Humbug: Sensing Behind The Masks I Wore

humbugMy Guides often remind me to be my authentic self. Especially when it’s tempting to be one up or down. Or when I stumble across humbug. Either my own. Or the hypocrisy of others.

I know we have all put on masks. We want people to like us or approve of us. So we hide the parts of ourselves that we judge and find wanting. As soon as I started to engage more with my intuition I realised something very important. I could sense very clearly when I was lying to myself. When I had slipped on a mask so that other people would approve of me. Similarly I could also sense the masks of others. Those times when the people around me were talking humbug. For whatever reason. It made me ask my Guides what use my intuition was going to be if all it showed me was that people had masks firmly in place. I was rather surprised by the answer. Identifying my own masks would be easier when other people mirrored them to me.

Because the real issue they wanted me to focus on was my own humbug. Our communications would be stronger if I was my authentic self. So I began the process of taking off my masks one by one. Every time I spotted someone else’s humbug I looked for where that was in me. Each signal or sensing was a gift. Giving me a chance to remove the inauthentic parts of me. Last night, in the middle of the night, dealing with difficult circumstances, I spotted another one. A little part of me that had been hiding. But one that was very powerful in pushing me to complain to myself.  Yet not to actually voice what I wanted to say. A small unauthentic moment. But an important one.

It showed me how quickly I now pick up on my own humbug. That gives me an opportunity to deal with my situations more honestly. Which also helps me resist putting on more masks. I am also comfortable with the masks other people wear. Much as I might wish them to take off their masks I understand that choosing to do so is a process. One that takes time to undertake. Just like the time it has taken me to boost my connections to my Guides.

Day 962 of my blogging challenge

Kind Thoughts: Whatever The Energy Between Us

Kind thoughtsSometimes I wake up with word running around my head. Usually in the middle of the night. Often from the conversations I’ve been having with my Guides. One recent discussion was about kind thoughts. Because I have been working on forgiveness.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to take on board is to be kind to myself. I learned very early in life that I was expected to be kind to others. But I’m not sure that I ever balanced that out with the other half of the equation. That I also needed to give myself the same kindness. When I did start to recognise it was a balance I’m sure I got it wrong lots of times. Because I also needed to understand the nature of forgiveness. Being kind to people I liked was easy. As was me being kind to those who liked me. But what about all of the people I struggled to like? Or didn’t want to like? What about the people I though had done me wrong? How could I offer kindness to them?

When I started to talk to my Spirit Guides they were keen for me to understand how forgiveness, like love, had to be unconditional. If I wanted to be kind to myself and others I also had to be free to forgive myself for anything and everything. That way I would also be ready to forgive other people too. It brought up interesting ideas about guilt and blame. Two great inhibitors on any form of forgiveness. Working through these ideas and feelings was hard. Very hard. Until I started to send out kind thoughts to people. All sorts of people. Including myself. Recognising that we are all flawed. That sometimes we don’t do the best things for one another. Or to one another. Bit by bit I worked to send positive thoughts to people who were in my life. No matter what had passed between us. Or how I felt about that person.

The sending of kind thoughts allowed me to release myself from judgements. I could forgive myself for being less than perfect. And I could also forgive others for the same. Every time I get a negative reaction to someone, or myself, I remind myself to deal with it kindly. And to move on. There are more important things to learn about life. Especially about kindness and forgiveness.

Day 829 of my blogging challenge

Speak of I, Me Not You, Us, Them or We

speakWhen I speak it’s very tempting to drift into using ‘you’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ when I really mean ‘I’. It’s one of the things I really noticed when I started giving people Spirit messages.

You or we has become a habit for me. It developed a long time ago so it has been hard to break out from it. Especially in my speaking work. I hear myself using ‘we’ to say what the Spirit people are saying or when I’m trying to describe how mediumship works. These collective pronouns leap to the front. It’s as if I my experiences only have validity if they apply to more than me. So ‘all people’ … Or ‘we all know’ … Even ‘those of us’ … And ‘you all say’ … The pronouns trip off my tongue so easily as I speak, readily giving me the sense of belonging. They link me to a shared identity, opinion or value. They also trap me because my own identity, opinion or values are hidden underneath a collective idea of belonging.

I lose my own voice. Even my own sense of self. I am not speaking from my position as an ‘I’ meaning individual. I have become merged, lumped in, invisible. This became much more apparent to me when I had to find my writing voice. I have a handy free little widget on my web site called Yoast SEO. It’s there to help me climb the Google ranking by letting search engines find my web pages. It tells me when I’m using a passive voice in my writing. Especially when I do too much you, us, them, we. Of course I’ve had to think about my sentence construction. Reminding myself that I speak to others exactly like I would talk. So I have to come from an ‘I’ perspective.

Though that does make explaining things slightly more tricky. Because I have to own what I am saying. I can’t bounce it off to others. I have to speak for myself and my ideas.

It all boils down to saying what I believe instead of generalising. The more I’ve written the stronger my writing voice has become. All due to owning my ‘I’ ness when I’m speaking in my blog or anywhere else. When I read back what I have written I’m checking to see that I own my views. Looking to connect with the authenticity of me. And being clear that I speak as an individual from my heart. I guess what I’m saying is that I am finally owning myself. This goes further too. In my speaking voice I am clear that I speak for the Spirit World but the way I do so is my own. They can ask me to pass a message across but how it actually arrives will be filtered through my words.

My Guides like me owning my share of the message. I have always been encouraged by them to speak as I find, to give what I get or say what I see. They recognise the ‘I’ in our humanity even as we work hard to hide in a collective language. My Guides have also pushed me to find my true self. I’ve been supported by my experiences to really find and say all that I believe to be right for me. I feel that is the ultimate beauty and reward of speaking with my ‘I’ voice. Because I have something unique to contribute. Although it might be similar to what others say it will always have an energy of me attached. My Guides remind me that knowing my ‘I’ as absolutely as possible will bring me the greater blending with we, us and them.

You see … I have to exist before I can become we and then us. Collectively we all exist together to speak and listen in equal measure. Because the Spirit World is the loving surrender of I to we, where giving and receiving finally balance out. Own yourself when you speak so that all of us can own our community.

Day 711 of my blogging challenge

Return To Sender? The Pain Of Love

Return to senderI had a couple of conversations today about love. Whether We get a return of love and why love is painful. All about the absence of love. And how much that can hurt a human heart.

If fact, how it’s said we might die for or of love. So love, that most inspiring and precious of feelings, is also toxic in some way. Later in the afternoon I was thinking about those conversations. I’m always one to bounce difficult questions to my Guides. So we have had many chats about the purpose and nature of love. I’ve written about some of them before. But this little thought train refused to go away. In fact I kept hearing the lyrics from an Elvis song. “ Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone. We had a quarrel, a lover’s spat, I write I’m sorry but my letter keeps coming back.” How many times  have I rejected love? Or had my love rejected?

Not only romantic love either. Family love. Friendship love. All sorts of situations I’ve found myself in when I’ve wanted to make a connection to another’s human being. And all sorts of situations where what I did was return the opposite of love to the person or people involved. Putting myself through pain. Ignoring that others might be feeling pain too. All my little acts that showed I actually didn’t love the person who was busy loving me. Like a constant trade. Loving someone who didn’t love me. Demanding from but not loving the people who loved me. A swirling circle of energy spiralling lower and lower. Until I was in a place where there seemed to be no love left at all. Least of all for myself.

Today I asked my Guides why it was so easy to discover the absence of love and to sink into the pain of love not returned. Why was that a part of my life?

As always they approached this in a very loving way. They have told me many times that this experience of human life is so that the Spirit can learn about the absence of love. In the Afterlife unconditional love is the guiding force holding the whole of the community together. To experience anything else the Spirit has to take a trip to a place where love is conditional. That’s our human reality right now. Being here actually helps my Spirit to keep choosing unconditional love in the Spirit World. But here the choice is different. I can experience love or it’s absence. It’s up to my free will to decide what I have. And to sort out how much or how little pain I feel.

That’s because I can look at love as something to give and receive in equal measure amongst all the people I connect to. Or I can view love as something that is in limited supply so it has to be earned, collected, hoarded and returned. If others don’t return the love I can shut down giving or getting love. I can stop loving myself. And that can become painful. But my Guides are keen to point out the fatal flaw I sometimes trip up over. I can’t give love to anyone unless I know how to give it to myself. Because, they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And I have to consider all those times I’ve thrown the opportunity for love away. Fearing to get hurt. Thinking I’m stopping myself from feeling pain.

They keep reminding me to learn to love myself. All that I am. Not to return to the pain of the past. But to keep an open heart so any love energy passing through will fill me up too.

That can feel difficult. I know that this tricky energy called love takes many forms. So I have to love the child and teenager still within me as much as the adult me tryping these words. I have to love the irritating me who always likes to be right. And the me who gets in a flap when a deadline is looming. Or the me who wants to shout at the TV when men are telling me how it feels to be a woman or to experience life as a woman. The ignorant, intolerant, angry, judgemental me who shouts out from a corner of my mind that she hasn’t really gone away. Until I can embrace all of myself, surround myself in unconditional love then I’m not ready for the bigger challenge.

The greatest test of love. Loving all those people who don’t return my love. And all the people who want me to be something I’m not. Plus those who want me to give endlessly as a sign of my love for them but who resist giving anything back to me. All the people who returned to sender and let a quarrel end the relationship. Those who judged me and decided not to find any love for me. And those who knew I loved them but decided not to love back. They may all have had their reasons. I have to look carefully at any pain I might feel from the lack of their love. The pain I feel is showing me the gap in my loving of me. The bit of me I’m not embracing and loving enough.

A return of love is a boost. I also see that the absence of love is a gift to show me where I have to love me more. Because that will help me to send loving, positive energy to those who don’t love themselves enough to share the love we can all have. My Guides tell me that when we have all learned how to return love to ourselves and others in any circumstances we will have made a heaven here on Earth.

Day 706 of my blogging challenge 

Life Counselling Wisdom

One of the things I loved today was a chance to talk about Life Counselling. It’s the work that started me on my inner journey to discover who I am.

It’s also the reason I discovered my intuitive abilities. And have been able to tap into the wisdom and guidance of non-physical Energy Beings. But when I set off on my counselling  journey I had no idea how much I would be tested by my own life experiences. I guess most of us watch what happens to other people but don’t quite expect it to happen to us. Then it does. And somehow we have to deal with what has happened. I feel that I had extra help. I knew that in the background there was a team cheering me on.

When I was hit by bereavements, relationship challenges, moving homes and finding that there wasn’t enough money to go around I struggled. Physically tired, emotionally drained, mentally stressed out. All of which got me asking why I was here in the first place. Who was I to have so much going wrong in my life? The saving grace was my counselling ability. And the way it had led me to a connection with Spirit Guides. There were a few times when I wondered if it was all in my head. Had I made things up just to escape from a life that had got too stressful? Over time I found the guidance I got was clear and consistent.

Better still, when I followed that guidance it seemed that my challenges became less about despair and more about hope. That’s when I understood about Life Counselling.

It’s not about me telling people what to do. Or about listening to them being stuck and unable to find a way through their challenges. My Guides helped me to see that my intuitive knowledge of someone’s energy could show them a different picture of what was keeping them stuck. I can surface the old energies and present them to my clients in a way that helps the energies be released. In other words I can help someone leave the baggage of the past well and truly behind them. I love this way of working. It enables me to start with where someone is yet lead them to where they want to be. Often in a surprisingly short length of time.

Life Counselling has become the backbone of my work at the Centre too. In the sessions I can apply the same intuitive techniques to tune in to what someone needs. Most often it’s about me being a listening ear. Sometimes I am putting into words the stuckness for the person concerned. Or I am passing on the wisdom of their Guides. Even if they don’t believe in Guides or Spirits. Now and again I can suggest techniques that enable someone to become their own counsellor. Especially if they learn to listen to and act on their intuition. I’m so glad that I took up an opportunity nineteen years ago to learn about counselling. It has enriched my life. It has helped my life to be a hopeful one. And I know who I am and why I’m here.

Day 519 of my blogging challenge 

Go Forward With Love

A thought has been in my mind all day. Go forward with love not need. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about my authentic self. How do I live a life where I am being true to myself?

I have a lot of support from my Guides. For a long time they have been helping me understand more about living a spiritual life. Each of the choices I make, the actions I take, have consequences. Payback comes in this life and, I believe, in my future lives. I’ve written before about what you give out you get back. But sometimes it can be difficult to know which way to go. I want to do the ‘right’ thing but how will I know that it is? Especially when other people may not agree with my definition of what is right. As I know I can over think things I also know there is potential for me to get very stuck about taking action.

When I sense an issue may have the potential to get me bogged down I go straight to my Guides. Not for them to tell me what to do. I have free will and my life has to be lived by me. But to help me work it out as best I can before I get too stuck. There are some big challenges facing all of us at the moment. How do I respond to the violence and aggression that is surfacing right now? What do I do about my part in that energy? Am I contributing fear or love? What is my authentic self feeling, thinking and doing? Because if I say I am a person of peace and love is that what every bit of me is showing and doing? Of course it means stepping back from myself and taking a long hard look into me.

To go behind my mask, to see the true me, makes me vulnerable. I am opening myself up to judge myself if I’m not careful.

Yet I do want to acknowledge the bits of me that play into my fear and hatred. I know we all have those bits. Even if we try to hide them from ourselves. Looking at the ways in which I can be mean, nasty, judgemental of others, cruel, harsh or aggressive help me to choose if I actually want to give out that energy. That is a powerful way of helping me to step back from the shadow side that all of us have. Because the shadow side is driven by need. The need to put others down. A need to hide my own insecurity by targeting others. Even the need to hurt others because I am hurting. And definitely the need to make others fearful so I have some company in my own fear.

How do I go forward if I am driven by these need. The simple answer is that I don’t. I wallow. I drown in hatred and fear. It festers within me and my world becomes a steady progression of ‘wrong’ choices. Choices that take me where I really don’t want to go. But put me in the fear nevertheless. I understand why my Guides have been telling me all day to go forward with love not need. I have to love myself enough not to choose the shadow side options. It’s important for me to see every human being as valuable, unique, special so that I work from a loving place. And it’s vital that I resist the need that my shadow side tries to drive me along with.

If I go forward recognising that I have everything I require to live a happy and full life then that is what I will have. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy whichever way I do it. And I prefer love to fear any day of the week.

Day 501 of my blogging challenge

Guides – friend, family, other?

Rose1Over the last few days the subject of Guides has cropped up more than once. This is often a topic that people get really confused about because there are many different explanations about who might be guiding us & why. Most often people ask what the name of their Guide is. When I asked, for a long time I was told ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. William Shakespeare had a lot to answer for in my eyes, lol. Still I asked for a name. I felt somehow that if I had a name I would ‘know’ who my Guide was. It got much more confusing, as I exercised my psychic senses, to realise that I sensed more Guides around me. Then I started to demand names. How on earth could I build up trust, I thought, if I didn’t even know who was around me. My Guides tried to encourage me to sense them rather than worry about names. Or to see or hear them instead of wanting to attach labels to their energy. I must admit I found it really, really frustrating. When I finally blew my top they answered my anger by explaining that we were building a set of relationships. Just like in real life relationships with individual Guides take time and effort to become trusting. So would a name make the trust happen any quicker?

At this point I must have had a lightbulb moment. I recognised that I was used to being introduced to people by their name. However, I also knew that their name didn’t define who they were, how they might think or feel and how they might choose to behave in any given set of circumstances. A name was only a short cut that needed to have a personality attached to it. And finding someone’s personality and preferences takes time. Working with anyone over a period of time allows familiarity to develop. Predictability almost. That is what we trust. That the person we know as Annie will respond and act in given ways as certain experiences and situations arise. Hopefully Annie will respond positively – or in ways that we view as positive. If she doesn’t then we might very well choose to forget we know her by forgetting her name. At this point I’m sure my Guides breathed a huge sigh of relief. I stopped asking for names. I recognised that I had to work at building a few key relationships with the Guides who were most often around me. They were my team, working with me and supporting me to get to wherever I needed to be of service. So I started to ask a different set of questions. Ones that have helped me understand & explain Guide teams to other people wanting to meet their Guides.

First I asked how many Guides I had. Apparently the number is infinite. I have as many Guides helping me as I wish to allow in. That make sense to me. I never quite convinced myself that there was only one energy being guiding me. It seemed like their should be more as that is what happens on the Earth. I’d rather have lots of help than only one hard pressed, overworked Guide trying to get me to do what is in my own best interest. I also asked where all these Guides came from. It was wonderful to realise that we can be guided by many different Energy Beings so I welcomed the opportunity to work with Elementals, Aliens, Dragons, Angels to name a few. There are many, many dimensions our Spirit is connected with so why restrict my guidance to only the human Spirit World. Why me was the next question. It has taken me a long time to accept the answer. Because … I felt that was a cop out but my Guides keep saying it will make perfect sense when I return to the Spirit World. I guess it’s another test of the trust we have in each other that I can wait for all to be revealed.

They have shared with me some snippets of why me though. And these seem to carry across to what other people experience too. Firstly, we all have a GateKeeper Guide. This Guide agrees to be with us from the moment we step our of the Spirit World until the moment we step back across to there. The GateKeeper’s job is to keep the lines of communication open as best s/he can so that we don’t drift of what we have planned for this life. When we are travelling in a direction that is against our plan our GateKeeper will be bouncing up & down on our head to try to get us to pay attention. When we are sailing along in accordance with our plan our GateKeeper will be off having a cup of coffee with the other Guides, catching up with all the gossip. Most often this Guide has been with us in many past lives. We have swapped being the GateKeeper many times for each other. That’s why this Guide has the patience necessary to hang out with us until we notice that they are there. I love my GateKeeper for being so determined to wake me up and keep me on track.

Secondly, it’s often the case that family members get involved in guiding us too. After all we are more likely to trust someone in our family tree better than a complete stranger. I work with my Mum some of the time and occasionally with my Grandfather. They are a steadying force when I might have wobbles about the service I’ve been asked to give. They also bring a lot of humour as they can remind me of my prototypes from earlier in my life without being judgemental or picking fault. That’s something we are easily able to do for ourselves as we have trained ourselves to make comparisons and compete. They also understand my need to have balance in my life. If I’m doing too much they will give me a push to slow down. Or even put the brakes on for me by chasing all the rest of the team out of sight for a while.

Finally, there are the Guides who pop in for one job, one reason or one piece of development. Guides are of all energy vibrations, experiences and backgrounds. They are Energy Beings who have been around the block a bit – even the brand new ones. They are working on their development too. So connecting with me for a ‘one off’ event of service can be helpful to them too. I do wonder how many of them breath a sigh of relief when the joint task is finished, lol. What they bring is a fresh viewpoint, a new skill or some much needed support of a different kind than my regular Guides. I don’t ask their names because I don’t need to know anymore. My GateKeeper and family Guides vet these ‘strangers’ for me and I trust that I am sensible enough to question anyone who seems to be out of step with my vibration. I love working with my Guide team. I love working with them individually and collectively. I feel surrounded by their love and protection even when I’m at my most human and rebelling against them. I am not a robot or someone who can be led easily. They know that, respect my questions and do their best to chivvy me along the best path for me. In fact, I know they would be suspicious if I didn’t question, doubt or expect answers. We have a wonderful relationship built up over many years and that’s why a name has no meaning for us. So please swap to a different question if you want to really get to know your Guides.

Day 137 of my blogging challenge.

Tuning In Helps

chartres Today at the Centre the discussion has ranged from the difference between trance and channeling, trying out a stuck situation from the viewpoint of all the people involved in it and how soon do we become accustomed to the loss of a loved one. It certainly was an interesting variety of conversations. Even more so as all of these themes wove themselves together in to guidance, not only for me, but for every participant.

Some of the hardest things to pin down in the spiritual or paranormal world are definitions of what is actually taking place when I communicate with Energy Beings in different ways. What is ‘mental’ mediumship, or channeling or trance? Speak to a number of my fellow colleagues and you are likely to find slight, or even major, differences in what they would say was the dividing line between one type of mediumship against another. The lack of clearly understood descriptions of what takes place can also lead to misconceptions about the information the medium is receiving. I prefer to explain all mediumship as being conducted in an altered state of consciousness. In effect, the medium shifts her brainwaves to a different pattern making it possible to tune into her psychic, intuitive senses. We receive intuitive info all the time – it’s noticing it that is important.

Once we do pay attention to our intuition it is possible to notice the feelings and thoughts that don’t seem to belong to us. With practice we can identify the intelligence (or not in some cases) behind those feelings & thoughts. We can start to conduct a conversation. What is interesting is how ready we are to take what is communicated to us as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Perhaps we are too much in awe of the Energy Beings who have no physical body so cannot be present in that way in our lives? Sometimes we accept too much, place too much reliance on what the communicator says. It’s too easy to tell ourselves that if this being is able to communicate without a physical body then they must be more advanced than us. Especially if what they say seems to fit with what we want to hear.

This is why I practice evidence-based mediumship. That means that I am happy to communicate with any presence, even Zog from Zargon, and listen to what they say to me. However, Zog and any other being will have to give me evidence of their presence, confirmation of their words and have a very, very good reason why they have decided to contact me before I will pass on anything publicly about what they say. That process of validation may take years. I don’t mind. Funnily enough neither do they. When I ask for more I get more. Any Energy Being who wants to give us messages is also prepared to wait until we are ready both to receive and to pass on the messages. I feel it’s the way all mediumship should be approached if we are to help people in a systematic way.

Helping people is the whole point of why I’m a medium so the second conversation came about through the work I do to guide people through circles and spirals. I have always found working through a maze or labyrinth a really positive way to bring hidden info about myself to the surface. I offer a group for people so that they can use a circular or spiral labyrinth once a week to generate inspirations for their personal growth. The one I used today was an exercise in putting a stuck situation under the microscope by allowing yourself to become, for a short time, one of the other people in the situation with you. In the way it is conducted there is also space for Guides to provide light-bulb moments too. I encourage people to pay attention to inner promptings as they work through the situation from differing viewpoints. Of course, some of what surfaces will be our own inner guidance. But not all. Often there is something that really does enlighten the situation but is completely at odds with what the person would have been able to suggest might be a course of action. Tuning in with my own intuition and Guides I can facilitate the group in a more complete way too.

Tuning in for guidance was also at the heart of the third conversation. It is a long journey through grief when we loose someone we love especially if they have died. There are so many emotions, so much to understand and a hollow place in our heart that will never be filled. As a medium I can offer evidence that life continues after physical death. I can also offer messages from those in the Spirit World. Or it may be that I am in the right place at the right time to be able to say words that will acknowledge, validate or encourage someone in their grieving process. Having lost both parents I also understand how grief can bring a sense of guilt. Which person am I grieving for more? Has the passing of time blurred the edges of grief in  one passing whilst the other is still too raw? Is it ok to stay stuck in my grief when others have apparently moved on? I have the blessing of knowing from the Spirits themselves what happens in the afterlife. I can contact my loved ones at any time which is much the same as when they were here. If I can share this knowledge with others & teach them to pay attention to their intuitive senses then they too will find a way out of the stuckness of grief.

I realised as I moved from conversation to conversation that I was re-affirming my passion for mediumship. My passion for excellent mediumship! And my desire to share that passion with people who want to unlock their own stuck mediumship. So much healing can flow if only we are brave enough to let it. Is it time for you to tune in to what has always been a part of you? Listen to what your intuition has to tell you and let your Guides help you get moving!

My psychic life: Day 18

Cogsworth-When-Maurice-is-giving-rope-cogsworth-21834161-500-399One of the features of today has been time. Running out of time, things not running to time, being behind schedule. Is it because I didn’t make enough time? Maybe I didn’t plan in enough time for each activity? Other things got in the way & delayed me? Half way through the day I started to wonder why we put ourselves under the pressure of Time.

As children we certainly don’t notice the passing of time. I’m sure most of us have been told off for forgetting what time it was when we came in late to eat after a glorious day having adventures in other lands. As the cognitive side of our brain expands it seems we take on the idea that there is something called Time; that we have to partition our awake state into segments of this thing called Time. Because Time is always explained with a capital letter sound. Time is important, even if we don’t quite know why, especially when someone else wants us to use Time productively. As we grow into adults there is even more pressure to find, make, save & spend Time. Beijing in the moment is unacceptable as we might not notice Time flying by.

It’s true, lol. I’ve got to the end of my working day feeling like I have missed doing lots of necessary things because I spent or wasted too much time. This is where guilt can step in. Was it more important to design & print the flyers for the Yule Fair I have a stand at tomorrow? Could I have spent less time sorting out some issues that my daughter has? Because a client came along late should I have turned them away as I had no time? Every day we make these kind of decisions & often feel guilty that we couldn’t do everything that we thought we ought to. I almost decided not to do my blog because I need time to shower, eat, pick up a friend & go have a great night out. I even felt guilty about having a night out!

We have become so used to being under the rule of Time (although I’d love to be a Time Lord or meet Dr Who so I could go adventuring in Time) that we assume it’s always got to be this way. My Spirit Guides smile very gently  when I moan about not having enough time. In an energy world everything is flow. Static or fixed energy only happens if we will it. That is the secret children understand. If we unstick ourselves from Time we can do everything all at once. In the pink perfect of the Spirit World (5th Dimension) time is not a ruling factor. It doesn’t exist unless we wish it to. The White Rabbit is not late for a very important date. Everything happens in perfect time.

So I will trust that everything that was right to do got done today. Things set aside or missed or only half done will be right to do in another moment of being. I’m giving myself permission to step out of Time and enjoy every moment, whatever I am doing, as what I am doing will be the perfectly right thing to do. Time to go eat, lol.


My psychic life: Day 2

12234944_10200870479441824_6765952252498023577_nToday I’m at the Centre (in my pink slippers) to catch up on a bit of admin & follow up on readings I’ve done over the past few days. I always record any readings I do as there tends to be a lot of info in the sessions. It’s too much for anyone to remember perfectly so a recording you can listen to again is a great way to help people get all the guidance they need. I often say that readings are the bread & butter of my work – it’s where I started my psychic life & a key part of bringing support & information to people. It’s also the way in which the Energy Beings give others evidence of their existence.

And that is a key part of my psychic life – encouraging others to wonder how I knew the information I gave them. I’ve often been told it comes through cold reading, or that I’ve researched someone on social media, or that I’m a lucky guesser. But there is always something in a message that the person says no to – then comes back, sometimes a long time after, to tell me that the message info was completely accurate. I’ve learned not to worry about info that the person can’t understand & to be patient for the confirmation to turn up. So how did all this readings work get started?

In 1992 I was working away from home & lodging in a shared house. Margaret, the lady who owned the house, & I had many interesting discussions as she had had a Near Death Experience. This had led her to find out more about the afterlife. As part of her research she had found out how to read playing cards. She encouraged me to give it a try too. So I got a pack of playing cards & a book. It was strange to me then but the cards seemed to give correct info every time I tried a reading for myself or Margaret. I started trying them out on other friends. The people who had readings kept saying how accurate the readings were. I was hooked!

I dived into the world of Tarot wanting to understand how it all worked. I still didn’t believe in the Spirit world or any other kind of energy beings but the cards also seemed to help with my past life work too. Soon friends of friends were asking me to read their cards or tell them about their past lives. As I discovered more & did more readings I noticed that I could also sense their aura energy. It was quite a slow process to understand what I was sensing & then translate it into anything meaningful. Even though I got a direct message from another Tarot reader that it was time for me to sit in a development circle I resisted. I still don’t know if I was too afraid to find out more at that time or if the sceptic in me was in charge. So it was’t until 2005 that I opened up to the fact that I could get messages from Spirits.

Once I did readings work became full on. In 2007 I decided to work full time doing readings as there seemed to be so many requests that I couldn’t fit them all in around my other (non psychic) work. I’m grateful to say that the readings work continues to be a big part of my mediumship. I can work over Skype, the phone or face to face. I love connecting people up with their loved ones in Spirit & also, on occasion, their Guides. I love that my Guides work with me on evidence based readings so that the info is clear & understandable. And the privilege for me is meeting all these Spirit people as it has changed my world view. From sceptic to believer. From fearful of death to looking forward (lol, eventually) to my next (after) life.

As I burn each CD (with a cuppa & biscuit & cosy feet) I recognise something else about my work too. In with the readings is another challenge – to educate people what is a reading & what isn’t. To help everyone understand how readings work, what to expect & why a reading might not be possible. To explain about energy & why we need to understand our own psychic energy so we can get guidance & support from Energy Beings. I can do readings, that is, tune in to Energy Beings – but so can you. Be prepared to listen to your intuition, explore in my world & be open minded. You might find you are hooked too!