Newsletter Time: Inspiration Flying Out

newsletterAround this time every month I pull together a newsletter. Some months I have two to do as I enjoy sending out information and inspiration to my email people. Quite a bit of the content comes from channelling what the Energy beings say. And I love to see each newsletter flying out to be read.

My first newsletter is called Newsetter From The Light Side. It links in with the live broadcast I do on facebook every Thursday. The videos have been going for more than a year. To add to them my Guides asked me to start a monthly subscription email with content that doesn’t appear on line. Rather tentatively I started to do that in June 2017. I was uncertain how it would be received. But determined to trust my Guides who wanted me to get it going. I have to say that I have really come to enjoy doing the channelling. What comes in is always helpful to me. And, from the feedback, it has also been helpful to others.

That  inspired me to start another newsletter for my work as the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Medium & Psychic. It has some channelled information, news about what I am doing next and special offers on my books and artwork. It has been going out occasionally but today I decided that it would become a monthly newsletter too. I am looking forward to getting feedback on this one too because my Guides have asked me to offer people more support. Especially about all things intuitive. There is a big shift happening right now as people switch on their intuition. But access to good quality information is sometimes a bit lacking. My newsletter is all about pointing people in the right direction. That’s an exciting change for me.

I hope that these newsletters, like my blogs, will be of interest to many people. And I already know there will be a third newsletter in the near future for the people who use my mentoring services. It seems the way forward for me is more writing and channelling. That’s really exciting. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Day 878 of my blogging challenge

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Letter Full of Laughter: The Light Side

Letter From The Light SideToday I sat down to do my first Letter From The Light Side live broadcast for August. I’m amazed that something I started rather nervously at the end of February 2017 has produced so much laughter.

And seems to have helped many people. That’s the key. My Guides kept asking me to speak on their behalf in a more public way. Of course I have worked for many years in churches and centres, done events and some radio broadcasts. I’ve also been writing this blog for over eighteen months. So I considered I was already doing a lot of speaking for Spirit. But they asked me to do more. In their usual firm way they dropped the title of the videos into my mind. It was about a weekly letter. A regular communication to anyone who wanted to listen. Full of support and information about the energy we could expect in the next week.

Thus Letters From The Light Side was born. As I did my first video I felt very exposed. My friends have always said that I was good doing video pieces. But it’s a different matter to go out into a wide world and sort of say ‘look at me’. Especially since I had no idea which Guides and Inspirers were going to step forward. I rember laughing at myself as I set off. Laughing because I was anxious when I knew I should trust my Spirit Team. Wobbling through the first few sentences. That first letter was a big step forward for me. And as I sat chatting today, passing on the words of my Guides, I remembered how stressed I felt doing that first one.

Laughing afterwards at the warmth of their message I really understood how each letter has helped me value myself. And discover more of my abilities.

Because I have found so much joy in each weekly broadcast. My Guides get me giggling, laughing, chuckling. They remind me that laughter is infectious. It spreads the sunshine. I know that spirituality can feel like a deadly serious subject. Or way of life. And I find it interesting that many people discover spirituality and then lose their ability to laugh. Each letter I do has a deeper message. Wrapped up in the loving kindness of humour. Because this is a way for the Energy Beings to boost our positivity. So here I am, five months later, enjoying each letter and ready to do more if necessary.

In fact I’ve already started to do a little more. With another push from those insistent Guides I have started a monthly email Newsletter. The Energy Beings want to help us understand the energy of each month. In the email they get me to focus on the things that can help me and every one else through the month. Hints and tips to avoid the ups and downs of the energy ocean. I find it a really positive way to share more. Of course, it is also helping me both to value myself more and recognise more of my skills. Like the broadcast I was nervous when I missed the first one. But my Guides got me laughing about my wobbles as always. Now I can’t wait to put the next one out to the subscribers.

I’m looking forward to wherever my Letter adventure is taking me next. Hoping that I will enjoy more laughter. And pass that laughter on to as many people as I can. A laughter filled life. What more could I ask for 💜

Day 619 of my blogging challenge 

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