Intuitive Mentoring – Why It Works For People

It’s been a busy day of intuitive mentoring. I really enjoy working with people in a holistic way to help them move through life changes and stuckness.

Sometimes I need to step out of the confusion. I might feel stuck, boxed in and unclear about where my life is going. Or my business and career. Even about being a parent. Or a healer and my spiritual path. All of these component parts make up my life. But if I focus on only one aspect I might be missing out on something vital in another aspect. It’s true that if I am happy in my work I am more likely to be successful. Both at my job and in my home life. Because there will be less stress. And if I’m happy in my home life or myself I can bring a positive approach to everything I do. Including my work. Intuitive mentoring is a great way to look at all these areas of my life in one go.

Because that’s the challenge. In the past I’ve gone to a spiritual mentor or a business mentor or to a parent’s support group. All of these have been valuable mentoring experiences. I’ve got a lot of support from the people who I’ve seen. However I’ve been left to piece the advice or support together for myself. I’ve been the one trying to see the big picture of my life all by myself. Even with the help of Guides it’s not easy to be detached enough to weigh it all up. So I’m delighted that I can work with other people as an intuitive mentor. I’m helping them to look at the bigger picture. Maybe even the spiritual picture behind it all. And I can remind them of the options they have when making choices.

Intuitive mentoring is a safe space to explore all that is happening. To identify barriers and blocks. And to find solutions that build more positive outcomes.

It’s also a space in which to explore skills and abilities. Including our natural intuitive and psychic senses. Because part of my mentoring role It to help someone identify what they are good at and to build on this strengths. I know that we all have so much to offer and contribute. But old attitudes, incorrect judgements and a lack of acknowledging talents get in the way. What my mentees enjoyed today was the time to look at themselves and recognise where they were holding themselves back anywhere in their lives. And to be able to develop strategies to changer their patterns and habits for more positive ways of progressing their lives.

Working with people every week can make the changes a bit hard to see. Yet I find that at the end of their block of mentoring sessions these lovely people are more confident, focused and at ease. They are lighter and brighter. They may still be dealing with lots of changes. But they feel empowered to manage those changes. I love to see that they have found their trust in themselves once more. That’s the best reason why mentoring works. We all need a little support from time to time. A calm space, without any judgements, where anything and everything can be discussed. A listening ear whilst we get the ‘stuff’ that’s keeping us stuck out of our head. Intuitive mentoring is that kind of support. No wonder it works.

Day 561 of my blogging challenge 

Loosing the Thread

I woke from a dream this morning. But I couldn’t remember the thread of it. I felt it was very strong yet the story faded very quickly.

That’s the nature of our dreams. They are jumbled, half rembered snippets. Most of the time. Occasionally I have such a vivid dream that it stays clear and I can write it down. Even understand it’s meaning for my life. And today as I tried to capture the fast fading dream it was because I hoped it had some meaning. I’m deep into a process of changing my life. However I’m also at that point when it seems I’ve lost the thread I was following. My certainty about the pattern of my life has disappeared. I can’t see the big picture let alone any of the threads that weave my life together into an understandable whole.

Of course it’s not the first time I’ve made changes. I am sure it won’t be the last time either. So I also know that bit by bit I will pick up the thread of each part of my life once more. However, this time I’m also embracing this period of not knowing what’s going on. The urge to grab at anything concrete is very strong. But I’m aware I may pull on a thread that ends up leading to a dead end. Or to me spending time and energy on something I end up deciding I don’t feel passionate enough about.  Whilst I’m in this part of the process I have decide to observe but not choose. To stay silent and listen to my inner voice. And to be relaxed about what I do with my life.

I have resisted putting together a bucket list. Or a wish list either. Right now I am comfortable with my not knowing what I want. The threads of my life are changing. I’m content to let the new picture emerge.

Day 525 of my blogging challenge 

Wide Blue Yonder Dreams

Sometimes it’s good to do some blue sky thinking. Spending a little time daydreaming about what next.

I’ve been talking a bit today about the process of change. How I feel that restless urge somewhere inside of me as if life has somehow gone flat. When it seems my passion for everything I normally do has drained away. The moments when I don’t know who I am or what I want. These are all my signals that it’s time to drift into the wide blue yonder. To let myself dream about how my life might be in a few months or years. Even to try out several lives to see if I can find the one that makes me feel energised again. Giving my life a make over with the wave of a magic wand.

One of the things that comes with the energy to change is also feeling a bit blue. Down in the dumps my Mum used to say. No linger fitting the life I have but not really clear what life I want. Letting myself drift in my imagination so that I’m seeing my life with me being happy and positive. Checking out what activities I’d be doing. Who I would be with. Where I would be living. A delicious fantasy vision of a new me to get my ideas flowing. This is not just a pleasant form of escapisme. It’s me giving the inner me a chance to speak about my desires. The part of me I ignore when I’m doing the same old same old.

Out in the blue sky I can place myself anywhere. But it also helps me to notice what requires changing.

I’ve often found that it’s easier to admit what I have to do to change things when I have spent a little time imagining a new path. I’m really good at hanging on to old habits that are definitely past their best. I don’t like to let go. Or like change itself much. Yet when I picture myself in another life I can see really clearly, without excuse, what doesn’t fit in my present life. If I’m being honest with myself I can tackle what those changes are. But I also have to be aware of my Ego mind. It will try to spoil the dream. Usually by telling me that it’s impossible to achieve. Or that it’s much safer to stay muddled and miserable.

So back to the blue sky. To combat the fear of change I dream up all sorts of scenarios that put me in a happy and positive place. Using the ideas from these dreams I pick one thing I can do differently. Then I make that change. Often a little one. A step in the right direction. Because lots of little steps add up to big changes over time. A long time ago I dreamed of working for myself at things I was good at. I also imagined that these things would be exciting to do every day. I went off and enrolled on a counselling course becuase those dreams showed me the job I was in was killing me. It took a few years but I qualified and started my own business. It was big leap in the dark but I knew the blue sky was waiting for me.

I have been in that wide blue yonder for many years now. And I love it. Is it time for you to daydream too?

Day 520 of my blogging challenge 

The Next Job In Front Of Me

The waves of energy continue. My job today was to work through a tide of depression. Only a tiny bit of it was mine. The rest was all the background emotions generated by the massive changes we are experiencing.

Even if I wasn’t sensitive to energy I’d be unlikely to miss the waves of feeling that have been crashing over all of us for some time now. The fact that I am connected into the energy can make it a bit more of a challenge when a tidal wave rushes over me. Since mid way through yesterday I have been noticing the depression energy. I picked it up in myself. It was also very noticeable in the people I met and my social media contacts. It had got so heavy that by this morning I was struggling. I had a job or three to do but felt flat in my energy.

I sat down to meditate about my energy levels. My Guides very kindly rustled up some extra energy to help me. They also pushed me to recognise and acknowledge my own feeling of depression. There is a point when I am going through big changes that my energy gives out. The next job seems like too much effort. Especially as it seems as if I’m not actually getting anywhere. Then I start to focus on the fact that my world has changed. Whether I wanted it to or not. And I can’t go back to where I was before. Like a first experience of death. Or the ending of a first relationship. Even making a change for a better job. It’s not about whether I can control the change or not. It’s that I can only go forward.

I thought about the changes that are appearing on a global scale. There is so much uncertainty. It’s been going on a long time. No wonder people are feeling the depression.

For some people it certainly might have echos of the 1930’s. The period called the Great Depression. The impact of that period of uncertainty led to another World War, fear and anxiety about survival. There are certainly events happening at the moment that appear to be bringing out the worst in people. Looking back people fear that the same thing is going to happen again. Yet there is a difference. If I can accept that my feeling of depression is part of the process of change I can also allow myself to release that feeling. Depression is based on the suppression of feelings. Refusing to allow myself to feel uncertain, scared or worried. Even angry that I can’t have what I had before. My first job is to let myself have those feelings.

If I shine a light on myself, tell myself it’s ok to feel that way and to find ways of releasing what is there then I’m creating a way forward. A way to keep doing the next job in front of me. Until I get past the uncertainty of change and my world settles down once more. That’s what I’ve done today. One job after another. Not thinking or planning for tomorrow, next week or next year. Working through what I had lined up for myself today. Doing something rather than nothing. Keeping the forward momentum going. And forgiving myself for not having enough energy to do all of the jobs I planned. I realise that doing the important things matters. The rest can wait for an energy filled day.

Day 480 of my blogging challenge.