Numbers Add Up: The Energy Of 2018

numbers 3,6,9Three is my favourite number. I admit I’m biased because it’s my birthday. But I love the whole subject of numerology and how the numbers add up. I often get sequences of numbers as reminders or prompts from my Guides. And today has featured the sequence three, six and nine.

Nine is another popular number for me. It’s been a thread throughout my life and is my personal life number. The number that guides what I’m here to do in this life. I was thinking about the sequence and those influences this afternoon. Because 2018 is an eleven, a master year, full of beginnings to match the endings I had in 2017. And It’s down to me to use this influence to the best of my ability. So how to grab the energy of three, six and nine? Especially as it will double in strength because of my existing three and nine combination. It’s time to add up the numbers.

I know that paying attention to the the numbers will help me the decide the best times to launch new things. Or the days when I am better focusing on tying up the loose ends. My next book will require a lot of the three creative energy. It’s a creative project and I am open to the inspiration that is available in and around me. Getting it alive in my head will be a big step. Then I will be taking in the energy of six, the manifesting number, to step the book out of my head and onto the computer. Also from the computer to the printed page. Finally, when my book is birthed, I will be using the energy of nine, the completion number, to end that project ready to start another.

In the same way the numbers can help me to work out where I am with other projects, ideas and events. I find I end up running workshops or events on numerically significant days. Even if my logical mind hasn’t worked it our my intuitive mind has. So, I’m not very good at maths but I certainly know my numbers!

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Transition And Transformation: Happy New Year

TransitionIt’s the last day of 2017. Almost at the point of transition. The swap from a ten to an eleven vibration. Or, if you prefer, a transformation from one to three. And in the middle, for a moment, one foot on each side of a great divide.

I love numerology. And I’m excited to be on the point of moving into a new vibrational year.  It’s a moment of magic. The time for me to ask for my desires for the next year and to trust they will manifest. But it’s also the time to say thank you for all of the events and experiences of this last year. I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon. The wind was still strong in the aftermath of Storm Dylan. I could feel it tugging away at my coat. The sky was full of clouds. Yet I also saw a beautiful band of pink in amongst the clouds. I felt the Light of love shining through all that swirling energy. It reminded me that I have been through a transition this year.

I always think of ten as the beginning and the end. An infinity number. Because every end creates a new beginning and every new beginning creates an end. That was certainly true in 2017. It’s also a karmic number connected with releasing old energy so that a rebirth can take place. And one is the new beginnings number. Again something I experienced in 2017. My life became one long transition from who I had been to who I was becoming. The energy of transformation filtered into every aspect of me. So now I am ready, on the brink, waiting to step into the eleven energy. 2018 will bring a powerful creativity related to the power of the three vibration. Finally, eleven is a master number related to intuition, justice or balance and faith.

I’m waving goodbye with gratitude to 2017. In the end, I know that 2018 will give me more opportunities to continue my transition and transformation work. So long as I honour my intuition, have faith in my abilities and stay in balance. It’s up to me to use these opportunities to create the year I desire. Time to open up and say Hello 2018!

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Ascension Consciousness

I’ve had a full day with lots of action and some deep thinking. It’s time to connect with Ascension energy for this next phase of my life.

I’m busy reshaping what work I’m going to for the next nine years. It’s time to go forward with the activities that I put in my life Blueprint before I came here. I was reminded of this tonight when I went to give a talk at a lovely local group. New Directions brings like minded people together to share mind, body and Spirit information and experiences. So the opportunity to give my forecast of the energy for the next tweleve months was too good to miss. I love combining numerology, astrology, Earth’s ArchAngels and Tarot. My talk contained elements of all of these to highlight the Ascension energy shaping our world.

Of course all the talk about Ascension isn’t new. People have been waiting for Armageddon and the last days for a long time. There are all sorts of theories about how we will ascend into the heavens and collect our reward. However, I have always been cautiously optimistic that we wouldn’t need a hero to rescue us. That we would enlighten ourselves eventually and stop needing to be human beings. For a long time I’ve known that humanity is in the process of awakening to our Spirit selves. Back in 1998 I called my business Growth Into Awareness because I felt that was the journey I was on. Along with everyone else.

At the start of this year I rebirthed my business. It is now called Growth Into Ascension. The time is right to move from waking up to getting out of bed.

As I looked into the energy of the next year everything confirmed what my Guides have been telling me for the last eight years. Spirituality has to be lived not talked about. There is no hero Messiah to save us by making us play nicely with one another. Instead I know that it is time for everyone to find the Divine within themselves. Our Spirit is what will save us. Ascension consciousness is the acknowledgement that I am more than human. And that I am ready to live my life in a different way. Not a perfect way. But I have to live my spirituality to the best of my ability.

Why does that matter? I know that we are changing the energy vibration of the Earth to create positive energy conditions for the children of the future. The Crystal children who are already here in vast numbers. If I want to leave a legacy for the seventh generation I need to start acting from a higher consciousness now. And I want to share that journey with as many people as possible. My talk this evening reaffirmed the direction that my Guides have been taking me in for sometime. I am awake, I have got out of bed and now I’m taking the action that I promised myself I would. Bit by bit we can all change the world. I hope you will join me soon.

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Nine by Nine by Nine – Triple Endings

imageI like to do my Oracle Cards most days. I feel that I am turning in to the general every of my day. Today I got a card about lightening.

In a traditional reading using playing cards the Jokers stay in the pack. If one comes out in your spread the interpretation is said to be a bolt of lightening. Depending on which way up the card is pulled suggested whether the lightening is on it’s way in or on it’s way out. The good thing about lightening is that it shakes things up. But not exactly in the way you might want. As I thought about the lightening card I’d pulled I wondered what my day would be like. Could I ride out the energy storm and embrace the lesson of the lightening? How could I use the energy of nine alongside the lightening?

I’m a nine person. In a nine year on a day that is a nine as well. Going through the ninth month. Would this lightening leave me feeling foolish or wise? Could the trickster energy of the Joker give me a way through whatever I needed to experience. Or was I just fooling myself? To guide myself I thought about the key energy of this number – the ending of cycles. I’ve certainly felt the energy of endings all year. Things in me and therefore outside of me have been changing rapidly. This is my third time off grid, so to speak, and I’m finding myself, once again,  reading interesting, soul searching books on my kindle. As with the previous times, I’m also with a companion who is kindly allowing me the space to be off grid too.

So what about 9 being divisible by 3. Three is the number of creation and my retreats are certainly turning out to be creative in one way or another.

As I moved through the day it was time to go out and eat. Yet in the restaurant the pain of neuralgia in my gum and jaw took over. I felt physically ill, emotionally vulnerable and all my efforts to retreat or release the pain failed. Stepping outside I went to a bench and sat down. Had I been struck by lightening? Colours flooded into my clairvoyant vision. The land felt like it was in pain. There was some sort of ancient energy calling for release. Within me I also felt surges of painful energy. It was hard to hold on to what they represented because the waves of pain were flooding over me.

Because I am used to working with challenging energy I let the pain increase and flow. My feet were glued to the ground as I asked for the energy to be released. I called on my Guides and the ArchAngels because I had become pure feeling. My mind had slipped into the pain too. It felt as if I was drowning in pain. I know that I was receiving encouragement to let this cycle of energies end. Yet I also felt like I needed to retreat. Which I did. Back at the apartment I lay on my bed repeating a positive mantra in my mind. I knew that I was in the grip of lightening and the only way to come through it was to ride out the storm.

I work a lot with colour. So I put my pink (unconditional love) scarf over my head and focused on my breathing. Relax and release I told myself. The pain will pass I repeated.

Gradually I sensed the three pains I was feeling. I realised that I had connected to a deep ancestral pain of the land burning from the volcanic eruptions. Death and destruction are powerful ways for rebirth and new growth. But they are not pain free, easy events to experience. I also realised that I had connected to the pain I felt in my mother’s womb. At the end of pregnancy, prior to birth, the baby is in a restricted space. The confined feel of the womb, whilst sometimes comforting, is also the energy push needed for the child to begin being born. It can be painful to leave a safe space for somewhere unknown. The third block of painful energy was connected to all that has been left unsaid in this current cycle.

I know that I have a tendency to let things pass. To stay quiet about my truth or even feel reluctant to give my view of emotional events. This has resulted in all sorts of fall out. And it seems that today I was collecting the physical pain associated with holding back the words. So I started to make sounds. Any kind of sounds. Letting noises emerge from my throat to move the stuck energy on. I also switched on my channel for the energy healing to flow through me. Letting the healing go out to the past and the present. Reminding myself that I could stay foolishly stuck in the pain or choose to use my wisdom and let it leave me. Tears finally came. Like a wash of rain after the electricity of the the lightening.

It’s never easy to end something. To release yourself for the next phase. The Earth, me, everyone else, the Universe. All going round and round in cycles that are, hopefully, spirals upward.

Waves of pain left me to be replaced by waves of calm. I fell asleep. It seems a hard way to do it. I know that the lightening shook me up. But I woke feeling at peace. There are some slight after-twinges still being released. However, those powerful, yet hidden, energies are gone. I have space to embrace my new challenges. I’m also sure the land breathes a bit easier underneath my feet. I know that we are encouraged to persevere. To push the feelings aside and keep going. Yet to move onto the next go round the circle of life we also have to embrace the emotions we have experienced. This is so that we can be cleared and refreshed ready for new adventures. Not to do so only stores up physical pain in the future. Then the letting go may be much tougher.

Today has helped me to remember that acknowledging feelings as they arise and releasing them as quickly as possible is the most positive cycle of energy. Holding on is like keeping karma at bay. It has to be experienced at some point, regardless of whether we want to or not. So why carry stuck energy with us endlessly. Is it time you released your stuck thoughts, feelings, situations and embraced change? Don’t wait for a nine times nine times nine moment. The lightening might not be so easy to handle!

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Earth’s ArchAngel Wysdom Odyssey

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel What a day! Up at 5.30 to get ready for the launch of the Wisdom Odyssey – the challenge set by the Earth’s ArchAngels two years ago. And what a day to launch. Jan and I know that the ArchAngels set us tasks, we complete them in the nick of time, then the explanations come in.

The Wysdom Odyssey is the return of the help and support these energy beings can share with us. They have waited a long time to come to our attention again. They bring knowledge backed by powerful energies for change on Mother Earth. It’s time for us to set up and play our part once more. We are being asked to channel through the Light, Love and Healing that will bring us through the gloom to a much brighter future.

As I sat writing up our discussion about the Odyssey yesterday evening I was struggling to find the right words. There is so much healing to do so how best to offer people an explanation. When you discover their energies you can’t quite take it all on board at once. Their vibration is so strong, so close and so loving. They have loved us and served us for such a long time without requiring any recognition. It can be overpowering to sense all of this love all in one go. Jan and I have been working very closely with that energy and it’s been a challenge. So how best to bring a sense of their presence? How best to help people get into that energy? The Wisdom Odyssey is the way the Earth’s ArchAngels suggested.

To begin with, there is the Seeker level for those who are new to working with energy. Then there is the Custodian level for those used to working and healing in higher vibrations. Finally there is the Guardian level for those who have got to know each ArchAngel, have completed significant healing of themselves and are ready to share the Wisdom with others. As I wrote this last night I felt the click in my intuition. This signal always lets me know that what I am doing fits perfectly with thew Divine Plan. This morning the Odyssey began.

Again it couldn’t have been planned better. The date today (21/06/2016) combines to make 3/6/9. Added together this is 18. And again to reduce down to 9. I’ve made a study of numerology and sacred geometry so became very excited last night when they gently reminded me to see if the numbers added up. It took me a moment to guess what Etieliel was referring to. Yet when I got it I was astounded. I couldn’t wait to tell Jan and share the ‘joke’ the ArchAngels were playing on us. After all, they had only given us three weeks to get this off the ground after months waiting around.

Three is the energy of creativity and a universally powerful number. New beginnings under a three are very likely to succeed. Six is the energy of change moving forward and two times three so creativity doubled. Any changes started under a six will multiply the benefits likely to emerge from what is being done. Finally, nine is the number of completion and three times three. Everything has an ending. Nine ensures that creative energy is carried forward into new beginnings by leaving all that was less than expected behind. Bringing all the nine facing nine energy together will create a vortex of positive energy to lift all of us and the planet. So today is also a good day to create new beginnings, change anything that is stuck and end the energies no longer useful in your life.

Finally, I’ve put the video we made at 6.30am this morning below in case you are interested in starting the Wisdom Odyssey too. For more information email me using

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Personal Energy Patterns

imageI love numerology and have been fascinated by numbers all my life. Sometimes because I struggle with maths, sometimes because a number keeps repeating in my life and often when a sequence of numbers jumps out at me. My study of numerology is also linked to my enjoyment of astrology. It was whilst working out birth charts for people that I started to explore personal energy patterns based around star signs and numbers. Both astrology and numerology are useful ways to find out about someone’s personality, spiritual mission and life challenges. They also hint at the number patterns that form the basis of our life’s energy. Put simply, we follow regular patterns of events and if we look carefully enough at our lives we can find the cycle of numbers that are at the heart of our energy patterns.

The importance of numbers also came to the surface when I started to receive channelled information from the Earth’s ArchAngels. They wanted me to recognise that the planet also has energy cycles that last a set period of time. It’s not really a surprise why civilisations rise and fall. People, communities, countries are influenced by these energy cycles. There is a time when fresh energy rushes in and a great creative outpouring begins. There is a time when the energy becomes faded, flat or stuck and a decline in ideas, citizenship and co-operation comes about. We regularly end up destroying the creative work of  previous generations over and over again so that we can rebuild from a fresh point of view. The ArchAngels are very keen to let us know that out of what looks like decline something positive is always built. We have to be ready to look for the pattern, trust that we have survived great upheavals before and find the strength to create new choices.

So too with our personal energy patterns. I happen to have significant changes every nine years. I’m also, numerologically, a nine vibration. I have come along into this life with lots of things to complete. It’s hardly surprising that around age 18 I discovered past lives as an idea because at age 9 I felt that the religion I was born into didn’t seem to offer me many choices. My search for meaning between 9 and 18 was very much for why I was here again in the first place and what was I supposed to do. When I have had readings that tell me about my future choices they also slot more or less neatly into my nine year cycle. As I understand the flow of energy I am very aware that after a fresh blast of life changing energy at the beginning of a year 9 cycle I will be starting lots of new creative ventures. These will keep me occupied for about four years or so. At the mid point of my energy pattern I will start to complete or solidify the work I have been doing or the changes I have made. In the last four or so years I will be a bit restless, then much more restless and looking for a new challenge whilst keeping the current situations going. I will also be finding that there are things I’m getting ready to let go of. In fact, the last twelve months of any 9 year cycle can be rather hard work as I’m letting go (or having stuff dragged away by the Universe if I don’t let go) but have no idea what I’m making room for. Then the blast of fresh energy starts again.

Now that I understand about my personal Nine energy pattern I can work with it and take better care of myself. Fear is reduced because I can remind myself that this is my normal pattern, that I have been through big changes before and that, in the end, everything will work out for me. If only it would stay that simple! I have also observed that I have a 3 cycle running alongside the 9. Not in harmony with the Nine. My Three cycle started when I was in year 5 of my Nine cycle. Nines are about completion and threes are about creativity. In my working life I tend to need to change what I’m doing every three years. It’s not that I get bored or run out of steam. I have come in with so many ideas that it can be difficult to contain them all. I also want to keep momentum with generating ideas. So after about three years I want to hand on what I have already done so I can go on to the next bit of creativity. Sometimes the Nine and Three cycles work perfectly together as I’m ready to let go of work when I’m in the letting go part of the Nine cycle but every so often the personal energy cycles are out of step so I’m ready to move on in my life when I’ve just started a creative project. Moving on in my life often means moving house (I’ve done that a lot this time around) or moving in a new circle of people. Yet I might need to keep a circle of people who fit with the creative idea I’ve started.

Balancing the cycles of personal energy alongside the planetary patterns also fits in. If we are in a planetary period of letting go then new ideas will get stalled or delayed. The best times to create are when our personal energy cycles and the planetary cycle is benefiting from a fresh burst of positive energy. So how do we do that? I often have a blind spot with maths. It’s a challenge to work all the energy patterns out and apply them. That’s why looking at numerology and astrology can help clear some of the confusion of numbers away. It’s also easier to start with working out your major personal energy cycle before trying to find the minor patterns. Of course, if you are like me and are interested in history you can also look for the planetary patterns that are affecting your life. But there is another way that worked for me at first. Long before I noticed any patterns I was paying attention to my intuition. I can’t say that I would have accepted I was processing the info from the energy around me or even from my own aura. Yet I always seemed to know when there were changes going on before those changes actually surfaced in front of me. Now I know that my personal energy pattern was operating there underneath all the time. If I followed the intuitions I noticed the changes that came to happen went well. If I resisted my intuition, let my mind believe it was in control & knew better, then the changes were much harder to make.

So why find out about your personal energy patterns? Change can be one of our most challenging experiences. If, however, you have some advance knowledge or flexibility about the fact that change is about to happen you can navigate a smooth path through the ups and downs of a period of change. You also find that you have the evidence from your past patterns to confirm that you made it through all sorts of changes and will be able to do so again. Take a look back down your present timeline and notice how often your personal energy pattern repeats. Keep that info ready for the next time you are dealing with changes in your life and help yourself to sail through the choppy waters of change.

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Twelve: Radiating the Light

Ascension1Are you noticing twelve? Do numbers around you add up to twelve all the time? Once you start noticing numbers it can become an intreaguing habit. I love numerology. I adore how numbers creep in everywhere. It’s amazing that the Universe is built of numbers. Our planetary vibration has been 9 for a long time – the number of completion & triple creativity. Three represents all of creation, our creativity and manifesting new creative choices. However, the vibration is slowly changing to 12 – comprising of the number of creation (3) and the number of the angels (4) who represent Divine Radiance. This is an Ascension process in which we are a strong part as we can create and manifest more Light. It’s time for the intuitive, Divine feminine energy to come into effect. This means we are being challenged to let go of old ways of feeling, thinking and doing.

Not an easy task. Life appears simpler when we think we are in control of our destiny. What we haven’t realised is that our beliefs have turned into mechanisms that control our creativity, our intuitive connection with the Divine source and drive us to stay safely within the comfort zone we have established for ourselves. New models of living together as a global community are being put in front of use. From the smallest group situations (families, employment, education) to larger issues of the equal rights of all humans to food, shelter, compassion and growth (countries, economic zones, law & industries). In all of these we are being asked to shine more of our Light. We are being requested to find creative ways to honour the needs of the whole of humanity. We are also being challenged to balance our needs against those of our planetary home and all the other life that exists here. No small task then.

There are things we can do. I believe that our ability to shine our Light, to become  more radiant, can be increased when we pay attention to our intuitive senses. I also believe that the radiance of the Angels is here to help us receive more of the Divine Light. We can receive their energy to help us remove anything that has dimmed our own spark. But you don’t have to believe in Angels to clean up your act. The energy vibration from twelve is calling on you to make more creative choices. To generate compassionate creative solutions that will help the people around you to also move forward. I’ve written before about finding your ‘tribe’. I’m fortunate to have many creative people connected with me. The Light they shine inspires me. We collaborate on projects to increase the radiance (whether for the Earth, the animal kingdom or for humanity) so that, bit by bit, other will be encouraged to shine their inner Light too. Have a look around you today. Notice the twelves and allow your intuition to connect you to your creative flow. Who knows what will happen when you step onto the Ascension path.

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