Personality Cult: A Spiritual Answer

Why did my Past Lives workshop bring up the idea of a personality cult? Sometimes when I’m working my Guides throw in extra ideas. Today they wanted to remind me how deeply rooted some patterns can be.

Helping other people find out the karmic patterns that are currently affecting their lives is really rewardsing. It can explain why someone has a particular aspect of their personality. Or why they might have chosen to experience certain events in their lives. I know that understanding my past lives has helped me to make better choices in this life. Choices to love more. Share more. Be the best me I can be. As I balance off each karmic strand I am preparing myself for improved choices next time round. But there is one question I always run into. What happens if I know the best choices but decide not to make them?

What if, instead of thinking for myself, I get drawn into the cult of personality? Either my own or someone else’s? I have been thinking about this kind of cult all week. Mainly because of the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA and the forthcoming elections here in the UK. In times of fear people look for a strong leader. Someone they think can take control and change things for the better. Their vulnerability leads them to trust in the words of the voice that shouts the loudest. That person believes in themselves so strongly there is no room for arguement. Anyone who disagrees must be bad. Yet a strong leader who goes unchallenged may become autocratic and authoritarian.

There is a lesson for me in this. My personality must always remain open to challenge. Not only by other but by myself too.

Only by remaining self-aware can I deal with the potential to believe myself so totally in the right that I ignore or attack others. Again I am thinking about the example of Donald Trump. His campaign very heavily criticised and vilified Hilary Clinton. It descended into the policitcs of personality. A cult view requiring all the members of his following to demand that ‘crooked Hilary’ be put in jail. Without any trial, reason or evidence. Simply on the say so of this cult leader. I wonder what happened to innocent until proven guilty. People seem blind to the inconsistencies of this. Reacting to ‘do as I say, not as I do’. And also operating with the same closed mind as their leader.

How can I deal with this? This person has the power to affect my life in some ways. What is the spiritual response? My past lives have helped me with this. Because I am aware enough to question the cult of personality. I have learned through my own past life experiences of abuse of power so I notice it in this life. To watch for it in myself. And to look at what people do rather than listen to what they say. I’ve also learned not to be blinded by the hype surrounding leaders. Listening to the polictical discussions in the UK at the moment I’m very aware that the cult of personality is running the show. That’s why Teresa May is the focus of media attention busy portraying herself as a strong leader. Although her policies seem to have no substance. Whilst Jeremy Corbyn is standing in the Hilary Clinton role.

How do I deal with this challenge? What can I do to reach the best spiritual decision about my response to the cult of personality?

I will be living with the consequences of the choices that are made by others. So one thing I can do is to remind people to look at the actions of all of the candidates. I can also encourage debate with my friends and family about personality politics. Sometimes it’s important to remind myself that we all have prototypes in our past. The mistakes we made whilst finding out who we are and what our values are. Also that I am a different person than I was at 20, 35 or 48. Hopefully a better, more experienced, wiser person. What is important is whether I keep my promises and speak my truth. How do these leaders measure up? Then I can make the best choice I can and accept that my choice may not be the one that wins.

There is one more thing I can do. I can talk to my daughter and her friends about the cult of personality. It is a human response to fear and uncertainty. A strong leader can entice people to say and do things they never thought they would. And to very much regret it later. When it’s too late. Actually there  is a lot we can all do. Educating our children and young people so that they can think and act for themselves. Teaching them that they are strong even when life is at it’s worst. Strengthening their sense of self and self-love. Explaining to them that ‘borrowing’ the strength from another for a short while can help. But becoming dependent on someone else to take responsibility for thier life is a trap.

I know that when we all love ourselves enough to care for the vulnerable in society before ourselves the cult of personality will die out. There will be no need for empty words and broken promises. Because we won’t be talking. We will be doing.

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Mountains Move at Each Step

imageA day of healing appointments intertwined with past lives. All of us create an energy ripple with our actions. I believe those ripples flow across our timeline, affecting more than the life in which they were created.

The ripples can pile up energy mountains to challenge us at different times of our present life. Or we can have created some ripples in this life that seem like mountains too. Today I found it really encouraging. The people who came for the healing energy waves were ready to take the first steps to shift the mountains out of their lives. I know that all of us have tough things to face. It’s limiting to imagine that anyone has a perfect life. I feel that comparisons do us no good. Listening to their hopes and fears I was impressed that they were all seeking the changes that would free up positive energy.

I also know that believing I can move the mountain is an important step too. Every time I fall back down the slope I remind myself that I haven’t climbed it yet. Yet is such a big word to me. I use it to remind myself that everything is possible. That each step I try will eventually be rewarded. I can get where where I want to go because I am taking the steps to do so. Even if I’m still unsure if I’m on the right track. Because that’s another important point. There are many ways to move a mountain. So sometimes what action I have to take seems really unclear. Mainly because the shift involves changing me. My outlook, my beliefs, my relationships, my work, my everything.

Taking stock of today I realise that I got to here because I moved my mountains with every step I took. Whether I thought it right or wrong I kept on stepping forwards.

And whether others though it was right or wrong too. I kept on going. Reflecting, releasing, living. Being with people today who were busy stepping forward too has been great. No matter whether it was a first step or one in a long path they were all open to changing their lives. I know that the willingness to do it differently will eventually move all of the old, stuck energy our of their lives. How exciting to be part of that wave of change. I hope you can take a step forward. I hope that you will take one after another after another so that you move forward too ?

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Guides – friend, family, other?

Rose1Over the last few days the subject of Guides has cropped up more than once. This is often a topic that people get really confused about because there are many different explanations about who might be guiding us & why. Most often people ask what the name of their Guide is. When I asked, for a long time I was told ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. William Shakespeare had a lot to answer for in my eyes, lol. Still I asked for a name. I felt somehow that if I had a name I would ‘know’ who my Guide was. It got much more confusing, as I exercised my psychic senses, to realise that I sensed more Guides around me. Then I started to demand names. How on earth could I build up trust, I thought, if I didn’t even know who was around me. My Guides tried to encourage me to sense them rather than worry about names. Or to see or hear them instead of wanting to attach labels to their energy. I must admit I found it really, really frustrating. When I finally blew my top they answered my anger by explaining that we were building a set of relationships. Just like in real life relationships with individual Guides take time and effort to become trusting. So would a name make the trust happen any quicker?

At this point I must have had a lightbulb moment. I recognised that I was used to being introduced to people by their name. However, I also knew that their name didn’t define who they were, how they might think or feel and how they might choose to behave in any given set of circumstances. A name was only a short cut that needed to have a personality attached to it. And finding someone’s personality and preferences takes time. Working with anyone over a period of time allows familiarity to develop. Predictability almost. That is what we trust. That the person we know as Annie will respond and act in given ways as certain experiences and situations arise. Hopefully Annie will respond positively – or in ways that we view as positive. If she doesn’t then we might very well choose to forget we know her by forgetting her name. At this point I’m sure my Guides breathed a huge sigh of relief. I stopped asking for names. I recognised that I had to work at building a few key relationships with the Guides who were most often around me. They were my team, working with me and supporting me to get to wherever I needed to be of service. So I started to ask a different set of questions. Ones that have helped me understand & explain Guide teams to other people wanting to meet their Guides.

First I asked how many Guides I had. Apparently the number is infinite. I have as many Guides helping me as I wish to allow in. That make sense to me. I never quite convinced myself that there was only one energy being guiding me. It seemed like their should be more as that is what happens on the Earth. I’d rather have lots of help than only one hard pressed, overworked Guide trying to get me to do what is in my own best interest. I also asked where all these Guides came from. It was wonderful to realise that we can be guided by many different Energy Beings so I welcomed the opportunity to work with Elementals, Aliens, Dragons, Angels to name a few. There are many, many dimensions our Spirit is connected with so why restrict my guidance to only the human Spirit World. Why me was the next question. It has taken me a long time to accept the answer. Because … I felt that was a cop out but my Guides keep saying it will make perfect sense when I return to the Spirit World. I guess it’s another test of the trust we have in each other that I can wait for all to be revealed.

They have shared with me some snippets of why me though. And these seem to carry across to what other people experience too. Firstly, we all have a GateKeeper Guide. This Guide agrees to be with us from the moment we step our of the Spirit World until the moment we step back across to there. The GateKeeper’s job is to keep the lines of communication open as best s/he can so that we don’t drift of what we have planned for this life. When we are travelling in a direction that is against our plan our GateKeeper will be bouncing up & down on our head to try to get us to pay attention. When we are sailing along in accordance with our plan our GateKeeper will be off having a cup of coffee with the other Guides, catching up with all the gossip. Most often this Guide has been with us in many past lives. We have swapped being the GateKeeper many times for each other. That’s why this Guide has the patience necessary to hang out with us until we notice that they are there. I love my GateKeeper for being so determined to wake me up and keep me on track.

Secondly, it’s often the case that family members get involved in guiding us too. After all we are more likely to trust someone in our family tree better than a complete stranger. I work with my Mum some of the time and occasionally with my Grandfather. They are a steadying force when I might have wobbles about the service I’ve been asked to give. They also bring a lot of humour as they can remind me of my prototypes from earlier in my life without being judgemental or picking fault. That’s something we are easily able to do for ourselves as we have trained ourselves to make comparisons and compete. They also understand my need to have balance in my life. If I’m doing too much they will give me a push to slow down. Or even put the brakes on for me by chasing all the rest of the team out of sight for a while.

Finally, there are the Guides who pop in for one job, one reason or one piece of development. Guides are of all energy vibrations, experiences and backgrounds. They are Energy Beings who have been around the block a bit – even the brand new ones. They are working on their development too. So connecting with me for a ‘one off’ event of service can be helpful to them too. I do wonder how many of them breath a sigh of relief when the joint task is finished, lol. What they bring is a fresh viewpoint, a new skill or some much needed support of a different kind than my regular Guides. I don’t ask their names because I don’t need to know anymore. My GateKeeper and family Guides vet these ‘strangers’ for me and I trust that I am sensible enough to question anyone who seems to be out of step with my vibration. I love working with my Guide team. I love working with them individually and collectively. I feel surrounded by their love and protection even when I’m at my most human and rebelling against them. I am not a robot or someone who can be led easily. They know that, respect my questions and do their best to chivvy me along the best path for me. In fact, I know they would be suspicious if I didn’t question, doubt or expect answers. We have a wonderful relationship built up over many years and that’s why a name has no meaning for us. So please swap to a different question if you want to really get to know your Guides.

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Wardrobe disaster – Aura baggage

I’m often asked how someone can improve their connection to the Spirit World. When I say ‘Wardrobe disaster’ they often look blank. It makes no sense. What has a wardrobe disaster got to do with the Spirits of our loved ones? I had the same blank look when I asked my Guides to help me get more accuracy in my messages and evidence. There was a lot of gentle laughter and a delicate pulling together of several threads of knowledge I already had stored away in my mind. So let me explain what they told me.

Part of our human identity tends to be the clothes we wear, the ‘look’ we adopt and the fashion we follow. Clothes act as a visual short-cut to who we are. We present our style to the world as the outward reflection of our inner self. We also use clothing styles as a stereo typing short cut – goth, designer, hippie, rocker, sporty to name but a few. Our clothes also allow us to blend in with whoever we decide is our tribe. They bring a sense of belonging and security. Or of wishing to be something when we don’t think we really are. They can give clues to our ambitions, our state of mind, our values and our judgements. Because we all look at what the person is wearing and decide whether they ‘belong’ or not.

If, like me, you have been searching the whole of your life for an identity, tribe or particular values your wardrobe might still contain lots of clothing that you have symbolically outgrown. I even have one of my baby dresses carefully put away with my first baby shoes. There have been many outfits that didn’t fit, were restricting, were only a fad or wore out quickly. I’ve worn the strangest combinations, colours that did nothing for me and items either scratchy & uncomfortable or so ill-fitting that I got exasperated. So plenty of disasters. Yet I hang on to some of these items because they are still really new, might come in one day or represent memories.

My wardrobe contains a lot of baggage. It’s suggested that anything you haven’t worn for six months should be donated to charity or thrown away. Why do I find that so difficult? I admit to resisting a great big wardrobe clear out. The clothes do represent aspects of me – the bits I decided not to be. There might be time to try those ‘outfits’ still. My Guides love my determination to keep my wardrobe full to bursting. But they also explain that hanging on to old energy – represented by the clothes – makes it hard for new energy to come in. How will I be able to get space for my new fashion look if I don’t clear out the old stuff? Especially since what I’m hanging on to could be classed as the ‘disasters’ – parts of me I really don’t want to be again (suits with large padded shoulders springs to mind) or that I’ve worn much too often (I’m thinking of my liking for faded jeans for all occasions, weddings & funerals included).

They use the discussion about a wardrobe to help me understand that my aura is full of energy (& not only the energy obtained in this life). Every single moment of my life is captured in the way the energy flows or sticks in my etheric body. So there are lots of patches of free flowing energy alongside patches that have become static. Where the energy flows freely the Spirit people, who are also energy, can connect with me and transfer information to me. My intuition and conscious mind can translate that info into a conversation, messages or evidence from the Spirit. The fixed energy is like a barrier. It gets in the way of the info coming through. It stops me translating the Spirit energy into something useful. Like a wardrobe packed too tight with old clothes there is no room to squash the new ones in. The stuck patches are where I have held onto an experience, perhaps been hurt by it, or angry with it or fearful of what I’ve encountered. Those fixed blocks represent sadness, disappointment, rejection, hate, lack, loneliness and so much more. They are the clothes that don’t fit, are uncomfortable or the wrong style & colour.

If I want to communicate more clearly I really have to deal with the stuck energy. So, with their gentle encouragement, I started to take the ‘clothes’ out of my wardrobe. Some had to be put back as I wasn’t ready to let them go. Many were released to be used elsewhere. I found I had spaces. Room to change and grow. New outfits to try and buy. Bit by bit my baggage has disappeared. It’s not all gone. There are still outfits I’m holding on to and some of them also relate to my past lives. I’m comfortable that when the right moment comes I will let those clothes go too. I’m also open to trying on new clothes because I know I have all the space I need to accommodate them. I have turned a wardrobe disaster into wardrobe freedom.

Turning an aura disaster into aura freedom is also possible if you start by acknowledging that you have been hanging on to past experiences much too tightly. Exploring why you are resisting the letting go process is a key part of understanding the deeper meaning that the experiences have had. Often you will find that the experiences represent judgements you have made (or taken on board) about yourself. The stuck energy can become like a mask you wear to keep yourself safe from similar experiences. Removing the mask is a brave act. You are freeing up space to allow yourself to grow. It may seem that there is no benefit from freeing up space. That it’s all rather challenging. Yet what you gain is the increased connection with Energy Beings. The loving presence of your Guides and Inspirers.

The practical ‘how to empty your aura’ is out there everywhere. I use my own Aura & Past Life meditations as well as a Violet Flame meditation. I enjoy, crystals, journaling, painting and self-refelction. I listen to what others discuss, suggest or have tried. I schedule regular wardrobe clearing times. I listen to my inner guidance when it tells me space is getting tight again. Most of all, I’m aware that I will go on collecting wardrobe disasters. I allow myself to try on new experiences, new fashions and new clothes balanced with the understanding that I don’t have to put them in my wardrobe at all. But if I do, that’s ok too. One day I will recycle their energy, when they have served their purpose and I am ready to grow some more. How much space is their in your ‘wardrobe’ for the new? Is it time to do some recycling?

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Is Death the End?

IMG_0186 As a medium I’m often asked to prove that life goes on after physical death. But what proof can I offer? I have many, many conversations about the contact I have with my Spirit Guides & the other beings who step forward to give me information. A lot of those conversations take the form of messages in readings or spiritual churches & centres. The rule of thumb is to give ‘evidence’ that life continues after physical death; that our loved ones are still there; and, that they wish to talk to us. Some would argue that ‘evidence’ is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet I never feel it’s my task to prove anything to anyone.

I have always been an open minded sceptic. Around about 9 years old I started to question the religion I was brought up in. By 13 I knew it had little to offer me – mainly because I didn’t want to be either of the female role models it offered me as life choices. Although I remember on one occasion listening to an old style ‘hell fire & damnation’ preacher tell us we were all going straight to hell unless we believed & supported our church. The fear I was supposed to feel didn’t happen. I think at that point in my life hell sounded a lot more attractive than heaven because what you had to do to get in there was all the stuff normal teenagers want to do anyway! So my thoughts about an afterlife were mostly to hope that there wasn’t one except if it was going to be more broad minded than my religion. 

Throughout my 20’s & 30’s I searched across religions for something that I could feel gave me a sense of the afterlife. In those years I did a lot of past life work & experienced for myself some interesting events that hinted much more at the continuance of a non physical part of me even past my death. Yet at the same time my analytical brain refused to join in with my searching heart to agree there was evidence of the afterlife. I returned again & again to psychology, psychiatry & plenty of vox pop sources which were definite that life after death was a comfort blanket for a mind not ready to accept that this was all the life we get.

I was at war. My thoughts vs my feelings. I really had a yearning to believe. Yet the logical part of me refused. And everything remained unresolved despite my own experience of touching heaven in my late 30’s. However, I’m nothing if not fair so in my 40’s I started to let my feelings lead me in discovering if there could ever be evidence that there was somewhere/when that we progressed to after out body was no longer fit for purpose. As always this became a philosophical project! I read & read & read everything that crossed my path about views concerning the afterlife. It’s amazing how much has been written through out the ages to try to explain the spark that makes us more than a clay overcoat – the bit that is greater than impulses, hormones, patterning of behaviour. The spark that seems to go away when the physical body just stops working.

And the range of explanations about what happens to that spark is vast too. Not just religious explanations but scientific, philosophical & cultural explanations. After what seems to have been years of following the intellectual path for understanding I started to experience a sense of connection. Connection to what & how & why became my next puzzle. That is when I followed my feelings at last, gave up on the mind as the way to explain & began experiencing with a fully open mind as to what it all might mean.

I feel we all end up following this process eventually. Perhaps it is because I’m in the second half of my life. Perhaps it’s because I’m a parent. Perhaps it’s because what I was feeling seemed to come from completely outside my range of previous experiences. But I could sense other beings – see, hear, feel the touch or emotions of, smell & taste. And most perplexing of all, I just knew. The feeling of ‘knowing’ it wasn’t me is so hard to pin down & easily dismissed yet it continued to happen that thoughts, feelings, information that were not mine regularly appeared within my mind.

What to make of this? This was personal experience that couldn’t be dismissed. I wasn’t trying to fool myself for any reason. Nor was I vulnerable & needing to believe in any way. Over a long period of contact with my Spirit Guides I have come to accept what I have experienced as valid evidence for me that we don’t die. It’s not intended to prove anything to me. Rather it is an experience I choose to enjoy & trust. My loved ones are really around me all the time & I find that awe inspiring. So I work now to speak out the evidence for others. Not as proof positive but as a prompt to ask each person to challenge what they believe in a positive way. To ask everyone to expand their view of life & be open to the idea that we might not have the full picture & need to remain curious. If anything, when I am asked to ‘prove’ there is an afterlife I would ask that proof be provided that there isn’t.