Recognising Past Life Wisdom

Today’s topic seems to be recognising past life wisdom. It’s come up in several discussions. It even popped up in my Letter From The Light Side this evening.

I’ve been working with past lives for forty years so it’s one of my favourite topics to talk about. Whether I’m figuring out my own lives, doing past life readings or teaching how to access them the subject still fascinates me. Because I believe our past life patterns present us with the wisdom of those experiences. As well as creating the blocks in this life. It’s not necessarily about good or bad karma. It’s about how many of my previous life threads need to recognising now. What vows, consequences and lessons are still running in this life?

Often it’s about the threads that twine together to make a chord. How I have anchored this life in the energy of my past lives. And what I can do to cut that chord. Balance the energy I have created. Deal with the consequences. But recognising the patterns can be a bit of a challenge. Because the threads often act as limiting factors in my life it can be hard to see the pattern. After all, the first step is to understand that I am limiting myself at all. Perhaps I’m not quite as confident of my skills as I could be. Or I feel that my purpose is only about helping others. Even that the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for me. All of these things can be the effect of past life choices.

Making an effort to recognise patterns and habits is a good first step. I have to ask myself what keeps repeating in my life.

Is it that I always seem to pick the same type of partner? Do I always get scared when someone says it’s my turn to lead the team? Am I living in a place that doesn’t seem to fit me? Or have an occupation that I’m not at all passionate about? Most of these things can be viewed as the normal things that happen in my lifetime. Yet perhaps the same sort of issues about these things keep cropping up. No matter how much I’m trying to change my patterns. It’s at that point that I reach for my past lives eyes. Can I see the events of my current life as if it was a story of another life?

Recognising that there might be another sub plot going on underneath the surface of the way I live is helpful. I can let myself imagine what that other life might be. What could have happened to make me live my life in certain ways? Did I take vows of poverty in some religious order? Or on more than one occasion? Do I have a belief in this life that I shouldn’t have too much? In this way I might be able to see that my other life vows are preventing me from accepting the abundance that is all around me. I might never be comfortably off until I release myself from that promise. Then I might see the threads of this life that began in a little terraced house with parents struggling to make ends meet.

Recognising what has also happened to me in this life I can start to see another pattern. That I shaped my choices about this life so I could use my past life wisdom.

Every life teaches me something. All lives are about evolution of my Spirit. Growing in my understanding of Unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. Struggles in past lives need not be struggles in this life. If I recognise the threads of karmic energy I also start to be aware that I’ve met these experiences before. Perhaps I didn’t make the best choices then and that’s why the situations have come in with me again. But I can consider those past life stories and my limitations. I can help myself to understand that to get abundance I have to be open to receive it. If I make a vow not to then quite plainly I won’t. So instead of saying I never have enough I can choose to say I am open to receive everything I require.

A different choice brings a different outcome. When recognising that I also need to trust in a different outcome. So many times I have released vows but forgotten to trust that it can be different. My choice gets cancelled out because I don’t believe it will happen for me anyway. That’s why I love the puzzle of past lives. Wisdom is only effective when I choose to use it fully and trust myself to know what is best. Not easy to do if a karmic thread is throwing up doubt for my abilities. Or the life I have led has made it hard to let the Universe take control. Yet I still want to embrace the wisdom of my past lives. No matter what consequences I have to balance out my life can only get better.

Day 521 of my blogging challenge 

Reborn Every Day To Start Again

I have been thinking all day about the idea of being reborn. Of the tradition which suggests we have many lives. That we die and then live again. The Easter story brings such possibilities to mind.

Of course it’s not only the Easter story that talks about rebirth. Or resurrection. There are many traditions which say we die and come back. I have been fascinated by Past Lives for forty years. But I also like the idea that I am reborn every day and can start again. There is another tradition in certain stories. That the world disappears every night when I close my eyes to go to sleep. Then pops back into existence when I wake again. I guess I’ve thought about that a lot. Because I’m curious. And I like to know how these things work. So I look for evidence all the time.

Yet I’m not sure I can find evidence for the destruction and reconstruction of my world every time I go to sleep. So instead I prefer to think about the opportunity I’m being given every day to be reborn. I can wake up and choose to be different than yesterday. That me has disappeared. She is gone. Only I choose how much of her I carry forward into today. I find that really refreshing. Also it frees me. I can interpret myself for today in any way I wish. I can start afresh. Will I leave behind my impatience? Or my desire to control? Will I do more random acts of kindness? Or smile at people a whole lot more? It’s exciting. Because what I set my intention to is what will happen, mostly.

Of course old habits take awhile to fade away. But knowing I can be reborn every morning to live my day a different way inspires me to try my best. To begin again with a clean slate. And to aim for the best from myself. Perhaps the world would be very different if we believed in being reborn every day.

Day 510 of my blogging challenge 

Silent, Still, Paying Attention

Today has been about paying attention. To live an intuitive life it’s something I have had to learn to do. Being open to signs, symbols, messages of all sorts from everywhere.

As we grow up we have to learn to pay attention. My parents wanted me to do so. My school teachers also placed a lot of value on my paying attention. They all told me it was the way to learn. In work I had to pay attention too so that the right things would happen. I have spent my whole life paying attention. But to what? Mostly to duty, responsibility and all those things that others believe I should notice. Often at the expense of things that I wanted to take notice of. And certainly at the expense of the intuitive senses I have.

For instance, it took me a long time to start paying attention to my dreams. And to the coincidences that seemed to litter my life. Even to the thoughts pushed into the background by my focus on the day to dayness of living a material life. When I wanted to uncover my past lives I finally learned that I needed to observe the background thoughts. To look for the patterns that were present in my life. Because all sorts of intuitive information way trying to get into my attention. I began to notice much more. Considering my dreams, the books I read, the things people said to me and the experiences I was having I recognised themes. Especially in my dreams.

I practiced lucid dreaming. I wanted to let the inner me know I was once more paying attention. It was me giving permission for me to find out more.

Gradually I learned the meaning of my intuition. It became possible to use my intuitive senses. Through my first hesitant steps at interpreting dreams and symbols I started to see the messages all around me. Learning to meditate helped me to access the thoughts behind my thoughts. Then to create a still space where all of the intuitive information could be shown to me. So much so that the space remains even when I’m busy in my material life. All I have to do is step out for a moment or two and the guidance I need will be delivered there.

Sometimes I like to take a day to access this space. Usually in between doing my ordinary things. I encourage the silence of my busy, everyday thoughts by letting my conscious mind carry on with the doing. My intuitive, imaginative mind comes to the front. Either in meditation or with dreams it can tell me what I next need to pay attention to. Not from a duty or responsibility point of view. Or from the perspective of what others think is important. My attention can be directed to the inner journey. To my spiritual path and my sense of what will be right for me. I can receive the news of what is coming up next and how I can ride the next wave of energy to flow through my life.

In a way I’ve had a quiet day. I enjoy reading so have done so. I’ve also been daydreaming. Lots of intuitive help has presented itself through the absence of thinking. I have enjoyed a different kind of paying attention. Now I can resume my forward momentum once more.

Day 496 of my blogging challenge. 

Take a Deep Breath, Then Another

img_2305The weather has changed. It’s got cold all of a sudden. Stepping outside this morning the icy air made me take a deep breath. Then my asthma kicked in.

I’ve had asthma for 36 years. When it first started I didn’t know what it was. All I understood was that every day I was wheezing for breath. Even taking deep breaths never seemed to fill my lungs properly. Sometimes it felt as if I was suffocating. It was a scary, uncertain time. Eventually I learned how to live with the bouts of breathlessness. I discovered breathing techniques that could help. With the help of medication I got my breathing under control. And I also decided to investigate how deep the causes of my asthma might go.

There was a view when I was first diagnosed that the attacks were psychological. It was a common idea though I found it hard to understand why I would cause myself such distressing symptoms. Looking at things another way I started to track down what might trigger attacks. It turns out I have a string of allergies. And it also seems that this condition is prevalent in my family. Both of these aspects got me thinking about my past lives. I wondered how much impact my circumstances in other lives had affected my karma in this life. Interestingly, it turns out that I have quite a few fire death lives that I’ve brought in to clear. Along with a couple of crush deaths for added impact.

As I went deep into my Spirit history I started to breathe more easily. Working with energy healing I have mostly resolved my asthma condition. But not completely. That’s what this morning was about.

From time to time I have to remember that I still react to certain things. Sudden changes from hot to cold or cold to hot can bring a response. So can energy changes that mirror temperature changes. Right now the energy is getting turbulent again. Another shift is on the way. What I have to remember is to dig deep, keep myself grounded and breathe. Take a breath. Then take another. And another. When fear arises to restrict my breathing I will be able to overcome it. I will have enough breath, enough energy, enough trust. Like my asthma the energy changes will ease too. Afterwards there will be time for a deeper understanding of what this shift means. So,that the next shift in energy will be easier to breath through.

Day 358 of my blogging challenge. 

Change, Confusion, Challenge & Clarity

img_2249I have had two really interesting conversations today about how to decide what to do. In each case I noticed that the issue that really got people stuck was making choices about what to change.

Sometimes I feel we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Change is a challenge. At every stage of our lives we have to learn new things, adapt to new circumstances and find fresh ways of dealing with life events. Otherwise I am sure none of us would ever have learned to walk, to talk, to make things or to form relationships. So many of our activities depend on learning and evolving. Yet I’ve noticed that when it’s time for me to change my head and my heart immediately start a war. My head does a lot of ‘what if’ thinking whilst my heart keeps sending me the signal that something has to give.

I also go into a ‘what is everyone else thinking and feeling’ mode. It’s as if I want to take responsibility for any changes I make having no or little impact on those around me. So I bounce backwards and forwards. Is it ok for me to think about my needs only. What should I do to make sure everyone else is happy with the change. Perhaps I’d better not make any changes at all. Or maybe I need to dive in and do it. It’s so easy to become confused. I’ve often wandered in that maze of confusion. Sometimes for months or years. It’s as if I’m finding sorting out the detail of what needs to change is too difficult. Or too complicated. Even completely unclear. Then I reach the stuck point.

I find myself agonising over going back or going forward. I’ve lost all sense of direction. My feelings flip in seconds and it’s as if I keep pointing in a new direction every time.

This is the bit that is the most challenging. Staying calm. Keeping my focus on being prepared to change. I know that if I accept I’m stuck, confused, unclear it will somehow be easier. Giving myself time to feel and think a whole range of things will eventually bring me clarity. Letting myself take all the time this particular change needs. Recognising the fear I have buried underneath the tumble of thoughts and feelings. Reminding myself that I have made many changes already in my life and this is just the next one. I am also helped by my belief in many lives.

That means that I can understand this particular shift in myself and my circumstances as part of a much longer process. It means I can allow myself time. As much time as I feel I need or want. Because if I don’t change this time round there will always be another chance. Nothing is quite as urgent as it seems. So I embrace that confusion knowing it will stop when my heart and head get into harmony with one another. The way to move my life forward will become clearer with every pause for thought. Giving my feelings room to be expressed will bring me a peaceful transition into the next phase of my life. The changes that are right for me will happen in their own good time if I trust they will. My job in all the changes is to stay calm and let it be ?

Day 340 of my blogging challenge.

My Tattoo: an Infinity of Lives

img_2235Today I completed something that has taken 18 years. I got my second tattoo. Another personal reminder of my life’s achievements.

I remember my Dad’s reaction to my news that I was getting a tattoo at the age of forty. He though I was mad. Dad said to me ‘You know it’s for life’. He was so off balance at the idea of his daughter with a tattoo that I don’t think he saw the funny side of his comment. I did. My Mum was a bit calmer but also thought I was mad. They grew up in a generation where body art was only for rough, tough guys and prisoners. An ink portrait was a sign of low status. Yet I knew I wanted to commemorate the conscious start of my personal development.  The Raven I opted for celebrated my decision to become a therapeutic counsellor.

It also represented my desire to embrace the Goddess energy that I had denied for most of my life. Stepping into connection with the Divine Feminine was important for me. I needed to work out and balance who I was. In fact my journey into being a counsellor was inspired by the collapse of my corporate life. I knew it was time to make deep changes within. Exploring how to help others gave me access to lots of ideas about how to help myself. You could say that I’ve been developing aspects of myself ever since then. Now, eighteen years later, I have reached another level of development.

Today I opted to have body art representing Ouroboros – the World Snake or Infinity – on my arm. I want to acknowledge that life continues eternally in all it’s forms.

Working with the Spirits and Energy Beings I have been able to expand my understanding of why I am here as well as who I am. Alongside my passion for making sense of my past lives I look forward to the new lives I will live after this one. I also look forward to the new beginnings that will arise in this life. As I shed each snake skin and evolve it’s exciting to think about all the surprises that are in store. What new patterns will I develop? Which are the ways I will best serve myself and others? How can I help people to appreciate that we are infinite beings of Light?

The Snake and Ouroboros are ancient symbols of one of my past lives too. Having my tattoo where I can remind myself of the fluid nature of past, present, future is also about reminding me that Ego is a dead end for humanity. Spiritual progress comes only when I recognise my Spirit Within and express that in the way I live. I’m moving firmly from my phase of personal development into a new cycle that is my grown up spiritual development. Of course there has been some overlap with both. My new body art is my promise to myself that it’s time to expand and grow much more. I feel it is the culmination of the work of many lives to reach this cliff. I’m prepared to step off into a new ascension journey.

Day 337 of my blogging challenge.

Workshops Spent Wondering

img_2197I love asking questions. I enjoy debates. That’s why I also love running workshops.

When I’m in a workshop the idea that I can get people wondering about the subject under discussion is great fun. Over the years I’ve learned that asking questions opens the door to different points of view. That’s certainly what I hope to encourage people to do in my workshops. Today’s workshop was all about past lives. I don’t expect people to come along believing in reincarnation. It’s also the case that I don’t expect them to leave believing in past lives. It’s far better that they leave wondering about the information they have discovered. Then they can make their own minds up.

So my workshop followed the flow of questions, answers and further questions. It was about meeting the needs of the people who attended. It was also about my help to bring their past life memories to the conscious mind. That’s another thing I love. Working intuitively means that the day can depart from a plan and become an adventure for me too. There is no rigid framework when I’m responding to the needs of the group. And I am always amazed by the way that everything fits together perfectly. From the answers I give to the examples I choose to use. In the ways that each meditation links and builds on the one before it. To the ‘ah ha’ moments when people make sense of what they are learning about themselves.

I find workshops are a setting where wondering can be shared by more than one or two. The energy of the group and the exchange of ideas create more encouragement to explore.

That’s something I really value. The participants, through their contributions, bring the whole group through an adventure together. I find that supportive energy really important. It means that more insight is achieved. Overall that’s what I want to offer in all of my workshops. So I’m grateful for all of the people who attended today. They gave their energy, effort and ideas. I had a wonderful wondering time too. So I’m ready for the next workshop next week. Since we are discovering trance mediumship ability in people I know there will be another great adventure for that group. It’s one of my favourite experiences and an interesting way to communicate with Energy Beings. What a great way to spend another workshop day!

Day 322 of my blogging challenge.

Toothache? Collective sensitivity?

imageOne of the things I love about stepping out of the world is that I have time to notice the synchronicities more. Opening up my intuitive side, paying attention to my energy field and connecting with others was an eye opener. I found that lots of people seemed to experience what I was. Today the issue is toothache!

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of mentions of toothache. I have been battling with toothache too. So have my friends far and wide. My logical mind is very dismissive. It would tell me that I’m seeing all of these mentions of toothache because that is my focus at the moment. Certainly it’s true that when we focus on something we notice instances of it more often. Like the game kids play when travelling called car bingo. Looking for all the red cars there seem to be loads. That’s because we are looking. However, looking for all the cars that are red VW Beetles and seeing three in a row, might be a bit more special.

When I consider all the incidences of toothache they seem to be my sensitive, intuitive friends who are affected. And all of us seem to have been dealing with it over the last week or so. What has happened to bring this to the surface? Too much sweet stuff? A fear of visiting the dentist? I’m fascinated by the idea of Carl Jung that there is  collective unconscious. To me is suggests there is an ocean of energy underneath our everyday energy that sometimes sends a wave of shared energy up to the surface. Those of us who are sensitive enough ‘feel’ the wave and react. So a wave of toothache might represent some throat chakra issues being brought to our attention.

But why toothache? Why not a sore throat or chest infection?

When I started to get aches it was a couple of months ago. I got it checked. No reason for the toothache. Then I had a conversation with my Guides. I usually do this if I have aches and pains but there is no physical cause. Being clairesentient I find I can occasionally mistake the presence of a Spirit being for my own physical symptoms. So I asked. The answer I got was that the pain was related to the need to speak. Either I, or whoever was with me when my teeth, gums or jaw started aching needed to speak out about something. I wasn’t convinced. But I also found that most unusually the pain didn’t respond to Reiki.

Eventually I asked people if they had something they needed to get off their chest. Or I thought about what I needed to say. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when discussing something actually made the pain disappear. My Guides were spot on again. So I asked them about why this signal was being used right now. They explained that the energy waves being sent into our consciousness at the moment are about releasing very old, stuck stuff. Releasing is faster when we find our voice and speak out our issues. They told me to get ready for much more of this when Mercury went retrograde and the Earth’s throat chakra began it’s clearing too.

When you think about it, holding back words often involves clenching our jaw. Even grinding our teeth. No wonder the signal is aching teeth, gums or jaws.

So am I and all of the people in my newsfeed sharing in the stuck energy of the Earth’s chakra? What would Mother Earth want to say to us? Perhaps some not very kind things about the way we are treating her gift to us. And I also thought about all of the stuck words that human beings carry. I know I have a little voice inside my head that tells me to be polite, be kind, don’t upset anyone, say little. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned to keep back the angry, upset or sad words in case it upset anyone. What happened when we all start releasing that energy? Perhaps all us sensitive, intuitive and empathic people (those labels all boil down to the same thing in the end) are feeling the swell of that releasing wave of words.

And perhaps the words aren’t only from this lifetime. How many of past lives involved holding back on speaking out? I know I’ve had a few. So much so that finding my own voice in this life has been very challenging. As I think about all of these possibilities I understand that Reiki will clear the stuck energy once I give it the right intention. I don’t want to hold back on clearing my past lives or my present life. I’m sure I’ll feel so much lighter when that energy has gone. I also understand that being part of the collective unconscious I will also have to help release all the stuck energy generated by human beings. I was part of who created that energy in the first place in all my various incarnations.

And I do see the abundance that our Earth Mother provides us with. I know that I will have to help with releasing her pain too.

I have a feeling that my creative work whilst I’m off the grid will be about our home, the planet that we sometimes care so little for. It will be interesting to embrace, love and release these teeth, jaw and gum pains. If we all do our best to find our own true voices, if we speak up for ourselves, one another and the Earth, how wonderful that would be. I can turn an ache into a voice. A voice into a chorus of voices. We can speak with one voice and change the way we share our planet and it’s abundance.

Day 304 of my blogging challenge.

Running backwards going forward!

imageWhat an interesting muddle of a day. An energy wave that’s an aftershock of the internal reallignment of the planet. Mercury going retrograde. New Moon waves. What a time to send out the Earth’s ArchAngel Comeliel energy wave.

Yet that was my instruction today. Time to send out the wave that would help everyone remember who they really are. I was looking forward to being in her Librarian energy once again. She loves stories, records, books. So do I. If time went backwards perhaps I would have chosen to be a librarian when I left school. And if time went backwards perhaps I would find that I was a librarian in a past life. However, today the internet went down. Good job I had a plan B so I could carry on and do my live broadcast. Excuse me looking a bit grim – I’d only had about 4 hours sleep.



Of course I understand why we all need to look backwards at the moment. Before I came in to this life I believe that I set myself the conditions and challenges that would promote my best spiritual growth. Sort of, I asked for it so it’s being delivered. Not such an easy belief when the world goes up side down. Yet if I recognise the effects of my previous lives, decisions and actions (something called the Universal Law of cause and effect) I will be able to move forward choosing the best path for me. It’s the remembering that’s important. And I know we generally all end up with amnesia the moment we are born.

So I’m sure I’m off again on a past life recall mission. I’m looking forward to discovering more. I do run to discover who and what I’ve been. The faster I find out the sooner I can balance the energy I created.

That’s the way to move forward. When I acknowledge what I have created, taking responsibility for my choices, finding the wisdom hidden in why I did it that way, I no longer need to hold onto the karmic energy. The wisdom will also help me to handle what I face in my future. It helps me to avoid taking a backwards step. Because that might create the same karmic energy all over again. I hope I’ve learned enough not to want to keep going round and round the same issues. So thank you faulty Internet for reminding me that there are many ways to connect with our inner self. Also for removing the everyday distractions (no emails, social media etc) until early evening.

Now I can look forward to new discoveries, new beginnings and new dreams with old stuff getting cleared out of the way. A great way to honour the creative flow of the New Moon.

Day 291 of my blogging challenge.

Wolf Running

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

I often get asked about my Guides. Or to tell people about their Guides. As a reluctant medium I’m also reluctant to talk about Guides in anything other than general terms. I prefer people to work out their own relationships with their Guide Team because then you know what is true for you.

Today I had a lovely discussion with some friends about my Gatekeeper Guide. A Gatekeeper Guide is the one who stays with you all the way through your life. From the moment you decide to fall to Earth until the moment you are back in the Pink Perfect this Spirit will walk alongside of you. The job of this particular Guide is to remind you why you came here. It’s also to keep you on plan. And to give you early warning when you are drifting away from your true purpose. Of course I didn’t listen to my Gatekeeper for most of my life. It’s a good job he was prepared to be patient!

I realised as I spoke about my Gatekeeper that explaining why he was with me and how I found him was relevant to other people looking to make a connection with their Guides. So with his permission I am going to tell you our story. I’m aware that some people will find it hard to accept what I say. That doesn’t actually matter. The important thing is to dispel the mystery around Guides.

In come the wolves

When I started to explore my intuitive senses I had no idea about being a medium. Or actually about being in contact with Guides or any other sort of Energy Being. I was on a search for spiritual understanding. In several meditations I found myself surrounded by wolves. There was always one beautiful, blue eyed, light coated wolf who seemed to be leading of the pack. I loved the energy they brought me. As I expanded my understanding the wolves came more often. They became my protectors. They still work with me now. The wolves were my first clue.

Of course I had been working on my own past lives for years. So the next clue should have been obvious. I went along to several vision quest events and always seemed to end up with a head full of the sights and sounds of a Native American village. These experiences were very vivid. I knew very little about the traditions of the Tribes. Yet when I went in search of information it seemed my recall had an unexpected level of detail. Eventually I also discovered the aches and pains of that life. Literally. When you work with past lives your body ‘remembers’ the dis-ease in that energy life. If you seek information your body will also show you by developing symptoms.

Grey Wolf and I: our Past Life together

Still not putting the pieces together I started into developing my mediumship. At first all I could sense was as if someone was standing behind me. Sometimes I saw an large eye. Now and again there was a wave of warm loving energy. Over time I started to recognise a familiar feeling. It was as if I knew this energy. There was a connection. I could feel myself pulled towards this other ‘person’. Then I had a sequence of dreams. In each dream I was talking to a man. In each dream he looked different. By the third dream I knew it was the same person. I remember saying I know it’s you no matter which face you wear. The dreams stopped but my ‘person’ started to become much stronger.

I caught glimpses of him. I asked his name. He gave me a nickname to use. I asked him why I felt so strongly connected to him. He said because. No matter what I asked about him personally he replied with jokes or no answer at all. At the same time I found all sorts of books about Native American history kept turning up. People gave them to me as gifts. Or passed them on to me because they had read them. I finally read a book called Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. It hit home very hard. After I finished it the pains in my right knee, side and shoulder made perfect sense. They were the wounds that had killed me.

The past is the past

A few nights after that I lay in bed talking to my Gatekeeper. I told him I knew where we had been together last. I also knew that he had not intended me to die. His love for me was so strong that he had carried a sense of guilt and blame back into the Spirit World. His decision to stay there and help me from that side of life was all about protecting me better. He had made his presence known so slowly because he thought I would reject him. In those moments I understood why he had been testing me. He wanted to make sure that I could accept him and work with him. As we spoke and I released him from the promise he had made himself he told me his true name. That is when Wolf Running took his place fully beside me.

Now we work together to unite the two worlds by sharing understanding and knowledge with others. Often people find that meeting with their Guides is slow, tentative, frustrating. When you deepen your connection with the Energy Beings you also start to clear the past life karma that has been between you. Be patient with yourself and your Guides. There might be many very valid reasons why they are reluctant to step forward in a rush. They value the relationship you are building with them. Look for the clues they send you. I know I missed quite a few! Be open to the story behind your decision to work together. Enjoy the process of discovery. I love that I have such a devoted Gatekeeper. He loves that I am finally listening. We run with the wolves together.

Day 227 of my blogging challenge.