Pause, Feel, Consider and then Heal

One of the things I try to do as often as possible is take a pause. Have a time out. Let myself stop what I’m doing and focus on the moment. It gives me a chance to consider, feel and heal.

I thought about the usefulness of a pause several times today. Doing some Parashiel’s Balm healing energy sessions I enjoyed that the people relaxed and drifted off. The energy was flowing in very strongly and it was comforting to feel that warm sensation in my hands. I knew that support was coming in from the angelic realms to help the recipients. Yet I also notice how hard we sometimes fight against any sort of support. I often carry on regardless. Long past the point when I should have stopped doing and relaxed into being. Later on I found myself talking to a couple of people who had definitely been doing the same. The message from each body was ‘rest, rest, rest’ but they were still juggling what seemed like a million tasks. Something I could certainly identify with.

So what about a pause? What makes it so difficult for me to take one? As I thought about this I recognised that stopping doing opens me up to noticing me feelings. If I pay attention to what I feel I might also have to consider why I feel that way. And sometimes that takes me back into experiences that I have found hard to handle. These are the parts of me I need to heal. I have to be prepared to release the feelings, thoughts, judgements and regrets of my life so that I can act in my future from a better, more positive place. That’s the healing. The bit where I recognise it is what it is, it was what it was, and there is nothing more to be said or done. The pause will help me to release myself from the interpretation of events that drags me down. And that is worth taking a time out for.

So this is a short blog tonight. I want to spend some time in a pause before I go to bed. It’s time for me to clear away anything that is likely to create a slow or unhappy start to tomorrow. Because tomorrow really is a brand new day.

Day 674 of my blogging challenge