Alan Cox, Paramania Radio And Me – Good Friends

On the Alan Cox showI’ve had a hectic few hours this evening. After a couple of mentoring sessions it was time to do my Letters From The Light Side live video. Then it was time to get ready to talk to my good friend Alan Cox on his Paramania radio show.

Sometimes my working day is actually a working evening. But what a lovely way to work and to finish out my day. Channelling in the information from the Energy Beings is always uplifting. And it’s always delightful to chat with people who have become good friends. Alan and I, and his wife Ann, met a long time ago at a charity event. Then we met again at a crystal wholesalers. We all took that as a sign that Spirit had a purpose for us. And a good friendship got off to a great start with that Other World blessing. I have been a guest on his popular show, Understanding Spirit, a few times now and it always makes me smile. Or laugh a lot. We chat away as if there is no one else listening so that the time flies by.

Alan enjoys asking about spirit, spirituality and the paranormal. He has great guests. Even if I don’t agree with all of what they say. And I enjoy the open debate that Alan gently promotes. I believe we need more discussions and debate. It’s important to understand what we are all talking about when we say ghosts, spirits, grounded spirits and entities. We need to know about living in an energy world rather than a material world. And I believe we have to debate what the Afterlife is actually like. Not what we have been told. Or scared with. Because there is no avoiding going there. It’s the place where loved ones wait to be reunited with us. I really take Alan’s point about needing to understand spirit.

My final piece of work tonight is this blog. I explained to Alan that it is my way of putting my day into perspective. I also explained in my Letters broadcast that it’s my way of seeing the positive in my day. The Energy Beings who surround us and work for and with us wish us to get the best out of our lives. That’s why they put us in connection and friendship with good people. I am grateful I have had a wonderful day of being with my friends everywhere.

Day 882 of my blogging challenge

You can listen to this evening’s show here