What Joins Us Together : What Pushes Us Apart

TogetherIt’s been a day of reflection. Listening to the Spirit World talk about what joins us together. And how we somehow manage to push ourselves apart. How can bonds and ties stay strong?

It’s always lovely to hear of friendships that have been life long. Or relationships that are celebrating a 40th or 50th anniversary. To notice that family members have stuck together, one way or another, as the children have grown into middle or old age. These bonds have stood the test of life and time. They have been flexible yet strong enough to weather all kinds of storms. As I listened to the conversations today I thought about how we stick together. And what can drive us apart. I wondered what my loved ones in Spirit would say. After all, they have shown me quite clearly that they are still linked to me with ties of love.

I had an Open Circle tonight. What came through very clearly from all of the messages was the love. Each communicator giving the evidence that their love for us is as strong and lasting as ever. Reminding me that the most important thing I can do is love my family and friends as much as possible. Especially during the times when we might be getting pushed apart. Because together we are stronger. The community in Spirit know that. They come here to remind us of that as often as possible. During all those times when earthly things threaten to separate us. When we pick sides. Or judge. Even when we get angry or upset at each other. When we want more than others. Or more than others can give. Love can keep the lines of communication open. Love for ourselves and love for each other.

I’m often inspired to talk about the community of Spirit. When we are all together and let the loved ones in the Spirit World join with us.

They help us to create a community that crosses time, space and dimensions. They are willing to share with us their love, healing, wisdom and knowledge. I know that they show us how we can be joined together in this way by our ties of love. They want us to notice how easy it is to create that shared community. And I know that they want us to realise that it is easy to create a global human community based on the same love principle. I’ve listened to people saying that world peace is hard. That it can’t happen. Even that our differences are too great to overcome. The Spirit people wouldn’t agree. To them it’s all about love.

If I can overcome what pushes me apart from my family, friends and community then surely we all can? If I can see each person as a unique human being and share the love with them then can’t all of us? I know it sounds so simple that many people would say it’s naive. However I believe it’s possible for all of us to learn to share the love. We only have to want to enough. I see that as the problem. Perhaps we don’t really want to set aside our differences and look for the similarities. Otherwise we would all be speaking out about the awful things that are happening to other people. Rather than having that secret feeling of ‘thank goodness it’s not me’. Or that even worse state of not even noticing or caring because ‘I’m alright’.

Keeping humanity together is all about love. I’m learning to love myself and those around me no matter what we disagree on. I want to stick with my community because I know it will make me and the community stronger. I hope you can resist the urge to see your community pushed apart. Let love show you the way.

Day 690 of my blogging challenge