Some Thoughts On How To Change The World

I know that we are currently going through a purification process. Next month we will be asked to rededicate ourselves to serving the greater good and working with all of our abilities to serve humanity.

I’ve been told that the re-dedication has to be with our whole authentic self and from the heart. No wonder my Guides have been encouraging me to receive as well as give. Only by making sure I balance both ends of things can I move forward. This evening my thoughts turned to why receiving is so hard. Especially for the people of the Lightworker generation. Perhaps it’s because I know how isolated we all feel when we are out of connection with one another. The unacknowledged pain of severed links still haunts me and many others. I remember the time before we became isolated individuals.

So the issue for me and most sensitive people is that we believe we have to give endlessly in an effort to restablish our connections to each other. And that it’s somehow wrong to receive until we are all one again. The result of this belief is I end up giving all of my energy to those who want handouts. The ones who never use what I give them. But just demand more. My thoughts over the last few years have been turning to another choice. That I help those who need hand ups. The ones who, with a little push of energy from me, will get themselves off and moving again. It means ignoring the ones who make me feel guilty, or that I should, must or ought to put them first.

In my thoughts I’ve started to realise that they are the ones who will never let themselves progress. If I’m not careful I get stuck in giving by giving to those who prefer to remain stuck in receiving.

When I step back I understand that the ones I can help are also the ones who want me to receive from them in my turn. The flow of energy is equal – though often given over a period of time. I see that we share the same thoughts about the benefit of being connected to one another. That there is a greater energy generated by two or more who are willing to share with each other. The service being demanded now from me is all about making positive energy connections. I contribute my abilities. As does someone else. And then another. Followed by another. What we give out we get back. Between me and all of these others strong energy links are formed so that we can act together.

I know that the greatest act we can do is to create, by living it, a connected sense of community. Giving and taking so that all of us heal from the pain of separation. From the absense of love. I also believe that when everyone has become so sensitive that they can feel another person’s pain we will finally stop all acts of violence or aggression. When hitting someone causes the hitter as much pain as the person receiving the blow I know our thought will fly to making peace with one another. I believe we will finally realise how much pain and fear we have generated for each other. At that point I’m sure we will be ready to change ourselves. And thus change our world.

I’m grateful for all of the conversations I have had today. Connecting with people, discussing doubts and asking why, has given me some interesting thoughts. I value these connections. The gifts of wisdom I receive from each person will continue to inspire my blogging.

Day 606 of my blogging challenge 

Big choice, Big Change. Are you getting ready?

There is so much to talk about today. All my conversations with others have had lightbulb moments for me. And it’s all about choice.

However, I really want to say something about the process we are all in at the moment. I’ve written about it a bit in other posts but as the energy gets clearer so does the overall message. I know that at the moment we are all undergoing a purification. The Spirit that is inside us is reaching out to wake us up to our upcoming change. That change is to live life with a new purpose. To become the Spirit acting more powerfully through our human body. Because it will soon be time for every one of us to make a choice. In fact all of the energy surrounding me and you is pushing us towards a decision.

Decide what? That’s the next step. When I step away from the illusions of life – the products of my ego – then I can see that I have a spiritual mission. I have unique abilities that can assist all of us to change the way the world is. However I have to exercise my choice and use those abilities. It is me saying that I am dedicated to serving the world the best way I can that moves me on. But my ego mind will certainly try to distract me. Or pull me back into an illusion. Back into a¬†comfort zone that may appear to keep me safe. But really ends up stopping me from doing all I am capable of.

As I step through into my ‘initiation’ in September I will be joined by many other Lightworkers. All of us will be making a choice. A pledge, if you like.

That choice will be to live a spiritual life. No matter what challenges or issues. I know that we will agree to do whatever is asked of us. Willingly and for the greater good of our fellow Spirits. Stepping away from the ego mind. Letting go of anything that has no place in our journey forward. It’s going to be a simple choice really. But one with big consequences. Because I know we will have to give voice to a different set of values.

And then live to those values. This is the change many of us wish for. But perhaps don’t know how to bring about. In turning my mind to an Ascension Consciousness I am placing love at the centre of everything I do. As much unconditional love as I can muster. I have been on the journey of learning to love myself for a long time. But to love others I have to embrace myself first. And keep in my mind and heart the hope of unconditional forgiveness, gratitude and service that flows along with unconditional love.

I also know that some people will make a choice to follow the other path. The one laid out by the ego mind. The mind that says change is too hard.

This will be another choice I have to make. I know that the people around me may prefer to stick with being unloving towards themselves. To reject the love and compassion that is being offered. Maybe even to continue to struggle. Keeping a ‘life is hard’ attitude. I have to accept that there is nothing I can do. It’s a choice they have made. However, since I also know about the process we are in I can engage in open, honest and clear conversations with my loved ones down here.

There is still no guarantee that we will make the same choice. I’m going to make the effort though. Because I also know that the decision we make will keep us on our chosen path for the next nine years. If I end up on the service (Spirit) path some the people I care about may be on the illusion (ego) path. That will bring me more decisions. Perhaps to much to think about at the moment when I am still in the process of choosing. And working to love me enough to let everything of the ego mind go.

The best I can do is be aware. Notice myself. Recognise the energy shifts that are bringing about this choice. And talking to everyone I can to share my observations. Are you getting ready?

Day 593 of my blogging challenge