Planning For Self-Care: Recognise It’s Important

planning self-careToday my Letter From The Light Side broadcast has really stuck with me. The Guides talked about planning and how important it was to make a commitment to myself.

They were talking about making decisions. Encouraging me to step forward into the path that would be the most positive for me. I realised that the first thing I had to do was recognise what was the best for me. In a way I’ve already done a lot of that thinking. I have stepped back from church services in 2018. And will shortly close my Centre. I chose to do both of these things because I want to focus on my writing and mentoring. But I wondered if I had done enough thinking about my self-care. It’s been a busy week. I’ve done a lot of planning for the tasks over the nest few weeks. But have I made any space for self-care? Something that I’ve noticed has been squeezed out this week.

It all comes back to my love of giving. That’s what I want to do. I like to share. So I fill my days with opportunities to do that. But perhaps I don’t share enough with myself. My planning doesn’t recognise that it’s what I need. So it’s not in the diary and it doesn’t happen. Yet I know when I am tired, worn out and drained I find sharing really hard. I can’t drum up enough energy. So if I really want to keep sharing I have to take some time to give to me. I know I have to make me a regular commitment. It’s time to have a date night with myself. Or a pleasant walk with I and me. Curling up with a good book to refresh my energy. These small, yet vital, activities honour my need for self-care.

And remind me that I’m important in my life too. Because I can forget that when I get caught up in helping others. Today I got my reminder that it’s all about balance. Giving and receiving. I’m planning to spend my Friday and Saturday differently. So that I am refreshed and ready for my Sunday workshop.

Day 717 of my blogging challenge

Taking a Forward Look into 2017

img_2229There is a lot of full moon energy about today. I always enjoy the boost it gives me. Especially when it’s time to look forward at the new year.

I know that we still have a couple of months before 2017 starts but I took the opportunity today to have a discussion about my forward plans at the Down 2 Earth Centre. I find that when I explain things to others the sound of what I’m saying always pings when it feels right. It’s part of my way of living an intuitive life. I’ve spent so much time being steered by my head, following what I thought was best, but ending up not engaged in something I’m passionate about. To step out of that way of planning things was scary. After all it’s conditioning I’ve had since I was at school.

I have found it hard to follow my feelings. Especially because in school and throughout a lot of my adult life I was guided by what I thought. There is an expectation that we will do practical things. Work at what brings in money. Be driven by the need to survive rather than by the need to be happy. So when I planned anything it had to be structured around earning money, paying my way and making a useful contribution. Anything else got me thinking fearful or unconfident things. Even when I started working for myself nearly 20 years ago I approached what I was doing in a rational way. Strange that my plans didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

That’s the realisation I came to after years of forward planning that never quite took me where I wanted to go. So I looked around for a new way of looking to the future.

It helped a lot that by this time I was also learning about tuning in to energy. I was paying a lot more attention to what I felt. My Guides were making themselves known. I practiced being aware of my feelings before I made decisions. In time I realised that what made me feel happy didn’t always feature in my plans. There was a gap. What I wanted to do seemed to come second to what I thought I had to do. It was time to approach my forward planning in a different way. That’s when I started talking to people about my ideas and noticing what I felt as I spoke.

With this method I decided to put in place the ideas or options that made me feel good. I stopped judging what I do from a money, survival or ‘because I ought’ point of view. Now I look at the next year from the position of ‘will this make me feel happy’. I do more of what I like and a lot less of what I ought to do. My aim is to get to the point where I really only do what I love doing. So my admin tasks will definitely be shifting next year, lol. Instead there will be a lot more teaching. And healing. And Earth’s ArchAngels.

After all, who said my business had to be serious, routine or dull? That is what it would become if I stuck to the same old same old. Or felt I should, must or ought to offer only those things that would make me a profit.

Finding someone who could be my sounding board gives me a chance to check that what I’m planning is going to be fun, interesting and stretching for me. If I’m loving what I do then those who want to join in will get a blast of that energy too. The wave of positive can spread. Which is why I also like to be the sounding board for others. It’s great to hear their out loud forward planning. Between us we can share the excitement of identifying plans that come from the heart. We can offer each other support when stepping out of a comfort zone is required. Together, I feel that we can make our next business year an emotional success.

It may seem a bit odd to talk about business as an emotional success. However, I know that I put much more effort into things I’m passionate about. I also know that successful business people do the same. How much passion you have can turn a stressful treadmill of effort into an exciting adventure. I also feel that an emotional success links directly with spirituality. When I know that I am doing the happiest thing for me I am flowing with the evolution of my life. Being here is, I believe, all about learning to be in alignment with my higher purpose. Finding contentment, commitment and happiness in the work I do brings me into that alignment. Because my heart will always love doing what I, as Spirit, planned to do.

So my plans are emerging. 2017 is going to be a great year and I’m going to do what I love doing? What about your plans?

Day 335 of my blogging challenge.