Miss Loved Ones? Ask Them For A Sign

miss feathersYesterday it was my Mum’s birthday. When I got up I wished her a happy birthday. But I knew I couldn’t take her a present as she has been in the Spirit World for many years now. She’s with other family members so I know they will have been celebrating her Earth anniversary. Yet I miss beings able to join in.

It’s not only on her birthday. There are other days when I’d love the chance to be with her. All of us would. But that isn’t possible in the same way it once was. We can’t pile round to her house for one of her famous dinners. The kind of meal that sends you to sleep afterwards. With lots of banter. And a great chance to check in with what everyone else is up to. So now I have to use my intuition to connect with my Mum. Looking out for her little signals that she is around. Trying not to miss a sign. Being open that there will be one even if my logical mid is dismissing it.

Because I believe that everyone is intuitive. And that, like me, everyone can connect with their loved ones. One way or another. The people we care about in Spirit want us to know they are still there. Because they still love us. And want to support us. So they try to get the message to us any way they can. When I miss anyone I like to find a quiet place to sit and ask in my head for them to talk to me. I might not hear anything. But perhaps I see a picture in my mind’s eye. Or feel like someone has put a hand on my shoulder. Sometimes I get a tune in my head. Or some words. Even if I miss the signs I can take comfort from that moment of thinking about my loved ones.

When you miss a loved one keep the lines of communication open. Be ready to acknowledge anything that seems like a sign. Your loved ones will keep trying to get your attention until you build up trust that it’s them. It doesn’t remove that ‘missing you’ feeling completely. But it certainly helps to know they are closer than you think.

Day 858 of my blogging challenge