Imagination Opens Minds

Today I went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them‘. It’s a spin off from the successful Harry Potter series. The cinema was full of adults and children ready to let their imagination draw them into another world.

As a Harry Potter fan I was eager for more of the back story to the wizzarding world. And as an adult who has always enjoyed reading children’s books I’m delighted that the film didn’t disappoint. I have always enjoyed books that stirred my imagination. Especially science fiction and fantasy. I love being transported to another world. Or a world that is even slightly off line from this one. Loosing myself in these worlds has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I suspect that the books I’ve read are at the heart of my willingness to explore and question this world.

I’ve always felt that my teaching should be about getting people to ask questions. To help people to step further into their imagination and wonder ‘what if?’ After all, to discover my psychic senses I had to be open to the idea that such a thing might actually exsist and be possible. I love the way Harry Potter books introduce young people to a world that could so easily exsist. Not perhaps with wizards but certainly with our intuition. Who knows what it would be like if we all embraced our intuitive nature? Yes, perhaps there would still be challenges but maybe we would manage ourselves better.

Imagination is also the realm where we can try out what it might be like to be a different person. To take on new characteristics or recognise other abilities.

I enjoy daydreaming my ideas. When I wander through my imaginative mind I am actually in a vast creative space. It’s not the world of logic or patterns. I am free to order up the world any way I like. If I like it enough I can turn that creative energy into an intention that I want to manifest in the world. I know that we are powerful at creating. But it can’t happen without the intention. Or without that intention followed up by action.

So what book or film has stirred your imagination? Have you had a wander through your creative mind recently? Visualising what your world might look like if such and such? I try to take some time every week to play in that creative part of my mind. I could call it meditation or visualisation if you have forgotten how to play and daydream. The name isnt important. Open your mind to all the possibilities and the impossibilities around and in you. Be inspired. Dream big. You never know what might happen when your mind is open to all possibilities!

Day 402 of my blogging challenge.

Start From Where You Are

imageTonight I have been talking to a lovely friend of mine on his radio show. Alan Cox and his wife Ann crossed into my life about eight or nine years ago in the seemingly random but very organised way that the Spirit Guides put you together with exactly the right people at the right time. I had made a start in my spiritual work as a medium but needed to find  other people who shared my view of what it all meant. Through our love of charity work and crystals we ended up on stalls next to one another. We chatted and that was it, so I thought. Not too long after that we ended up being at the same crystal wholesalers on the same day at the same time. Guides getting involved again, lol! That was the start of a great friendship that comes with the ability to discuss so many spiritual, paranormal and ‘real’ life topics. We don’t need to agree. Or to change our views. We are happy to listen to one another and explore what our different experiences have been. We both start from where we are.

One of the aspects of counselling I have always enjoyed, and this goes for the Reiki and ArchAngel healing I do too, is to find out what someone’s world view is. I love to listen to what someone believes, feels, thinks or has experienced. By sharing in that world view I can offer a different interpretation of what an experience might mean. Not a ‘right’ interpretation. After all it is their experience not mine. Yet it can be really helpful when someone shows you a different way to understand what is happening in your life. That is why Past Life work is fascinating. It is a different way of looking at the choices that face you now and deciding how to handle things in a new way. There is no requirement to believe that past lives exist or have actually happened. If you start by considering that there might be different influences on why your life is like it is it opens up your imagination. Starting from where you are and exploring how you might have got there is a doorway to imagining how things might be changed for the better.

A closed mind is one that has got stuck. Locked in. Inflexible. A closed mind gives you no room for manoeuvre, no fresh options or possibilities. To think, feel and act differently you need to be able to see that this is possible. A closed mind is a place where your Ego is telling you that this is how it is, this is all there is. I believe we can go mad in a closed mind. It isn’t a comfortable place to be. All our experiences have to be twisted around to fit with the world view of our closed mind. Anything that doesn’t fit has to be excluded, ignored or, if that’s not possible, destroyed. So many people loose the love out of their lives, or their families, friends, livelihood because the world has moved on and they can’t. They aren’t even prepared to start changing by taking the first step of opening their minds.

One of the ways I work to be of service to Energy Beings is to offer a different view whenever I get the chance. This blog is all about giving voice to my experiences and the insight my Guides have given me. In this way I hope to encourage a more open minded view of what my world is like. The radio shows, articles and social media I am involved in are all part of the same purpose. Staring where people are already I hope to explain where I have been in understanding what I’ve experienced. Then we can have a valuable discussion about spirit, spiritualism and spirituality. Not for me to convert anyone. Not for them to convert me. At the end of the discussion we will both have something new to think about.

Bit by bit, if we are immersed in our experiences, we open to the new aspects of life that are being put in front of us. Dealing with the change and growth that is all around us can be positive if we start from where we are, share in the discussions and keep an open mind. I wish you many interesting meetings with people of different viewpoints!

Day 178 of my blogging challenge.