Tiredness? Time To Switch On Healing Energy!

tirednessSometimes I get so overwhelmed by tiredness that I can’t actually rest or sleep. It’s as if my body has clicked into a different way of functioning. So I find myself tired and getting more tired. Then I have to pause and remember that I can do something to help myself.

When I get focused on a goal I can plough on long after I should have taken a break. Or I can be so intent on doing as much as possible that I forget that rest is important too. And if I don’t pace my spiritual work my batteries can become depleted. Usually because I don’t ask for enough boosts of energy. I feel it’s a habit most of us suffer from. All that encouragement to set high personal standards, achieve everything to the highest level and the fear of letting oneself and/or others down. I find it easy to see the tiredness in other people as well in myself. And recognise that not everyone is aware there is help close at hand.

I know my body has a great deal of energy. But I have also learned that I can top it up any time I like. I can switch on my healing ability and draw in energy from all around me. A recharge of my batteries. Free and easy if I wish for it. Because that is how it is supposed to work. In an intuitive world energy flows freely from here to there, around and through us. It’s a matter of plugging in to the positive flow rather than resisting. When tiredness catches up with me, perhaps when I haven’t paid attention to the warning signs, I do two things. Firstly I slow down or stop what I am doing. I arrange some time for me to take a rest or a sleep. Then I ask for the healing energy to flow into me. Often I feel it switch on as my hands get hot.

In reality, it is the intention to deal with the tiredness that is the key. If I ask I will get. Being open to receive means I can let the energy boost me. I also trust my own ability to self-heal. It may have taken time to believe that it happens but I am certain that I will feel energised when I switch this energy on. My wellbeing is important. Is yours? Do you need to switch on your own healing too?

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Healing Hands For All: Getting Started

healing handsI was asked a very good question today. All about hands on healing and who can do it. And how to get started with doing healing.

I believe we all have the ability to heal. It starts with being open to healing ourself. Then it tends to go outward into healing others. Our healing ability often surfaces in a big way when we have a wellbeing challenge. If my body is out of step with my heart and mind then I might notice that my own self-healing is trying to get my attention. Usually I can find that my hands get hot at certain times when I am feeling unwell. Or when I am around someone else who is ill. I might also need to consider if I need to do some work for my spiritual wellbeing as when all four aspects of my being are in balance I can remove my dis-ease.

To get started all I have to do is be willing to receive the healing energy. Sitting quietly I ask for the healing energy to flow into me and through to my hands. I place my hands on my body, usually my legs, and let the energy flow in. I like to have some music to support the healing process Or I play my Parashiel’s Balm video which will boost the energy I’m getting. Sometimes I also use a meditation, a mantra or positive affirmation to be open to receiving the Universal healing energy. One of my favourites is “Let the healing flow through me to where it’s needed”. I keep my hands in place until I feel that the energy has stopped flowing. When I have finished I ask for the energy to be turned off until the next time I need it.

I am also able to ‘give’ the healing energy to anyone I wish. Or to the Earth or the Animal Kingdom. As with self-healing the energy flows through my hands and out to wherever it is being sent.

I do this by putting my hands on the person’s shoulders if they are present. Once again I ask for the energy to flow through me to where it is needed. Or I hold my hands up like I do in the video and imagine the healing transferring from me to them. This is great for sending positive energy over distances when the person or animal is somewhere else. If I’m transferring energy to the Earth I might notice it flowing down my body and out through my feet into the ground. Sometimes I like to touch a tree, a stone wall, a hedge or anything else that can represent the abundance of the Earth. It’s my way of making sure that the Universal energy knows where it is intended for.

When I work with my healing I notice that my hands get hot, tight or tingle. Depending on the way someone’s healing is meant to work my hands may also go icy cold or slightly numb. It means that the energy is coming through to them. And going where it is needed. Other things that happen when I’m healing include information about the cause of the dis-ease or feeling like someone is with me guiding me. And even knowing things about the person I am healing that I didn’t know before. This is all normal. It’s happening because I am connecting intuitively through the energy exchange. I keep that information private unless the person asks me about it. 

If you find that you are activating your own self healing you might want to look at training in healing techniques. I teach Reiki because it helps focus the healing energy but there are lots of other kinds of energy healing. I’m sure you will be guided if you start to use your healing ability!

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Healing You Heals Others

imageOne of the things I was able to do today was to pass on healing energy to some people who needed a bit of a boost. When our energy is out of balance we often forget that simply asking for this energy actually heals us. It also helps to heal all of those around us.

I believe that one of our best kept secrets – from ourselves – is that we can all use the available positive energy to self-heal. But an even bigger secret is the effect that any self-healing can have on the people I am connected to. Because energy flows all around. It is a source that heals. A blast of positive energy that I use remains positive so I can transmit it to all of the people I link with. I can also transfer it to the Earth or the animals, to stuck situations and to war zones. In fact, this energy can circle right around and come back to me, still as a positive flow, to give me more of a boost.

So why is it such a secret. I know from my own scepticism that my rational, materialistic view of how reality works closed my mind to the possibility that I was energy. Everything was explained as atoms and molecules in a sort of ridgid system so that’s why we needed chemical answers to illness. It took me a long time to step back from this point of view and look for different ideas. When I did I found that the certainty I placed in science was risky at best, collapsing at worst, I had to open my thoughts to new ways of understanding illness or disease. That’s not to say that science should be dismissed out of hand. But I did find myself asking far more intelligent questions about the reasons why I might be ‘dis-eased’ and how I might treat that situation.

Considering ill health from an energy point of view I also started to think about the people around me. What heals them? How can I help the people I care about get better?

Again it seemed that stepping back gave me a new picture to consider. Because, if they received energy from me and I from them, making sure I had a good or positive energy flow then that would be what they experienced too. We would be able to trade, and perhaps amplify, the good vibes for each other. I was keen to try this out. When practicing meditation I would include my family and friends in the flow of energy. I imagined they were sitting with me. So I encouraged them to receive the flow of energy. I hoped to bring better energy through for them. What I noticed was that some people responded very quickly. They talked about feeling better. They seemed more cheerful.

Some people stayed the same. I learned in time that their self-healing wasn’t switched on. For whatever reason they didn’t access the flow of positive energy. It hasn’t stopped me passing the energy on. I know that I have to wait until they are ready to use the energy on themselves. So any time I send a thought for someone I tag it with healing energy. Not necessarily because I think or know they need a healing boost. But because when they do need a boost the energy will already be circulating around their aura. Ready to be used and passed on to the next person. I encourage every one to send a flow of positive energy out. You can get this positive energy by asking for it. I also have to remind you that you need to be willing to feel the effects of the positive too.

So be open to receive and pass it on to receive once more.

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Self Healing

imageRain is the background to my evening. I’m curled up on my bed writing my blog. Quiet music joins with the beat of the rain. Candle light makes a peaceful glow in the room. It’s a time to think about my day and check in with how I’m feeling. It’s also the moment to invest in some self healing.

I became interested in Reiki Energy healing as a framework which would also work with the healing energy I found I was able to give from Spirit. My Guides helped me to see that I had to look after the self first if I wanted to be able to offer healing to other people. Putting myself first in receiving healing felt selfish at first. I believed that I had to send healing out to all who needed it and I would get healing somewhere at the end of that list. As I explored energy healing, and undertook Reiki attunements, I began to understand the instruction given on airplanes. We are told to put our own mask on first before we help other to put their on. It’s perfect sense. Passing out from lack of oxygen myself is of no use in saving others. So I look forward to a chance to invite healing energy in for me.

Self healing is something I believe we can all practice. There are times when it is almost impossible to avoid taking in toxic energy from our connections in the world. That energy sits in our aura creating dis-ease. Especially if life is throwing challenges at us. Noticing where that energy is creating an imbalance, tracking the feelings that flow from the energy and catching the thoughts that throw us off balance we are taking steps to prevent dis-ease. We can follow the threads of energy in another way. Our Guides and loved ones in Spirit are always ready to bring us healing energy to kick start the body’s own energy cleaning and clearing. All they need is our permission to start sending and our willingness to receive the healing vibrations. In my mind I ask for healing for myself and I remind myself that I am open to receive all the healing energy I need. This is one of the ways that I acknowledge to my body and mind that I want to be in the best of health. I am grateful for anything I feel I receive too.

Healing has been the theme of the day really. In all of the reading I did today the loved ones in Spirit stepped in to offer their relatives healing energy. They spoke with much love about whatever was troubling the person in such a way that the words had a deep meaning. Having someone who cares about you confirm that you are still loved and supported, giving you words of encouragement and empowerment, is also like oxygen. It can keep you focused on breathing in and out until your troubles pass. Finding hope again from the words of someone who cares and is compassionate is a big step to healing self. Wherever those words come from. When I sit quietly I give my loved ones the space to bring me hope too. It actually doesn’t matter if I believe in an afterlife or if I think the words that fall into my brain are real or not. I can listen to the positive voice within me to give me the energy to make myself in balance again.

The responsibility for my wellbeing rests with me. These small actions and intentions are a powerful way to help me heal myself. There are many other ways to give yourself the oxygen of self healing. Why not ask the Universe, the Spirit World and yourself to help you balance your energy into a positive flow?

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My psychic life: Day 25

IMG_0092Today has been all about healing. I run a regular Reiki Circle from the Centre for an hour on a Friday so that I can bring in the Reiki energy for the group & give each person a short hands-on blast of energy as well. Today I had a chance to chat with some of the people who dropped in & Keeley, one of our practitioners, about how people recognise that they need healing. It got me thinking about how we heal ourselves and if we even know that we can do so.

I live in a world of energy. I see the ‘dis-ease’ in a person’s aura – the place where the energy is distorted or out of alignment. Depending on where that stuck energy is located tells me what physical illness they are likely to be experiencing. The energy of feelings, thoughts and experiences is ‘held’ or recorded in the aura. The aura is the bit my Spirit will take back to the afterlife to review how this life experience went, much like the memory card in a computer or phone. The aura is my history. If something I have felt, though or experienced had a big impact then it creates a large ball of energy. The energy is positive or negative depending on how I dealt with what happened. I can also add to this ball of energy if I have the same feeling, thought or experience again. And again and again.

Energy that has gathered in this way can be used.  It can be saved and spent as I navigate my life. Positive energy is useful to push me through less positive feelings, thoughts & experiences. I can remind myself that life has a good side even when I’m experiencing the worst of life’s challenges. Negative energy is more likely to get me stuck in pessimistic thoughts or feelings about life unless I can balance it’s effects with my positive energy sources. I’ve already talked in my blog about the ocean of energy we swim in. So we also need to understand that the energy in our auras can come from other sources – people, places, events. Sometimes we actually find that the stuck energy isn’t ours at all. This is when we need to be aware that we can self-heal.

One of the most difficult things, I find, is that because I ‘see’ energy I usually know when someone has lots of stuck energy. By the way, I’m not immune to having stuck energy too. I have to be prepared to look at myself and deal with the energy I carry in my aura as well. Certainly it is wonderful to be able to see the energy flow in someone’s aura and to try to support and help them. There may be an opportunity for me to speak to them about what I sense, perhaps to offer options for the person to deal with their own stuck energy, or to ask them if they would like a blast of healing energy to boost them. However, if that person is unaware of the cause of the stuck energy, or chooses to hold onto the energy, I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have no right to tell another person how to live or how to be healthy. Only if I’m asked can I suggest. Only if they listen and understand can they do something to help themselves. Even then the changes required might seem to them to be too difficult. Or it might feel too scary to let go of who they think they are for an uncertain ‘new you’.

Standing back is difficult, especially if the person who needs to heal is someone close to you. There is almost an implied responsibility in our social conditioning that it’s our task to make the people we love feel happy. Of course it’s mission impossible. The only one who can make me feel happy is me. The responsibility lies with me alone. If we acknowledge this it means that we have no option but to become a detached observer of someone else’s pain & suffering – their ‘dis-ease’. We have to wait until they question the dis-ease for themselves. So usually it is other people who most recognise in you the need for your body, mind or spirit to be healed. They can see what you are prepared to hide from yourself. Be prepared to listen to what they say and to think about their feedback. If your intuition is pinging away like mad then what they have told you has at least some truth to it. When you are ready to deal with the stuck energy remember how to self-heal.

The first step is to be prepared to let energy go, leave and never come back. The way in which you let go doesn’t matter as much as the intention to let go. Once we have made our mind up to change the energy around us we are already signalling to our aura that a clean up is on the way. Some people need to experience the clearing physically (e.g. through reflexology, massage, EFT etc); some need to feel the clearing (e.g. through counselling, art therapy etc); and, some people clear themselves through reflection (e.g prayer, retreats, coaching etc). Add into this the direct ways of energy way of healing (e.g. Reiki, spiritual energy healing, Earth’s ArchAngel healing etc). We can be helped by a therapist in all of these methods but the reality is that we won’t heal unless we have decided to.

Self-healing is there for everyone once we listen to what people say to us and agree with it. Then we have to intend to heal. And finally, we have to translate that intention into action. Love yourself enough to become an observer of your own energy flow. Monitor your aura for stuckness. Clear away the low level energy that will generate dis-ease. Choose to stay whole and healthy as much as you possibly can – it really is the best energy choice.