Handbag For Success: Time For New Energy

handbagYesterday ended on a challenging note. I had to ask my lovely friends to send me a bit of healing energy. When I got up this morning I decided it was time for a complete energy change. Including changing my success handbag.

Thank goodness I was going to meet my friend at a large store. The urge to search out the perfect success handbag was with me. And I knew the Earth’s ArchAngels would be around me to show me exactly the right purchase. So after a good catch up we spent a little time browsing in the store. As luck would have it I found the perfect one. And some shoes to match. My vibration shifted upwards. Of course, I love retail therapy. But I also know that my success handbag is the new piece of equipment to keep me on track as I do the work the ArchAngels are sending me. That’s because I have used a success handbag for many years.

So what is a success handbag? In my mentoring I often encourage people to have a focus object. Something that will remind them that they can and will achieve what they want out of life. That object can be something small, like a crystal or key ring. It can be an item of clothing, like a scarf or hat. Or it can be something to carry around, like a bag or satchel. My first success object was a maroon satchel. I wore it out by carrying it with me all the time. Piling in everything I felt I needed to make sure I was successful. It was followed by a large black bag. Today I returned to a maroon handbag. After all, this year feels like being back at the beginning again. The time when everything is exciting and fresh. It’s one of ArchAngel Arsheliel’s colours. The action angel!

That’s why I need a new success handbag. It has to carry all that wonderful new energy out into the world with me.

So what do I keep in that bag? Pride of place, so it has to be a big bag, is my Passion Planner. I keep all my inspirations, notes and random thoughts in there. Along with my appointments and my progress. I also have my phone. I connect in so many ways over the phone. Calls, social media, websites. My phone is a small, very valuable way for me to reach out. Or to be reached. I have coloured pens. Different colours to prompt me to be creative. Even if I’m writing down an appointment. Or my To Do list. I have my car keys. There is a certain amount of travel involved in my work so my car is vital. Then there is the Tarot or Oracle deck or card that grabbed my attention that day or week.

I like to have reminders of the energy I want to create so there are also crystals stashed away in their little purse. I love picking them out and guessing what help will be coming my way. Of course there is my lovely pink purse. On it is written ‘You are in safe hands’. It reminds me that abundance is all around me and I will want for nothing. Sometimes I have my drawing pencils and a pad. Especially if I might be driving somewhere and I feel I might have time to stop and sketch. I often carry a copy of my book around with me. It’s lovely when people ask about it and I can show them a copy. There are always business cards too. In case anyone wants to be able to get in touch with me.

My success handbag has all of the things I need to remind me that my life is full of achievements. And positive energy. When I am carrying it I feel ten feet tall. I know I am out in the world doing things I am passionate about. And that those things help people. So, new handbag at the ready I’m ready to connect with new people.

Day 881 of my blogging challenge

Projects And Plans: Going With Intuitive Timing

projectsI always seem to have a project on the go. In fact I usually have at least half a dozen projects demanding my time and energy. That’s why I love my Passion Planner so much. It’s really helps me be organised. But I’ve noticed something interesting by keeping track of my time. Things tend to happen in intuitive timing.

I’m a trained project and programme manager. That means I am used to keeping an eye on several projects at once. I’m also used to setting off any new venture with a project plan. Sorting out the tasks I have to do, what resources I will need and setting a completion date. Projects rarely stick to the rigid plans I make at the beginning. I always expect the unexpected because it’s the most expected thing likely to happen. It’s not surprising that my planner has a lot of amendments. And that each project moves up and down a priority list many times.

However, what is at the top of my list at any given time is a guess. Because I have a plan. But somehow my projects have a sense of timing all their own. I’ve started to recognise that action happens when it’s exactly the right moment for me to focus on one particular project. Then I’m swiftly moved onto another. Of course I can get a bit grumpy with my Guides about all of the shifting about. Especially when they change the emphasis overnight. Or take a hand in blocking a project until I have finished what they want me to do for them. In project management speak they are stakeholders in all of the spiritual work I do. So they feel that they have a big say in what happens.

I have learned to juggle my projects, alter my plans and follow their lead. Because it always works out brilliantly. I find myself where I need to be, when I need to be dealing with what is important at that moment. Not only for me. But for many other people too. When I sit down to check in with my planner tonight I know that what is written in there could all change tomorrow morning. Yet I love it. For a structure person I’m really getting into the intuitive creative flow!

Day 873 of my blogging challenge

Living In The Flow: Perfect Timing

living flowIt’s been a day to go with the flow again. Living in an intuitive world often presents a few issues. Especially if, like me, you want to get on with doing things. My Passion Planner has so many alterations sometimes that I’m tempted to give up.

But I don’t. I like being able to plan. It gives me a comforting feeling. Like I’m in control of the way I’m living. Of course wanting to be in control can also be a sign of being afraid of where life will take me next. Or a lack of trust that everything will happen when it is supposed to. I know that being in control also leads me into impatience. I want things to hurry up and happen. To be here in my life right now. Yet one thing I have learned from developing my intuitive psychic senses is that manifesting my requirements and desires may take much more linear time because I can be trying to bring it what won’t suit me. Delay is the way of the Universe saying ‘Are you really sure you want that?’

I’ve written before about getting comfortable when my day turns out to be cancellations, changes and upsets. Because what always comes along is the action that it’s right for me to be doing. Whether that is having a rest, seeing someone for an urgent consultation or dealing with a loose end. Living with the uncertainty is much easier when I notice how my day is reorganised to make sure that I am where I need to be. Doing what is right at exactly the perfect time. I still occasionally get a bit flustered by my diary not running to plan. However I am able to accept that the flow of events is based on lots of other factors. It’s not all about me. I find that this actually takes pressure off me and I can wait much longer than I used to be able to do.

Living with an appreciation of the flow also helps me to recognise that time is a human, adult defined concept. Children don’t live in time. They live in flow. It’s only as we start to think that we adopt a shared standard of measurement. I’m glad that I have been able to move back to that more child-like appreciation of my days. I feel free to become absorbed in what I am doing. And let the flow carry me where it is best for me to go.

Day 816 of my blogging challenge

Washing Away Stuck Energy: Time For A Shower

washingI really felt like I had started my holiday break today. Washing the dishes this evening I thought about the energy I was also washing away. Releasing everything stuck or left over from this year.

My day started with another trip into York. A long train ride with time to get out my Passion Planner and continue reviewing my year. With the Winter sunshine washing over me I felt like I was clearing away the energy from this year. That’s a big part of letting go. Recognising the feelings and allowing them to be released. I thought about unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. I know that holding on to low vibrational feelings gets in the way of me being more unconditional. So I had time to apply myself to checking where I was up to with the more painful or hurtful experiences of this year. I wanted to check that I could understand these experiences from a different viewpoint and finally let them drain away.

Then I had lunch with a wonderful friend. I felt her calm and healing vibrations washing over me. Sitting with her I could feel energy draining away. Energy that could possibly get in the way of me doing what I want to next year. It was really refreshing. I love when my friends help me to clear my energy field. Some of them don’t even know they are doing it. But I am very lucky to have around me people who generously give their laughter and love. Those waves of energy are like a refreshing shower. It’s my habit, every time I am in the shower, to clean my aura too. So it’s also an extra bonus to be with people who surround me with positive emotions. I’m getting my energy extra sparkly clean. Of course that means that I can also pass on that positive energy to other people who might need to ‘wash’ their auras.

I love the way what goes around comes around. Washing away the wear and tear of an energy world that can be challenging and heavy at times. Sometimes a simple shower isn’t enough. That’s when I find my friends close around me. Sharing and caring. Is it time for you to release the energy of this year? I’m sending you a blast of positive friendship to help!

Day 756 of my blogging challenge

Listing Progress: A Passion Planning Hour

ListingI can be a great one for listing things. Especially when my head is full and I have lots to juggle. That’s why I took the opportunity this afternoon to review my Passion Planner and check my progress.

In my corporate days I used to be involved in a lot of projects. I loved planning, checking and progress chasing the elements of a project so that we came in on time and one budget. If we were very organised and fortunate. Part of that process was listing all the things that needed to happen before I could pull a plan together. Later in life I realised what a gift my project (and programme) management skills had become. Every time I needed to make changes, or set off in pursuit of the next dream, ourt would come my paper and pen. I would get busy listing all I could think of to make sure I got where I wanted to go. Especially when I started to run my own business. Then my lists became a vital part of my everyday work. They helped me to stay on track.

Even the items on the list that I didn’t complete. Listing things down showed me what was important – because those things got done – and what wasn’t. At the end of my projects I looked back at my lists and thought about what hadn’t happened. To see if those things were as important as I’d originally thought. So that, if necessary, I could build them into my next plan. I love using my Passion Planner now to help me do that same process. Because I feel I need more than a diary. I need a place to go to that helps me see the bigger picture. And my planner keeps everything in one place. Both the daily and weekly pictures and, most importantly, monthly and six-monthly too. But even more, when I look at my planner I can also see a list of my achievements.

Every tick against a task that got done encourages me to keep listing more items. The success of the completed work carries me forward to the next list.

That’s why, on my train journey today, I buried my nose in my planner to think about my November successes. Going through what I had listed brought me fresh ideas. There were gaps I needed to fill. Other actions that followed on from my completed list. And a timescale started to emerge. Considering where I wanted to aim for in 2018 I identified some key changes I still want to make. Listing them as the headline points I got a chance on my journey back to start to break each one down into more steps. That’s a form of progress too. I’ve learned from my Guides to go with the flow in very many ways.

I know that my plans might not happen the way I expect. That other things get to the top of my list in unexpected and surprising ways. So I understand that nothing is concrete. And I make room for the times I have to head off in a different direction. Having a series of steps acts like a baseline. If I have to change anything I can go back to the baseline and refocus. It’s great for helping me to stay positive about where I’m heading. And it also means that I don’t loose sight of my achievements. Something very easy to do if things get muddled up. At then end of my journey I had a great list of my successes over the past couple of months. With some great steps about how to move forward into 2018.

I also had some goals listed too. The key things I want to achieve by the end of 2018. Even some of the steps I will need to take. I’m going to keep listing those steps, reviewing my progress and celebrating my achievements. All with the help of my Passion Planner!

Day 753 of my blogging challenge

Heading To The End Of A Year Of Change

Heading into autumI was heading to my aunt’s house this morning. The leaves have started to turn their colour as the year fades gently away. As I drove I thought about all the changes that have happened to me this year.

Sometimes I’m so busy changing that I don’t even notice that it’s happening. Other times I’m in the midst of changes feeling really stuck and wanting to push on forward. Yet the strange thing about change is that I can’t see where I’m heading. Because I might think I’m going in one direction only to find I’ve ended up somewhere completely different. I knew at the start of this year that my life had to change. I even thought I knew how it would be changing. Yet at the back end of the year I’m heading off into a very different set of experiences. I hadn’t thought at all about Embrace Intuitive Mentoring in January. My book was going to be published but I hadn’t expected it to be when it was. And what about my Centre? That didn’t turn out as I expected either.

Heading through each month I’ve found myself having to respond to changes that have been thrown at me. Because on top of my desire to reshape my life the Universe has also sent lots of things to make sure the change happens. In fact my Passion Planner is full of plans and projects that have been revisited, overturned, revised or deleted. As if I hadn’t quite got the big picture yet. However, I have noticed that the changes that have happened are really good for me. I am listening to my intuition all the time. When I wobble I am strong enough to deal with my fears. I am choosing things that I love to do. And making the practical stuff happen to keep being able to do those things. In the end I feel I have recognised and valued my abilities much more this year.

So I’m sure I’m heading in a better direction with my life. Because I have chosen to embrace change, not fight it.

I’ve also made a great effort this year not to be hard on myself. When change is unexpected it’s easy for me to start telling myself off. I can bring up all sorts of reasons why I should judge myself harshly as I try to respond to changes. There are a lot of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve moments. These aren’t helpful. They stop me from heading in a positive direction. Instead I’ve given myself a lot more permission to have my wobbly moments. And a lot more encouragement that everything will turn out for the best. Because it usually does. And because I do my best to make it turn out that way. That’s the secret. My resilience in the face of many changes will pull me through.

I think we forget just how much change we can handle. I know I’ve hit that ‘change overload’ point several times this year. When I’ve wanted to say ‘enough is enough’. But I’ve somehow kept going. Stayed with my head above the water. Faced down my fears and carried on taking whatever action I could. Heading to the end of the year I can see that I have stuck with the process of change. Dealing with the loss of the old and the introduction of the new. Shifting my position to find a new balanc in my life. Recognising what I want to keep and what I want to bring in. I haven’t done this perfectly. Sometimes the Universe has had to drop things on my head to get me to notice. And I’m almost there.

I’m almost at the dream I wanted to try for the next few years. It hasn’t shaped up exactly the way I thought it would. But it’s here all the same. I’m heading into a bright future. I’m so glad I’ve changed!

Day 687 of my blogging challenge 

Ted’s Forest Adventure: Time to Walk and Talk

Ted's adventureOnce again my day went out of shape. Ted’s forest adventure pulled me away from sitting still. And gave me a very enjoyable afternoon outdoors.

I love the random nature of my days. My Passion Planner hardly gets chance to stay the way I wrote it. Appointments change. Or get cancelled. Usually so that someone with a greater need can get what I can help them with. And sometimes I get to do things I wasn’t necessarily planning but which lift my spirits. Today was one of those days. I have a lovely friend with a dog. In fact I have lots of lovely friends with dogs. Since I lost both my dogs a few years ago I miss the chance to walk the dog. Somehow, unless you have the responsibility of your own dog, the dog walking passes you by. I’m busy working at improving my general fitness. And I love to walk. But do I take myself off to do so? Of course not. Yet today Ted’s adventure changed that.

This morning on his walk Ted decided that he would scamper off to investigate. My friend wasn’t sure what he decided to investigate. But three hours later he was still AWOL. No one else in the forest had seen him. As you can imagine, my friend was very upset. I know that feeling. My dog Connie was a wanderer. She came to us as a result of one of her wanderings off. Ted’s nature is a lot like Connie. He’s a wanderer too. But not usually for so long. So after checking that he hadn’t actually wandered home there was only one thing for it. Another walk in the woods to see if Ted’s trail could be picked up. This time I went along to add my voice, eyes and ears to the efforts to round up Ted.

I checked in with the the gnomes. And the water sprites. I asked my Guides for signs and they sent them. But Ted’s camouflage was perfect. Not a sniff of him anywhere.

However, by intuition we decided we were following the trail of where he had been. And all the people walking the route, except one, were alerted and promised to look out for him. So the sun shone as I climbed up hill and down dale, plodged through mud, and slid down banking. Ted’s dark brown coat was hardly going to stand out amongst the fallen leaves and tree roots. But I peered into the undergrowth nevertheless. The river added is music to the scene making it hard to hear noises. Though every now and again a bird sang out. Always when I was asking myself do I go left or right. This hillside or that. As we stood at the top of one hill gazing across the valley I felt on top of the world. The exercise was definitely doing me good.

Yet Ted’s trail was still hard to follow. There are rabbits to sniff out. Pheasant to chase. Other dogs and walkers to say hallo to with a determinely wagging tail. As we looked and walked we talked. One of the real pleasures of dog walking. A deep yet easy conversation that flows along taking me who knows where. Something much missed. And here was Ted’s great gift to me. Exercise, debate and loads of fresh air. All in the bright afternoon sun. The smell of the forest floor mulch. The green still in the trees. I stood for a moment and felt so happy to be alive. I guess much like Ted really. His adventure was my adventure. Even the chance to put a hand on a tree and tune in to tree energy.

Ted’s doggy senses must have been working overtime. Just as we were on top of the world he was barking in the bottom of the valley.

Had he heard our calls? Or my friend’s whistling? Had Ted sensed that we were determined to find him? We avoided having to climb over the wall to go in the direction of the barks. But only by going back over the path we had just walked. The long way round I guess. Then the phone went. Ted had been captured. Contained by a Good Samaritan. He was down by the river at someone’s house. Delight! Joy! Relief! Off both of us trotted to get the adventure dog. I was pleased for my friend. A happy ending is always the best way to finish a story. When we got there Ted was as cool as a cucumber. Looking all innocent he greeted us both with wags and jumps. Much to the delight of the dog of the house, who felt he was entitled to do the same.

Tonight Ted is safely home. Ted’s stomach brought him to a place of food at just on meal time. Why should we have been worried? Because our animals are our family too. I know I love all my pets as if they are my children. Not because I’m a weird or silly person. But because loving those beings who fill your life with unconditional love is the most wonderful thing to do. I wish that everyone could experience that kind of love. And I know many people who don’t. So they might not understand how much the kindness of strangers meant to two people on a dog hunt this afternoon. How the good wishes, promises to keep an eye out and understanding smiles lifted what could have been a grim task.

Ted’s adventure was an interesting journey for me too. It moved me out of the stressy energy I’ve been battling all week. I reconnected with Mother Earth. And I shared some positive energy with a good friend. Thank you Universe ❤️

Day 675 of my blogging challenge

Intuitive Right Timing In Everything

right timingSome days go out of shape pretty quickly. It’s all about timing. I have a diary but I also know that it has to be flexible. Otherwise my intuition won’t flow.

Last minute changes use to really throw me. I would get stressed or upset when things were cancelled or moved around. Not liking that my structured day had to change. It wasn’t until I really started my Spirit work that I learned it’s all in the timing. Sometimes Spirit people came to give messages when I was asleep. After several discussions with my Guides we agreed that I needed my (beauty) sleep and the visits stopped. Now and again a Spirit came looking for me long before the time I was due to give the messages. I learned to ask them to pop back when it was the right time. Appointments for readings got cancelled. Sometimes only moments before. And I learned to console the Spirit who was waiting. Better luck getting them here next time I would say.

All these things were teaching me that there is an intuitive sense of timing. What I or someone else may think is the right time can be completely the wrong time. For instance, I have a friend who is a football fan. I don’t call to chat when there is a game on. I know I will end up in a one sided conversation. So if my diary gets moved around I now know it’s for a reason. Exactly the case today. Someone needed my urgent help so suddenly my diary was clear for the morning. Then it got back on track this afternoon. But on a slightly different track than I planned. Because I needed to help connect a couple of people. Intuitively I recognised that a different plan was happening. A Spirit driven plan. And it was great to go with it.

Now when my diary shifts and I end up doing something completely different I remind myself about right timing. Whatever is happening is perfect for that moment. The energy is flowing just as it needs to. And I have no need to stress about it. Are you planning your day? Or are you timing things using your intuition?

Day 651 of my blogging challenge 

Blowing Cobwebs Away: A Walk On The Beach

The breeze was blowing as I walked along the beach today. It was hot in the sunshine. So the cool wind was very welcome. It was also clearing my head.

I’ve been doing some work on where I want to take my life in the future. Passion Planner at my side I bounced around all sorts of ideas. Because I’m getting to a point where I have to take some decisions. New inspirations keep popping up all the time. Old doubts wobble through from my Ego Mind. Blowing my thoughts all over the place. That’s the problem. The distraction of fears can keep me stuck going round in loops. Those old fears are like cobwebs catching the dust. Too many cobwebs block my clear view of what it’s best to do. That’s why a walk was really good.

I stood looking at the sea. The tide was out. I thought about when the tide turned. The beach would be covered by the waves slowly but surely. And the water would mould the sand once more. Before it retreated again. The wind was blowing the waves too. Everything was happening in an eternal cycle that had been going on for millions of years. I felt like the sand. Being modded by my feelings and the breeze of change. My life will take shape, then reshape itself again and again. I realised that I can choose what I want to do but I also have to be flexible enough to let my life reshape my intentions too. I don’t know what tides will be blown through my life tomorrow or any day after. But I can keep my mind open to all sorts of possibilities.

Accepting that the wind of change is always blowing I can recognise that my life is on shifting sands. But I have a solid foundation. I have ability, courage and determination. The tides will change but I will never drown!

Day 621 of my blogging challenge 

Relax, Rest, Review: Time to Think

Rest is very important. It’s a point I make over and over when I’m mentoring. So today I’ve taken a rest day. And perhaps to give myself time to think.

Of course taking a holiday break gives me a chance to step back from my work. To move out of my life as it is and do something different. I also enjoy the time I get to reflect when I take a break. Because I can think about those things that are going right with my life. And what isn’t. Interesting these things often come up in the events of my holiday. Take noise for an example. I hadn’t realised how much I enjoy quiet time. At home and in my Centre I am very lucky to enjoy the absence of most noise whenever I want. Staying in a hostel full of noisy people has been a challenge. Rest has sometimes been hard to find.

The walls are very thin. The communal areas can get very busy. The doors bang continually in the morning as people get up, shower, have their breakfast and set off for the day. One or two late night parties have taken place overhead. When the silence descended today I breathed a sight of relief. I’ve had a couple of moments of praying for deafness. And of wondering if people are aware of being inconsiderate. I realise how precious silence has become to me. In the quiet I can tune into that inner voice of guidance. The Guides can draw closer. In this relaxed space we talk about all sorts of things.

I’ve also enjoyed a rest after all the walking. My body loves being active. Wind, rain or shine it doesn’t matter. Striding along gives me more time to think.

Ideas jump into my head. Wondering and wandering. Reviewing my life as a journey like my walking. The past couple of days I’ve enjoyed thinking about what my life would have been thousands of years ago. Probably lots more walking, of course, but still a journey from birth to death. Maybe a few more children than in this life. Probably grandchildren by now, if not great-grandchildren. Of course there might not have been much in the way of medical care so childbirth could have been a hazard. It reminded me that my body matters too.

After I watched the ferries arriving and departing this afternoon I sat down for a coffee. In a quiet cafe I sat with my Passion Planner to review last week. It’s something I do every Monday even if I’m on a rest day. I find the commitment to looking back over my week helps me shift any thoughts or feelings that I’ve got stuck with. It also clears my head for the week in front of me. The ferries got me thinking. When I am on a boat there is nothing to do but rest. Surrounded by all that water there is nowhere else to go. I am contained within the area of the boat. Like my life is contained in my diary most of the time.

I am contained by my passion for what I do. Yet I can also find those trips to other places that help me relax. As well as recharging my batteries taking time out refreshes my ideas and purpose for my life. Well deserved rest!

Day 602 of my blogging challenge