Ideas Drop Into My Mind When Least Expected!

ideasMore ideas have been dropping into my head today. Rather in random fashion. But inspiring me all the same. I love living intuitively. Though to my analytical, planning brain it can seem rather like a hodge podge of stuff all at once.

It all connects to the fact that I couldn’t remember what day it was. I’ve been going around as if it was Thursday. But it’s only Wednesday. It’s all that timey wimey stuff that happens when I get out of sync with the material world. Nothing makes that happen better than to get a chunk of time to myself. And when I am out of sync the issues that have needed a solution suddenly get solved. Because all sorts of ideas can make themselves visible to my conscious mind. And I often hear the chuckle that accompanies them. Along with the gentle ‘we’ve got this’ that comes from my Guides or the Angels. I know then that they have been waiting for me to clear away the logical, practical stuff so they can let me know where my answers are waiting.

Of course I get ideas all the time. However those are often what my logical mind thinks will be the best bet for me. That can mean they are influenced by my Ego Mind. The bit of me that can be pushing answers based on my fears. When I am in my Intuitive Mind I feel the energy of the ideas too. And I can tell much better what I need to do from a place of love. Because the intuitive ideas all arise out of the unconditional love that flows through my Spirit. My Spirit is connected to the Universal flow of energy and is able to ‘see’ what will bring the best outcomes for me and everyone around me. That makes it really exciting to get an answer, an idea, which will move something I am doing forward.

Getting intuitive ideas is all about becoming unfocused. Letting go of the issue and relegating it to the back of my mind. Sort of forgetting that it’s there in the first place. And understanding that when I need to know an answer it will drift in front of me. Like today. Three things I had let slide away bounced back. Three ideas that will deal with some exciting pieces of work. So, is it time to let the ideas surface for you?

Day 965 of my blogging challenge

An Inventory Of My Don’ts: Breaking Old Habits

inventoryI know that old patterns die hard. Today I spent a little time taking an inventory of my don’ts. Thos things that will lead me back into old habits. As many things I could think of so I could avoid behaviours that pull me or hold me back.

My Guides always tell me that I an unique. They remind me to see all my life’s experiences as opportunities to help me love me better. However they also recognise that I have been and can be stuck in self defeating behaviours and attitudes. Beliefs that prevent me from making the best of myself. So every now and again they encourage me to make a list, take stock, have an inventory of my don’ts. To remind me what I have stopped doing. And to help me avoid staring doing them again. It also felt important to do this today because I am into the last fifty of my blogs. A record of nearly three years of my life. When I think about my blogs I can see some very clear messages about how to live my life going forward.

When my daily blog no longer provides a space for me to clear my mind before ending my day. I will still have these writings to refer back to. Because I have written through the good days and the not so good ones. Keeping an inventory of the challenges that I worked through. A record of my achievements and prototypes. All of the ways so far that I have explored being a Spirit in a human body. It’s interesting that some of my don’ts have settled in easily. Whilst others have required my constant attention and vigilance. That gives me a lot more to think about. To understand more completely what this blended being is that I call Annie.

I believe that we spend time here to embrace the absence of love. To learn how to recognise and love ourselves as completely as possible. And that enlightenment occurs once we can love our Spirt/Human self in spite of the events that happen to us in this material world. So the dont’s inventory is a great way to make sure I have swapped to loving me enough to be kind to me. Is it time you took inventory too?

Day 951 of my blogging challenge

Retesting All Sorts: Have I Really Moved On?

RetestingI had a wonderful adventure today. A trip to Cairn Holy to see the two cairns. And, of course, take time to soak up the energy of this Thin Place. It made perfect sense to find my way there after my reflections in the middle of the night. Because I realised I was actually going through retesting.

I view my life as a series of prototype me’s. I’m working to be the best possible me I can be. Often that involves moving through similar situations and events and deciding to do them differently. All based on what I’ve learned about myself so far. If I’ve noticed and if I’ve learned the lessons. So one test won’t do. I have to keep getting retested. Retesting, I will say, sometimes until it feels like to my destruction. But funnily enough that never quite happens. Every time I’m tested I seem to open up to finding a new way to decide or act. One that moves me forward to becoming more my authentic self.

Up at the cairns I thought about all of the testing and retesting the builders might have had to do so that these monuments served a specific purpose. The cairns are ladened with astronomical, mathematical and geomantic significance. All worked out thousands of years ago. Without the aid of computers. But full of symbolism for the people who used the cairns. I felt uplifted. My retesting is the same thing. Realigning and balancing me so that I respond more as a Spirit in a human body. So no wonder all sorts of things have been popping up. Questions about loyalty, trust and working with the best energy vibrations. Reminders that I need to keep my energy in a positive state,

What I’m happy with after my day trip is the recognition that, in spite of wobbles, I am much clearer about what I need to do. I’m also building up powerful evidence that I am changing how I handle my world. My voice is strong, my vision is clear and I am confident that I will succeed. The retesting will continue. I am ready for that. So will the emergence of the new me.

Day 861 of my blogging challenge