Life Doing It My Way

imageI’ve had a lovely day being inspired in so many ways. What has been clear is that the way I do things has to be mine. I can take inspiration for the what others do but the responsibility for what I do is all mine.

Meeting up with my PartyLite leader, Liz, for lunch we talked about the way people can access our products. Some of you might know already that I sell these candles because it’s my hobby. I also use the income to fund my Centre. There are many ways I could do this but I like people to try before they buy. Perhaps I’m not pushing sales like another person might. What I am doing is doing what works for me. That’s important. I feel that all the fun of these products would disappear if I had to work in a set way.

Then I popped over to see Natalie who has a beautiful shop full of wonderful things. She works hard to find things that inspire people. I had to be pulled away from her display of new crystals. We talked about how personal development leads us to want to change. And how sometimes the change didn’t seem to come quickly enough. I was laughing as I identified my way of changing. I usually rush at things madly wanting it to all happen all at once. Then I have to wait. Knowing that this is my pattern I have got much better at letting change arrive exactly when it’s time for it to do so. I’m still doing it my way only now that way has changed too.

This evening I zoomed off to do some mediumship. Zoom is the right word as my car sounds like I’m driving a WW 2 biplane. I went to a lovely community centre where the welcome was very warm.

Tonight I connected with several Spirit people who in their life had lived exactly as they wanted to. I love that I get to meet these ‘characters’ because it makes for an interesting evening. It also means that they get to give their messages exactly how they want to. As each person stepped forward to make the connection I thought about the way that we worked together. I do my mediumship my way and they bring their information and comments their way. Between us we can reach out and support someone else. I’m glad that my Guides left me to develop my own style. That I had freedom to try lots of different ways of connecting.

In the end I feel that I have worked out what works best for me. I can deliver the messages straightforwardly to the people they are meant for. In other things I do I am guided by what works best for me too. It may not end up being perfectly or exactly what someone else would do or want. However, I feel I am honouring my abilities, skills, choices and feelings. That is so important to me now. I spent a lot of my life trying to do things the way everyone else said they should be done. It rarely worked. Be brave. Make that decision. Approach your actions and decisions from the ‘my way’ point of view.

Day 317 of my blogging challenge. 

Lite of Spirit Spreading Light

imageI’m of on my travels once again. It’s the annual PartyLite Conference in Harrogate this weekend. Time for me to meet up with my team and enjoy a bit of down time.

Although I love my work for Spirit I also have to make sure that I have time for me. Keeping my feet on the ground is very important. It’s easy to end up spending all of my time “up” in the energy connecting to the Energy Beings. I sometimes forget to ‘get a life’ so to speak. One of the things my Guides encouraged me to do was be involved in candles and fragrances.

That may seem odd. But they want me to have a life outside of connecting for others all the time. So off I go, with my bag of candles, every once in a while, to meet new people and have some fun. I also get to work with some fab people who share my love of scents and candles too. Since I’m selling candles it also means that the income supports my Centre. That’s one of the magic bits about it all. I’m surrounded by lovely positive people. With their support I do something I love and the money is used to support other people. We are all sharing in the love one way or another.

Every time I go to the conference I have a chance to think about the year that has just finished. How much Spirit Light has gone out in the last tweleve months?

I guess I’m always a bit surprised at how much I have achieved. Even in the times when I’ve been really challenged by life, the universe and everything. It certainly hasn’t been the most smooth or easy year. Several personal challenges, business challenges and a lot to grow through. Yet I’m still standing. Doing better than I ever expected. Ready to move forward once again with a set of great goals. And some big dreams.

That’s the other thing about spending time with my PartyLite colleagues. I’m able to catch up with all they have also achieved and find out their new goals. This year we all have a new beginning too. The way in which our candle businesses work is changing. It’s definitely going to be an amazing step forward. There is a lot to wrap my head around. Yet the excitement we are all sharing is a powerful energy. It’s been so positive to feel the electricity of a new dream being shared by everyone in the room.

Life is always about balance. Finding the Spirit within and shining it through our clay overcoats.

No matter what I or anyone else do our underlying task is to be the best possible person we can. Not the most perfect. Or the most famous. Or the most spiritual. It’s about being our authentic self. Letting our skills and talents come to the surface. Being comfortable to be unique. Encouraging others to be unique, true to their abilities and doing what they can to make a difference for everyone they meet.

I love that my PartyLite friends are working their best to change their lives in so many different ways. It doesn’t matter why I started this work, or why anyone else did either. We have come together to share the party, share the fun and share our talents. That way we can contribute our own Light into the world. I know the world desperately needs more positivity, caring and sharing. How great that my teammates and I are focused on sharing just such a wave of energy!

Day 272 of my blogging challenge. 

Back into the Centre

greenearthcircleThe retreat is over. Or holiday, except I was busy doing a lot of reflecting and clearing. Today it’s back to the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre and work.

One of the most fascinating things about running a Centre is the way in which it is a centre for my life. A lot of the things I do are on offer there. Walking into the corridor you will find my art work on display in our little Hidden Gem Gallery. Open the door and step into the main room full of soft music and wonderful fragrances. My PartyLite candles and Earth’s ArchAngels sprays lift the energy. Sit down on a settee that could have come from your Grandma’s front room to enjoy a cuppa. We can chat. There might be my meditation group or Reiki to try. Or perhaps a connection to a Guide or Spirit loved one. I am grateful that I can do so many things, offer so many services and have a peaceful place to work in.

I also know that working in the Centre keeps me centred. Life has a way of pulling or pushing us off balance. I don’t mean to get out  of step with myself. It happens because I’m human. I have thoughts and feelings that can boost me or drag me down. I’m surrounded by other humans who are experiencing the same thing. All of us are putting our energy into a communal pool and all of us are drawing our energy from that same pool. It’s interesting to have been on a retreat and then come back. I haven’t seen the news for two weeks and can’t say I’ve missed it. Yet I can feel the energy that news reports have generated in the people. Inside the door of the Centre it’s like a no news place. Even a no personal news place.

Anything that is waiting in my admin tray, or issues that people might need me to sort out, are surrounded by calm, compassionate energy.

Inside this place I can take a fresh look at my own issues. It’s as if the energy of the world is held at bay whilst I work out what, if anything, I need to do. I love working in circles and spirals. They draw me back to some of my most powerful shamanic experiences. As I returned to work today I felt as if I had returned to the circle energy. The enfoldment of all my worries, niggles and concerns was complete. They can safely be left in this circle of peace. The energies they have created in me can dissipate. I am in balance again.

Day 263 of my blogging challenge.

The Power of Cutting Your Losses

imageInspirations have been flowing in. My brain hasn’t stopped all day. Sometimes when we take a good look at all that we have going on in our lives we find that there are situations that require cutting our losses. This week has brought me to such a point of clarity that I have been standing back and considering where I have been putting my energy for the last few years. I love all that I have been doing but to go forward I also have to make some choices. Will it be painting, writing, my Centre, church services, teaching, healing, readings, public speaking, Partylite or mentoring?  I’ve been juggling all of these. Slowly my focus on my bigger dream has been swamped by lots of other ‘stuff’. Stuff I love doing but …

Working for myself it is almost too easy to discover another thing I like doing. Or another service I want to offer. I’m driven by a desire to help and support people. Especially as that desire is my key mission in this life as well as in the many other past lives that I brought in with me for this trip. Cutting through all of the karmic energy, finding an understanding of how that mission is to be delivered and making sure I have the energy to do so also means doing less of some things. And more of what makes that mission happen. That is the power of cutting the losses. It’s important for me to put all my energy into the activities that deliver the mission. Energy going elsewhere is ‘lost’. That doesn’t mean that it’s not helping or supporting people. However, I may be able to do more if I am concentrating on those things that will, in the end, have a bigger impact for everyone.

One example that popped up this week was an unsolicited offer from someone for me to do more healing training so I could add another type of healing to my list. I get lots of invites to go on courses for new types of training. Do I need to do any more training in new techniques? What I do already seems to be working. I have eight ways of healing that I can use. How many more is enough? Also, as a business women, I have to question whether the cost in time, money and energy will be worth it. If I focus on the healing modalities I already use and develop them to the best of my ability that may be the very best use of myself. So I didn’t sign up for the training. I also had a good think about the healing I was already doing to see if it was time for me to stop doing any of it. Again, all part of the power of cutting my losses.

It’s tempting to keep adding in rather than cutting out tasks. So taking the time this week to consider redirecting my energy has been very energising. I’ve noticed where I’m passionate about keeping something. Also where it seems I can let go without any real pang of loss. The best thing of all has been that reorganising what I’m going to be doing, with a clear focus on whether it fits with my life purpose or not, has freed up my mind for new ideas. Different ways of doing things have been dropping into my mind. They have been going off like fireworks. New projects are appearing fully formed & ready to go. My energy is fired up to take my mission further than I imagined this time last week.

I’m looking forward to cutting out those bits of my working life that slow me down. It’s exciting to make space for the things I’m really, really passionate about. I feel good about the changes I’m making. I feel empowered to live my life my way. If you feel stuck in too much ‘stuff’ why not think about your life purpose. What is it you burn to do? What would tomorrow morning be like if you were waking up to a day of fulfilling your purpose? Then start to embrace the changes you need to make to bring your mission a step closer to completion.

Day 207 of my blogging challenge.

Scent, smell & fragrance

imageClairallience is the intuitive or psychic sense of smell. It is possible to pick up scent from Energy Beings when there is nothing physical to cause that smell. Clairallience has been on my mind, so to speak, all day. Today I’ve been to a passionately positive meeting with my PartyLite colleagues to hear about our next fragrance product range and the changes that flow naturally from having a new Chief Executive in charge of this global company. I have to confess I had never heard of Harry Slatkin but for a candle company very proud of it’s fragrances he seems to be the ideal leader. He is also considered to be someone who can identify the component parts of fragrances completely accurately. Not an easy task and similar to trying to identify all of the flavours used in a complex wine or meal.

We were discussing the top, middle and low notes (what you smell first, second and last, so to speak) of the new scents which have about nine or ten different smells to make these three ‘layers’ of fragrance. Sorting out each component smell, for me, is made much harder now since I lost my physical sense of smell at the end of last year. Imagine that – someone who loves scented candles but who can’t smell them! Yet I do have clairalliance. When I give messages the Spirit people often bring me fragrances that identify them from their lifetime. I can still small cigarettes, freisa, lilies, cigars, beer and many more. They are not in the air around me. The scent comes through my aura connection in the energy rather than through my nose.

On another strand of thought I have to say it’s fascinating that I have worked with Jan Booth at Ostrich Angels to develop a range of fragrance sprays, candles and soaps. Our work on the Pearls of Wisdom and the Earth’s ArchAngels was done when I could smell. We used only two fragrances in a combination to represent what was being channelled in. Although I could smell them I had no idea how the combinations came about really because I wouldn’t say I have a particularly well developed sense of smell. Then when it was time to put the fragrances together for the Transpersonal Chakras I had no physical sense of smell at all. Jan says the fragrances are wonderful but I honestly have no idea. I’m sure that I was guided to the best combinations as for brief moments during the 10 mins it took to pull the scents together I was getting slight wafts of scent psychically.

As humans we tend to ignore our ability to smell most of the time. Our sense of smell is one of our earliest survival mechanisms as young babies can smell more than see. However, we don’t like unpleasant smells so we cover them with fragrances to make everything smell fresh or clean or appetising or mysterious. Certain smells evoke memories. Others are too sharp or bitter to bear. Once we realised we could change the scents around us the perfume industry was born. And it’s been around an incredibly long time. Then we realised that certain fragrances made us feel safe or energised or relaxed or calm. So now we use candles and sprays all of the time to create ambience. That’s why I use PartyLite candles in my Centre. People always love the way the rooms and corridor smell. They make positive comments and feel more at home because the scents are reassuring.

So another train of thought is how our physical sense of smell ties up with our psychic sense of smell. It seems that I might no longer be able to distinguish top, middle and bottom notes in fragrances that I love from PartyLite or from the ranges I have put together for Jan. Whether this will ever be reversed is a moot point. I am left with the ability to determine fragrances in a very different way. I wonder if this change is to help me refine my psychic ‘nose’? Is there something important that will need me to be able to use clairallience instead? An interesting journey seems to be coming along then!

If you are interested in developing your psychic sense of smell a great way to start is to ask your Guides for help. Ask them to help you become aware of scents that are around from the Spirit people. I am sure they will make sure you start receiving ‘scent’ information so pay attention and don’t dismiss little blasts of fragrance when they tickle your nose. As for me, I am looking forward to my next exciting scent adventure with Jan.

Day 148 of my blogging challenge.

Lite Spirit: Candles, people, Light

34093-2-550x550Candles feature very much in my life. I’ve been a buyer of candles, candle holders, wax melts & burners for many, many years. Yesterday I went along to a meeting based all around candles as I’m also a part time independent PartyLite consultant with a team. So now, like Ronnie Corbett,  I’m selling candles too. But those candles do occasionally turn into handles. Cue Ronnie Barker. As well enjoying using candles I get an opportunity to meet people who also love candles and, with my team, called Lite Spirits, to spread a lot of light.

Sometimes when I think about my journey into Spiritualism, communicating with Spirits and then passing on messages from the Spirit World I have to wonder what it’s all about. In fact I’ve spent most of my life wondering what Life is all about. Just when I think I understand why I’m here something else gets thrown into the mix and I’m back figuring it all out again. Was that four candles or fork handles? And what about the pump? If you have never seen the classic sketch from Ronnie’s Corbett and Barker please take a few minutes to have a laugh at the misunderstandings.

I’m aware that I can get so caught up in the meaning of life that I forget to have any life. Passing on accurate messages is a big responsibility. It matter so much to the people who need guidance, to hear from their loved ones, or to have some hope in their lives that taking my mediumship seriously is a key part of what I do. That doesn’t mean that there is no laughter, fun or cheerfulness in the connection with Spirit. It does mean that I try my very best to pass on the whole of the communication as clearly as possible. The Spirit people bring in their laughter and fun too so that is a lighter part of the connection. But like most people, when I’m working I know that underneath there is a responsibility to get the job done. Being able to take myself off to another occupation where fun is most definitely at the heart of what I do is a great benefit. And the laughter I share with people when I visit their homes with my candles is a wonderful gift.

It’s interesting that both of the things I love doing are about light. Creating, spreading and sharing the light. I chose to call my team Lite Spirits because the energy vibration from laughter is uplifting. It makes us feel lighter. For a few moments all of our concerns and cares drop away. We can’t feel worried for anxious when we are chuckling, giggling & belly laughing our way through the moments. That’s why we say laughter is the best medicine. The ability to laugh at ourselves, to take life lightly, can see us through bleak or challenging times. Now and again I’m lucky enough to have a chance to talk about my mediumship or the Spirit World when I’m selling candles. My Guides put me in front of someone who needs the information I can give them. At those moments I really do feel a lightness of spirit. I’m here doing what I was meant to be doing to be of service to the people who are supposed to cross my path.

One of the things I hear constantly when we talk about spirituality is that it involves spreading or shining the Light. What Light does that mean? Not the demand of the ego to be the one in the spotlight getting adoration & worship. We also use the Light to mean spreading knowledge, beliefs and values. Or when we are talking about setting an example. The Light can also be the Divine (if you have that as a belief system). Generally we want to be in the community of Light and sharing our Light. Yet, like the fork handles, understanding how to be the Light is harder. There is room for misunderstanding. Not all people who say they are spiritual are shining their Light. Sometimes they are a reflection; they have ‘borrowed’ another person’s Light and are passing it off as their own. Standing in your own true Light isn’t quite as easy as we wish. To do so you have to have a desire to serve yourself & others, an ability to laugh at yourself so you don’t take yourself too seriously and a willingness to be mindful of what you are doing.

So what about the handles? Being able to work with people across many situations gives me an opportunity to let them see that I’m an ordinary, down to earth human being. I can talk about what I do in a straightforward way. I can laugh about all the jokes about psychics who should have known better. I don’t mind being called Septic Peg. Because they have been in contact with me people have some knowledge about what and who a medium or psychic is. If they do decide they want to find out more they have a contact they can use. Or if they want to explore their own abilities there is a way, through me, to get suggestions or support. There is a way they can open doors they perhaps hadn’t though to explore. It’s worth being a handle, selling candles and bringing the Spirit Light into peoples lives.

Day 87 of my blogging challenge.

The Power of Positive

smileAlthough I’m generally an optimistic person there is always a temptation when the world turns upside down to start looking at my life from the gloomy side. Overcoming the ups & downs that we all experience can be quite a challenge at times. Yet one of the best things I can do when I’m feeling the need for a ‘pity party’ is to find some positive people to be with or positive activities to do. Of course it’s really easy to decide not to. Sometimes we have to experience the lows if only to make us recognise what we have got in our lives. I could list all of the life events I’ve experienced that knocked me off my feet. I could talk about the pain, fear, anger, anxiety of this or that. However it’s when I become stuck in a dialogue of negative thoughts, feelings & beliefs that my life becomes hard to live.

So how do I stay optimistic even in that time when everything feels very bleak? One of the strongest supports I have in my life is my ability to ask for help. I have opened up my intuitive connection to the flow of energy that is all around us & I’m not afraid to send out a ‘shout out’ to the Universe. Instead of focusing more & more on the problems in my life I ask for the right help to come my way. And that’s when the small miracle happens. Someone or something will suddenly be in front of me that helps. A stranger saying something to make me laugh. A small child dancing to the tune in their own head. The sound of water flowing across the rocks in the river. A rainbow with it’s promise of gold somewhere at the end. And, of course, the friend who happens to appear & say just the right thing – without even knowing how much they are helping me.

I love that we can support each other without knowing. I love that we live in beautiful surroundings even if we don’t take the time to notice. I love the laughter we can share over the silliest thing. I love that what makes us strong is the passion we can feel for life. Every time I remember these things I lift myself out of misery and into hope. Hope is the flame that keeps us going through any adversity. If you are experiencing negativity change your surroundings, notice the lovely things in your life and keep hope alive. Finally, don’t suffer in silence – send out a shout for positive people to support you. Then enjoy when your family, friends & random strangers take the time to bring more positive into your life.

Finally, I’m very blessed to be doing several jobs that I’m passionate about. It’s often very hectic & chaotic. When I’m not letting my life be balanced – too much work & not enough play – I can find myself focusing on the duties, responsibilities and issues of making lots of things happen for other people. Sometimes so much so that I loose my ‘happy’ feeling about my work. That’s when I make myself slow down & spend time with positive people – my family, friends, my Guides, the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre practitioners, PartyLite team members. All of these lovely people, in one way or another, remind me to enjoy & be passionate about my life and I’m so grateful for their support.

Day 56 of my blogging challenge.

My psychic life: Day 10

P91939-FH15-2Tonight I’m writing my blog after a full day in Harrogate at a PartyLite event. It was an early start, lots of traffic delays & a full on day of recognition & new products. I love candles. They have been a part of my life for many, many years. I suspect I’ve tried most of the brands out there but I ‘converted’ to PartyLite candles a long time ago and they are the only ones I use now. So why am I writing about candles & accessories? Everyone needs down time. Time away from their work – even if that work is their passion. So my fun time is when I go out to parties with my candles, or host a Facebook online party, or call up my regular buyers with the special offers. I love helping people make their homes feel & look brighter.

It’s not something I ever intended to do (a bit like the mediumship really) as I’m not so good at jokes (I forget the punchline or get very muddled), get very nervous when meeting new people & don’t like the ‘hard’ sell. So why has it become my almost second full-time job? I went to a party. I bought some t lights. I wanted to buy lots of things but didn’t have the money. So that I could get more things I hosted a party. I kept hosting parties. My consultant said “you can do this’. I refused. In fact, she asked me 3 times. The last time she asked I said yes. I became an independent consultant & loved it so much that now I’m also a Team Leader. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check if it’s real. I get candles & accessories, I get to go to parties where I don’t spend any money & I meet the most amazing new people. How cool is that!

At my first party my sister pointed out to me that it was no surprise I’d fallen into the PartyLite job. After all wasn’t it another way to bring in the light? I really hadn’t realised. She was right. Somehow I’d been nudged into doing something outside my comfort zone. How clever of my Guides, the Universe or synchronicity. So, rather haphazardly, I set about this other new job. I can’t say that everything has been plain sailing. Making time for my hobby in with all the other stuff I’m passionate about had been a challenge. Having the confidence to approach people about candles, parties & buying takes time. Ensuring a good customer experience is rewarding but occasionally elusive. Building a team in this work has been stretching. Yet I’m still doing it.

My friend Keeley will laugh when she reads this. She knows there have been days when I’ve said I’m giving up PartyLite. Days when I’ve been over the moon (did I say I got a free trip to Provence earlier this year from the company). Days when I’ve wanted to put my head under the covers & hide. Days when the support of my Leader, Liz, & the rest of the team have been like sunshine in the gloom. Every time I get a down day I remember the ups. Every time I’m up I focus on wanting more of that. What I’ve found out about myself is that I’m a trier (some would say trying, I’m sure, lol). I will give things a go. Just like the rest of my work, or my life, when I get knocked down I pull myself back up. I have found that I’m strong. So today I’m thankful for the nudge I got from Liz (who doesn’t give up either), for the support of my family & friends and for PartyLite. It’s a whole lot of fun & after all, all work & no play makes for a dull life.

By the way, my Team is called Lite Spirits. It seemed the most appropriate way to recognise that Spirit is the Light in my life. Every party I do that wonderful Spirit energy comes through to everyone there. Who wouldn’t want a blast of healing upliftment in their day whether they believed in it or not.