Developing Intuitive Ability

Today I’ve been focused on helping people develop their intuitive ability. I enjoy working with people one to one. And I also find it really great to help people in my D2E Psychic Club.

It’s been one of my realisations that we all have psychic senses. We can all use our intuition. This ability is both natural and normal. However, because it’s a very misunderstood ability, I also know that a lot of people are very unsure whether they want to tune into their psychic senses at all. That’s why I run a Psychic Club where people can come and try different things. I get the chance to explain what is happening and they get a chance to try it for themselves. I’m delighted to say that for the past five years many people have been given a lot to think about because of the Psychic Club.

Alongside the group meeting I also offer one to one sessions for people who are ready to make connections to Energy Beings. These sessions can be face to face, online or by telephone. It means I can work with specific issue that people have. And I can tailor the content of the sessions to areas which need attention. It’s a great way to make sure that someone can build on what they have already discovered. And it also means that I can pay particular attention to what their Guides want to help them with. After all, each person has their own Guide team to help them. Yet, depending on what the person is able to do, that team might still be out of reach. Helping make the connections is a really rewarding part of my involvement.

Sometimes discovering their ability is all a person wants. It might be enough that I help them to us their intuition more.

I never push someone to go beyond what they want. It might be my job to explain that they can do more. But the choice of how to develop is always with the person. That’s why I like my Club to be open. People can attend or not as they feel on the day. I also like people to explore more widely. There are lots of great books available on all sorts of subjects involving intuitive ability. There are workshops (including mine), events, videos and lots of other practitioners. I know that I spent plenty of my time doing all sorts of different things before I really started my development proper.

It’s true to say I still do. I love exploring different techniques, going to other people’s events and finding out the many, many ways that intuitive abilities are applied by others. To me the journey into mediumship comes from a curiosity about what I, as a human being, can do. What undiscovered skills to I have? What unexplored talents? I hope that I always have this curiosity. It would be lovely to feel that I will always be ready to explore me some more. If my life is a journey I would like it to take me to new and unexpected places. In the same way that I am ready to take myself on a journey I hope that my work with other people will be a signpost for their journey. Let’s travel part of the way together.

Day 349 of my blogging challenge.

Meditation, Drop In, Psychic Club

imageAll in a day’s work! This is my last night away from home and on Saturday I start back to work. Not only with the Intuitive Meditation, Drop In and Psychic Club sessions but with a church service too. Good job I’ve had a lovely rest.

I’ve also got another church service on Sunday. As well as trying to catch up with the Earth’s ArchAngels online course which launched today. So why do it all? Tonight over dinner we have been talking about my work. I feel especially grateful to be able to work for myself, doing things that I love and having my material needs taken care of. Over time I’ve been able to expand my work from readings and demonstrations of mediumship in churches. As I’ve answered my Guides’ promptings I have a lovely Psychic Club to help people learn about their intuitive abilities. I run meditation and  Reiki groups to clear out the energy clutter. And I help people to connect to each other and the Energy Beings.

It’s no wonder that I appreciate every moment of ‘down’ time I can get. Especially since, when I am passionate about something, I want to do everything all at once, lol. Somehow my diary always finds me a gap to step away for a short while. The club, readings, services, workshops and everything else can fit around my absence. So over the past days I’ve been at the beach, read several books, done some drawing and slept a lot. I’ve been shopping, enjoyed great meals out and practiced my very limited Spanish. All in good company and with much laughter.

I’ve blogged before about taking time for me. It isn’t always easy to put into practice though because I tend to think of all the things I could be doing for other people in my ‘down’ time.

Yet even in my own business I have to be a tough boss and tell myself to take time off. Refreshing my energy means that as I leave the Psychic Club on Saturday I will still have the passion to go and do the best I can in a church service. I will also have the energy to enjoy all of my work until the next time for a break. That’s the best bit really. I love working for myself to serve others and I love taking time away too. It’s not the perfect life/work balance yet because I’m always ready to try something new. Extra things get squished in when I least expect it. But it’s good enough. Good enough for me as I enjoy myself at work or play.

Day 311 of my blogging challenge.

Standing in the Light of Love

imageI’ve had an amazing day. I love meeting new people. Making the connections I am supposed to make.

I feel so privileged to help people see that they have been standing in their own Light all of their lives. When people do finally stand in their own Light they are able to become new people. The person they had hidden underneath all along. I know that we all have a tendency to stand back from our own Light. I’ve been judged so many times, often without actually meeting the person doing the judging, so it’s no wonder that the energy of those opinions has ‘soaked in’ to my view of myself. My thoughts have become less accepting of myself. I have become less loving of who I am. So I’ve definitely been standing back.

At the Psychic Club today I led an exercise to help everyone feel their individual intuitive vibration. This is a great way I use to get people aware of how Light they already are. Then I take them further into the exercise so that they can raise the amount of Light energy they are receiving. I guess for Light you could substitute the word Love. To me Light and Love are one and the same. When we are standing in our own Light we are loving ourselves enough to recognise how unique we are. It also means that I am ready and able to shine out that Love to others.

I often feel that’s the big mistake we make about love.

We believe we have to first give it to others so we can get it back. But we don’t see that energy is a circular flow. What we carry in our aura energy goes out to others. If I’m standing back from loving myself I know my aura will also be standing back from giving love to others. Perhaps what I am giving out isn’t really love at all. Maybe I’m sending out an energy wave because I feel it’s my duty or my responsibility or because I ought.

I can tell myself it’s love. But how can I understand if it is when I’m not prepared to receive love from myself. So standing in my own Light/Love is a way to both give and receive. To and from myself and others. If I wish to have more Light people in my life then it makes sense I have to give myself Light. That way I will radiate the Light in my aura energy out to others. And based on the principle of what you give out you get back, hey presto, more Light arrives!

What can I do to step into my own Light then? Especially as doing so can have more benefits for all of the people I connect with. This is often the hard bit. I have to recognise that in any moment I am unique. There is no other Spirit on this planet who has the same set of energy vibrations as me. Never mind that I have human flaws. What counts is my unique contribution to the energy ocean that we perceive as this life. So what is that contribution? I can choose to shine my Light or I can surround myself with darkness. By shining my Light I can light up the darkness so others can shine too.

All of my teaching work is about standing in my own Light so that others are encouraged to shine too.

I dream of a world where all of us are bright, twinkling lights joined together and radiating such strong Love that fear, aggression, hate and war would be a dim memory. Please find and shine your Light by learning to Love yourself. I want to join you in making the whole of Mother Earth a beacon of Light!

Day 251 of my blogging challenge.