, achieve or choose certain things about my life. Perhaps that ultimate list includes the losses I’ve experienced? Or the joy of my creativity? Even the experience of overcoming fears? It’s odd to think of a higher self list that includes both pleasant and unpleasant events. Yet my Spirit also knows that I grow through both love and pain. And only the human side of me can experience pain.

I’m still thinking about that Spirit bucket list. Checking off in my head what I have experienced in my life so far. And wondering what else I might have put on the list. This is going to take a little time to understand. And to embrace all that my Spirit planned for me. So I will salute the New Moon energy as usual. And await the next experience that my Spirit Within requires.

Day 988 of my blogging challenge

Countdown To The Outer Journey: New Beginnings

countdownAnother countdown has started. Like the ending of my blogging challenge we are rushing towards another set of endings. These are related to the energy that we have been living in since 2012. Finally, we can begin to take our inner work out into the world!

Depending on what position you wish to take we have been or are entering the Age of Aquarius. This will be a time of advancement towards a new consciousness, an emphasis on Divine Feminine and great progress in our humanitarian efforts. I believe that we stepped into the Aquarian energy around 1800 and the events affecting humanity since then have all been driving us to recognise a higher human purpose. Since 2012 I am aware that we have been receiving waves of energy, like a clock ticking towards a countdown, to get us free from social and cultural conditioning that has held us firmly in the 3D material reality. For the last six years we have been facing our fears and addressing endings. Endings of old patterns of being so that we can be a human global community of Spirit.

Now another countdown is underway. This is the final Mercury retrograde to pull us away from the old patterns. And to remind us that what we cling to so hard is really a set of illusions. Because there has been a deep inner journey going on for everyone for the last six years. A chance to identify who and what we really are. With opportunities to change our values and beliefs to live in a more spirit based way. That process has bee challenging. Mainly because we are not used to looking into ourselves. However, what is now almost at the surface, for anyone who has done the inner work, is a new way of being. A sense of freedom. The liberation from restrictions that made us conform. And a deeply compassionate, ethical way of relating to others who share the world with us.

With the countdown ticking away in the background the next few weeks are about bringing out the true you. About being and living the changes you want to see in your bit of the world. The ending of an old life because there is a new way to be as a person, a member of a community or as part of the human race. High vibrational positive energy is on it’s way in to push us all forward. Make sure you are ready. Let go of the old you and step into your Spirit Within.

Day 987 of my blogging challenge